Microsoft's making PS5 games..?


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    0:00 Scary tech news
    0:10 Microsoft buys Zenimax
    1:02 TikTok, WeChat avoid bans
    1:52 Sony apologizes for PS5 preorders
    2:46 War Thunder
    3:26 QUICK BITS
    3:29 Epic v Apple stuff
    3:56 Cyberpunk 2077 sys reqs
    4:30 Ransomware death
    5:10 Windows 10 20H2
    5:39 3DS discontinued
    CYBERPUNK 2014

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      I hope forza will be on playstation for the forza people on PS5 :)

    2. BlueTnek321

      Hey Linus why are you in an ad for pulseway

    3. bruh bruh

      Everyone should respect them for making ps5 games

    4. A D

      Yeah,Tech News isn't EA

    5. Yeetus Deleti

      i got an Xbox AND an old linus pulseway ad while trying to watch this

    6. KILLERMANGO8406

      We should All Unite and form the gamer master race We're U can play The Last of us On Xbox and Halo on Ps5 And Have Nvidia make GPU'S for console :D

    7. David Paul

      Yeah. The real world has real consequences APPLE!

    8. Brian McKenzie

      Tik Tok bad

    9. Ed Ruby

      im sorry hope i dont sound like a fanboy but ps5 is getting its cradel rocked rn

    10. AyOuB MouSSaoUI

      6:29 linus realizes that there's no joy

    11. Bread O' War

      Wtf that voice tho No, no siriously it's epic for some reason

    12. Ryan Hughes

      That thumbnail disturbs me.


      You look so beautiful in thumbnail

    14. 77STEEZY

      So no more console wars...?

      1. Custodio Jc12

        What you mean?

    15. Michael Pychel

      I have a feeling this is the end of the epicness of Elder Scrolls as a whole from now on.

    16. Dexterr

      Forza on ps5 a?!?!?!?

      1. Custodio Jc12

        No the reason deathloop is gonna be on ps5 even tho Microsoft bought them is Cuz Sony had a contract with deathloop before Microsoft bought Bethesda plus Microsoft already made starfield a new Bethesda game exclusive to xbox and might do the same with doom, elder scrolls, fallout and more

    17. Maxgaming Playz

      *_Bethesda is now multi-Platform, again._*

    18. Maxgaming Playz

      *_The World is turning into a black mirror episode._*

    19. Maxgaming Playz

      *_I guess the console wars have ended.._*

      1. Maxgaming Playz

        @Custodio Jc12 *_the world is turning into a black mirror episode._*

      2. Custodio Jc12


    20. Cool Squad

      i just got a Linus ad on his own video

    21. Teletek

      Trojan Horse

    22. ghoulsbat

      lmao walmart

    23. pressefr

      I want that shirt!

    24. Dummed

      So are they still "exclusives or can is Xbox players play playstation games

      1. Custodio Jc12

        @Dummed no pb

      2. Dummed

        @Custodio Jc12 okay thx

      3. Custodio Jc12

        @Dummed ok let me help you Xbox games won't be coming to ps5 but Microsoft bought Bethesda meaning the new Bethesda games are xbox games And Sony had a contract with one of Bethesda games deathloop before Microsoft bought Bethesda so yes even tho deathloop is a xbox game and might have the xbox logo when you play it its still coming to ps5

      4. Dummed

        @Custodio Jc12 yes

      5. Custodio Jc12

        Are you dumb?

    25. T R

      0:22 Hold up... 7.5 billion dollars im cash? These people hauling around money like kingpins wtf

    26. AJBoss420

      Imagine having a shitty console so you start making games for the superior system instead 👀

    27. CryptiX Cyphon

      he sounds like gru in the scary tech news

    28. Ms. Marvel Fan

      Microsoft 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


      Mojang what ever you do don't sell minecraft

    30. Fredrick Lamar

      War thunder sucks ass now

    31. smokeldogg

      ...Maybe they want to actually sell some.

    32. Rannon

      I'm still disappointed that Microsoft went with Chromium over Gecko(? Firefox, anyhow) as I think that'd be better for society overall.

    33. DrGenocide

      How lucky is Conor mcgregor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻

    34. Ember D-L

      “Gimme your belt... and your PS5.”

    35. PichuChanneling7

      if xbox buys out id software there won't be anymore doom :'(

    36. Kadoodledo Studios

      Aww, come on! Darn u Walmart! I was excited for tiktok to be banned

    37. Igor Beuk

      X for a consumers on a budget for 15$ play recycling games and half next gen content and it's good considering pandemic and a millions unimplotment


      Technically since Fallout 76 Fallout 4 Xbox was getting early release for Fallout 76 in beta and Fallout 4 was getting mods and the only console that gets it is Xbox. The playstation later on gets fallout 4, and 76. The Fallout, Elder Scrolls games are all Xbox games not PlayStation. Xbox is apparently winning.

    39. len kagamine

      Deathloop is just re zero but its a game

    40. DK GAMES is the only plug that actually makes me smile so keep doing it dudes

    41. Hotboi Mocky

      I might be a PlayStation person but I do trust Microsoft as a publisher

    42. Jacko

      wtf was that thumbnail?!?!?!?!

