Apple says "Bye, Intel!"


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    Macs with 12-core ARM processors next year
    Amazon WAS being shady
    Wi-Fi 6E is coming
    Fortnite x Travis Scott Astronomical Concert
    12.3 million concurrent players FortniteGame/status/1253524351376330752
    Apple devices crashing when they receive specific string of characters
    Nintendo shuts down old accounts after hacks
    Dr. Spot
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    1. StamX

      nvidia buys arm, nvidia says "bye apple"

    2. David Vincennes

      Hey BOSS! 😀

    3. Yashar Valakjie

      The bleach joke was deeply dark!

    4. notthere83

      "... and people have to be told not to drink bleach." - seems like that's how it is. The smart get smarter and the dumb get dumber.

    5. Michael Piziak

      Apple might as well go back to having motorolla make their chips again. Because, Apple chips won't be able to keep up with Intel chips.

    6. H Makhdoom

      Laaaaaaaaaawlz epic hilarious fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnyyyyyy "This is so dastardly!"

    7. Steve

      Also, the University of Michigan invented a steam cleaner..Big whoop.

    8. Steve

      Ha, Amazon is scum for going that...It's kinda obvious they were doing that when you think about it. The products they pick and choose as "Amazon basics" is kind of specific..Honestly, Bezo's belongs in prison.

    9. Too Shmart

      My IPAD Pro destroys my 6 year old I7 desktop in video editing.

    10. Eternal Vigil

      Robot dog doctors? I’m still waiting on my hoverboard and self drying clothes...

    11. Aleck Fedorkiw

      Didn't they say that a few years ago Arm would be in laptops and the enterprise? How did that work out for them? Going from a phone to a laptop or desktop is more difficult because it's like going from 4 cylinders to a V8.

    12. yoshinosakura

      Amd will make x86 great again

    13. Dotz k

      Apple change the the way we are using technology I think and hope they will do it better this time too

    14. Noxious Toxland

      Lol Tim Apple

    15. Luan Silva

      duude why so much drama??

    16. Fuck_GOOGLE_hijacking_my_username_dont_be_evil_my_ass

      Are you guys drunk / high, over tired or just in a really silly mood? I had fun.

    17. TYler_ SChecter

      Apple today: “Hello, Intel”

    18. Germano Michelon Santos

      That Wi-fi 6+ that got thrown there was amazingly fun, and I feel just a little bit weird for finding it that fun.

    19. AxelNotHuman

      What do they know about making chips...

    20. Vincent lodato

      i feel like saying amazon is doing wrong by analyzing data and creating 1st party products is a stretch. Bestbuy does it with their rocketfish brand, home depot does it with their brands, all food stores do it with their brands. like are we saying they have to be blind to everything sold on their website? i dont understand how thats even logistically possible.

    21. li ov

      this is just beautiful, had to comment, kerp the good work up 😂😂😂😂👍🏼

    22. TeamE5Bnet

      That guy in the background is killing it.

    23. Madhuvan Rishiraj

      We remember PowerPC

    24. Joseph Smiley

      I'm thinking that the first MacBook with a ARM processor will be for education to compete with Chromebooks.

    25. RedEvoPro

      I've crashed numerous iPhones with the bug

    26. channelwhywhywhy

      I do like Riley just throwing in comment grenades! #Kapow!!!

    27. Abdullah Sajid

      Apple sykes intel Thanks satan

    28. Beau H

      anyone piece together that James is the minecraft youtuber Wattles?

    29. Shravan

      LMAO i loved this video

    30. Christopher Gibbons

      If they follow through on this I might actually buy one of their computers, for the first time in a 12 years.

    31. Kim Jung

      to be fair, Apple makes the fastest and most power efficient ARM processors on the market

    32. Ethan Hamto

      Wifi 6.2 Gen 3

    33. Robert Neve

      Way to catch up US. The EU has already been investigating Amazon using merchant data for nearly a year.

    34. Robert Neve

      Way to catch up US. The EU has already been investigating Amazon using merchant data for nearly a year.

    35. Apostou

      Just imagine if there was a LEG instead of an ARM.

    36. James Whale

      DOGTOR 😂

    37. CJ

      The dogtors are too ruff...

