AMD still LOVES us!!


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    AMD backtracks
    Intel launches 10th gen desktop processors
    - Similar story to previous launches
    - Very core clocks at very high power draws
    - Can disable hyperthreading on specific cores
    - But still premium price
    Power draw
    MS Build
    Fluid Framework - basically Adobe CC for Office
    OpenAI Supercomputer
    Linux stuff
    Easter eggs
    Apple Glaaaaass
    Pixel 5 could use Snapdragon 765, not 865
    CloudXR streaming VR
    Facebook to take on Amazon with Facebook Shops
    AI can diagnose COVID from CT scans now

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    1. Gabriel Lanis Lopes

      14nm i9100k (600$) 12nm Ryzen 3 200g (70$) Intel dont have enogh money to make less 14nm they need help!

    2. Mark Okoli

      Wanted pixel 5 until I heard that news

    3. Daniel Gagiu

      Riley's intervention saying "SHOW ME YOUR LUNGS" sounds like the Floating heads from Rick & Morty whom were saying "Show me what you've got"

    4. ram64man

      Please tell us if the new 3900xt will work with the x370 series .e.g I own a first gen x370 gaming 4 in stock , Maltese is compatible just but I really would like to know if we can get the final chip without having to change the board

    5. notthere83

      DirectX for Linux apps running on Windows? That's so... wrong... Considering that there's no DirectX support on Linux, why would any Linux app even attempt to use it in the first place?

    6. William

      Why are people buying intel? Lololol

    7. Joe Busby

      Its c l e a r l y pronounced "Tenty-nine-hundred-k"

    8. ALU and Cache

      Man I still love when he says Arerah Arerah Arerah 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣

    9. MenloMarseilles

      1:32 personally I favor "ten ninety okay"

    10. mark hernandez

      Thumbs down for multiple ads without being able to skip after 5 seconds.

    11. Jeoffrey M.

      2:38 Most enthusiast before the launch of Ryzen back in 2017.

    12. Sergeant Nathan

      Still doesn't fix the asinine decision for X570 to support the still-current 3000-series APUs, but not with the B550. They better fix that too.

    13. xorkatoss

      hah screw ryzen 4th gen, I just bought a cheap-ass A320 mobo with a ryzen 5 1600AF, no oc involved so that's an easy 10 year lifespan :D

    14. bl4cksh4d8w Yt

      0:09-0:12 lol

    15. intelgen

      I think this guy should take over LTT. He is better looking, sounds better and is funnier than Linus, sorry Linus, you're voice needs a pitch shift.

    16. BlaBlaBlaBla BlaBlaBla

      James is a better host than linus, change my mind

    17. Anti Eclispy

      And I just bought a R3600 😔

    18. das hasguns

      I don't trust facebook period and will never use them to buy anything.

    19. JeffDM

      Great show. I wish I could hear the off camera commentary though. The HUgets auto transcription almost never catches it either.

    20. silverisss

      People buy iphones for $1000+++ - what a good deal! People buy smart watches for $500 - what a good deal! People buy smart glasses for $500 - wow theyre so cheap! People see a gaming console, which will last for years and bring countless entertainment value, that costs $500-600 - wtf its too expensive im not buying this. People, amirite?

    21. silverisss

      $299 for a single channel audio interface is a really really bad deal. Dont do it kids, if you need a thing like that, there are amazing alternatives for that price (and even way cheaper), that have much better controls, quality and software

    22. Gin Mador

      30 fps video? wtf? jerky on my gsync compatible monitor :/ grow up do 60fps

    23. YourLocalMedic

      I'm calling it the tenty 900k

    24. Khadesh Singh

      intel: "glued together" AMD: What you say bitch? send in the armed troopers!! ryzen 1800x intel: o im sor.. AMD: Send in the Tanks madafakas! threadripper 1990x intel: hey hey lets not get to hast.. AMD:Send in the negotiator Intel: o thank god raja k.. AMD: Vested Raja explodes vega apus intel: Omg janice... AMD: Send in air SUpport!! * Zen 2* intel: unleash the lakes team!!!. i dont care if they all catch on fire, send everything!!!! AMD: 64 cores Intel: lakes destroyed AMD: MEN RELAY POSITIONS AND WORK TOGETHER!! backwards compatibility intel: please staph... intel guy shot in leg AMD: SHOW NO MERCY MEN FINISH THE JOB AMD SOLDIER: but sir they are already defeat what more can we d... AMD: I SAID FINISH THE F**KING JOB AMD Soldier: Men ATTACCKKKKK!!! reduce prices on last gen processors intel: cries in corner AMD Soldier: sir we have defeated both their bodies and soul. i think we should halt all advances AMD: Strategist paying no heed to soldier planning Zen 2 refresh and Zen 3 Intel:...............................

