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    1. Mikael Peter Resting-Jeppesen

      "Slick Snips" the best one yet. Or, is "Liggity Splits" better?

    2. Daniel Cobia

      And that's why I don't save CC information with my accounts. It make take a minute extra, but they can't get something that's not saved with your account.

    3. Max Pagliuca

      if you could pull off an Australian accent to go with that beard you would take the technews scene by storm

    4. Iam_Dunn

      I’m using RTX Voice. I hear nothing.

    5. Carlos Crespo

      Hahahaha is Linus getting crazy with the quarantine?

    6. Zer0cide

      Linus with a beard looks like a muppet

    7. Hagen Sauer

      wow! that looks like most mad max linux he will ever be xD

    8. wwejason

      Linus doing Reilly's jokes is not funny, just awkward

    9. Parrik

      Linus getting more handsome with the beard.... XD

    10. ZIK9999


    11. Amir Clahar

      His voice does not match his beard at alll ITS SO WIERD AND IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE

    12. Clifton Goodson

      Bitchin' beard bro

    13. Anneke de Bruyn

      That moment when Linus's thank you for Amazon workers felt much more honest than the crap management gives. Fuck Amazon man

    14. Janco Scholtz

      3:19. 👌🏻

    15. eaglefalcon

      RTX voice was made because Nvidia heard the lawnmower in this episode

    16. Daniel Purdy

      "Apple isn't exactly synonymous with gaming but then again neither is Facebook" Me: I put so many hours into Farmville and Angry Birds Friends back in the day

    17. Saksham

      This is a weird question linus but, have you been mewing?

    18. Abid Ashhar

      Neighbor : Hello 911 I have complain about Tech Crazy old grandpa Yelling at us.

    19. 1stNightingale

      Is it me or is he becoming more like Jim Carey

    20. 1stNightingale

      God Linus looks good in a beard.

    21. crazy_mind1262

      Remember that time Linus said quickbits. Crazy huh

    22. Jacob Miller

      I had a login from Russia lol, then the few other sites that had the same login and password sent me notices that they locked my account lol like reddit and Spotify

    23. Róbert Papp

      Hey Linus, you know that thing, the one Nvidia is doing, the RTX Voice for background noise cancellation, the one you tested in a video released just 2 days after this? In the next one you could try it.

      1. Iam_Dunn

        Róbert Papp .....Yeah once you notice, it’s very evident. The other thing I thought was funny was that he was joking about the sounds. I forgot I had RTX enabled on my headphones and couldn’t hear a damn thing... LOL... I thought it was a plug for RTX Voice. I went back to listen again, but I’m 80% sure those sounds were added in post production, because that’s ALL I hear. There ‘should’ be birds, and cars and such in the background too, but with Covid, there might be less of those noises. :) Cheers!

      2. Róbert Papp

        @Iam_Dunn 😅 Now that you point it out...

      3. Iam_Dunn

        Róbert Papp ...It’s sad that you can’t tell he’s using a green screen.

    24. StandardDifferent aka. samsausage

      Anyone feel google is much more European. e.g. credit hating.

    25. Mightyunit

      Linus hair news > Tech News. Your hair is better now. Less gel is good. beard is good too.

    26. Paul G

      Puberty finally hit Linus. If he shaves it off, youtube will flag videos as children's content.

    27. Justin Campbell

      “The app is android only” translation: the real reason no one will use it. I hate Facebook but more people have iPhones,

    28. Daniel Oliveira

      That voice pitch does not fit on that manly bearded face xD

    29. Zoltan Jager

      Linus looks way better bearded.

    30. M Rdr

      Linus looking more like a ""canadian"" for every passing day ! What's next, a "checkered flannel shirt and an axe" ??

    31. Ultravore

      Linus... just enable RTX Voice if that lawnmower is annoying you.

    32. Eryck Bednarski

      wow... you look almost manly ...keep it up mate!

    33. CorePixels

      Looking like a Meth head at this point man.

    34. Vaxtin

      Linus and his neighbor. Greatest anime rivalry of all time.

    35. Your Rainy Day Fund

      I’m I the only one who got an ad from pulse-way on this video with Linus in it!!!t

    36. Viemo

      Whose this?

    37. Christopher Zechman

      Nerd lol

    38. KiloShank

      I believe linus is undergoing metomorphesis into a true Canadian. After about 18 months he will have doubled in size, be immune to the cold and eat nothing but wild Caribou, bacon, and dark beer.

    39. fara nita

      Google doesn't need our money, they need 99.9% of our RAM

    40. thefatmoop

      Bruh thermal cameras dont emit light learn yourself some blackbody radiation

    41. UnicornsOnLSD

      1:04 Great job, Facebook. That logo and font really screams "gaming" at me

    42. Goddess Hylia

      Linus you need a shave man!

    43. SaoPauloNX

      holy sh$t lins! whats up with the beard? kinda looks nice haha..

    44. fake harkaj

      A few more times cyberpunk release date is gonna be pushed, and we'll end up actually playing the game in IRL VR in 2077

    45. Tomáš N.

      Here the Switch is still in stock and cheaper than ever. I wouldn't buy it even if it was $100 tho.