    38. trapptowers


    39. Buždi

      Every laptop should run on ARM

    40. Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music

      An iPad with a keyboard. Woohoo.... nope. Not woohoo.

    41. chilli Dog

      That with amazon has been gooing on for ages very obviusly

    42. MAYKEL V.

      I always Watching building videos from bitwit and linus and I learned a lot So I build my own pc heres the vid I like your feedback also support my channel so that i can build a new one

    43. Nathan Tankersley

      Has everyone realized what apples doing with Apple Arcade they want devs to make real console games for iOS which in turn makes them work on Mac because of their custom cross platform api that is being worked on so Apple products would become gaming devices without anyone even noticing the new iPad is already more powerful than the Xbox one s I am totally cool playing console games on iPad and Mac and this will make android follow suit and instead of what system are you on the convo will be all about the games because the games are available across pc Mac iOS android Xbox PlayStation and switch holy shit that sounds cool this mixed with cloud gaming will make it insanely important for companies to make amazing exclusives because without games like breath of the wild why would anyone play on your platform if they are already deep inside Mac and iOS

    44. G1ngerBoy

      so what is the message that you can send to an iphone to make it crash? im legit asking for a friend... she has an iphone and i wanna bug her

    45. Poppa Bear does

      I think this is exciting about apple going with arm.

    46. Bradley Alexander

      Fuck the x86 duopoly.

    47. bonob0123

      don't inject lysol. don't put a uv lamp up your butt. pet the doctor dog.

    48. AdeptPaladin

      .... PowerPC was ARM, wasn’t it? And it was a terribad compared to the new intel CPUs

    49. mathbles703

      I don't get the whole amazon thing. Doesn't costco and any other brick and mortar do this? See what's popular make your own brand? Ex. Kirkland. I don't see how this is bad. It's competition.

    50. Rickys philosofy

      Haha Tim Apple. I completely forgot Trump the lysol ingesting advocate called Tim Cook that

      1. Rickys philosofy

        Fun fact airports wbere around in 1776 apparently the FAKE NEWS wants you to think otherwise as they want to undermine our dear leader AAAAAARRFFGGGGG!!!!!!

    51. teachmehowtodoge

      AMD: “I’m just passing by.” Lol.

    52. J.Walter Swartz

      Laptop phones. whee.

    53. Rishiraj Saikia

      Windows pc and macs are the two computers. AMD is crushing intel in the windows side and apple will crush intel in the mac os side.

    54. Rishiraj Saikia

      Why doesn't apple make their own x86-64 cpu for laptops with tsmc 5nm process node ?

    55. the all-new classic metal Steve!

      I, no crap, get a strange feeling when I'm being spied on, and I'm getting it a lot of a lot lately. Things that help, completely unplugging most of my devices except for my MP3 player a SanDisk with a not great battery.

    56. the all-new classic metal Steve!

      Well, by Alexa!

    57. Zaqwsx Zaqwsx

      it’s relatively easy for Amazon to get the seller data. i mean everyone who works in the warehouses at the very bottom of the chain know what is and isn’t selling. They know what comes in and what comes out. that’s just about all the employees. And yes Amazon is screwing it’s sellers that they can screw

    58. Claudiu Grigore

      yes apple once thei had the one processors .... log log time a go ... lake i a far way galaxy lake ... let's see if they work wonders ... you have to make it out of something that pure is at 20% 8core normal pc cpu ... to make it work at list the same way !!! in performate !!! only at 20% of current consumption or les !! to see !?!??! yeeessss !!!?!? if you will have a performance of 300 w cpu at 3 w cpu from ARM ! then yes You have something there to appeal ?!?!? tha letest cpu from intel on tha market !! on thos mini cpus fore tablet and phones .... and that thing with the tablet repeising tha big sterdi pc ... sory not gona hapend ... too soon !!! or of course they will keep the prices now and I will have $ 10,000 net income with 0 credit or debts ... !!! tha boos tha ceo !!! ..etc etc ... then yes tried .... z appel os etc !!! ?? how things can go in a few hundred years may be !!! n another economy when all is free ... and we exchange flowers because we have no money lol ... and it all an credit ... lol hahahah eeee . lol Until then, the world is moving to get a penny cent dolar euro out of this !!! real internet and retail transzacios !!! world waid web !! and how free the internet is and will be ina tah future and sure and safe !!! and for amazon ... only one thing PAM PAM PAM !!! LOL ... and for ... appel os ... text bomb lol ... you don't even have that thing with unknown file yet !!! ... we have it from windows 95 hahahaha lol eeeee . or it waz a aline language lol .. nocaracters in ios pupupu !!! lol

