Apple and Google are in TROUBLE


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    0:11 Epic sues Apple, Google
    1:51 Intel Architecture Day
    3:13 RTX 3090 leaks
    4:05 Vessi Weekend Shoe
    4:45 QUICK BITS
    4:48 Apple One subscription
    5:24 Amazon liable 3rd party liability
    5:49 Google says no to Hong Kong
    6:21 Starlink beta speeds
    6:46 Crawling Phone Case
    Epic vs. Apple vs. Google
    Direct payment
    Removed from App Store, Google Play
    1984 short:
    Google blocked OnePlus deal
    You’ll miss the next season!
    Epic’s no saint
    What about consoles?
    HP leaked a Tiger Lake laptop by accident
    RTX 3090 will have 12GB of GDDR6X
    Phone case with robotic legs crawls to its own charger

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    1. zuhair shahid

      When RDNA2 is making about to start Nvidia 3000 series is not exist ... so if RDNA2 is not destroyed 3000 series dont critisize AMD when RDNA 2 is making that time 2080ti is in the market so RDNA2 is killer 2080ti AMD WIN...

    2. Ajay Parthibha

      tbh i dont want them to decrease it, i think both sides have some wrongs, but decreasing the fees will only give terrible phone devs with thousands of ads (aka voodoo) even more money.

    3. Ostariel Raekor

      Hate both Apple and Fortnite, but Apple also needs to earn some money, its their store anyway

    4. Sarvesh Kate

      Never new that epic could kill Google, apple I mean they are right they make a free game without adds the only way they are only earning money from in-app purchases I could see apple taking money in downloads but if they are taking cuts from in-app purchases or ads its wrong

    5. Mklo Kilo

      Apple is trash

    6. Kepler

      Fell way behind on tech news, time to watch them all

    7. Andy Hart

      just give Riley a mic please! he is so funny but I keep missing what he says!

    8. RBeze 58

      I'm with Epic Games. Google has lot of interference when preloading apps.

    9. Rimas Savickas

      Just came in to leave a dislike for the stupid face on a video.

    10. jdjfjfjfuchdhdhdhdhdhd Mfmfmdndnddh

      They did not follow the tos thats their fault 😬

    11. Skmpe Studios

      This what happens when a company gets too greedy

    12. Bill

      How the hell do you get 30ms over satellite??????

    13. Bill

      Innovations in satellite internet service provide performance comparable to mid-line internet service for others. Keep in mind, many of us have CRAP internet service. This is freaking awesome. How about dedicating one (or more) videos to it?????

    14. MelodicMethod

      5:06 lol

    15. Gladimir Savinon

      if Apple is profiting more than the creators of apps than epic is right to hit them the way they did.

    16. Thee Adjudicator

      a drone that flies around your home to pick up and drop a wireless charge phone on a pad would be pretty rad, especially if it could detect a low phone battery

    17. James G

      Fortnite is garbage anyway so it’s no real loss at all

    18. Justin Beaird

      Google probably has a good case since you can sideload apps.

    19. S1ngula1rity

      now i want to play fortnite again

    20. Daniele Bruncent

      LOL, just try another game, this one is great:

    21. Chase Pierre

      Epic is in the wrong here.

      1. Chase Pierre

        Dane Brass they just don’t want to pay the %. They are being petty asf. They broke the rules, and they got punished. There is a % take for consoles too but they didn’t do anything about that. They just trying to be greedy.

      2. Dane Brass

        wrong. all 3 are

    22. p4rp


    23. unihara

      So Epic is suing Apple for taking a percentage of product sales from their store ...? Just like the Epic store ...? Huh...

    24. sfo4 5

      Time to grab my popcorn

    25. Raoul Frasson

      That moment when you have to sacrifice the entirety of 2020 just for TikTok to finally get banned and Fortnite to finally get removed.

    26. Luciano R

      11 to 60mbps? I'm down, I can barely reach 12 with my current connection.

    27. Jesse W.

      Aww, Epic don't like the 30% cut? :( Too bad, just make your own store on each mobile platform then. :( Tim Sweeney is a man baby.

    28. DoUbLeBaD Entertainment

      I almost said scrotum ... *Subscribed* 🤣

    29. scollurio

      Lol @ shoe sniffing

    30. scollurio

      So much more competent than actual newspeople...

    31. Evan Romeu

      Gross, glad the App Store is getting purified. First fortnight and now tiktok.

    32. Michael Wilson

      6:49 and that's how the robot overlords recharge. tiny wiggle-feet.

    33. Carter Sharpnack

      Oh shit what did they do now?

    34. Trip Dapperson Jr.

      Apple and Google both, just hate games, and people who play games in general. Just look at their majorly patronizing chrome book commercials... And they wonder why stadia Fin failed...

