Nvidia just changed the game...


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    0:00 Dude, where's my set
    0:09 Nvidia acquiring Arm
    0:58 Oracle partnering with TikTok
    1:57 LG Wing
    2:48 Drop X Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones
    3:16 QUICK BITS
    3:22 Razer leaks info
    3:48 AMD unveils RX 6000 GPU in FORTNITE
    4:18 Oculus Quest 2 leaks
    4:59 Xcloud launching tomorrow
    5:25 OnePlus Buds are Airpod knockoffs, apparently

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    1. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      3:19 BITburger ... www.bitburger.de/ Famous AD slogan: _"Bitte ein BIT"_ (Please a bit)

    2. Gaming with ME

      cool vid

    3. Unknown User

      I won’t buy anything of amd cause they showed it in that shit af game. Fortnite is a dealbreaker

    4. Jon Fries

      more of these vids! these guys r funneh

    5. Chemy Torres

      Good set for today

    6. Kadhim El

      nice video

    7. Vincent Lauria

      Dang it James, whaddaya have against the Wii U? Second time in a month.

    8. Nateman1000


    9. Alex Evans

      I actually sorta like the 2 cameras, gives the video more depth and excitement

    10. J024

      With Oracle's purchase how will this change the billionaires index ? Will Larry Ellison get to hit the 100 billion mark ?

    11. Stocks for Dividends

      who bought Nvidia stock? not me too rich for my blood lol

    12. Samar

      why am i getting recommendation for 4 day old video wtf youtube

    13. Pizza


    14. *Insert stupid serial number here.*

      James: _yeets top bar of T_ The Decor: *L*

    15. L. Dexter

      Remember: putting a second X on a headphone model doesn't automatically make it good.

    16. Matt Law

      Best TL yet

    17. This_is_JP

      1:06 wtf of all the fxcking people to partner with of course they choose the most incompetent one. probably so they can slide shxt under their terrible qa/qc.

    18. Jannis Opel

      Cool it is reuploaded and re-recommended. News casts are infinitely rewatchable and entertaining ever again.

    19. Ja Gil

      Nvidia wants to be leader in IA space Also Nvidia: can't stop bots in their own website

    20. Jz McGriggs

      fake news

    21. nine

      Make a News channel like Set and use that.

    22. how was that not a headshot

      arm gaming at 4k could be a thing Ina few months

    23. Chade Fallstar

      Holy crap this guy is annoying. Subbed.

    24. SUPREME xD

      I think can we expect a gtx equivalent for real mobile devices in 10 years? Like i know graphics cards from 13 years ago mobile has caught up to that but i mean in future the gap bw mainstream cards and mobile(not lapi) would come really close

    25. Lexxlr8 PS4

      White House should ban Tiktok for the thotery

    26. Doom's Way

      Nvidia + arm Nvidia plus arm Nvidia ➕ 💪

    27. Absolute Clown

      Why does it seem like they are in Austin's old mystery tech set? lol

    28. Gablar_

      RIP British industry

    29. Eric Green

      $40 billion not million ;)

    30. Pun K Brine

      What if apple buy envidia ?

    31. Interstice Nomad

      This guy trying to act funny is absolute CRINGE. Fokin stop.

    32. Josh Basham

      James, where did you get that shirt?

    33. Dylan Fuhri

      Watch at 1.25x speed. Thank me later.

    34. Vinay Kushwaha

      LOL, Steve and Austin mimic .... haa.....

    35. RiskyB81 RiskyB81

      The fact alone that you have to explain who Oracle are to the user base speaks volumes about the perception of your viewership. Also HTC made a Windows mobile phone called the Wing about 17 years ago.

    36. flak soft

      RX : totally not to be confused with RTX

    37. Tom J

      Lol 40 mil

    38. Takagi

      I like this set. Feels like I'm watching the news, but tech news.

    39. NamacilHDx

      This is bad news I wouldn't have minded AMD doing it but Nvidia has a track record of being dicks

    40. The Model Mechanic

      Wow, funny and informing, accept for the “GD” outburst. Please don’t take something that other people love and respect and curse it’s name. You guys are mostly family friendly and respectful, you should consider being respectful of others beliefs too, even if you don’t believe the same way they do. Thanks

    41. 井上ましろ

      *RISC-V will finally be properly researched and funded*

    42. curtisw0234

      Why was Nvidia allowed to acquire ARM? Isn't that anti-competitive

    43. Benjamin Crozat

      Apple has a lifetime license for ARM's INSTRUCTIONS SET. Their SoCs are entirely custom made.

    44. Red Guy

      Macs can now run on invida since they switched to arm

    45. The Amazing Hatriot

      Bits 'O Honey > Quick bits. :p

    46. HarryTaints

      James the Gay Magician

    47. money200476

      i wonder if the nvidia arm purchase is a way to say f you to apple seeing as they are moving to a arm based chip

    48. Alex García

      We’re gonna need a tombstone for the WII U

    49. phynx2006

      Okay Boomer 🤣🤣👍👍

    50. arbiter0110

      Is nobody going to mention how the LG Wing is the rebirth of the LG VX9400....Tony Stark's phone from Iron Man?

