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    0:05 Nvidia leaks
    1:11 Apple / Epic stuff
    2:05 Neuralink demo
    2:59 Brilliant
    3:38 QUICK BITS
    3:41 Intel Tiger Lake leaks
    4:11 China yanks TikTok back
    4:40 Rockets, baybeeee
    5:04 Gamescom gaemz
    5:37 Google ethics subscription
    RTX 3090 / 3080 leaks
    GA102 pictured
    Apple suspends Epic’s developer account
    and THEN opened appeals process
    Fortnite is in Marvel canon
    Neuralink pig reveal
    Surgery bot
    Humans are next
    Intel Iris Xe graphics spotted, built in to Tiger Lake
    promo videos
    China “warns” TikTok parent Bytedance about selling to U.S.
    SpaceX launches rocket through polar corridor
    Rocket lab launches Electron
    Another one aborts
    Gamescom reveals
    Dragon Age
    Sims + Star Wars
    Twelve Minutes
    WoW Shadowlands release date trailer
    Google will offer AI-powered services that helps you figure out ETHICS

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    1. janelle evans


    2. Matthew

      Everybody who bought an RTX 2000 should get their money back.

    3. Nez D

      2:05 Are u Backpack Kid? lol

    4. kailen mitchell

      JOKES ON YOU no one but the scalpers and reviewers will have the 30 series cards.

    5. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      2:42 .. you mean like literally any other apple product. (All apple products are dystopian ... greetings from 1984)

    6. Michael Van Rheede

      I love the look of the FE rtx 3000, but they arent for sale in south africa

    7. Saul Goodman

      That intro killed it

    8. Jesse

      Being able to get stoned af and still have computer level intelligence sounds fun

    9. Taha YT614

      That sound tho

    10. EinfachNurArty

      c´mon guys, be honest: *fortnite is a awesome game conzept, but with stupid fortnite videos and annoying dumb 7yr olds shouting your ears dead.* *Just be honest*

    11. TheDarkserpent

      I bought a rx 5500 xt 8gb for 320 dollars, and I'm happy, the rtx 2080 costs around 1400 dollars, on USA prices are a joke compared to my country.

    12. БойБорг690_

      Have you seriously never heard of Gainward? I think I've never heard of you...

    13. STRiX Gaming

      James is so funny 🤣🤣🤣 but daamn I really want that 3090 aight wallet time to sacrifice you....

    14. J B

      Me want make brain good, but me lacking in cognitive faculties.

    15. Sideshow88

      Who's buying 3090 X2 for sli!! Me me me

    16. Ryan Carbotte

      Did he just say "do the butthole"?

    17. Nam Shaw

      Someone please tell me the name of James' podcast, I can't hear what he said and I can't find it

    18. Marcus Dix

      Next the rtx 3095/3095ti, 3099/3099ti, and 3099.99/3099.99ti because it'll cost you 3k to buy anyway

    19. Truth Seeker

      AMD is so getting their butts kicked by Nvidia over and over and over again...dang!!!! Don't F*** with Nvidia, is the saying of the Century!!!!

    20. Jason Walon

      when you realise it has move vram than your pc's ram😐

    21. kehyen

      They tried to warn the 2080ti buyers

    22. Second Cut

      I wanna see you guys build an ultimate pc with 4 x 3090’s to play 16k in 60fps

    23. CrAzYgIrL

      Jokes on you, I just watched the current tech linked then came here

    24. David Brown

      Never heard of Gainward before ? Weird

    25. DREK ADEN


    26. eddyecho

      For the love of GOD, please pronounce "processing" correctly like a MURICAN not a darned Canadian

    27. Red Sauron

      Take a look at the performance of the Rtx 3080 with the pc game Doom internal ........ ......and greetings from Hans of the dutch lowlands NL

    28. romxxii

      Elon ain't tricking me, I've played Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    29. Vinnie J

      I've seen guys cry about the 3080 only having 10 GB VRAM, but playing on 1440p, I rarely see my VRAM go above 6 GB *unless* I activate caching in video settings (games like battlefield V and Modern warfare have this, and I think Microsoft Flight simulator aswell.) Which is supposed to fill up your VRAM, but rarely results in getting noticeably more fps. 10 GB VRAM is just fine, for 1440p at least (and 4k gaming on pc is stupid anyway unless you like to game on monitors bigger than 32 inch to even tell the difference with 1440p).

