Watch out for BIG NAVI...


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    0:00 Us vs Them mentality
    0:13 Navi 31 referenced in Big Sur
    1:20 Xbox Series S
    2:18 India bans TikTok + co
    3:20 Private Internet Access
    3:57 QUICK BITS
    4:00 Tencent's Mixer replacement?
    4:24 Windows File Recovery tool
    4:43 Twitch bans Donald Trump
    5:14 Intel Alder Lake LGA 1700
    5:42 Run homebrew DVD-R discs on PS2
    References to Navi 31 found in Big Sur code
    Xbox Series S (Lockhart) could have same CPU as Series X
    reveal in August probably
    India bans TikTok, WeChat, other Chinese apps
    Turns out tons of apps grab clipboard data
    But TikTok “didn’t store it”
    could Tencent step in to fill Mixer’s shoes?
    Windows File Recovery Tool
    Twitch temporarily bans Trump
    Intel Alder Lake may use socket 1700, omg so many pins guys
    A new PS2 exploit found in 2020

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    1. Eric Gerwatowski

      yea riley that's really funny when tech giants censor what political information is allowed to be circulated. make another joke about how funny that is and definitely don't challenge the idea that corporate giants can randomly slap "hateful" on anything that goes against their interests. That's a good joke man.

    2. Mel Gibson

      XBOX S hit

    3. jhlords2 2020 TM

      Big Navi is so original

    4. jhlords2 2020 TM

      exactly fack those investers and continue to make tech vids

    5. Jack Caldwell

      Ps2 was the best console. Everything since has been cash grabs and generational changes to keep people buying new controllers and games they already own

    6. xorkatoss

      so xbox is now going to be a Cube and a Tower? fascinating

    7. Daniel Cobia

      Quick! Go out and get the 20 year old PS2! ..... Then go tear your hair out because it's a pain to attach properly to a modern TV if you want good quality output.

    8. iris

      amd fanboys frothing over big navi, not realising amd has never competed with nvidia. sorry froth boys.

    9. Pedro Alves

      Riley, I love you so much

    10. hurgur HurGHuTHFn

      Love you man, I knew from the get go you'll be rocking and rolling better on your own soon, stay natural, stay raw, keep it real :)

    11. John M. Ungerleider

      I downloaded tik tok spent two hours swiping through meaninglessness then deleted it. I have enough addictions as is

    12. HashSlinger

      More Riley content

    13. Antonio

      ohh I love that intro

    14. Haxalicious

      I can't believe the news only just picked up on random apps reading clipboard data. We knew it for a while because of things like XPrivacyLua.

    15. Angry TechAddict

      How the hell can he always be that entertaining 😄👍 he could even make it fun if he just would read the phone book out loud

    16. TheFourthWinchester

      China is trying to occupy Indian states through the Tibetan border. Never let what happened to Tibet happen to India!

    17. Nothingisrealmedia

      In danish, "sur" means "angry"

    18. Ryan Good

      Private Internet Access has been a pain for me lately. Every-time I wake up my Mac from sleep, it takes forever to reconnect.

    19. Anthony Chopra

      Control S. saved the page on my Mac and on my server forever

    20. cartmann227

      Don t dis Android Disliked

    21. HYDRA Arindam

      Me from India i am glad that TIK TOK is banned

    22. Ste Stewart

      Tiktok is soooooo dangerous bad bad app.

    23. sersys1

      People don't under stand that getting offended is a choice. Twich should ban people who label posts "hateful" just because they don't like it and act like they are offended. They demand the freedom of speech taken away from others. So they cry and whine until someone and fixes their problem for them since they themselves are too incompetent to do so.

    24. arikelvara


    25. Jacedives

      This channel is so refreshing content and host wise

    26. Isaac Lamb

      Hey..... Ublock origins.... get rid of those adds.

    27. Eric Graham

      Molestache Riley is almost gone.

    28. E_M_E_T

      if the series S actually exists, that means the series X isn't the base benchmark for developers when optimizing their games. They have to make sure it can run on the lower tier hardware too, so that's good for everyone.

    29. ebol08

      I love you soyboy! hahaha

    30. the guy the name

      What's worse Chinese censoring your social media apps or US Tech companies censoring everything political, environmental and health? When is our US government and no this isn't Trump's job. But the Senate and Congress along with our alphabet organizations within our government. We need to hold these Tech Companies to the fire for being publishers.

    31. AnAn7s29

      Bharat mata ki jai.... 🇮🇳

    32. Rellek

      Might have been worth noting the military skirmish between India and China which definetly instigated the TikTok ban...

    33. revealsins2me

      "not getting along" nice way of remebering 20 dead soldiers class.

    34. Carlos Ferrari

      5:42 -

    35. MR.C&A Video911Game

      Watch out for BIG NAVI !

    36. PocketDrummer

      Seriously, how much longer are we going to hype this gpu? That damn thing better be earth-shattering for all the damn hype it's gotten.

    37. No One

      We talking about gen after next gpu when we haven't even seen the up coming gpus I see

    38. ShaOryDow

      I was listening to this in the background, and when I heard them say "Donald Trump got banned from Twitch, I thought they made fun of Dr.Disrespect" Who also got banned from Twitch recently. Not a fan or a hater, but, lol

    39. Robert Clark

      Being that Twitch is anti free speech , it comes as no surprise to anyone that banned the President. Now if they could just find a way to ban themselves it would be complete circle :)

    40. Kai Werling

      Just checked out trovo and its a carbon copy of twitch

    41. FortisProcer

      So... did they name it that so that way they can say "performance, it's in RDNA"?

