I guess I SHOULD hate Apple.


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    0:00 Riley does impressions
    0:08 Apple hits 2 trillion market value
    1:38 Oculus to require FB accounts
    2:37 Oracle wants TikTok
    3:26 Drop
    3:54 QUICK BITS
    4:02 More Huawei sanctions
    4:29 Flight Sim refunds
    5:08 Geforce Now on Chromebooks
    5:23 RTX 3090 price rumors
    5:43 Blackberry lives again
    Apple hits $2 trillion valuation
    Fortnite fight could have effects for other apps
    No exception for Fortnite www.macrumors.com/2020/08/18/apple-wont-make-exception-for-epic-games/
    Apple already makes exception for Amazon
    Epic coalition www.businessinsider.com/epic-games-spotify-sonos-coalition-may-demand-concessions-from-apple-2020-8
    Apple cloud gaming service patent www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/apple-patent-cloud-gaming-5g/?itm_medium=topic&itm_source=3&itm_content=1x0&itm_term=2376504
    Oculus requires Facebook account
    Palmer Luckey’s promise www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/21cy9n/the_future_of_vr/cgbz2vw/
    Absorbed uploadvr.com/oculus-division-facebook-technologies/
    Required for social gizmodo.com/oculus-will-now-require-facebook-login-to-use-social-fe-1840376657
    TikTok defense site linustechtips.com/main/topic/1236203-tik-tok-launches-website-to-address-allegations-against-the-company/
    Oracle wants to buy TikTok too
    Trump-approved www.bbc.com/news/business-53830533
    Ban justified? www.nytimes.com/2020/08/18/opinion/tiktok-wechat-ban-trump.html
    US closes Huawei supply chain loophole
    New Matebooks w Ryzen
    Flight Simulator players want refund window extended on Steam
    Geforce Now on Chromebooks
    RTX 3090 price at $2,000? It’s gotta be a bait and switch
    Blackberry will just not die

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    1. Basic Shapes

      So sick of American Crony Capitalism. Wish I could move, take my taxes somewhere else.

    2. BabbyBlueYT

      I need blackberry phones I need that physical keyboard..... Thats the only reasin I care

    3. zuhair shahid

      When RDNA2 is making about to start Nvidia 3000 series is not exist ... so if RDNA2 is not destroyed 3000 series dont critisize AMD when RDNA 2 is making that time 2080ti is in the market so RDNA2 is killer 2080ti AMD WIN...

    4. Lf 11

      Apple starting a game cloud it gonna be the worst just like Pippin.


      No longer using any Oculus hardware period.

    6. Chance Cooke

      "It made $260 billion from it in 2019..." No it didn't. That's total revenue for all products. The App Store revenue is estimated at $15-20 billion.

    7. Shaun Daniel

      I think this guy must be psychic. That is exactly what I was thinking..... Lets see whats going on the the puter and tech world. 🤣🤣😜

    8. Supernatural

      already do

    9. Ahmed Mudkip

      3:21 yeah... haha.. fun discussions.

    10. Sarvesh Kate

      Epic's marketing and strategy is good

    11. Leozero

      I fully & wholly agree with apple, it's their platform, their users, & their ecosystem. They should have the right to charge whatever the hell they want on their app store. Who cars how big their profit margins are, without apple Fortnite wouldn't have smart phones to sell one. Also what percent is a fair percent that is entirely subjective, there is no right number. I just believe that businesses should have the freedom to choose how they want to operate. Fortnite is a stupid game & Epic Games is a bad company so they can suck it up. Also if you say I'm an apple fanboy, we'll I haven't had an iPhone in almost a 10 years.

    12. Grem

      I only like the iPads.

    13. lornlynx

      RIP all those oculus users playing VR-hentai on it

    14. QuantumBullet ✔️

      If you want to try out MFS it's literally in the 1€/month Xbox Game Pass...

    15. Z ipf

      1:38 ... is that lipstick ! ?