    35. Leslie Boom

      If Apple wants to remove them from their App Store. That’s their prerogative. You can’t force a shop to sell your products. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    36. greek pro

      I thing you want to say epic is in big trouble big big big big trouble he try to suit 2 of the biggest company's in world

    37. *GodOfGaming*

      Bruh if u have it downloaded before it still there

    38. Tony

      This guy looks like the one from big bang theory that has a lisp.

    39. denvera1g1

      30MS pinjg? from a satellite? well back in my day,. a few month ago before fiber rolled through town, we were getting 600ms ping from our satellite

    40. denvera1g1

      Tigerleak powered laptop Never has a more fitting slip of the tongue occurred

    41. Tofu S

      I can already tell this vid is going to be some BS LOL Ppl really think google and apple will be in trouble because of fortnite LMAO

    42. TheThunderGuyS

      I don't see anti-Apple propaganda, I see the Half-Life 2 OS X trailer

    43. RL Agito

      lol every platform takes 30%. lol 'why, and why do i want it?'

    44. A pink cloud

      Don’t show me this channel again: Fake title

    45. Alexandre Sousa

      Epic: Tries to sue companies with more money in the bank then what themselves are worth Apple and Google: So u have chosen death...

      1. mic eatah

        @Entitled they have 0 chance in eu

      2. Entitled

        I think Epic fucked up by not suing in the EU. That would be a good first step as that would cover everything except the US and China.

    46. cgwworldministries

      125 for shoes? No thanks.

    47. TeleFata

      Someone is in Epic trouble

    48. Zantar

      Your saying Google followed suit triggered my Google assistant!

    49. Chaan

      1:51 "cock"? lol

    50. Juno

      Pfft if epic keeps poking the 🐻... 🍎...? Apple Will Thanos snap'em out of existence for a decade in court.

    51. Geani Chinezul

      Clickbait title 😂😂😂

    52. Adam Alexander

      Dude, your ads are starting to get annoying and personally "f you" type of vibes... BTW I have HUgets premium and I don't even see your pre-roll ads!

    53. John-alan Short

      I mean 11-60 mbps would be an okay average for the whole country. I live in northern Virginia (about 9-10 miles from D.C.) and that fastest speeds I ever get are 50-60mbps download.

    54. Xeya Kazotetsu

      Anyone else see the ryzen ad in the Intel discussion

    55. Toomany Francis

      Epic: *intentionally breaks Apple and Google ToS* LTT for some reason?: "Uh oh Apple is going down" I don't mean to be that guy, Epic is completely in the wrong here.

      1. xXDESTINYMBXx kappa

        @Toomany Francis I agree, Apple will just point out that 30% is an industry standard and the judges will hand sweenys ass

      2. Toomany Francis

        @Vito Chiarella It is not a monopoly because Apple does not own all smartphone application stores, just the one that is available on their devices. Almost all video game stores take 20-30% on all sales made on their platform. Epic is one of few that takes a far smaller cut, and that's just because they wouldn't make any money if they offered less to publishers. If anybody thinks that Epic is going to win a legal battle against Apple they need a reality check badly.

      3. Vito Chiarella

        Not completely, Apple is blocking you to install the game from outside their store, which should classify as monopoly. However this does not apply to Android, since you can install apks manually without going through any Google services if you want to, so the 30% is optional that you only pay if you're using their service. A lot of indie devs sell you their APK directly to circumvent this, e.g. if you ever bought a Humble Bundle Android game.

      4. Chaan

        I understand 30% is a lot, but if they accepted it and then broke the ToS, they are wrong like you said.

    56. Protocol Racing

      Great papa roach reference

    57. uName

      "Apple and google are in trouble" Apple and google : haha lol ye sure, watch out or we buy you.

    58. SurvivalistGacha

      It won’t be missed

    59. TheOtakuComrade

      If Epic call that 1984 then I'm with the Ministry of Truth Fortnite and tiktok getting banned are the best things that happened so far this year!

    60. Grin Much

      Apple? Yes.. Google? not quite

    61. Short Videos Channel

      I am going to build AMD pc this year.

    62. Ex -i


    63. Jam

      I dont give a shit about fortnite. I am glad it took them off

    64. STD&D SaSukE Uchiha

      Apple and google vs tencent who wins?

    65. societal reject

      Forget fortnite does this mean Intel integrated graphics aren't going to suck!?

    66. timomonochrom

      I don't mind whatever epic, apple and google are brewing up there. But the way they are using their userbase of 9 year olds is not okay.

    67. Yash Atishay

      I guess even the lowest speed i.e 11mbps isn't too bad, depends on how they price it, that's not gonna be my primary internet for sure but hey if my parents want an internet connection and it cheap, why not?

    68. Saurabh Sharma

      Amd having 7mn 😂😂

    69. Robbie Hanz Mapalo

      It'll be an Epic fail for Epic.

    70. Kayla Mitchell

      Intel is saying they’re going to 10nm yet apple is probably already on 7nm

    71. Winston Llamas

      If I owned a store, I believe I get to choose what to sell.