    51. Allen Sikkema

      Anyone else have their google assistant activate when James said Ok boomer? XD

    52. Oreo s

      NVIDIA just changed their name.

    53. Ross Meldrum

      I am sure that if it was only 40 million Nvidia would be ecstatic about the percentage difference in cost saved.

    54. miami cosmo

      The comments of screen are really inaudible

    55. minj4ever

      2020 when Oracle ruining software is actually a good thing

    56. Stephen Cartwright

      I think you should watch Louis Rossmann's take on this particular story before making summary judgement on this story. I prefer unbiased reviews and stories not this badly researched rubbish I just sat through. Do a bit of journalistic work first and understand the details. Your VERY future depends on it. All of us globally will have corporations make the government enforce this sort of thing for things you and me haven't even thought of yet. Watch this video from Louis hugets.info/show/lWdggbPGyGiotGk/vide.html (you know him well) and tell me I'm not making a TERRIBLY valid point please.

    57. Ussurin

      5:55 - nah, custom office is just in the pocket of Apple for years. They were doing their dirty work in removing as much competition and repair options as possible for years.

    58. Ussurin

      4:30 - I feel like mentioning that it's Facebook's Oculus Rift that requires FB account (soon) is something that HAS TO be mentioned each time you talk about it.

    59. Negeya

      "Don't, don't do this" famous last words

    60. William Wusik Kalfelz

      "this just in!" That's what she said!! Lol

    61. Adam Krause

      DS emulator on the Wing

    62. IpSyCo

      It’s not gonna happen. China has to approve this deal and you know China ain’t doing no such thing.

    63. Michael&Jello

      Nvidia buying Arm would be like Intel buying AMD. There’s no way that’ll go through. So much anticompetitive interest there.

    64. Hippieinthewoods

      MS should of called the streaming service X-steram, I mean just the marketing.

    65. Konstantin Gr

      i like how he did an air quote with his fingers when talking about tiktok national security

    66. Tech Altitude

      Great news #techaltitude go to my channel also

    67. gabrielle raul

      I love it when hottie comes on.

    68. Fake Hack

      new TickTokStream()

    69. Nazar Pshenov

      It says 40 billion but ok

    70. Jeff Da Silva

      This is the best tech reporting news out there!

    71. Isai Karnadhi

      This is probably the best tech news show I've ever seen. Instantly subbed

    72. Tacticool Fight Club

      Love this guys personality! LTT has the best team in the YT tech space

    73. Richard Kelbie

      $40bn !!!!!! Not million Lol Idiots

    74. poshima

      :10 that’s a Billion! 40 Biliion dollars! Billions with an M

    75. Wooden Plank Pastels

      What are you on about “oracle sells projects to major companies” oracle made java. You know, that runtime environment that like half the internet uses and also minecraft?

    76. Bob Bob

      for those who dont know much about vr the quest 2 looks insane, nothing can compete with that which would be good if i wasn't already worried about Facebook getting a monopoly on vr. anyway dont buy a rift s rn

    77. luxembourger

      I think not Apple should be worried, but the UK, because NVIDIA will integrate the r&d in their US based center. The former Japanese owners left a part of ARM r&d in the UK.

    78. francis short jr

      Will nvidia re-enter the smartphone processor market?

    79. The anonymous

      0:10 hah 40 million dollars I would buy it at 50 The sum is 40 billion

    80. Michael Christensen

      It’s like a sketch poking fun at Canada - I like it

    81. Hikari Tsumi

      James: "remember wiiU? I've never seem one in real life" Me neither except I've never seen a picture of it.

    82. Jared Scott

      “He’s got a big tummy” Ded

    83. Ayama Prantenna

      TechLinked: " oracle isn't well known " me: hugets.info/show/uoGZr9emyaChpKQ/vide.html

    84. David Szeto


    85. Mohit Dhali

      who is the HOMER in the background?!

    86. Kaleb Masco

      40 BILLION not million

    87. JanneAirDotCom

      Naughty Linus for taking up the space. This space has bad vibe.

    88. plezx29

      Where is techquickie?

    89. plezx29

      LG Wing........meh, what a waste

    90. zeminem35

      The amount is 40 BILLLION, evem the article you're showing says that...

    91. Torvic Reyes

      Petition for Linus to buy Wii U for James

    92. Keltik55

      Man, James seems kinda down. Hope you're doing ok my friend.

    93. Jeremy Martens

      pls, dont host techlinked sitting, it is so weird. the voice sounds reeeaaaally boared

    94. Vidmantask Vidmantask

      Who is meditating to stay enthusiastic ?

    95. Ken Bladehart

      Huh, I thought ARM pronounce as A-R-M. Its ARM instead

    96. Timo Rouw

      Didn't oracle make java?

    97. A440

      The lg wing would be such a good HUgets/twitch viewing phone, full screen size and comments/chat available

    98. Kaviyes


    99. Lucian Andries

      ShortLinked? TechCircuit? ShortTech? LinkedCircuit? Whaaaaat......??? I'm confused! :(

    100. Maddy Carbuncle

      40 million??! I thought Softbank had bought ARM for a billion. It's not like ARM was bleeding money or not on the verge of world domination. This doesn't make any sense to me!!