    59. nycameleon

      WIFI 6 SUPER

    60. dakrontu

      "launching an internal investigation" - into how the embarrassing leak occurred - no way they are going to withdraw all their copy-cat products

    61. Vinay Kumar Vutukuru

      I’m done taking nonsense from this guy.

    62. elia Rizek

      Intel got homeless by amd and now apple

    63. Nuba Revoredo

      Oh look its the cocain guy doing tech news again, I feel at home. that linus guy is really weird doing tech news he doesnt look that high

    64. Kocha Sapam


    65. liquidlethe

      Some dude in Saudi Arabia bought a game worth 100$ on my account. Luckily nintendo resolved it and issued me a refund.

    66. Ilham Ramadan

      ARM can't run complex software like Photoshop, Video editing/effect?

    67. Hypnotic Enrapture

      We want our weirdo, Riley Murdock , on more tech linked video!!!!!!

    68. beast2209

      I like this guy

    69. TedBundyVEVO •

      Bro y’all talk about fortnite concerts when there was literally a giant Minecraft festival THIS WEEK

    70. Trevor Renkevens

      RIP Intel.

    71. D. Eddy

      cheap i phone 12? you mean the i phone 12 erra version of the i phone SE ?

    72. USA Mariner

      Really!!!!!..🤔 i dont think so, iv heard duck's farting in shallow water before.

    73. Computer Lawyer

      Who cares its Apple

    74. Windows XP

      Say bye but i9 cpu is still better than apples best pc loolooooooolololol

    75. Ricky Tejera

      Linus' Really!! while his voice breaks prefect.

    76. Kashxk

      If an ARM powered macbook doesn't work well, then YOU are using it wrong (As all other problems Apple devices had in the past)

    77. MalignantJewmor

      The Travis Scott event was fucking amazing

    78. Chemy Torres

      So, that was an Amazon and Nintendo bleach or leak?

    79. Louie Friesen

      Probably the reason Apple is turning away from Intel is so that it would be harder to make a Hackintosh.

    80. Mike Mestnik

      The truth about VPNs:

    81. vermont drone

      apple junk

    82. Taner Y Banth

      420 dislikes

    83. Daiv G

      Worst clickbait fake news headline you’ve used in a while. Just do better.

    84. Jason Aquino

      So the next Hackintosh will be a Microsoft Surface Pro X? 🤔🤔🤔

    85. Chi Chen


    86. JoeyLovesTrains


    87. Mac Zerofun

      2:39 auto caption

    88. Henry Asbridge

      the irony with PIA encryption is that it is aes-128 which has been cracked and is not the most secure

    89. Gregor Kluth

      That fortnite event is so annoying cuz Everytime I want to play there is this stupid shit event literelly every day and the game doesn't allow you to play anything else so I have to wait the hole time till it's over

    90. frahvem

      Was the intro a Lucifer season 4 ending?

    91. arrowmouse

      1:03 every supermarket has done this for decades though?

    92. bonbondesel

      Love the background sounds ! "Yeah" "woooo" ... 👌

    93. Stacey Luster

      Fuck Amazon!

    94. Ibukun Odele

      The text bug affected some android phones too

    95. JUMOWA

      JR! JR! JR!

    96. Matt McCormick

      Great an ios laptop... another cromebook

    97. Track Thor

      I had a pulseway ad with linux inside before LUL

    98. real cartoon girl

      wifi 6 literally exist in only the most expensive devices

      1. Tusk Force

        It's the same as usual with new standards

    99. LordFishCake666

      Thermal paste will be 399$

    100. Nobeen X44

      So my toys will have intel chips on them probably