    16. oiuet souiu

      inb4 facebook ends up with an coppa violation because of the oculus thing

    17. unknown

      i should hate ltt and lttstoredotcom

    18. Peter Enis

      Apple‘s store, Apple‘s rules. It‘s that simple. Epic didn‘t agree? They can and should f*$& off. That‘s also that simple.

    19. Et tu Brute?

      why the hell did yt notify me of this one 5 DAYS LATER.


      they should lower all to 15 or 20

      1. oiuet souiu

        How the hell is blackberry not dead yet 😂😂😂

    21. Tony Dakota Roberson

      I hate apple and amazon. I hope they both get the karma they deserve. Waaaay greedier than any politition.

    22. nieooj gotoy

      "Do you know who Oracle is?" - "Oracle's huge" - "Yeah their big"

    23. Patrick Mao

      You can’t kill a dead man

    24. Jako1987

      You need a Facebook account to get mri

    25. S van der Heijden

      $260 billion was Apples total revenue. Total app store billings was rougly $520 billion of which they get a 15-30% cut on around $60 billion of the $520 billion.

    26. Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios

      Fellas, Apple is going to get CRUSHED in the Federal Courts. They already make exceptions. They also hold developers hostage to criminal term to use their development tools, more importantly to monetize their own Intellectual Property‼️ Best of all, this case will only be in the Federal Courts for a maximum of 6 months and Apple won’t be able to get injunctions during appeals that WILL be thrown out of Court.

      1. Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios

        Rob Do you honestly believe that to be true⁉️ It is NOWHERE near the Truth‼️ The underlying legal issue at hand was Apple saying this is my house, you don’t like, get out. While normally that wouldn’t necessarily violate anti-trust laws or stir up SEC concerns of a monopoly, Apple makes exceptions for friends and family. In doing that, they’ve put themselves into a very bad legal position. They really went down the sinkhole when Apple said, fine, you can’t use our architecture either. Now Apple is in clear violation of the Sherman Act. If Apple could have just stopped being Apple for once, not taken away the Development Tool, they wouldn’t be so screwed right now. Now they will an ever increasing number of plaintiffs jumping into Epic’s Lawsuit, the case will be heard in the 9th Circuit Federal Courts, not at all friendly to this Apple behavior, they’ll have the SEC, FTC, likely the U.S. Justice Department and a pretty decent chance the Attorney General of California all after Apple. Apple knew this bait. They knew it was legally sound bait, yet the ate the boat and drank the lake as well. Steve Cook is going to wish he did wake last Monday. And is this having a Canadian Highlight a RIDONKULOUS comment, with NO Substance, NO facts nor any basis in reality⁉️⁉️ Do Canadians watch U.S. financial markets closely? Did the highlighter live in the Silicon Valley and hear all the chatter leading up to thi⁉️ Do they know U.S. Regulatory agencies, Regulatory Law or how the Courts in each District work⁉️ I think NOT‼️ Good day sir‼️ I SAID GOOD DAY‼️‼️‼️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼💯💯💯📜📜📜⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏛🏛🏛

      2. Rob

        Apple won't get crushed, it's a source of income for USA itself

      3. nieooj gotoy

        Here is that reddit comment that occulus made: www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/21cy9n/the_future_of_vr/cgbz2vw/

    27. FrenishArt

      What the fuck at 4:01 someone In The video burped lol just as I did 😂 I was so lost that I had to rewind

    28. soiung toiue

      "You cannot kill me in a way that matters" deep cut 😂😂

    29. John Boko

      2:49 missed the opportunity to do a Batman joke

    30. Maximilian Dimitrov

      Yow Riley won't ya send me an apk for the app xD

    31. NoBigDeal

      Why is everyone blasting Apple when Google also takes a 30% cut.

      1. iact0

        @NoBigDeal well idk then. I'm pretty sure they sued Google as well, you are right however. People generally hate apple more so it makes better headlines ig.

      2. NoBigDeal

        @iact0 Wrong. I just looked it up and they also take 30% on all Play Store purchases, including in-app purchases. In fact this is the reason why Fortnite is also not available on the Play Store because like Apple, Google did the same thing. The only difference is that sideloading apps is easier on Android. But you know, people love hating on Apple. They made better headlines.