    30. retroFIX Gaming

      I remember when my ati 9700pro new was 400$. What the hell happened?

    31. Joel Klassen

      "del-l-l-l-icious" I love this man's writing so much

    32. HYPE Trooper

      apple with there new system."anyone else want to get banned"

    33. Paulie's Channel

      Just look on the AIB's website it's no secret for 3000 cards.

    34. David Mezei

      yeah... I hope the Gainward joke was a ... joke. They make the best Nvidia cards out there.


      when you want to pee but there is no where to go You: 0:04

    36. Edan C

      We've waited so long for cyberpunk that we're literally transitioning into cyberpunk

    37. Eliran Tuil

      Why would I not want keanu in my head for ever

    38. ageofbogyo

      Get back to me when 3090 will be available in a laptop.

    39. PortfolioPL

      Gainward is making videocards since 1984. Yeah, it is brand...

    40. Yoman69

      Damn the intro so good

    41. Zane Andre

      "do the butt hold" is a dance cry that can far too easily cause people to mishear James, thinking he's saying "do the butt hole"... Teehee

    42. rnGeezus

      Nvidia shits on the 3080 buyers I'm good😂

    43. Dennis A. T.

      The leak by JYZ

    44. chubby1gudino

      That intro lmao

    45. Fetus Yeeter

      When will Elon create cat girls? Unless...

    46. SuchtFaktorHoch10

      Elon... ELOOON.... Listen to me... CYBERMEN... Don't do it.

    47. raspberrymode

      "Do the butt hole!"

    48. CallardAndBowser

      The CEO of Nvidia has Willfully Sabotaged his new RTX 30 series cards. He has willfully Bottle Necked the output of these amazing cards by using DisplayPort 1.4a instead of using DisplayPort 2.0. This is unacceptable! Investors should be demanding his resignation at once! It is stupid and tragic to purposely bottle neck a card that has this much horsepower! Well, screw the RTX 30 cards, we’ll wait for AMD Big Navi since It Will have DisplayPort 2.0. You really screwed this up Nvidia! You won’t get my money!

    49. Antonio

      what do you mean gainward is a brand, apparently? where've you been in the past 3 decades!!

    50. Noobian Goddess

      can u lot stop the gay intros u put me off the channel

    51. Grtalife

    52. Matthew Marbaker

      I feel like I just came down off acid and realized that he isn't funny

    53. lautaross13 ss

      Did que he just spoil me cyberpunk 2077 keanu reeves story? YOU SON OF A B

    54. Shubhanjan Sen

      Ooh a nier reference.

    55. Big Chungus

      0:04 he turned on his night vision

    56. Salutations

      This man does know, captain America is no more

    57. GhelloM

      Only 10gb of v eam 😅

    58. The diary of Fharish Ahmed

      🤔 This will finally run CRYSIS!

    59. Asshwinth G

      Me when I bought the best gpu in the market yesterday: 0:04

    60. Reece Kersten

      No quack bats?

    61. Blueple Man

      Did linus bit your toe 0:04

    62. GA Class

      The day after I buy a 2060 super...

    63. Spartan Alex

      i'm still rockin a 1070 from msi that i bought in 2017 and i'm here wondering if i should upgrade? I don't feel like its needed seeing that with current games i have never had any problems and rtx is cool but not necessary. What are your thoughts?

