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    1. Claudiu Grigore

      rest assured that those who use drugs far too much their life is short !!! and a ap ti will never be a drug !!! of course if you're not a cuckoo !!!! pu pu pu lol persons it may be tha next banana !!! lol ... we have magic uninstall buttons and delete !!! pam pam pam !!!!

    2. Stefan Lazarevic

      3:46 Like who is buying Bitcoin now

    3. Rex2guns

      i wish ltx is in aussie

    4. James Lundquist

      Good luck with LTX 2020 with the you know what going around!!

    5. AlphaPhantomsYT

      Am I ok as I bought my Ryzen 3600 in late October

    6. lucas rem

      Porn, why noobs need security???????? Mad community, linus on Google, freaks here!

    7. Rémi Lefebvre

      yeah, Colton!!!! This guy is awesome.

    8. xorkatoss

      Fiber lack in areas is a huge dissapointment! Cablenet which is the only service that provides fiber in my Country only recently came to my neighborhood, I remember it has been at least 5 years since it came to my Country, so yeah they are super slow when expanding fiber connections....

    9. urmensch12

      Why do i get the Notification for this 5 days late?

    10. Nicolas Chapados Girard

      I like that guy, addicted to game and life. Also good job.

    11. FoundationFarmhouse

      I feel like these guys are on crack. Anyone else?

    12. Ben Sumner

      “Quick Bitch, no way!!

    13. Errs Matt

      Lol epic games are epic fails that get published

    14. Misateki

      colton best tech linked man

    15. R.J. Paltridge

      Ok headphone jack cracks is negative funny and just annoying plus 100

    16. JVIT

      Kale joke, perfectly placed! 😂

    17. Dragan Crnogorac

      Colton is great. That was on spot and energetic Please don't fire Colton... More than twice per week 😁😁😁 lol

    18. MR.C&A Video911Game

      just patch it

    19. Orion Rodriguez

      Lmao Rilee: "drugs"

    20. Bartosz Walusiak

      This must have been the best presented and edited episode to date.

    21. rdr09

      Vulnerabilities: AMD - 20, Intel - 250.

    22. Frosty.

      its almost like there are a few big ISPs that actively stop other ISPs from running fiber, or lowering prices. crazy

    23. Momchil Mestchiev

      Fuck this guy

    24. Tomato Plant

      you say it's a luxury to get a headphone jack in phones, but you yourself will be the first ones to buy a phone without headphone jacks.

    25. Makani DeMoulin

      Any place I am interested in moving, there is no fiber offered. Any fast internet offered in these parts is like $150 a month or more.

    26. Tzisorey Tigerwuf

      Wow, $45,000 worth of bitcoin a day! That's, like.... 4 coins.

    27. jspeedy

      I want a Colton mask for Halloween. That dude's got a spooky face

    28. Braydon Coate

      will this affect my amd k6?

    29. Kosik

      Dreamhack will be canceled tho

    30. The SpaceStation

      Coltin is great on techlinked

    31. Dèvèn

      This is still expensive. As small phone companies better come good when they're trying to sell expensive, you better be good if you're selling cheap. Without face unlock and multiple cameras, it wouldn't be worth more than 150. The budget market isn't what it used to be.

      1. ggzh a Argue With Everyone

        Face unlock and multiple cameras are useless anyway.

    32. schmudge

      Face masks are to stop SPREADING the bugs and not for prevention you dick, Kanadians

    33. Joseph Assaker

      I mean, a headphone jack is cool, but is it as cool as Dota 2?

    34. St Ahmed Pendragon Guinevere

      Keep that shouting out of frame thing, I enjoy that, find it totally hilliarous guys! Also great vids!

    35. Charles Anjos


    36. pino de vogel

      another leak that isnt really a leak as you need access to the pc therefor already have access to all data...

    37. Dennis Murdock


    38. Pa Woo

      I'm in love with this guy! He is amazing! I want to shag him like Austin Power - and marry him the next day!

    39. See Sharp

      Did AMD said that you change your title?

    40. R T

      I crossed into Niagara Falls the other day. The guy who worked at the Smoke’s Poutinerie sounded just like you guys. It was super exciting for me....

    41. Jagielski Gaming

      No CPU is safe? Good. I like living on the edge.

    42. Tech Dunk

      Takeaway is a Spectre version, right?

    43. crunchbar777

      oh no, the corona virus has gone digital, what ever will we do?

    44. Spoofer

      Is this a new guy? I dont know him. How many guys does Linus hire.

    45. thomas m. tordel jr.

      will rules from The Hague make certain weapons illegal? who will follow them? [ answer: just the "good guys"]

    46. Metmovie

      "ONWARD!" *My laptop freezes just this exact moment, being like: Is he really doing that? Really? And you wanna see this? Okay then..* "YES!"

    47. Lemon :0

      Oh this is great it only goes to 2011 and im still using 2009 hardware

    48. quinn foster

      Lmao on the killer Robots joke

    49. Zcal

      Just wash the cpus hands and don't touch its face and it'll be fine.

    50. Indiexanna

      Still waiting for that Lv.12 prank to Colton

    51. Ali Jani

      Colton doing the news? How come you haven't fired him yet Linus? #TheRoast

    52. The Spark

      Hackers are people too, they get bored. Intel was a popular target due to the vast amount of haters, nothing lasts forever though and hackers gets bored, it was only a matter of time before they turned their attention to AMD. Can´t come as a surprise to anyone.

