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    Super mobile GPUs
    There was going to be a 2060 Super
    Intel 10th gen mobile GPUs aren’t that impressive
    New laptops
    ROG Zephryus Duo 15
    Zoom is trying, guys
    Google giving out 4,000 Chromebooks + free wifi to 100,000 homes
    Google Fi increases data cap to 30GB
    Free music
    Lyft free scooter rides
    SXSW films will screen free on Prime
    SpaceX loses their third Starship prototype
    Cloudflare for Families
    Amazon to launch Tempo cloud gaming service
    How Geforce got its groove back
    Google showing mobility trends

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    1. Banana Peche

      I am the only one that think he has the voice of Rick in Rick&Morty ?

    2. arikelvara

      Intel cpus are so hot Asus just put liquid metal in most of their 10th gen intel laptops.

    3. Gia Selma

      must be very funny inside Rileys minddddddddddddd.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    4. Caleb Branson

      Is.. Is that a jojo's reference?

    5. IsmailSimba

      Starships are meant to fly!!

    6. Somedude 09

      Zooooom is gay

    7. Mark Mark

      Such a purdy mouth...

    8. DarkNathan

      Nope, didn't know about ShortCircuit !

    9. lyric Cook


    10. TR Goku

      More powaaa

    11. Aonix

      Nobody: Americans: AyyYSsoOOs

    12. True SplitZ


    13. gameflux

      You can do it Nvidia !

    14. Your all on steroids

      Bro that intro lmao

    15. Dr Qoffee

      That intro 🤪😳

    16. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      Another cloud streaming service with pre selected games? I have a novel idea; what if you could stream *whatever you wanted*¿

      1. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

        Cough cough moonlight cough cough

    17. *Avz

      You never hear of "Zoom" because we live in a simulation and the updated Covid-NPCs got patched, us Main Chars were left out. Everything makes sense.

    18. yukonbikerguy

      Just watching a video from Taskmaster, and I thought Riley was on the show! Riley looks a lot like Ian Stirling.... like a LOT, a LOT.....

    19. Cosmic Sandwich

      Riley reminds me of Ron Burgundy

    20. Karol_exe

      Why did I get a pulse way add with Linus in it.

    21. Jake Webb

      Why would you want to block candy?

    22. Urmila verma

      10 th gen use more power and gives less performance boost , i watched a video .

    23. Alexander Hill

      I love how much these guys remind me of Attack of the Show.

    24. Effay Gigioty

      This guy linus is a disgusting ANIMAL! He treats his employees like SLAVES! When every one is trying to quarantine and isolate themselves to save their lives, this money hungry animal forces his workers to come to work and make videos! He's a slave owner! Human live over profit, you pig!

    25. ricky v

      There's a ton of more data coming from cellular carriers. Who would have thought they'd give us more during times of crisis. Good video.

    26. Logical Error In Your Life

      Without Toronto accent 😂😂. Love both channel though.

    27. Kemdirim Akujuobi

      Riley is the best. 🙌🏾🤣

    28. Chemy Torres

      Buena cadena se noticias de tecnología, excelente AMD ingresando un poco mejor a las laptops

    29. nyupresso

      stop yelling

    30. Riedler Musics

      the editing on techlinked videos are looking more and more like HUgets poop.

    31. Louis LB.

      Our google activity for geolocalisation supposed to be """"private"""". Even if it's anonymized, it's easy to cross data set and un-anonymized the data, fuck Google seriously

    32. Michael Berthelsen

      4:20 Riley is a lizardman confirmed!!😱

    33. Dudeomfgstfux

      Riley is a Nicki Stan... starships were meant to fly 🎶🎵

    34. Brandon K

    35. twothreebravo

      There's a Toronto accent?

    36. NekonTek

      Just great, only just started using zoom for work at home.

    37. Drewry Pope

      Riley, Zoom replaces Webex, not Facetime. Like every school wasn't even at the point where they could efficiently use Webex even before this so now they are scrambling and Zoom is free. It 'just works' compared to Webex which is a killer feature in this niche of the video conference software market. With SSO integration, they can have passwordless meetings that are secure, but that costs money so just add a password to your room. Also, virtual background videos so that I can pretend to be at my laptop not paying attention while I'm not at my laptop getting coffee.

    38. Ciro Panico

      smh... K7😂 MORE... POWER..!!!

      1. Ciro Panico

        smh... M9😂 MORE... POWER..!!!axc

    39. ks90e

      New world order.. find out more ---> HUgets Channels: ODDTV, Russianvids, Eric Dubay

    40. Travis Hartnett

      MO POWA BABY!!!!!!!!! *James pumphery-*

    41. Retster

      My professors use Zoom because it runs better on their old Ubuntu laptops (they say).

      1. Crusader B

        It runs pretty well on my shitty core 2 duo machine running Linux I must say

    42. Leo Vice

      Why all the forced humour and distracting background shouting

    43. Tyler

      Zoom got lucky and started back in 2017ish when video chat had a moment of popularity, well within my circle it did at least.

    44. Chris Lomas

      Amazing edit Dennis.

    45. INeedAttention exe

      Zoom: Accidental Corporate Espionage

    46. Sindra

      Mo powa baby

    47. Smitty Domingo

      hi Riley! you cyute, kawai desune! ohmy i would by Railey Underware!!! LOL Hi guys from recon hawaii fm

    48. Anasthasia

      🎵Starships are meant to flyyyyyy🎵

    49. EpicWaffles449

      1:15 UNBOX THERAPY DISS !!!

    50. Kristopher Driver

      "get it? Handy?" lol

      1. mark hernandez

        I read this comment as the video played it at the same time.😅

    51. DegenerateProduction

      1:48 Is this a JoJo's reference?