      3. iact0

        Google does not take that cut from in app purchases I believe. And you also don't have to use the play store to install apps on Android.

    32. amyrythmatic 04

      I like this guy...

      1. soiung toiue

        Please stop stutterring. Please. You'll look back and go huh.....

    33. Randall Wade

      These are great 😂😂😂

    34. Pole Tooke

      How the hell is blackberry not dead yet 😂😂😂

    35. phych

      I am very satisfied with amount of nonsense in this video.

    36. Nathan Explosion

      Well I feel like the real winner here today. I don't give a shit about Apple, VR, Facebook, Oracle or Tik tok nor have I ever used any of their services or products! :D

    37. Amilio

      That's right Riley, I can't get enough ok!

    38. Mr. Josh

      Apple is overpriced trash. Not that other companies are better, but at least they don't cost an arm and a leg.

    39. Reality

      At least tech link does not take political sides. Linus could learn from them. Trump 2020!

    40. P P

      Here is that reddit comment that occulus made: www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/21cy9n/the_future_of_vr/cgbz2vw/

    41. Ariel Zabihi

      Apple and Google are right in my opinion :/

    42. Mart Conflin

      Steam info is not correct anymore.

    43. Sean Harris

      Actually I did play a little of it and said "nah". The tutorial had issues with assuming I already knew things... which felt problematic for a tutorial

    44. Seán

      Love watching the Tech News on my Blackberry Key2

    45. William Ho

      Fun fact: There are Chinese gamers who support Apple against Epic, even though Tencent owns 40% of Epic. Why? Because they are loyal to Steam. Lol

    46. Ekto3000

      Please stop stutterring. Please. You'll look back and go huh.....

    47. MelodicMethod

      f u 2, riley. *DOUBLE exasperated sigh*

    48. Remaster

      *You THINK you should hate apple ?* Well, geppetto...sorry to break it you but we already do...

    49. plutoburn

      The % take from Apple should be a sliding scale. From $1 - $10k a certain percentage, 10k - 100k a lower percentage, so on and so forth. 30% flat fee is too high for huge apps like fortnite.

      1. h4x0r⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

        30% is even worse for indie developers who have to front the cost of development themselves

    50. Revo

      Now you can't even run unsigned software on the new Macs anymore with the Apple silicon. Ridiculous.

    51. Asma Khatun

      Time to get samsung a shot(because its better)

    52. Peter Starzynski Tech

      Apple is overpriced and none of their products are honestly not worth the $$$.

    53. Hugo Pereira

      To see your RMI would need to login in to your Facebook account. They will track you down to your brain!

    54. Ranger Vaughn

      bruh the HD 600 doesn't use the same drivers as the 598s, the HD 600s have different drivers that require 300 ohms of power while 598s have 50 ohm drivers, come on lol, don't mislead people man.

    55. Exynetek

      Why are you claiming Apple made $260 Billion in revenue from the "apple tax" on apps when that 260 Billion was the entire company revenue not app store revenue including all hardware sales, services, etc. . I get that yall have a business reason for disliking apple but this is pretty inaccurate framing

    56. Andrew Paint

      China never bans any specific social media company. They have a set of rules, namely laws regarding social media. As long as you follow the rules, you can operate in China. They don't ban a specific company just because it comes from a specific country. For example, they require servers responsible for Chinese users should be in China, instead of the U.S. Microsoft and Apple complied, Google and Facebook refused.

      1. Rob

        They still ban companies left and right

    57. iloveplayingpr

      I'd rather support Epic Games than Apple, one of the lesser evils.

    58. Allan khad

      Riley hit this one out of the park. Bravo 👏

    59. Kaoru Sugimura

      Somehow, I feel like the 3090 will be roughly 20-25% more expensive that the 2080ti. Why? Because that's precisely the performance increase and NGreedia will pull every Nicole and dime out of the u that they can then justify it with it being proportional to performance.

    60. proud_asian_newyorker

      Because you should lmao

    61. RantKid

      Trump supporters seem to be OK with government officials using corporations to do their bidding. It's almost like it was yesterday when the same people railed against the political-corporate establishment. Kinda like they shift their morals with whatever is convenient for them.

