Threadripper got BETTER??


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    0:00 dAD jOeKS
    0:12 Threadripper Pro
    1:02 ARM solidifies position
    2:06 Intel Alder Lake hybrid design
    2:51 Honey
    3:22 QUICK BITS
    3:26 Graphcore AI processor
    4:00 Best joke in the episode
    4:06 Windows Server DNS flaw
    4:29 UK bans Huawei 5G
    4:56 Apple can keep Ireland loophole
    5:19 Robots CAN feel
    Threadripper Pro
    Softbank selling ARM off?
    ARM upping licensing fees
    Windows will have to switch eventually
    Hybrid tech in alder lake
    11th gen sept 2
    Graphcore goes for nvidia’s crown
    Microsoft fixes wormable Windows DNS flaw
    UK finally says no to Huawei
    China doesn’t like it obviously
    Apple gets to keep dodging taxes through Ireland
    robots can feel… better than us

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    1. Santa Six

      Can't wait to tap a robot's shoulder while standing on the opposite side of it.

    2. Azuwan Ayob

      This is the time RISC-V should be making progress to evolve to replace ARM.

    3. Grave

      Why is Steve Carell voicing this video?

    4. Petr Kisselev

      This is actually very bad news for ARM, given they now have new competition in the form of RISC-V. And we seriously need something like OpenGL or Vulkan but for CPUs. Remember that both ARM and x86 are proprietary platforms with no standardization. AMD and Nvidia (and others) on the other hand have to make drivers for their GPUs that target the same standards which makes the whole process (at least in theory) both hardware and OS agnostic. This form of compliance to industry standards should also be applied to CPUs.

    5. Jake1702

      I seriously hope nobody takes ARM seriously on a Desktop and Server platform... it's fucking stupid.

    6. Owen Pinguenet

      Why did I get a notification 6 day after this video was published

    7. Neel Waghmare

      I can't understand anything except Threadripper seeing how happy he is because of the baby. Congrats

    8. Ajay Satpalkar

      😂😂 funniest episode!!

    9. 75IFFY

      That Apple profits ruling is fucked. They, and others like IKEA, needs to be made to pay their appropriate taxes in each country they operate in. Not to claim insane (tiny) markups based on licensing.

    10. unkillablejoe

      Can’t wait till intel tries to compete by making there cpu called the core striker just to make it look somewhat good

    11. Brent Smithline

      Apple is NOT using ARM chip design only the instruction set. Apple AXXX SOC is it own custom microprocessor design using ARM RISC instruction set. Saying that Apple's AXXX SOC is an ARM chip is like saying a FORD is a CHEVY.

    12. Empyreal

      Well guess again....IDIOT I lol'ed so hard

    13. bmh67wa

      I've used Honey for a few years and buy a lot of things from Amazon and Honey has never found any valid coupons. It has found them for other websites though.

    14. Robert Tanksley

      I bet robots can see all of blue

    15. Ilham Ramadan

      can ARM have PC exclusive features like PCI Express? High SpeesdDesktop RAM? NVMe?

    16. Mariusz Kochel

      4:02 ... and my day have just become better XD

    17. Audiocronic

      Riley, bro. You are legally obligated to work on your dad jokes. Holy moly.

    18. Aurobindo Ghosh

      can't amd give computers for free to viewers of this video?

    19. homes24

      I hope you got a prenup

    20. Remy Jordan


    21. Xx Cannon15 xX

      Best tech show ever (especially with Riley)

    22. Philip Brady

      as an Irish man, i can assure you Ireland is a magical place, worth a visit, to be sure, to be sure

    23. Mark Davenport

      Correction: ARM makes chip designs for Qualcomm, but not Apple. Apple licenses the ARM instruction set. Please stop making that mistake, tech HUgetsrs.

    24. M P

      And it can get worse?

    25. phyzicks

      All the people who clamor about AMD all the time are the same people who will try an convince you off-brand foods taste better or the same.

    26. Dini Selmani

      I usually dont comment, but considering the Dad status you have entered, and the fact that i also recently became a Dad, i wanted to ask you: did you get an instruction guide with your baby? I didnt. Can you send me a copy?

    27. Trif 55

      ARM? why?! the only laptops I've ever seen with arm chips have been absolute garbage!