    52. DJ Lindsley

      auto captions at the start of the video says “Jews, yes ah!”

    53. MrPhyZ

      Couldn’t stop watching the intro over and over again 😂

    54. nero

      1:33 lmao The Verge should learn form that article they wrote

    55. Gavin Paull

      Google also had good cloud infrastructure

    56. unseethed

      Man im 50 hours into bannerlord already...

    57. Everything Digital

      Tell Linus to shave

    58. Sketch Therapy

      I would like to respectfully request suntitles for the off camera banter.

    59. Gary N

      Never herd of zoom until 2 days ago now I’m hearing about it everywhere.

    60. Tim Custer

      I am planning to buy one of the new laptops

    61. Mark Castro

      Riley sounds like one of those characters in South Park

    62. Jason Gilbert

      B A N N E R L O R D

    63. Codeplayer

      I would like to see ASOT-style EDM music set start like intro :D

    64. Mark Leon

      I feel so good that I bought aa Asus ROG Zephyrus with an i7 9750H an RTX 2080 MaxQ and 24GB of RAM with a superb 240Hz display and now I don't feel bad anymore watching this videos after so many years with outdated and slow machines :')

    65. Jordan Whitecar

      excuse me what just happened at 3:22 - 3:24

    66. Infiniti465

      Does anyone know whether and where one can get some datasets of Google's mobility reports? It's annoying that they would only publish finished graphics, some csv of the data would help me a lot.

      1. Infiniti465

        Did some more digging, and it seems you have to be a "select epidemiologist". Welp, I guess I'll just ring my resident "select epidemiologist" and see if they can send something over.

    67. Noah Paulette

      The reason zoom is a thing is for corporate use not to mention schools I go to an online charter School in my school's been using it for a few years now

    68. mason nix

      And I still haven't heard anything for semi drivers who carry medical supply's and other goods to people during these hard times it's like they dont matter really

    69. Damian9303

      Yeahhh, the hinge on that chassis will break in a year and fuck up your screen. So awesome

    70. Benjamin Adams

      I will ban your lord if you don't be careful! You might call me the stanorlord because that is the only game played in this household.


      Laptops with Ryzen 3000 series with an RTX card would be preferred. I never heard of zoom until all this zoom privacy news came out. Thanks to VR..I can simulate a theater with "bigscreen" on steam. Actually feels like you are in the theater. I wonder how much money spaceX lost with those failures. Id hate to see the numbers.

    72. Cars Lansink


    73. Nate Sanders

      Forget Linus, Riley rules!!!!!

    74. Jim Funicelli

      To answer Riley's question. Hangouts Meet didn't work with more than 5 people Zoom worked much better and had a better UI. We did tests for larger classrooms with other faculty Auditing as well. Located in Los Angeles with Spectrum 300/30mbps and static IP (Best you can get without Fiber like FIOS)

    75. Philip Neumeister

      Wait isn't Google publishing individuals' movement paths a violation of their own ToS and privacy rights? Cause that's making individually identifiable data publicly accessible, not just "released to Google and it's constituents". Unless they're just making anonymous, non identifiable aggregate data points or something, I don't think that's legal...

    76. Jojo DiAc

      I don’t know why but I didn’t think rural California was a thing, from where I’m from we have the notion that California is like the rich part of the U.S. and everything is just cities or suburbs

    77. GameRetro

      Did he say who**s or horrors?

    78. Hexireal

      Don't diss Mount and blade 2 Bannerlord as it is a really fun game that Linus and Anthony might like. But still love you guys, you help me get into more tech then i was the last 3 years ago and made me happy with how tech is coming.


      2:23 Because as much as I LOVE Google duo it is limited to 8 people and almost no one uses it, Whatsapp(the most common platform here in israel) video chat is utter shit, zoom gives you 30 ppl video chat for free and way more ppl in the paid version. Zoom is only cool on the PC, on mobile it pretty much sucks.(you can only see 4 ppl at a time)

    80. Aoitori365

      Does anyone else think that Riley looks like a thinner version of Josh from The Magicians TV series?

    81. Dryice 2199

      I'd love to see a behind the scenes look at LMG during the lockdown.

    82. Fluture Robert

      I got pulseway kekw

    83. Dr 2

      Who’s this man?

    84. who8myfish

      Fuck Zoom, use Slack, Discord, or Hangouts like a decent human being.

    85. Kirk Hamann

      I live for the tech news now.

    86. Durron 19

      Great, another game streaming service that nobody asked for

    87. Caasï Arabi

      Shame on you hoo lord of DATA. Lords?

    88. pec1739

      moar powa babeh

    89. Pastry Bear

      If this goes on much longer we will all be in our own city 17

    90. Aaron Rajadurai

      Riley : tech news yes!! Nobody: HUgets subtitles: Jews yes ah!?

    91. Michael S.

      Lol so Intel laptops are trying to double up as a space heater 😂 45 watts lmao. Whyyyyy, poor battery life.

    92. alish2001

      Churrono accent

    93. Nony Gaming

      4:20 cracked me up

    94. Solider Armatang

      Can you please mention Humble Bundle COVID-19 ??? It's great for gamers, and book readers. They have already raised above $6M and giving it more awareness to gamers could help bring more money.

    95. Karamali Numberone

      14nm +++++++

    96. Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems

      These brows are too damn high!

    97. Zayelion

      "why are we not using the like dozen other video chat apps" BECAUSE CORPORATE!

    98. Andrei Grozea

      lockdowns cannot stop the tech news

    99. Time Traveler DMC

      the title is missing a little something.......what was it.........oh yea...BAEBEH!!!!!!

    100. Johnathan Albarracin

      Ughhhh... you have guys advertised Zoom before...