It was running on a PC…


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    0:00 Nick is a dirty shill
    0:11 Xbox Games Showcase
    1:28 Intel 7nm delayed
    2:26 Nvidia to buy ARM?
    3:17 iFixit
    3:50 QUICK BITS
    3:53 Antitrust hearing
    4:32 No more theatrical releases
    4:57 Russian space-gun!?
    5:36 JIBO LIVES

    Xbox Games Showcase
    We “have to talk about” Halo Infinite graphics
    But better trailer?
    Ran on a PC
    Infinite means it’s like Destiny
    Other games: Psychonauts 2
    Stalker 2
    If Bethesda won’t make the next ES game, Obsidian will
    Every game in showcase coming to Game Pass
    Intel troubles
    Intel 7m delay
    Not Making own chips
    Apple got out in time
    Nvidia has approached ARM about an acquisition
    Nvidia Ampere bench?
    Antitrust hearing is coming
    Amazon bought stakes in startups, then copied their tech
    Google monitors usage of non-Google apps to develop competing apps
    We’ll never see movies in theatres again
    AH, GEEZ
    Russia may have just tested a weapon in space
    Energy Department wants to build “Quantum Internet”

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    1. Virgis Čekauskas

      Bring Nick baaaaack!!!

    2. Heretic [Stanlyhalo]

      Correction, not a final halo title, itll be a platform the next 10 years of halo games.

    3. Snxpbot

      Quantum internet = Dark Web 2.0

    4. Nicholas Kroeplin

      Your sad because you don’t have gigabit but I only have 768kbps and I watch these videos in 360p

    5. Wolfxstefan

      KANE. LIVES!

    6. James Roggy

      yer.............take 10 years to make it work probably......Wait that Bethesda.........Ok I confused me self.

    7. Soul

      “6:09” “Always have been”

    8. Name

      A couple years ago when Nick said he was an egg, he still had hair (i think). Now he is an actual egg.

    9. Afto Kinito

      James is already insufrerable enough, we need a smaller cast not bigger. Kick everyone but Riley, Anthony and Alex back into the backstage.

    10. The Opinion of Matt

      Loving the trolling of Tim Apple.

    11. Drew

      love some nick episodes! regular ole nickelodeon channel lmao

    12. Metal Videos

      everything the US and UK says is a lie. literally everything. all to give russia a bad name so the rest of the world will hate russia more which they sort of already do because the world believes in the lies of the US and the UK. not that they are both the biggest terrorist countries in the world. that apparently doesnt matter for the people. well people dont know this shit ofc. because they are all following america and the UK like sheep.

    13. Allan Sejr Christensen

      Cancel them star wars movie evil sith Disney or just boycut Disney.

    14. bmh67wa

      Maybe Intel can outsource their 7nm chips to... AMD.

    15. Greg

      nick has no soul

    16. Adam Stock

      sack Riley, use more Nick !

    17. Bill

      Decent internet to you means at least gigabit? The house I'm looking at can't get better than 3Mbps!!! Makes my current 11Mbps seem fast.

    18. Uncle Tech Time

      “We need to talk about the graphics.” Spoken like true graphic nazis. You know, the people who completely miss the point of gaming.

    19. Dudeomfgstfux

      5:16 wow look at those American leaders wearing masks 🤩 Like if your from the Chicago Area 🥺

    20. Sqeaky

      "But they do refer your mom!!!", this made me lose it! Reminds me of middle school. I like the new guy and writing.

    21. OLI

      I just need linus to do a comparison vid on the series s + x to see whats better

    22. LowJack187

      Don't you talk about my Mama!

    23. Héctor J. Román P.

      I have 2 Mbps. :-(

    24. Jo Bar

      Linus in a ads

    25. Andreas Araya Osorio

      who is this guy? never seen before on LTT

    26. Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom

      rip Nick 😂

    27. Michael

      Russia gonna blow up a satellite? Solar eclipse happened a couple years ago!?!? A freaking virus! GIANT THICCC hurricane in 2006?!! THE WORLDS GONNA FUCKING END!