    64. No One

      How the hell am I gonna fit this in my comp lol

    65. Rizzy Playzz

      “they also can’t download infinity blade” bruh that got taken off the store years ago. I miss it tho. I finished the game like 20 times lol

    66. short pants

      Lol amd just watch your video

    67. MWA

      its an expensive upgrade. RTX 3090 full advantage with PCIe 4.... need to get new motherboard with PCIe 4, and most likely new CPU .....

    68. Prostě Kopec

      2:25 - Wait, is that a real spoiler?

    69. Dead_eye 189

      you know i just got me a nice rtx 2070 then i learn the rtx 3000s get launch today and are cheaper

    70. UrbanaticLemonade

      Ethical AI = Leftist wet dreams !

    71. Pattern Whisperer

      I yet have to see some "tech" youtuber to get ethical A.I right. Its not simply about morality, but it has serious practical implications if models are only good at enforcing a certain statuos quo, rather than learning about biases in the data sets

    72. HIpigoRE1

      Hehe What does it mean Gainward which is a brand apparently? I hope i am not on another wrong tech channel like some other tech channels where they were not familiar with brands like FSP and Zalman ... :D

    73. Alex Unix Axwell

      Repeat after me... "Um Pear"!!! =)))

    74. Red Sauron

      Here the first in game test in % of the new rtx3080 card grretings from hans of the dutch lowlands NL

    75. Ali

      The New Consoles : We Have The Power Of a PC!!!! Nvidia: We Have 8K 60 FPS PS5, Xbox Series X Left The Chat

    76. Random Monkey

      That screech at the beginning sent me 😂

    77. Dershan Govender

      This guy is a terrible host...I rather Denise host the show then this guy...

    78. alexander Gei boy

      Bruh when you only exited cuz the price of older ones go drop

    79. Babeetlebum

      This guy has raw talent. When does he become hollywood famous ?

    80. POZEIDON

      wow that was a cheap shot at gainward

    81. jamrollz

      aaaaand... it runs 8k

    82. Spectre Fleet Gaming Community


    83. Mr.CorteX

      RTX 3090 is out The price of 1080ti is gonna drop now i can finally buy 1050ti

    84. VonBoyka

      IT IS IMPORTANT TO WAIT... TO TEACH A LESSON TO NVIDIA AND THEIR CONSTANT ABUSE, LIES AND TENDENCIES.. why do I say this? already know? surely in JANUARY, FEBRUARY OR MARCH the "GPU 3080 ti" will be released definitely!! ...and again spend and spend. WE AS AN AUDIENCE have the power to stop NVIDIA... NOT BUYING YOUR PRODUCTS DURING THE LAUNCH AND AFTER THAT WAITING 6 MONTHS to buy it... and because they are only looking for THE IMMEDIATE MONEY they will suffer. PLEASE think about this... do not buy during the launch + WAIT 6 MONTHS ensuring $200 to $300 less

    85. Harsh Thakur

      They blocked infinity blade from the app store and that's the only mobile game I ever loved :(

    86. HaTTron


    87. Mel Meller

      The brother is funny. 🙂

    88. jose corona

      It was real

    89. Fatty Bruh

      You could store csgo on that on that graphics card seeing as its only 10gb

    90. 2rawww

      The quick bitch?

    91. 12Mantis

      Oh, sure, Google can teach an AI ethics.....but can they teach it Numberwang?! :P

    92. Redlimpkilla

      that moment when they double the amount of cuda cores than what the leak shows

    93. Eggyyt

      2:28 can you repeat that please?

    94. Devin Engle

      Yay, tech news for things I can't afford yet

    95. Jason Von Angeles

      that squeak at the start made my day LOL

    96. FrozenStarlight

      Great!! More voices in my head :D

    97. Joshua Guy

      Oooh great the brain chip signals the end of the world

    98. MR.C&A Video911Game

      fire ma lazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    99. iiElysium x

      With the 3080 performing twice as well as the 2080ti the 3090 is going to cause a singularity in your computer

    100. Georgi Ivanov

      The RTX 3090 cometh My bank account: 0:04