PS5 Pricing is COMING!


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    (Oppo 125W fast charger reveal)

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    (Tesla Model Y price drop)
    (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G leak)

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    1. Billy TK

      Yeah Christmas is coming too, don't hold your breath you will be long dead before the price and pre-order drops.

    2. Skrishie

      I heard there's gonna be a bundle with the headphones, camera, TV remote, charging station, with it, is it fr?

    3. UnleashableGaming

      PS5 will launch at a date on November 20th 2020 at a recommended retail price (RRP) Standard edition: $590.39/£450.28/€499.00 Digital edition: $472.42/£360.55/€399.00 DualSense: $70.84/£54.11/€59.90 Availablilty and preorders with shipping: September 10th 2020

    4. Polite Cat

      The samsung "leaks" arent actually leaks. Its advertising. Its getting stupid now.

    5. Riki Apati

      Yeah... In 14 July... I waited the hole day Linus... 🙄🙄

    6. tony diaz

      The PlayStation 5 price rumor is false do not watch this video

    7. Lil Mk

      I wonder how much FPS Fortnite will have


      Well they didnt release the price

    9. Jean-Pierre Radu O'Callaghan

      The Galaxy Flip is the Gameboy Advance SP phone ! Download an GBA emulator and you're good to go ! :D

    10. KJF

      why did this episode appear in my notifications today instead of 6 days ago?

    11. Jan

      2:52 Bick Quits hahaha

    12. Zane Andre

      Linus.. the charge rates of our battery tech& chemistry will begin to rise dramatically once graphene is fully implemented and other changes that occur. Right how i agree with you, not wise right now but in 5 years I doubt we will be less than 100W phone chargers.

    13. ShadowReaper

      Oh really

    14. Tool Dry Boon

      Linus before paycheck: The SSD ain't that powerful. (Which is in fact true) Linus after paycheck: Woah, finally, the ps5. Btw, the ssd is great, nothing seen before Xbox Velocity Architecture: *Exists to make the SSD of ps5 useless* Linus:..... What would be the price for PS5¡?¡?!!11?

    15. tommy Bull

      Im sure Linus has his $2k ssd to compete with ps5

    16. Fabian Jikuru

      Buy the disc version if possible , more memory on console, resell your games, you can apply for a refund if you don’t like the game up to 30 days and even if you played it not like in ps4 where if you download it digitally you can’t apply for a refund after opening the game, you don’t have to wait for the download of the base game and you can have a physical game collection and even gift them or let someone borrow it so they can play it. Then for commodity You can watch Blu-ray movies or series, and in case there is no internet or it was cut out you don’t have to rely on digital games. Have better deals on price point across stores since the deals on digital games comes in some months. Finally while Data corruption requires the whole game deletion ,compared to disc which you have to reinstall base game with all its information. (Although disc corruption is still possible) PS. if it happens ps4 backwards compatibility disc

    17. Micaellano Eric

      Ps5 is coming, ps4 is cheaper & now i can buy ps3....

    18. Brayden Ferguison

      One plus did this a couple years ago for the one plus 3 release I believe.

    19. inund8

      Samsung Leak Tips

    20. Wellbuggerme

      Apparently Sony have no idea why Amazon had the PS5 listed this early....

    21. Uncle Ben


    22. Lucky

      My Pricing Predictions: Xbox Series X: $499 PS5: $499 PS5 All Digital Edition: $399 Xbox Series S: $249

      1. Tom Tel

        Ps5 will cost more because of design,ssd,4k 60fps

      2. Tom Tel

        Nop theres already pricing and it wont be that cheap.Basic edition is like 600€

    23. FUN FACT

      I want ps5 but cant effort it

    24. Escapement & Watch


    25. Valiant Siggi

      In norway the price is allready out

    26. Dot Commanson

      The thing that everyone knows miles only from spider verse and Spiderman PS4 :/

    27. Сергей Бильмандо

      I'd rather get new CPU for my RTX 2060

    28. Zhanchi

      colour grading looks off in this video. Quiet white wash and flat.

    29. José R

      Is this Linus or deep fake Linus

    30. s s

      1 million is the price.And when is *pc2* coming?

    31. AWD

      600 for ps5 and 80 for controller.

    32. Shivu Sharma

      Hehe launch of a mid range phone can't be seen on a mid range phone ar is not available

    33. S N

      Linus looks sooo much better with a beard. 👌👌👌

    34. Mark George

      I just went to buy some projector from my room at this website called and they have a free ps5 giveaway

    35. MatrixStuff

      Who wrote this episode 😂😂

    36. Ukyo82

      Get ready to pay for overprice shitty console experience

    37. David Grondin

      That PS5 looks horrible.

    38. C G

      I do use an atc power supply to charge my phone.

    39. Ybk Jayy

      i got one question let say you pre order ps5 disc you won't get the games coming for it until you got the digital edition

    40. William Rogers

      At 'you do you' I had a stroke lol🤣🤣🤣

    41. OnEdgeGaming

      three days later I'm still waiting :(

    42. Matoz

      How many damn channels do u have?

    43. Rigil Gilbert

      Damn Linus! How many channels do you have !!

    44. Supertoni Tv

      Sure Is coming on october

    45. Elvi5_40 The Parakeet_Gaming

      Hyper Space look like if COD Modern Warfare/Zombies, Halo series, and Fortnite have a baby.

    46. Jodeth

      Doesn't matter. I won't be able to afford it until the pandemic is over. And when I do come up with the money, I'm gonna build another PC. If Sony makes another portable, I'll consider buying that instead.