    62. RantKid

      Wondering how much money Facebook paid Palmer Luckey to lie. I can't wait for mass antitrust suits to hit companies like these. The longer we wait, the worse it'll be for them too.

    63. Amalu Dennis


    64. Zephur M

      Ah yes, Project EGG cloud

    65. Rory Van Beek

      You got that impression wrong. It's more like "Oh! Riley is hosting TechLinked today! Time to hear all his amazingly hilarious jokes!"

    66. Joe Peach

      Can't stop laughing at the intro! You Are the Best!

    67. Lucas E

      Stadia does work better. Better quality stream, more reliable connection, best controller integration and lowest latency. BUT, very little games, so thats why it still sucks right now.

    68. Joseph Dunbar

      Love for trump 😂

    69. Restrain is GG

      low key dissing viewers. so edgy, I like it. we are a bunch of big dummies anyways.

    70. Daniel Gonzalez

      Debating to switch my XR to a Google pixel

    71. Håvar Ingmund Henriksen

      I guess you should hate on Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony then? They all take the same cut. But Epic doesn't care about game consoles. No way there will ever be a way to install homebrew on consoles legally. Google of course also takes the same cut.

    72. Cloud VII

      Apple will have no games, no Netflix, no Amazon Prime etc. Who will buy Apple phone?

    73. Fodor Benedek

      Title be a nice follow-up to the previous TL!

    74. no name

      2 Trillion$$$. Keep buying their overpriced devices isheeps

    75. Michael

      I thought they said that they are loosing money a year ago...

    76. Amapiano Tunes

      “I can’t do trump”..

    77. Veature_iTech

      2 t and they making iMac's cheaper and cheaper in components.

    78. John Henderson

      An MRI takes 15 minutes.

    79. Sandman0159

      If you should ban all Chinese social media because China blocks all western social media. Why don't you become a socialist country because China is socialist?

    80. Zaw T

      Java is installed in over 5 billion devices around the world

    81. Zaw T

      0:08 bruh how did you get this recording of me

    82. hassan azzouz

      project "ech" cloud

    83. Matt

      They also removed Geforce Now from AppStore. I literally will change my phone after years.

    84. anoo Ar

      Blackberry is like the zombie of tech, it just needs a shot in the head to die.

    85. Gajanandamani Adhikari

      are you replacing Linus or sth. c'mon no! bring him back!

    86. Zetsu Yoru

      Own goal? Maybe learn what the term means

    87. Alexinho

      You must.

    88. fearofchicken

      I’ve had somewhere around 5 MRI visits and I’ve never spent an hour in an MRI machine.

    89. Devashish Vaidya

      Riley it’s more like “fuck me,another TechLinked video”

    90. Phoenix the II

      Why the guessing, it's a no-brainer

    91. Daniel PARDO FLOREZ

      At the least the Chinese are transparent about blocking social networks, whereas the US is case by case depending on who is front and their agenda

    92. rampage the sneaky lil bitch

      they realy need to make new laws on how mutch money companys and people are allowed to make. unlimited proffits just fuck over the enviroment and fucks over the consumers


      I guess I should eat Apple too

    94. Brian M

      I love global greed and avarice..

    95. TheWobblyEmily

      my impression is more like "ugh clickbait. oh well I have nothing better to do"

    96. The Opinion of Matt

      Well, Ill never buy an Oculus. Not that I could afford it anyway or that Facebook or Suckerburg cares.

    97. Dee xGretchx

      yeah... sad to say it.... but time to swap my iphone 11 pro for an android.

    98. Kaelygon

      Guess which headset I won't be buying if that happens 1:40 I feel like I won't be the only one upgrading to some other brand. My Oculus CV1 is still working well for now.

    99. Cricket England

      Apple are just greedy bastards and their new slogan should be “Apple ripping off their customers to market a quick buck since 1974!”

    100. trashcanbabyy

      epic games : apple is boycotting me making me pay the 30% apple : no i hate everyone equally