    72. Justin Edelson

      Amazon might be able to afford the liability suits but small businesses and startups can't. This ruling has much wider affects than just going after Amazon.

    73. Got memes?

      Isn’t it more than normal that apple and google take a percentage when their services gets used. What they demand is that apple and google become a charity organization for app developers because if they can’t take a cut from in game app purchases every app developer will just put their apps for free on the store and make you pay in app.

    74. Got memes?

      So they use children to earn more from the micro transactions their parents pay, seems fine

    75. Nando R.

      I’m here to see and enjoy the tears of the Fornite tools. I’m enjoying this Lol

    76. SnakeEyedPirate

      Um, so I’m working on this building that has easy access for customers, gives me a space for advertising and customer reviews. Instead of paying monthly for my rented space I have to pay a fraction of my income. Though I make millions anyways... but still it makes me angry grrrr!

    77. Robert Burke

      Soooo, the speed they wanted to get for StarLink was 1Gbps. Obviously, that's a failure (but even 11mbps is still faster than nothing. I know of someone who lives off a main road not too far outside a big city in TN and can't even get Internet, unless it's satellite). However, the 30ms ping is close to the 20-25ms ping they were shooting for.

    78. Flesh

      Almost commented scrotum.

    79. 5Cents Media

      Personally it’s a cash grab by all the apps. When you look at brick and mortar stores the charge 30% -50% on sales so they can make money. Apple has to keep their storefront up, deal with bandwidth, storage, advertising for their store, updates, etc. Epic was free store front space.

    80. Rusty Blader

      In defense of google (I can't believe I would actually utter those words) you do not have to use their app store you can install apps from a 3rd party source so its technically not a big deal there but apple on the other hand you do not have a choice on iOS but to use the app store you cannot install apps outside the app store unless you jailbreak your phone which is impossible on the newest models.

    81. Andrey Dunaev

      Apple/Google: * we run a ton of servers at several points of the globe for better provisioning experience, so the users could get your app almost instantly -- and those servers don't pop up by themselves, they are bought for money * that infrastructure is handled by many people, and as slavery is no go no more, they need to be paid * we handle your taxes for you in different countries: it's one process in US, another in EU, Russia, China, etc. They laws are different. % are different. There needed legal assistance for each of the countries and its done by us. But yeah, those legal people also need to feed their families sometimes. * if your child got your phone and spent 10 grand in different apps/games, you contact us, not each and every developer. Epic games: ahahaha, flip you!!! The way EG is doing it is egoistic and destructive for small developers/studios and that's about 90% of the store makers.

    82. RIDER ridrid

      I think this watch will be a good product for Apple to get a little more into the medical world, for the health of its consumers. plz I need some help offering an Apple Watch 5 for a friend 🙏🏻👉🏻 @t

    83. Trumpalumpa

      I love my apple ecosystem but what I would love more is apple getting f'd in the ass by epic/eu-regulators/etc. so intensely that the have to give up their monopoly and have to allow sideloading and reduce the app store margin. wouldn't that be nice?

    84. Peter T_Rex

      Simple : U need pay tax if U want to live in any country : )

    85. The Screem Regular

      *HP: leaks new computer* *HP: SUCKS COMPUTER BACK INTO OBLIVION*

    86. PC Fantom

      The internet speed in my country is 8Mbs, at most 16(I mean 1 - 2 MBs max). The PING is 120>...

    87. Jotaro Kujo

      In America phone finds charger but in soviet Russia charger finds phone btw want some vodka I have plebty

    88. gameflux

      No thank you Epic !

    89. Marshall Cohen Carter

      *you guys will miss the next season of fortnite* everyone over the age of 12: 😐

    90. consolemaster

      Honestly, I like the phone case that can walk to the charger. And, you did said "scrotum". What are you talking about?

    91. Dumitru Birsan

      Apple takes 15% from Amazon so it's not all.

    92. umop apisdn

      Robotic legs on phone that wiggles its own way to the charger: so... When the legs run out of power...what then ?

    93. mario

      This dude looks like the serial killer that works as security in the parking lot of a building

    94. chilltasticus

      Can't wait until Nvidia finally breaks the numbering and releases RTX 4100

    95. Noob$lay3r

      Nah epic games is in trouble. Their case is gonna get thrown out SO fucking fast 😂

    96. T Est

      Trump fights with China and what apps are allowed where. Well Epic is 40% Chinese, 10 % more votes not so difficult to get fo this stunt to stir up trouble in the in the western world. Wether the above is true or not it's clearly politically motivated action from Epic.

    97. AKU あく

      Who cares about Fortnight anyways, it's shit.

    98. Mohāmmed Shän

      Epic charging too much for stupid skin and no one care about that

    99. James Gerber

      That display for the HP laptop... 45% NTSC... ytho? also, @5:16... chicken wings test positive for covid? tf?

    100. Elijah Ignacio

      gluck epic