    25. Zack Struzinski

      The toilet squad has come so far! 🚽

    26. Shiny Chicken

      I'm pretty sure it should just be "A hundred and nine hundred k" :)

    27. Thetreetroll

      James Strieb will most likely become a serial killer by his mid-forties.

    28. Vegeta

      0:08 for a Halo CE Elite

    29. Isaac Clarke

      0:08 - battle cry of gamers )))))))))))))))

    30. Unusual Sky

      That intro tho

    31. Sire DragonChester

      Prety sure it’s Still VERY limited and ONLY if you buy both Ryzen 4000 cpu and buying with b450/x470 motherboard. From my understanding. So it still be locked or on very limited support. Not giving enthusiasts that choice. As somebody has x470 mobo and 2700x, and yes at some point may like upgrade 4700x.

    32. Camlling

      Everyone: mad about having to buy a new mother board to upgrade to ryzen 4000 series Me upgrading to r5 3600x from fx 4100: *okay*

    33. Tebogo Mojela

      We made it boys, #toiletsquad

    34. Robert Clark

      AMD should have stuck to its original plan of boards and chips together. This backwards thing is one way and i am looking forward to a lot of bricked boards :) Going to be a mess. I'll buy a new board and chip together and avoid the mess and lost money from bricking a mb. Dump FB soon as you can and forget those bozo's!

    35. zedftofficial

      Love the jokes and diverse news content!

    36. Mohammad Saddak

      Amd should improve his dram latency and should increase his memory channel at workstation cpu like threadripper

    37. Matthomar

      0:07 ground beef wearin meatball lookin ass lol smh love you

    38. Cédric Pomerleau

      Jern ? Toilet squad ? I know somebody who's been watching FPT...

    39. Frame Rate

      James’ thumbnail face put a smile on my face for some reason Idk I rly enjoy seeing James

    40. Vladimir Jesuslave

      Is false, the nvidia streaming service has no latency.......I tried it when was free, and InColombia using a VPN and in fact was excelent

    41. Mark

      What is this first 11 seconds of this video about. Nothing to do with AMD

    42. DarkBrave_

      I hope AMD won't become the very thing it swore to destroy some day

    43. Jermaine Moodie

      News Info and entertainment all in one Friday goodness

    44. SOURAV GT

      Most funniest episode ever 😂😂

    45. Danilo H

      piss is stored in the balls, thank you James

    46. Adam Smith

      If they love you more than their bottom line they will not be around for very long :-)

    47. Michael Manoni

      I say “tendyninehundred-K”

    48. Shiro Craft

      Linus : I Still Love Intel James : AMD Still Love Us Me and You who read this comments : I Still and Always Love LTT Content

    49. Justin Franks

      1:33 I believe it is the "ten-dee-nine-hundred-kay".

    50. WALIDOW gamer

      Can I have a pc gamer to play fortnite or anything after this quarantine please lol . I'm good in ps4 but it's not smooth to feel when I'm playing please just fix a price with me or Freee hahahahah or I will be your partenaire 😅😅👍

      1. WALIDOW gamer

        Copy this to AMD pls

    51. Thunder

      10:30 sorely missed opportunity to name the i9-10900K, the i9- ten - ninety - okay processor

    52. Ken Smith

      "feed forward" is a very old idea. A new audio amp using it as a feature is a bit odd. Everything old is new again I guess. It is a bit surprising that neither of the chip makers made 3 threads per core available. Even if it costs a bit on single threaded performance, on a very multi-threaded work load it speeds things up. You could avoid a lot of OS overhead in task switching by having the processor able to do more of them if there is a "stall" due to cache miss etc. I am typing this on a machine with only 2 cores. I think I am due for an upgrade. The wife's computer is even more due for upgrade.

    53. Andrew Bennett

      Idk... id be fine with them doing an AM5 socket for Zen3.... AMD introduced it in 2016 to unify all their processors into one, and promissed it till 2020, which they did. The only exception is the threadripper/epyc socket (cant remember what its called), but like thats way better than Intel. 🤷‍♂️ dont know why everyone was upset about them making a new socket 5 years later

    54. Jay101

      Anyone else ever notice that all the major competitors are always blue and red?

    55. Δημήτρης Αντωνίου

      developers developers my man

    56. shrinivas gundam

      intel and AMD are not seperate semiconductor manufacturing companies they are but , there just playing a small game in the market that's it .