    42. Crunchg111 7

      Hahahahahaha India does nothing but scam call other countries and steal their money... maybe they should shut down their own massive amount of scam call centers that they let operate like a normal business..

    43. Ryan Johnson

      TFW they're talking about LGA pins but show a picture of a PGA processor.

    44. Ginger Snaps

      Who wouldn't ban a hateful, sh*t talking orange? Nothing personal, but people should reflect on their actions.

    45. shuttze

      ban for Donald ? how about this : Iran just put out and APB for Donald Trump xD

    46. cerebrix

      Seriously his voice is like if Quagmire was real.

    47. Trey Hanson

      I love Riley and Dennis

    48. Jorge Bustillos

      Riley did it again

    49. Stephen

      F for mobile legends

    50. LayneTheEpic

      4:42 DAVIE?!

    51. kgonepostl

      Get your bullshit drivers straight, then I'll buy. No way am I buying Radeon cards at this point. Note, I'm not a fanboy, I have a reference Vega 64 in the other room; g'day.

    52. Aige Christensen

      He said India make a tiktok replacement. I thought T-Series

    53. ChromaCat248

      I think I finally understand the Navi naming scheme. I thought it was just the year the card was released but it's actually the RDNA version + the sequence number of the card

    54. polednice242

      Talks about intel LGA... uses a pic of PGA.. :D

    55. Adam C

      I like this content.... This is nice content.

    56. jjoosshhb

      why have they fastforwarded his voice

    57. Captain Atrocious

      We unveil to everyone the Xbox box

    58. Evanson Kaniu

      so many lakes... intel is experiencing a flood

    59. TheTekknician

      Now that AMD has more revenue, or so assume, I hope they get some extra hands on programming GPU-drivers, get that more stable and the snowball will turn into an avalanche, for sure.

    60. naufalap

      what is this fancy ass fragmented timeline bar? I haven't noticed this until now

    61. Electric Xplorer

      I thought this was a CS:GO reference to begin with and was very confused.

    62. Wolf Pack Gaming

      After big Navi comes big chungus

    63. Taran Jones

      Hey! Listen!

    64. JY Assistant

      Lain: hello, Navi Navi: hello, Lain

    65. Yog Sothoth

      China: *BANS AND CENSORS EVERYTHING* *I sleep* India: *bans 1 Chinese app* *That's illegal*

    66. Data Courier

      Someone forgot to do the color grading / contrast on this one. Maybe its just a nod to the orange era?

    67. Zerox

      5:55 I'm looking at that red dean razorback more than the ps2

    68. Marcel Bornman

      I love the chapters thing in these new videos!

    69. Jeremy H R


    70. Karan Purja

      pulse way it matters

    71. Rou Bai

      you trust CCP? go ahead, use the chinese apps

    72. Ali

      144p 240p 360p -480p- 720p ...

    73. reedsabc

      Lost count of how letters you dropped there!

    74. MR.DMZ

      I like India for this. Screw you China!

    75. PowerBat

      I still use my PS2 weekly 😭

    76. Keef Baker

      Nobody could see Mixer shutting down.... *cough*

    77. Chris Gurney

      Good on India for banning Chinese spywware

    78. Man in White

      Series F uck

    79. David García Castellanos

      Thank god for making that tik-tok get banned no India, but this should happen all happen all over the world

    80. PhyshStycc

      He is the BEST host for techlinked

    81. MrKZdemos

      DOA spotted in code

    82. Logan Page

      Please tell me they did not just say Alder LAKE??? Seriously Intel? You're STILL stuck on X Lake?

    83. Metal Videos

      ah yeah india. huge america puppets

    84. niu chajianfa

      seriously, nobody knows about india china's border clash last week? that's why

    85. William Eriksson

      btw "not getting political" is a political stance. weather you are trying not to come off as conservative or liberal it is an illustration of your entitlement to believe you are able to somehow bypass any political agenda that way.

    86. Hulkieus

      The funny thing about trump getting banned on twitch is that his campaign had stopped using it 4 months ago for their own thing instead. So twitch is just shooting themselves in the foot being gun ho on censorship despite claiming to be a platform.... guess they want the gov breathing down their neck.

    87. William Eriksson

      just because yall dont have the patience to not total your car before the end of a rally stage doesnt mean anyone else does either... yall need a decent joke writer, at a certain point the unceasing sarcasm becomes grating and just serves to obfuscate your message.

    88. Hulkieus

      Anaconda???? Don’t you mean project scarlet?

    89. BigDavoNorriwong

      This guy is so much better than Linus, thanks for being you

    90. suicidalkatt

      Who just got out of the shower, the lens is so foggy. (seriously what's with the specular bloom)

    91. Wood Ant

      No one: AMD in 2022: humongous friggin navi

    92. veizour

      But... but... but.... but but... My name's Thomas >.

    93. J

      Don't diss my offroad racing games :P

    94. gameplay

      Also they managed to piss off justin Trudeau and Australia

    95. UnInfamous Alec

      Please use Pi-Hole when taking screenshots of news articles. I’m tired of having things spoiled for me from ads..

    96. gameplay

      Good the chinese have been creeping into India's territory and started a fight with India's soldiers that went deadly then tried to blame india the chinese soldiers already had pre made weapons which they used to attack the unarmed indian soldiers with

    97. C G

      I still have my PS2👍

    98. Audi Freq

      Please stop working with PIA, they are not good people and your data is not safe

    99. Sasquatch Guy

      TENCENT? Stream for CCP? OKAY!

    100. Ganesan G

      0:13 I see what thou did there. Dropping the D in WWDC.