    53. uberCRITICAL

      "Man I put my paper mask to my CPU and now my PC burned to death … Thank you for killing my PC" … I smell these comments coming... just wait for it

    54. Maybe LB Did It

      They're all safe from my bank account

    55. Divoulos

      Luckily i have i3 9100f and z390

    56. dessnom

      Did u just do the Hitler salute

    57. Robert Leitch

      Gotta love it when your totally obsolete dead end AM3 CPU is immune to the latest exploit.

    58. FilipXMinimal

      fifth generation!

    59. ZoahPorre

      no thanks to punch holes in phones.

    60. zinc

      That thumbnail look like nothing(csgo pro) ngl 😂

    61. KIA

      Lol at his drugs addiction

    62. CheekyChan

      Hi Riley. (。・ω・。)ノ We love you too.

    63. JG

      Bring me all the Colton and Dennis you have

    64. lakshay manik

      he looks like a mutilated fetus... XD

    65. Lil'ducko

      Colton is so happy and energetic, this made my day, cause I felt like he gets bullied in LMG

    66. Lil'ducko

      Colton is awsome

    67. Cryptic

      He can't keep getting away with it

    68. Abir Mahmud Dipto

      Why Intel is sponsoring LTX 2020? When you shitted on Intel soo much? Why not AMD?

    69. cdoublejj

      LTX!!! .... in canada, enjoy those flight ticket prices!!!!

    70. Gilbert Tremblay

      missing something...

    71. battousai07

      My last name is Potter. My dogs name is Riley.....fight me bro.

    72. Logan Perkins

      The same kernel patches that were applied to fix meltdown and reduce the severity of spectre mitigate the current known attack using takeaway. It's *possible* someone might find a way to exploit takeaway *with* the patched kernel, but that's fairly unlikely. Looks an awful lot like nothing to see here...

    73. L.A. rabbyt

      Anyone going to buy my excess gas? How about those Bostonians? I'll trade you for some of your famous baked beans.

    74. Jack of Blades

      Theres so many Corona virus cases that havent been revealed by the cdc yet. More states have been added to the affected list

    75. NavySturmGewehr

      I miss precious... other than the cost of 94 octane.

    76. Marcus Jones

      "I'm leaving because you dont run fiber" "Sir we offer the same speed even though it isn't fiber" "BuT FibEr IS BeTteR"

      1. Marcus Jones

        @Ricardo Baptista coax cable can support 10gbps if allowed to channel bond though all given frequencies. 100-1000mbps on coax is the same thing as 100-1000mbps on fiber. People just think its fancy so they want it more. Believe it or not but every cable company utilizes mostly fiber optics in their system, it's the neighborhoods that are coax. And the only reason that is, is to prevent attenuation, not because it's any faster than what's needed.

      2. Ricardo Baptista

        Cable does not offer the same speed as fiber. 🙄

    77. RushDark

      You need physical acess for the vulnerability its pointless, anyway the vulnerability studies were sponsored by Intel.

    78. Tibber style

      great nothing is safe :( i really hope they dont start poping amd vulnerabilities every week now like with intel

    79. Tanaka-kun

      FPT vs TechLinked... hmm... 🤔

    80. M


    81. Luis Mendez

      cyrix: who's laughing now haaaa

    82. Jonathan Dodi

      Colton is a great host. More of him would be super.

    83. SiNeeka

      Why are you guys changing your video titles ?

    84. RectalDiscourse

      Either you bought an intel processor because you're an enthusiast/future proofer/poor budgeteer or you didn't get a Threaderipper because you just wanna play video games not run a fucking enterprise. Looks like this time, AMD really (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) _ripped intel a new one_ *_YEAAAAAHHHHHHHH_*

    85. Viktor

      I'M REALLY HOPING THE AMD FX-4300 DOES NOT GET ADDED TO THAT LIST BECAUSE IF IT DOES... i'm very much more terrified then me typing in all caps this worries me.

    86. denvera1g1

      Soooooooo home broadband is quite a SKUd measurement because these things usually don't ask if the home uses wireless internet I have two WWANs for failover and 8/11 of my neighbors have WWAN with the others being lucky enough for Adams Fiber for rural areas my friend and cousin in town even chose WWAN over Comcast because of cost, support, and strangely, data cap

    87. Doramius

      1:37 - A large reason why fiber has not been built out more to homes is due to many local city areas, in the US, having fiber or alternative internet services effectively banned from entering, by the cable companies. Cable companies have lobbied regularly to try and cut out competition in much of their locked areas. There are ways around it, but they are time consuming, can initially be costly (although much of that is the court battle fees), and the cable companies have effectively run campaigns against candidates running for civil and municipal positions that have views contrary to their own. Look up Seattle's former Mayor Mike McGinn, as one of several instances of this.

    88. XxTravdamanxX !


    89. Aza-Industries

      God Tim Sweeney is a hypocrite.

    90. ixflqr

      See subtitles >>> Quick bitch

    91. Josh Man

      had my pixel 4 for 4 months and im still finding new insane bullshit bugs yesterday i had two conversations in messenger on top stuck on top of each other... messages overlapping each other as i scrolled most buggy phone ive ever seen

    92. FringedWig46

      nice nazi follower 0:03

    93. Bucky Voodoo

      I love how this show is just littered with memes or meme-able content

    94. Bucky Voodoo


    95. merkos zisis

      more colton pls

    96. Eric Tselovanskyi

      Did they rename the video?..

    97. gamingfox98

      Article on AMD vulnerabilities next to an Intel ad *pulls out aluminum hat*

    98. Iván Ospina

      Linus is not going to like that AMD security flaw news

    99. Anthony N

      Colton has gotten much better on camera

    100. Larry The Roleplayer

      I thought Colton got fired 3 times this week already