    57. EleriLeigh

      i9-10 9 naughty K

    58. Sir Kenzington

      iGlasses is such an underrated comment

    59. PsychoLucario

      Story 1: AMD launched chip requiring new board, people mad Story 2: Intel launches chip requiring new boards, nobody cares

    60. PsychoLucario

      just buy a b550 and don't make the used b450 market a minefield plz thx

    61. ben wright

      It's all well and good for them to make new cpus compatible, but what about the people who will be forced to update their systems due to them removing compatibility for older cpus? Either way... someone's gonna be butt hurt over the change and replacing a motherboard is cheaper than several new components just to make a perfectly functional machine work again

    62. WorldHeroX

      I don't imagine people upgrade their processor every year like a phone upgrade to really care. I imagine they would upgrade the whole system including mobo

    63. Clarky

      Well Intel’s engineers are the only people I have respect for in that company, honestly 10th chips isn’t anything groundbreaking but seeing as they were still able to squeeze that efficiency out of 14nm is impressive.

    64. ChEILoZ

      100 bucks AMD was always going to do this, they just wanted to be seen as consumer friendly and remind everyone how Intel does it.

    65. Codeplayer

      Intel could just use liquid metal and better heat spreaders and crank up the clocks. Put noctua coolers on. Would be instantly fastest. And cooler, since Noctua cool factor.

    66. Mario

      Inb4 it was all a marketing stunt.

    67. Thanos

      14+++ is not to many pluses what are you talking about /s

    68. Robin16171718

      Apple iYes

    69. Mr 3ppozz

      Ok I can't understand what Riley is saying most of the time... but this vid was hilarious xD xD xD

    70. Winterassault19

      This is the best clip from 0:08 - 0:10 and the funniest moment of that! Consider adding that clip as the funniest meme of all time. Please!!!!!

    71. Roshan Rai

      I was hoping for AI to show up..for covid..👊. Techups..

    72. Pee Brayen

      I don't mind a bit goofing around. but at times it is getting cringy. Don't overdo it

    73. schwift

      I wonder if Lidar is better than a camera, considering facematch uses depth dots and not your picture, so a Lidar could still facematch you no?

    74. J G

      Well you are Swiss by descent so you are always neutral James

    75. KoTu

      I really hope with new consoles, cpu utilisation will get better.... I have so many cores and they are doing nothing.

    76. bodonski

      Intel in 2020: Intel 10900K Intel in 2050: Intel 99900K

    77. Delfiendrick Ferdanes


    78. Sweet Roll

      Dont trurst advertisment like this , just buy amd ryzen and regret it, just google the problem youll find many

    79. Roderick Jansen

    80. mc st

      We all learned today that "piss is stored in the balls!" Nice one, 😎 James

    81. P Kerr

      Damn, that dude shouting in the background is annoying. Too frequent to be funny!

    82. Daniel Večeřa

      Can we plus sop calling OpenAI Elon musks company ? He was !one! of the founders, is still a donor but not actively managing the company in any way. If people would stop riding his pepe, that would be great.

    83. Abiona Alli

      Liquid goes into the lungs? Wow!

    84. evilhunter32

      I wouldn’t say they love people they just couldn’t handle the backlash so they had the bend the knee

    85. 206 Pictures

      Microsoft*'s employees* and Elon Musk*'s employees* are going to build a supercomputer.

    86. joekenorer

      "Intel, UNDISPUTED LEADERS in 14nm class processing."

    87. C.J Haacke

      Toilet squad!!!!

    88. Aurobindo Ghosh

      how many amd have your videos sold?

    89. Martin R

      Riley and James in old man voices 👴🏼 "I still got it!" "14nm ain't what you used to be!" 😂 James at the end of the episode "This episode is too silly for my liking" - that's a big lie James, you know you love making us crack up!

    90. Mario Ferreira

      The linus ad on techlinked.

    91. LMacNeill

      Apple Glass? I mean, seriously... iGlasses is just *so* much better!! C'mon, Apple -- you'll miss the boat completely if you don't call them iGlasses! How can you not do that?! And the 2nd gen will have a camera, I'm sure. Apple always adds cameras to things in their 2nd gen. ;-)

    92. Jimster480

      Watching this episode while using my THX 789....

    93. The Box

      DDR5 is coming to the market in 12 months. If you buy AMD now, you won’t have an upgrade path because AMD will change sockets to AM5 to suit DDR5. I’ll wait for DDR5, AM5 and Ryzen 5000.

    94. William Taylor

      If cannot afford it, dash their hopes, build a agenda

    95. Im Owerz

      This guy has a villain's nose

    96. #boycott madeinchina

      Imagine intel on 7nm process it will *uck AMD keeping in mind AMD 7nm is equivalent to 14nm intel

    97. MK0825

      They're calling it Magic Glasses.

    98. Tom Hsia

      Hasn't Microsoft always been funny? Just look at Win10 updates!

    99. NorthernTower

      Not a doctor but I think liquid in the lungs is a bad idea hahaha

    100. TheAstronomyDude

      Why do you morons keep going to work during a pandemic?!? You do realise even if you show zero symptoms you'll still suffer from neurological problems?