    28. Jamie P.

      This guy creeps me out a little.

    29. gtmustang32111

      I honestly love Nick. Lets see more of him

    30. Rotty T

      When you pick the default settings in a character creator but then decide to give them glasses

    31. Mark Jones

      STALKER 2 WOO!

    32. Duckers Duck


    33. Bryce Hazen


    34. JediPeaceWalker

      Your mom jokes from an old person! Yes!

    35. Konrad G

      Nick did a great job hosting TL!

    36. Rohit Ratish

      Nick's voice is very 'presenter-like'. Poor sod isn't used to TechLinked's weird style though, it takes a while. He'll do great on Techquickie from the get-go. But do keep bringing him here. Most presenters learn to adapt with the style with 4-5 episodes

    37. FarmYard Gaming

      4:02 lmao

    38. FarmYard Gaming


    39. Murou

      most boring ifixit commercial

    40. Vincent Fischer

      Lol ARM doesn't even build processors or any silicon for that matter. Ther business model is genius. They sell pictures of how bananas should look like to banana farmers for reference

    41. Marek Holub

      More Nick in TechLinked videos!

    42. KiritoGX

      and not to mention they delayed monster hunter movie to april 23 2021. so disappointing. 😧

    43. James Ferguson

      More Nick

    44. Chibi TheEdgehog

      I mean .. How many of these demos have you seen over the years ... How are you not already expecting trailers and gameplay being on a PC ... I mean if you 100% expect these to run on the console for these reveals you should have your head examined

    45. IJ Warren

      As long as Halo Infinite has their trademark split screen, I'll be happy. How that got dropped in Halo 5... I have no idea.

    46. VaevALEX

      Give us James or Riley!

    47. SLUSHIE !

      Thank you nick

    48. Andrew Leblanc

      not even worth watching. thankful you had chapters so i could tell there was nothing about that case any where or if it was to talk about the computer. lame

    49. SCALITY

      Stalker 2?

    50. ShiP wReCk

      Halo Infinite looks like Halo Reach graphics... And I'm pretty okay with this, I'm gonna close my browser now and continue playing through the master chief collection. Wish me luck.

    51. CynicalToonz

      Soooo why isn’t Maddison also doing Tech Linked...?

    52. Goran Novakovic

      havent seen nick in like 5 years

    53. Jay Bee

      A lotta sas in this one :p

    54. Klirtek

      stalker 2 ? hell yeah

    55. After Dark

      I fix it kits are the only only thing I’ve bought from quickbits, worth it.

    56. TMKC

      I got to say this... 343 Industries is still great on the Halo series. I don't really care if the graphics looks semi-bad. I like the original Halo graphics. I play the game for the storyline and online gameplay, not the graphics. I can also bet my fat ass that there will be mods and such that improves the graphics.

    57. Simon

      Bald guy coming outa no where , impressive

    58. Arnar Freyr Astvaldsson

      Who is this new host

    59. Mátyás Oláh

      This guy has some style.

    60. AGamersOpinion

      i like this guy, seems cool

    61. PortfolioPL

      Is he really asking for the US Energy department to roll out fast internet in Vancouver? Hope it is just a bad joke.

    62. Roni Alush

      Finally someone I can follow and understand.

    63. Arnold K

      See. They surely have been monopolizing the industry. Amazon & Google especially.

    64. Mighty_Mandrew

      When did nick turn into Doctor Eggman?

    65. Chaz Mahoney

      I love when the announcer jokes/ talks to somebody of screen constantly. It's not disrupting the least right?!?

    66. Jean-Francois Leblanc

      Nice to see Nick on camera! I'm divided between asking for more Denis or more Nick..

    67. Benjamin Oechsli

      2:40 - 2:52 Nick spitting the truth over here. It's okay, Apple! Universal compatibility will actually HELP your brand in the long run!