    28. alec lim

      look at this G R A A A P H

    29. Tay Gumi

      Wait the new Threadripper Pro will it be capable of the same Ram Tech like Intel Xeons? REG ECC RAM? :DD If yes FINALLY!! IF no... then I will wait longer for Epyc on smaller workstations. XDD

    30. FDN

      please someone stops james he's unbearable

    31. Florian Augustus Alexander

      Maybe the Graphcore can playback the 12K raw files from the new Blackmagic 12K Camera? 😂

    32. Wayne Stewart

      Why did they use the Windows XP logo?

    33. Imperium Commenting Network

      When you thought the threadripper couldn't get much better anytime soon.

    34. Michael S.

      Congrats Riley, you'll make a great dad!

    35. Johnnyxp64

      the baby had a baby??? congrats dude! welcome to the sleepless club! 🙄😎😉🤣♥️

    36. ARC

      This guy is cringing at MAXXXX !!

    37. Rusydi Rosli

      so did ryzen 4000 gonna be 4 channel memory... am i dream

    38. CuppaJoe1

      I did not know such a thing was possible.

    39. Aaron Yap

      I don't understand, why amd is affected by arm?

    40. Ranjit Mandal

      YoU are Awesome

    41. Chandler Henson

      AMD should buy ARM

    42. Uni B

      Papa Xi? mean Papa Xi bear?

    43. Drew Walker

      Buy AMD stock!!!

    44. Josiah Joel

      Congrats Riley!!

    45. Bald Man

      Best subliminal Chinese oppression joke I've heard yet. If you don't know what in on about, you've clearly missed it.

    46. kingjulian 1202

      2:23 aah, german ads

    47. Carewolf

      No Apple practices weren't ruled legal. But it was ruled Ireland were free to not require backpayments of illegal tax dodges.

    48. T J

      I lost interest in computers when they went to multi cores. I get it for phones, with limited abilities running more than one app, it made sense. But for desktops? No way. My example. I got an 8 core AMD FX 4.0G and guess what? I don't have any multi core programs to run. Nope. Not a single one. How many years has it been??? 5 or 6 or 7,. I don't remember. But still, any single program that I have can only run at 1.2G. Yep. This is officially the slowest computer I have ever owned. Other than maybe my 2005 laptop that I had, which was also 1.2G. Heck, My 2001 computer was a 3.0G,,, and it shows, that computer was way faster than this 'new and improved' peace of garbage. So I have what was a very expensive computer to put together,,,, That is the slowest. My typing this post still has lag in text. OMG I am not kidding. What is this thing? from the 90's??? I type and wonder if my keyboard broke because the lag. Someone please take me back to Single Core 4.0G on a Windows XP. Back when computers were simple, neat, clean, and fast. I NEVER had problems. Now I have nothing but problems. OH, try to play a single core video game on a 1.2G,,,, and Feel the Lag!!!! I paid for a 4.0G processor and ended up with a slow piece of Garbage. So no thanks to any new tech. NO way.

    49. Will Lehrfeld


    50. Darth Plagueis

      As I’ve become more and more mature, I start to love dad jokes. Not because they’re funny, but because they’re so lighthearted and wholesome

    51. Hi there Person

      Oh shit

    52. remo27

      Tickling to avert the ROBOTIC APOCALYPSE?! BRILLIANT!

    53. Derek May

      There will be no switch to arm as mainstream anytime soon!

    54. zodiacr

      Ireland here, come and visit, south of Cork.

    55. Usama

      He look like singer G-eazy...

    56. Timothy Svirbly

      Congrats Riley!

    57. NERV

      me: *Touching robot shoulder. Robot: *Instantly spin it's head towards me with its dead glowing eyes while smiling emotionlessly then it said.... "Hi, how can I help you?"

    58. SaengerDruide02

      Why are your ads german at 2:20 ??

    59. Jonathan Wilson

      In what Universe would companies (or end-users) making gaming rigs or video editing workstations or render servers switch away from powerful CPUs like a Core i9 1090K or a Threadripper 3995WX or a Ryzen 3950X to some ARM thing? I can see ARM making more inroads into the market for things where power consumption and battery life and etc is important but I for one can't see any ARM chip being better for the things I do (gaming, software development etc) than even my mid-range Core i5-9400F, let alone the high end parts.

    60. Fondue meh

      Personal PC...?

    61. Jan Vašátko

      5:48 This will haunt me in my nightmares.

    62. ATechGuy2016

      5:15 I remember buying the first gen chromecast here in Europe. It said Ireland all over it...

    63. Syed Shabab

      so many lakes

    64. TrickyNekro

      RISC - V is coming and ARM is dying... shame but that´s progress...