    43. Nutty Nugget

      If Sony were to buy it they would make the games for PlayStation only,I like how Microsoft cares about there competition

    44. 0skir Tujów


    45. Linux Guardian

      Imagine being such a bad hacker that you cause the first death because of a ransomware because you didn't mean to target a hospital

    46. Garrett Reyman

      I’m only here for the thumbnail


      People still watch this douche after he got caught lying about playstation? Yikes.

    48. BeBe G

      7.5 billion in cash you say?... how they gonna truck all that monies and to where? it's not in "Cash"!

    49. ACE SAMM

      Where’s the part where Xbox is making games for PS5

    50. Safir Aksel

      It'll be soo funny seeing Xbox logo on your PS5

    51. exodius powergod

      Is nobody going to talk about linuses eyes in the thumbnail

    52. Mad Logik

      Hey, please don't put 'hackers' and 'Criminals who profit from ransomware' in the same boat would you?

    53. Revan 7even

      Windows 10: New Start Menu! Me: _Laughs in Open Shell Menu._

    54. Kooma Floo

      with all this botched launch BS, I sure am glad I just bout a 1660. 60fps at 1080, no hassle, done.

    55. bob lep0nge

      the thumbnail in this one is so hilarious i had to take a screenshot! maybe ill be useful one day : ) lmao

    56. Harrow

      Fuck it I am getting a Nintendo switch

    57. Andrey PA

      Lol. Thumbnail got me

    58. kick4gaming can

      if oc making games for console ps5 they should make open world survival zombie invasion games liek 7 days to die but 40x times beter

    59. Declan Bachner

      Anyone else think microsoft are going to try to buy sony or at least buy all the companies that make playstation games so they can run the console world

    60. XI - B - 02 - Evan Surya

      Goddamn... How many channels does Linus have?

    61. jarl Andruha der grosse her

      So that is why its a garbage.... Now everything is at right places

    62. Francisco Quiñones


    63. Suave Bob

      lol at the thumbnail - it's incredible how something as simple as wonky eyes can make someone look incredibly retarded.

    64. Firestar

      I use Regedit almost exclusively for changing settings.

    65. Cameron N

      Tried war thunder, seen better flying in battlefield, looked funky af too.

    66. Georg F

      Dusseldorf (with u instead of ü) literally means Sillyville.

    67. 51aguilar

      Is nobody going to talk about the thumbnail

    68. SULLIEDASP4575

      Not Starfield it's already posted as only to be released on Xbox and PC.

    69. Caleb Wasylyniuk

      It is time for Xbox to get all the exclusives

    70. sakis


    71. Martin Skånberg

      MLB the Show from Playstation Studio San Diego is coming to Xbox and Switch.

    72. Barney Stinson

      I have emerged from the broken down amazon and other retailer servers.... with a ps5! 🖕🏽

    73. Yi Xing Long

      1:39 bytedance or whatever it's called have a picture where they pose with the communist flag so no they aren't "american enough". Literally commies.

    74. erroneum

      How Nintendo of a problem, customers wanting something that came out a decade ago (or longer).

    75. Matthew Bromley

      Right xbox fanboy in the background hyping. Someone slap it.

    76. Raymond Secrest

      And they say money can’t buy happiness

    77. Wopa

      but Cyberpunk doesnt look good. The Faces and their Animations are rly bad, like GTA or Mafia..

    78. djole djole games

      I have two theories and that is First one to microsoft milk some % money or to save company.

    79. Move Control

      best Thumpnail xD

    80. IRMacGuyver

      Remember when there were Nintendo games on Atari and Atari games on Nintendo?

    81. Emon Khan

      and also how do you make a bot to buy Nvidia GPU. I can't win against all these bots trying to get the same thing I want so I am going with the age-old advice, "If you can't beat'em join them".

    82. Emon Khan

      Microsoft better keep the 100 percent freedom of the guys at id to make doom

    83. rat poison breakfast

      This gives me hope for linux

    84. WellBeSerious12

      Typical behavior from xenophonic Americans and their President Nix- I mean Trump.

    85. Bruno swag

      The thumbnail for this episode is absolutely gold

    86. Wet Water

      The games going to ps5 are timed exclusives aren’t they

    87. tdchewy

      Sony is done. They dragged their feet for too long and now are being overtaken by a company that actually listens to its users. Once Microsoft smartens up and puts windows (as an option at least) on xbox, it's game over for good for Sony.


      nice man hope to see the new doom games on microsoft store then

    89. riggedttv

      i love how theres a dude just yelling shit in the background lol

    90. Adin Chandra

      I Really Hope...... I can play Flight Simulator on PS5.... War Thunder...... Wow, I want....

    91. Simon Farre

      Americans thinking the universe revolves around them?! Color me surprised. In Europe we seem to have no problems with pre-orders. I can place my pre-order right now, to get one in November. "Get an xbox" - yeah right. How did that work out last generation. 48 measly million units sold in comparison to 120 million.

    92. Θανάσης Καρέζος

      hacking a hospital.. not nice.. not nice.

    93. Lokas 68

      What next Microsoft buying konami or... wb games???


      The Master God of Chief Edition

    95. Craig Turner

      Need the thumbnail face for scientific evidence and meme production.

    96. Yusuf

      The thumbnail is hilarious

    97. funnyfunnycompilationsvids

      Love your vids. Also have a youtube channel

    98. gentlemen.

      4:23 *cries in direct X 11*

    99. J M

      i hope microsoft dont pull a EA or Activision move

    100. Rehan Mahapure

      Bro you sound like thor a bit