    46. Ainzu Gaming

      Linus is so freaking hot ngl

    47. koolwalla

      Can you stand still for 2 freaking seconds and let me enjoy that glorious beard?

    48. Reiden Lightman

      Calling buy now pay later "flexibility" is such a lie. More like, have it now, but you're a slave to the card holder, so don't lose your job. Don't get/buy things you can't afford.

    49. Rarapas

      Furious-over-lawn-mower Linus is adorable like a pissed-off puppy ^_^

    50. frankyg2384

      Complaining about the lawnmower, we still have piles of snow here in Ontario.

    51. Lucas Carvalho


    52. Unknown

      Can we call Facebook Gaming just F.gaming? :B

    53. Edward Murray

      Linus is beginning to look like a hockey player, eh?

    54. VENOMZEO

      Give Linus one more month and he’ll be chopping down trees for a living.

    55. plasmathunderdx

      Linus looks like Thor

    56. Lee and Daddio Toys & Games

      Linus is turning into skinny Jason Newsted.

    57. Jesse Simonsson

      Who's the new guy?

    58. mgkpraesi

      Linus looks like a Man more every Day. Keep it growing.

    59. Shadowplays4K

      I want the Google card

    60. Estam Nar

      Linus with face hair makes me moist.

    61. Fabian Quesada

      Alright Dollas Shave Club Linus needs a sponsorship ASAP, but to be honest guy can grow a decent beard

    62. Holzwurm _HD

      Wait... Not just that Linus grew an absolutely great looking beard no, now his hair looks good too!?

    63. thgdc

      Congrats Linus, you doesn't look like a lesbian any longer, in fact you are looking kind of handsome with this beard and longer hair

    64. Raul Ojeda

      The beard is weird.

    65. Durron 19

      I still got my Google wallet card

    66. MikeyTaylorGaming

      Why does everyone in the HUgets comments section pretend to be someone talking. What a boring place the comments section has become.

    67. Arnaud Pianka

      Who the hell is this grown ass man ?

    68. Garian Nobinger

      I normally like this channel's vids, but this one felt like 5 minutes of commercials. Fast forwarded most of it.

    69. ArturKala

      He is finally becoming Canadian.

    70. rika

      I like bearded Linus. I like it a lot.

    71. Andy Hua

      Lawnmowers: 1 Linus: 0

    72. Solstice Project

      You look different and ... quite good!

    73. ODOWSHD

      Linus's dad must have been a lumberjack, that truly explains his beard.

    74. David Skubb

      I love how as his beard grows he is starting to look a little like obi wan

    75. AK.MD

      Ohh it's Luke... Wait, what??

    76. Scala

      You need to get some balm or lotion under that beard. That, or wear shirts that aren't black.

    77. ShadowDrkKnigth

      Hide yo wifes cause Linus is coming to town and brings tech tips for them

    78. hellterminator

      3:59 That is *not* how thermal cameras work.

    79. sachin nandlal

      Everyday i get a message about a loggin

    80. Christopher Celeste

      Squidward voice: OH NO HE'S HOT

    81. Brandon MCMFG

      Thumbnail: Pokemon Title: Mario Kart... Coincidence, I think not.

    82. Mama elas

      New card adquired: Grumpy Linus

    83. beware gravity

      He does look a lot better and modern with the "locked in the house look".

    84. beware gravity

      See in the Midwest of America ( Hell Yeah Brother ). We'd just ask our neighbor to chill and we'd explain our situation to them. Or call the cops.

    85. Silver Bane

      So.... Its all about accounts with credit card data connected? Anyone who just uses the Nintendo pay cards get hacked? I only use their pay as you go style cards (in fact I only use those for all payments lol no matter PC like steam or consoles) plus I don't have a smartphone so I have a feeling that 2step authentication won't work properly for me lol.

    86. Luuk Lamers

      Can I request quick bits to be called “Flimsy Chips” in the next video?

    87. Erpetter

      Linus looks so much like Alex now.. Now the question is, if Alex shaved and put some hair gel to his hair, would he look like Linus?

    88. Icdsraipur Raipur

      Digging the new look linus pirateyyy

    89. Carbon Gaming

      God Linus looks so diffrent.

    90. Adrián Lugo

      Linus you look very old now just because you have a beard and longer hair 😅🤣

    91. Brian M

      BE HAPPY IT'S JUST A LAWNMOWER. I get thumping bass music that's making the wallboard crack.

    92. SirBranDon100

      Someone logged into my account from the UK. I pulled a Phoenix Write style "HOLD IT!" and immediately checked my cloud saved lol...

    93. Trillykins

      Are debit cards not common in North America? They're incredibly common here in Denmark. Don't get one attached to Google, holy shit, your entire purchasing history will sold to everyone.

    94. BLKBRDSR71

      Nintendo Switch getting hacked cause Nintendo took down ROM sites. Pirates revenge!

    95. PieFlavouredPii

      You guys are so close to overtaking NCIX Tech Tips in subs! :D :O :D

    96. RomanoProductions

      Linus is cute with a beard.

    97. JustMeSven

      So when do we get full viking Linus videos?

    98. Sergi Planas

      That beard started to make sense!! 🔥🔥🔥

    99. Nut Screw Gamer

      Is... That.... Linus?

    100. RectalDiscourse

      I think beard linus is my favorite linus.