    65. Thomas Crown

      Riley was barenaked with a girl?

    66. yamspaine


    67. Marshmellow Physics

      "You're gonna meet a lot of quickbits in your life, all of them delicious" - Riley

    68. Lazarus The adventurer

      The best news i've heard from the start of ncix tips to techlinked! Bravo Riley congratulations on becoming a dad!!!Thats a milestone!!!

    69. MX FZ

      Intel still wins

    70. Martin Andersen

      We need insane benching comparisons between the very best processors now! New Threadripper Pro and Xeon in productivity.

    71. Lycan

      Riley is unironically alongside Anthony my two favorite hosts on LMG, Riley has the fucking dumbass dad jokes that make me giggle and Anthony has that 24/7 sarcastic vibe

    72. Unknown tec

      Wait I thought that Win bug was fixed!

    73. Mehr Wert

      i love Honey. Thanks for saving money

    74. Nolan Manning

      Riley: ber dar ber da ber der

    75. Tom Hsia

      I wonder what chiplets would do for ARM...

    76. Andrew KVK

      Oh god Riley is multiplying.

    77. Cvidz

      touches robot: *RoboGasm

    78. Noel Carson

      Can anyone tell me how the x86 instruction set will be challenged by RISC based ARM? As far as I know, RISC is good for simple tasks, but complex tasks are better done through the x86 instruction set. Edit:- by x86 I also mean the x86-64bit aka just simply the x64

    79. Bender Bending Rodriguez

      lets just submit to the robot overlords and become androids. We can live like kings forever.

    80. The KB117

      Congrats, Riley has a baby!

    81. nopal87

      Working on dad jokes... Riley you're one dad joke machine... and congrats!

    82. Louis Brian

      "Older Lake" oh i love the name 😂

    83. Roni Alush

      The baby: are you going to kiss me with this itchy bird? #stayaway

    84. The Matrixian

      Congratulations on the baby Riley! Welcome to the dads without rest or sleep club :)

    85. Louis Ouellet

      I don't think the change from x86 to ARM from Apple will have the ripple effect some seems to think. In the history of Apple Computers, Apple used PowerPC architecture for a really long time. Before making the change to x86. Yet at the time PCs were already on x86 for a full decade. IMO AMD and Intel are still set for a long time. As ARM processors catch up to x86. Although ARM processors have made pretty good leaps in the last 5 years. Their progress seems to have slowed quite a bit. The changes are no longer as radical from generation to generation.

    86. Gus green

      I need a meme of Dad Joke Bam.

    87. Alx Stan

      Congrats, champ!

    88. Ray Whatman

      Sack Riley for crying out loud! The guys a moron Muppet.

    89. Vegetto Blue

      Congrats Riley ✨✨✨

    90. iris

      apple shifting to ARM? so they can go from overpriced and under performing to... over priced and even more underperforming???? solid move.

    91. Terry Whitaker

      Why does Riley roasting me still seem comforting 🤔🤣 iDiOt!!!!

    92. Greg Douglas

      Softbank has terrible management and lost billions in investments over the last few years. I'm sure this decision will go great.

    93. mustard roshi

      A like for all the Jokes it waz all gold ❤️

    94. Deon Spates


    95. Hambo

      that poor kid is gonna grow up with many many many bad jokes. G'luck bucko

    96. Rannon

      So the threadripper being an OEM-only thing. Do you think it's because they're only able to making so many (at this time), that they need some special (motherboard specs/)settings to work that well and/or due to some quid pro quo thing (maybe we'll get more (high-end) AMD laptops?), a combination of some or all options or something else entirely? ^^. I have no idea why he thinks that Microsoft needs to "follow" Apples switch to ARM (besides haven't they had ARM versions of Windows for years now?). Partly because he didn't really give any good (IMO) reasons but also consider everything on Windows based on X86 and X64. It might work for a company with as much control over their platform as Apple has but I can't see Windows going (fully) over to ARM this decade (uninformed guess). I can see them spending more time and money on getting Windows for ARM better, though. Edit: Same with both Intel and AMD. Can't see them having to try to make ARM processors (or leaving X86/64) as they have quite a bit going for them for quite some time.

    97. sideslick1024

      "Loihi" is pronounced "Low-ee-hee", similarly to "Luigi" It's named for the still-forming volcanic island within the Hawaiian island-chain.

    98. mavicjoe

      Honey sells your data. If it’s free then it means they are making money other ways

    99. PoneJuice

      when can i get some of that robot skin to put on my cat