    68. joseph Remington


    69. DorkMuffin

      Boy don’t get me started on getting reliable internet, best I get is 100kbps now

    70. Rokeen Weekes

      I hate Mondays too

    71. Rokeen Weekes

      Who is that guy

    72. Enno L.

      I like this guy :D

    73. herpderpherpd

      The Outer Worlds team are bad. That game is probably going to be just as shallow and shit. I wonder how many different versions of the exact same weapon will be available. By the end game will you be running MK10 versions of the exact same 3 weapons you started with? Will you have the shallowest worlds? With a lack of sidequests of note? No real character development? No real engaging story? Hell I can't even remember what the plot to that game was and I only played it a few months ago. Long story short, don't get your hopes up for that RPG they're making, it's gonna be shit.

    74. Andrew Bearden

      I guess other studios are starting to see the success of GTA V. I mean, why make a newer and better game when you can just keep adding micro transactions and DLC to your old game. I mean GTA V is going to be on the PS7 at the rate we’re going....

    75. Ray Finnegan


    76. Darius Alexander

      I don't know who this guy is, but I like him

    77. WhiteCat 372

      Intel is going bankrupt.

    78. Dhion Toradan

      New Face!!! Welcome to the forum!

    79. watercannons collaboration

      Wait, it’s all on a PC? Always has been

    80. onlyeyeno

      @TechLinked Nick....Hope Your doing OK there ...?

    81. Rene Stanneveld

      this guy has no HAIR !

    82. Orange Jamboree


    83. Rationalist Faith

      Another day and another TechLinked awesome and genuine host! Absolutely love that all the staff gets to present instead of a select few that look closer to what hollywood dictates is the status quo! Allah Bless and stay genuine my friends 🙏

    84. ThunderBlastvideo

      This guy is great

    85. Jack

      That joke about not having gigabit internet... I'm still running on ADSL2+ in Australia. Almost hit one megabit down today. That was exciting

    86. Infernus Titan

      OMG! Riley what happened to you? You look old.

    87. High Tier Loot

      It's coming to Steam, Babyyyy

    88. I don’t have a YouTube Channel

      I don’t like master chiefs new amour

    89. Nippety Snippety

      When Nick still had the hair, he kinda looked like Greta Thunberg 😂

    90. Raeef Islam

      Haven't seen this bloke on screen before but he's great

    91. Oslith

      Also i like the energy of this host

    92. ElNerdo

      Unfortunately, almost no games shown for XBSX have been shown running on the console itself. Nearly everything has been running on PC.

    93. Oslith

      "Destiny will last 10 years." they said. "Halo will last 10 years." they say.

    94. FaceI3ss

      Can we get more of Nick he was great :D

    95. The Fish

      Nick has great presence feature him more!

    96. Blakkset

      "But but but but but Intel is the best in GAAAAAAAAAAMING!" How you feeling Intel shills?

    97. Venkatesh Gaur

      Who is this new guy I don't like him we want him back

    98. Qasim Mirza

      Holy shit nick is amazing! Can't believe you guys used such a talented presenter as a sales guy for so many years.

    99. Mihkel Kukk

      Tbh, I'm more excited about quantum internet because of the improvements in ping time than anything, imagine instant internet across the universe!

    100. CthulhuWorshiper

      DID YOU SEE ALL THOSE GAMES I REALLY NEED AN XBOX SERIES X NOW...oh wait they're all on pc? Guess i won't be buying one then. While its a great move for customer, to release their games on pc too, it kind of make it pointless to buy the console if you have a gaming pc, it's not like i wouldn't buy the console, i have a ps4 pro and im pre-ordering a ps5 as soon as it goes live, but Microsoft literally doesn't have a system seller, there's no reason for me, and a lot of people, to buy one, and even console players, i mean, who's exclusive do you trust more? Sony who published some of the greatest game of all time as ps4 exclusive/timed exclusive or Microsoft, who had ehhh... State of decay and Ori i guess? They still might win me over tho, if they announce pcvr support on the console, but even then i need pc level integration, like oculus link on the quest needs to work, it needs to support lighthouse for higher end headset, it needs a virtual desktop environement that allows me to access media on my home server like i can do on pc.. stuff like that. That would honestly be a system seller for me, the series x is not exactly elegant but is still more discrete than a mid tower atx build like i currently use in the living room for vr.