    47. Itz_Jonnyy

      Im just now seeing this no price

    48. Mon3yTips

      Who else is broke ?

      1. Mon3yTips

        Check the vid on my channel

    49. Adam Hiatt

      Any chance you can caption the person in the background like you do on the main channel? i'd love to know what jokes he's throwing out.

    50. Arsonist00

      How about Techleaked?

    51. Xx Tropix xX

      I have never understood why consoles always cap the FPS I wish you could turn down the graphics for higher FPS or am I just being dumb

    52. ItsFourTwenty

      Linus: “Now time for Bit Quits” Nobody:

    53. YS Entertainment

      Am I the only one that got an ad of linus?

    54. YetAnotherYoutuber

      Well they didn’t


      WHO R ALL Waiting For - #SpiderManMilesMoralse & #HorizonForbiddenWest 20 min gameplay 🙏 #playstation5 ✨♥️♥️


      price was never released

    57. skatterbrain

      NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING the Playstation Community has to say unless its official then it's most likely False , Made up information.... we've seen it for months & for the past few Gans.

    58. Wemue Technology

      I miss when the loading bar would show the "chapters"

    59. Bman 1620

      Been 2 days and still no price, they want Microsoft to announce their prices first and vice versa.

    60. gpcube

      Too bad its already obsolete junkware.

      1. Dane Brass

        Most peoples PC's are also _'obsolete junkware.'_ Not everyone can keep on top of all the pricey, latest hardware...

      2. Desmond Smith

        Both are compared to a good pc 😂

    61. Anthony Garcia

      More on advertising... Tsk....

    62. Joeki11a

      SHIT Video bro, didn't even happen

    63. Karl Wünsche

      Team Xbox Comment: X, Team PlayStation Comment: P

    64. rai x

      5:20 Yes, I was like Linus"Wait, What?"

    65. KorbenSC

      Well.. no PS5 prices.. surprise!

    66. Nick the Pick

      Ps5 has no games at launch! RIP-off Spider-Man game that’s like 3 hours long and a timed Godfall that no one cares about

      1. Desmond Smith

        And xbox will probably never have any (as for exclusives) 😂

    67. Karanstyle

      Linus looks like a hottie with beard!!!

    68. Google Sucks

      You have to be a complete moron if you preorder a oneplus nord without seeing the device.

    69. Ray Getard

      so that was a fcking lie

    70. Jordan Williams

      It'll be a week before the consoles are out before we know the prices LMAO

    71. Zoon Geralt

      If you buy through honey you can save hundreds.

    72. Alex Mindock

      Have Riley do the exact same intro and outro as this video so he can have a crack at the voices!

    73. MewStor

      Nope I think it will be revealed Friday after their latest biggest PS4 game Ghost of Tsushima before the release of PS5

    74. Carlos Veliz

      We need a war game based i the favelas in Rio de Janeiro ;)

    75. Cole Harpell

      I like the beard dude 👌

    76. deep hazarika

      thanks for pronouncing it as 'you be soft'.

    77. Stu

      still waiting for the teardown

    78. videos, 4 u

      Pumped for the 125W charger to fucking DESTROY my battery capacity in like 3 recharges

    79. BingPlayz YT

      why does the colour grading looks kinda da meh huh anyone noticed or isit just me?

    80. kaustubh kp

      5:18 lol

    81. stuart macrow


    82. Abraham Nassouri


    83. lex leo

      just great guys !!!!

    84. Azmaria Dei Post

      New LMG channel confirmed! Linus Leaks!

    85. René Kulik

      Charging your phone at 125W is completely idiotic, you charge your phone 5 times and the battery already needs to be changed.

    86. Richard Sung

      Does the console's price matter a lot since that they are almost the most cheap electronics than phones and pc🧐

    87. All work and no play makes Jack a dull #gamecat

      "You go outside you die situation" Imagine actually living like this. How did people ever survive a day of their lives until now?

    88. Jordan Lifts

      I’d like a ps5 ..... but i want an all black edition 🤷‍♀️

    89. werty werrtyson

      The cheapest Tesla 3 is still €56k here. Nowhere near the $35k it was supposed to cost and I guess cost in the US. Still I see so many Teslas these days.

    90. Ruuku1

      yeah no shit the price is coming, are they going to sell something with no price? Fuck these titles are getting more stupid

      1. Desmond Smith

        Go take a chill pill 😂

    91. Max Payne

      How many channels does this guy have? He's all over the place

    92. Dodgy Malaka

      Fuck the prices. Nobody is complaining about the storage capacity being 856gb?

      1. Desmond Smith

        Just buy extended storage 😐

      2. Charlimagne Tiu

        Dodgy Malaka correction 825 gbs

    93. ΨKing Burrito

      Its Wednesday..... where is my video, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    94. Dre Fnu

      Bro, you're wrong. There won't be a price on the 13th

    95. Too Kwispy

      anyone else realize he looks like linus tech tips or is that just me?

      1. Uncle Bridge

        Not funny

    96. The Whosoever

      Where these damn listings on Amazon? Only getting ps4 stuff

    97. Ayush Apoorva

      15minute to charge my phone, sign me up. Oh wait it's a Chinese brand and we are trying our level best to boycott that stuff.

    98. Lawrence Smets

      Hoping someone reverse engineers the ps5 custom solution into a pci card :)

    99. Le monke

      I’m calling it, $700 Canadian

    100. Confidential

      No 1s buyin it unless gta 6 online is out? Later for a couple of years ps5