Nice Xbox Controller, Sony!!


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    PS5 controller
    Stadia free
    Confusing saga about Cooking Mama mining crypto currency
    Maingear makes in-house ventilator
    Play a game IN Borderlands 3, contribute to scientific research
    Zoom is bringing in FB’s former chief security officer
    Xbox Game Bar could actually be useful
    And Xcloud expanding to 11 more countries
    Windows 10 getting Linux files support

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    1. Amko Sofic

      Get a life you scumbag, asshole

    2. ktx_200k.

      Fix the Title brEh


      Who cares if it is almost a look a like of an Xbox remote, it doesn’t matter, unless it’s hard to use it

    4. luis

      Nintendo has a similar controller


      you don't learn right?

    6. Some guy in the Internet that talks

      Dad crazy tech guy talking to the camera again

    7. yesimfunny LOL

      They Took the Xbox controller added on the ps4 buttons but the middle button the big one changed slightly :/

    8. Tv Gaming_YT


    9. slickrick876

      The PS5 controller is nothing like the xbox controller

      1. Btg_Drae

        Ok buddy

    10. Daniel Read

      Xbox controllers feel cheap. The ps controllers are much better put together and the buttons feel much better. I own both consoles and this is just my opinion.

      1. Daniel Read

        @Btg_Drae what remote? Im talking about the actual game pad. No comparison. Ps4 controller is better made with better components. Xbox is cheap feeling and not as accurate.

      2. Btg_Drae

        Did u really say Xbox controllers were cheaper 🤦🏾‍♂️ I own both too and the ps remote feel like thin plastic and when I’m playing it gets sweaty and slippery asf

    11. Igha Kandow

      Its ugly, generic, uninspiring, garbage. Still gonna love my DS4 for decades to come.

    12. Ilhan Tele

      Looks nothing like an xbox controller. The button and joystick layout is completely playstation. Dunno what you're smoking while in quarantine

    13. Naruto

      U are not funny. U literally (always being huge bitch) f u. U can even do what their do.

    14. DevlFIG

      How the f does it look like an Xbox controller? Foh

      1. Btg_Drae

        U have a severe case of spedism

    15. MJ

      I Don’t Know If It’s Real Or Not But I Do Hope They Sell This Controller On Their Premium Package

    16. no body

      It's just a wider controller everybody tries to find something good to say about Xbox 😂

    17. Allyson Lambert

      Your remark indicates a whole large amount of level of sensitivity.🐣🙉

    18. Areo Schmead

      i paid 30 bucks to mavricks proving grounds another 1000 BR snake oil myth thats evaparated

    19. Iro

      3:48 nvidia k1 1, cooool

    20. ShadowShark Gaming


    21. BOSS EDM

      Me😏Now it's time to avoid MA school attendance "check out ma latest vid" ( YOU WONT REGRET)

    22. DrunkTruck

      gosh your beard making you look so damn old

    23. MSGOAT

      Dude it deosnt even look that similar

    24. Oasis 23

      I love reading comments. Make my day people. Make my day

    25. Oasis 23

      The dual sense doesn't look like an Xbox controller. I just don't see it

    26. Michael

      Excited for the Xbox Series X and S

    27. unseethed

      2.. it's 2. Please, windows, just stop existing.

    28. ArthropodSpidey

      Seriously, just shut up. You're not funny, you earring-wearing syrup boy.

      1. ArthropodSpidey

        Darth Vader nice spelling. are you a Sith Lord or a shit lord?

      2. Darth Vader

        ArthropodSpidey you are tge one who is writing anry comments, not me.....

      3. ArthropodSpidey

        @Darth Vader I was talking about him, not the video. No wonder you became a Sith. You're dumb.

      4. Darth Vader

        The video IS funny.

      5. ArthropodSpidey

        @Darth Vader what is? You didn't even respond correctly lol

    29. gabriel silverman

      Wow Linus finally saying quick bits lmao Riley got em

    30. Trabber Shir

      The thumbnail for this episode makes Linus look about twice his age.

    31. Midnight Procrastinator

      Wow Linus looks daddy af with a beard.

    32. DingoOnMy40


    33. Mxstif skxrf

      Stop hating

    34. William Bower

      I was expecting a review of what the controller does from a guy like Linus. Complains about the looks and then does a promotion for Stadia? Wow, just wow man. Enjoy your views.

    35. Angel Ramirez

      The new ps5 controller reminds me of the scuf controller but without the paddles on the back

    36. Wyatt Earp

      You are one ugly, jealous, scrawny lookin crackhead. Basically EVERYTHING xbox has done, they copied from Sony or Nintendo. Go drink some dorito flavored mountain dew and get those flame tattoos on your legs again. I know they were fake but still. You were the xbox God! Everyone named Kyle worshipped you! Btw can I interest you in some xbox soap? I think its just mountain dew in a soap bottle, not sure.

    37. Leon Erfort

      The costume Mario disigne looks actually dope XD

    38. joshua clarke

      Dude it's enough i love sony if its like a Xbox so what it's a controller so stop i love sony and always will if you like Xbox because of the controller then go right ahead

    39. Lachlan_Bear

      Oh yeah I forgot stadia was a thing

    40. ColezaxPlayz

      linus has matured!

    41. Goombachu

      No extra buttons, I am disappointed. No mention of compatibility with the Back Button Attachment, either.

    42. orangeMAN74

      I saw your add before your video

    43. sective


    44. Silent Fox

      Its a fucking controller get over it. Technically you could say Microsoft ripped off pc controllers, because there were pc controllers designed to look like this way before xbox came around.

    45. titaniumwolf1123

      Sony is such a shit show. You really have to be special to buy their shit if you know anything at all about tech and online services

    46. Russ Glove

      Not one of your best vids

    47. BigBocefas

      Bro you’re the guy from the meme

    48. H20

      Sony: makes their controller slightly bigger Whole world: why y’all copying Xbox 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ y’all act like there are so many different ways to make a controller when realistically there are only 2.. BIG or SMALL 😂 y’all say anything

    49. High ping X_X

      hey, Ryan Reynolds, stop making tech vids

    50. Andrew

      Hahaha xbox

    51. Joshua O'Connor

      Yes it's ugly asf. But I'm curious to play around with it and see the new features. Hopefully they've drastically upgraded the weak ass rumble they've had forever. Just wish they'd get with the fucking program and do offset analog sticks already🙄 and for the love of God, kill the stupid lightbar already!

    52. ZellTheStampede

      Xbox controller? Your not a gamer are you smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ we’ve had the Xbox shape since Scuf Impact and Scuf Vantage and Scuf VANTAGE 2! Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ people calm down, obviously don’t know shit about gaming smh and these are not third party controllers PS has been behind the controllers since 2018. Plus we have Astro C40 TR and Nacon revolution pro, Horipad FPS Plus. PlayStation just so happens to hop on the band wagon with Scuf and license them a primary seller.

    53. Ethan Rahn

      This man should not shave

    54. Arianooo Amari

      I think it looks more like a stadia controller than a Xbox controller. Very less similarities to an Xbox controller.

      1. Arianooo Amari

        jghgiroot sorry, i have one question: how high has someone to be to say the ps5 and stadia controller look like the Xbox controller? Just look at the analog sticks and the thing is clear.

      2. jghgiroot

        They both copied xbox controller. The xbox controller has been the same since like 2002.

    55. HPGOD

      Bruh his beard

    56. Jerry McCormick

      Who cares? Gonna cry?

    57. Hunter Dimas

      Wait! Did Linus actually say "Quickbits" this time? He swore he never would. Quarantine got him like

    58. sunil kumar Singh

      Came for the controller Stayed for his beard

    59. Afghan Dan

      This guy hates PS smh

    60. Muhammad Ilham Darmawan

      Nice savage title,techlinked -_-

    61. dafunkbomb broTheGameCat


    62. Maxim Golota

      Windows 10 is just a modern joke

    63. L1AF 9872A0

      Linus is starting to look like David Tennant.

    64. Jordan Sutche


    65. Xabier Casidy

      Nice neck beard

    66. Adis R

      So, you are the xbox fanboy! Fuckoff

    67. Diego Zamora

      So we not gunna talk about how Xbox has been having the same controller since the 360

    68. keys

      It doesn't even look bad. People just love to complain about shit

    69. KURT john

      I dont know what xbox your playing. Are you sure your not mistaking the ps4 controller for an xbox controller, this looks nothing like an xbox controller.

    70. Drgeek2006

      Nice Dreamcast controller Xbox 🤔

    71. BigMackhan

      I got this friend of mine who can eat how much he wants but still his muscles is dissapering it's really sad.

    72. Christopher Augustine

      Is this Sony’s way of say Xbox is officially better then PlayStation🤔.

    73. Christopher Augustine

      Is Sony finally giving in to Xbox

    74. Lee Vang

      Hey man dont start clowning on Sony!! Till you realize microsoft took a good chunk of games from sonys library dont be clowning!! Sony can do this!! If microsoft is able to take a good chunk of sonys library then sony take their controller idea!! Vice Versa!!!

    75. Glitched

      Who knew I’d want Linus to keep a beard.

    76. Youssef Malak

      The controller looks clean idk what's with all the hate

    77. bruh incorporated


    78. IOXWAVE

      From now on I'm down voting all of lmg vids til he shaves

    79. Cuzzin Coo

      We can fix this internet, we just have to keep clowning the fuck out of it, like we did Sonic!

    80. Nattmelankoli

      Xbox controller? Should put a weird ass controller that is not confortable and with a big thing in the back to put some batteries, that's an xbox controller, the last one of the xbox one it's more like an adaptation, in that case even nintendo switch copied xbox right?

    81. LulzRoyce

      3:18 an adult being paid professionally had to actually take time to set that up....

    82. ZarianPalma

      that lesbian neighbor is at it again

    83. Akshat Tamrakar

      That news about windows and Linux is actually good

    84. TotallyNotThomas

      I got a shaver advert on this, Linus... take action!

    85. broader80

      He said it! The crisis really gets to Linus too, it seems. Regarding the beard: Isn't that normal? All my colleagues and me also have this "problem". Maybe it's IT related? Another virus?

    86. umop apisdn

      I kinda like the new design for the controller. Meanwhile I love the feel of how a Xbox controller fills out your hands. I do not like their button layout. The idea of having the PlayStation layout (especially the joysticks not being asymmetric ) is something I really like meanwhile having that feel to the controller as a Xbox controller has.

    87. Walter Willinger

      Doesn’t look anything like an Xbox controller

    88. Motörhead

      Man, as Xbox player I liked the Dualshock 4, but this one is ugly as fk..

    89. Rui Pedro Sousa Dantas

      Nobody: Linus: I have a masculin beard! Everyone: Nice! Very nice!

    90. Limopar

      So, a note on the windows and linux thing, in case you guys read this ;P That functionallity is great if you are using Windows Subsystem for Linux. Right now WSL is a seperate operating system using its own file tree and horrible things can happen with stuff like git and so on if you try to use it on your regular files without being really careful. This will bridge the gap and make multi-platform software development a lot easier. Really welcomed addition from my point of view. So for a computer scientist who enjoy working on linux but play games in my sparetime this is great.

    91. Vixhwx.007

      Linus's testosterone levels went right up

    92. Gold Man

      This guy is really annoying.

    93. Thomas7200DK

      Calling the new controller an xbox controller just made ne unsub and NEVER See any of your shit again..

    94. ENI SEN

      Linus beard make me feel old ,

    95. Can'tOutAimAce

      It’s looks like a scuf

    96. Anthony Elliott

      It doesn't look like a xbox controller......

    97. Gunner M

      keep the beard, looks awesome on you man!

    98. Richard Javier

      Linus, getting that creepy uncle vibe Imo, the ps5 controller is beautiful

    99. Tom L

      I'm glad Sony is finally getting called out, it's gone on long enough. I won't ever argue they do a remarkable job at getting AAA exclusives. But Wiimote=Sno-cone (Move), Occulus =Psvr, Live gold= ps+, xbox button = ps button, XB1X = roh roh didn't see that coming lol