Nvidia gave up!


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    0:00 oooh we're baaad
    0:14 Nvidia stops selling RTX 3080/3090
    0:59 Microsoft tricks Trickbot
    1:56 Epic / Apple update
    3:04 MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK
    3:39 QUICK BITS
    3:42 Star Citizen
    4:20 more EU Tech regulations on the way
    4:45 Xbox One controller drift lawsuit
    5:04 Singapore plane restaurant
    Nvidia stops selling 3080s/3090s on their store
    Microsoft disrupts ransomware botnet
    Judge denies Epic’s request for injunction restoring Fortnite to iOS App Store
    Most AMD 500 series motherboards are ready for Ryzen 5000
    Star Citizen launched on Kickstarter eight years ago
    Biggest year yet www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/j8nwhu/2020_has_been_star_citizens_biggest_year_in_terms/
    EU planning more Big Tech regulations
    Lawsuit over Xbox One “stick drift” - used to just call this “old controller syndrome”
    Airplane restaurant sells out
    Retractable lightsaber

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    1. Máté Kovács

      What is with all the MSI hate in the comments? Someone at MSI made a small mistake, thus Starlit Partner, a subsidiary of MSI that handles dead stock, refurbished/open-box items, etc for them and sells it on eBay, got their hands on some of the new cards, and figured it would look good on their report if they sold them on eBay for a ridiculously high price. When MSI realised, they stopped it, apologized, and offered compensation in the form of partial or full refunds to the customers who bought the cards on eBay. It was definitely not an evil plot to milk the high demand. Stop fabricating conspiracy theories and watch the WAN show instead.

    2. Adam Johnson

      "Go sit in the corner" was strait channeling Christoph waltz

    3. Eduardo Diaz

      Nvidia basically said they want to overprice their shit. Radeon for me now, fuck them.

    4. AyeNash

      It says 32 seconds ago, 🏂 HUgets wtf??

    5. Rotem Grinhut

      This episode actually made me laugh a lot! Thank you for providing tech info while doing it!

    6. DasBreaker

      Don't steal that saber... It only lasts 5 minutes on the backpack xD

    7. Elvirth24

      300 FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS and Star Citizen still hasn't been released as a full game after 8 fucking years. It's gotta be a scam at this point.

    8. Nerf Newb

      Damn, Star Citizen is 8 years old now. I remember Linus mentioning it’s upcoming release 5 years ago.

    9. LeRoyRouge

      4:34 for the funniest part of the vid

    10. Robert Dale

      Why worry about a bot interfering with elections when Facebook and Twitter do plenty of that already?

    11. OpinionatedSkink

      Planes suck - that’s how they achieve lift. Cheeky you

    12. The Wansa Network

      suddenly it's riley's acting reel

    13. Arfuz Zaman

      This puts a Smile on my face. These jokes are on another level Love u Riley

    14. Laughable Society

      lol sounded like that 42k was a real thing....

    15. THE SpAnDiLiZer

      Abbe Gandu

    16. Michael Berthelsen

      That accent, Riley... Started Russian/Polish, then went German, Dutch, Austrian, French, Belgian in the span of 2 seconds and fewer words than languages...😂😂😂

    17. ACT Plays Stuff

      You related to Gus Johnson?

    18. AVI8R

      Someone should make a crucible out of plasma

    19. Mario

      This guy's annoying. Almost unwatchable

    20. Vaibhav Ingole

      This guy somewhere tries to mimic Linus tech, for sure he does. This me watching his first video and he talks exactly like Linus. So it's like Linus copy.

    21. Daniel Duran

      Pretty sure most people are giving up on buying these. There’s just no hope for a normal person with a job getting one .

    22. Scrublord

      Star Citizen graphics already look dated by today's standard

    23. Retro Guardian

      Canadian thanksgiving? Yall tricked indians with a great feast and murdered them afterwards to?

    24. Robert Rosenthal

      Please hire a skilled professional joke writer to replace whomever you're currently using.

    25. Thinking Highly


      1. Rob


    26. Terryss

      4:44 Are you high perhaps, sir?

    27. Karen Moffatt

      this dude thinks is far more funny and clever than he really is.

    28. serge star

      I love Riley Hes Awesome!

    29. Othoap Proto

      he looks like one half of a 1970 buddy cop movie with that mustache

    30. kp90

      Typical LTT. Paid to hate Intel and Nvidia and push AMD.

    31. Stephen

      Why the fuck do people keep giving money to Star Citizen? Jesus Christ. 300 million dollars.

    32. Adnan B.

      4:32 Highlight of the video, gave me the biggest belly laugh. Fuggin "Gau sit in ze KOHRNER" with corner being said in the thickest southern Ryan could muster.

    33. Mr. Rods

      Lol I’m getting that mother board

    34. Failomas

      i see he's a Legatus good good

    35. eric peterson

      (Stars Nerd lore Incoming) Those peoples literally made the prototype to the Protosaber. We live in the galaxy far, far away.

    36. Jeffrey Photonboy

      *Star Citizen...* ...has revamped its strategy and will now turn the "game" into a documentary as the game won't launch in "Gold" state until about 50 years after mankind has colonized planets like Kamino (something else that mysteriously was MIA)

    37. FlashFrags

      Sponsor: MSI Me: no thanks I don't want to support a company price gouging the market thanks.

    38. Paxton Robinson

      Apple doesn't need physical inventory management so the 30% is an outdated format that is needing to go. Everything is digital nowadays so Apple should adapt to an online and digital store format and stop charging warehouse maintenance fees.

      1. Rob

        @Paxton Robinson Storage is physical media. Hard drives and solid state drives, they are real, not virtual. They take space and electricity. You can talk about lowering the cut but abolishing the cut completely that is meant to cover network infrastructure, storage, security, tech support costs is insane. Nothing is free.

      2. Paxton Robinson

        Storage is on a digital format not physical like in box inventory. The pricing process is done with the need to store physical inventory in a warehouse

      3. Rob

        @Paxton Robinson 30% is industry standard cut for publishers. Servers, storage and infrastructure isn't free.

      4. Paxton Robinson

        Apple has not needed to have any physical inventory in warehouses for nearly/0 years to use this same model in 2020 is a hindrance to the developing teams. So I think Epic was smart to sue them. Overpaying is stupid

      5. Rob

        @Paxton Robinson Epic does make money. 70% of it all. Everybody is playing by the rules and nobody breached the contract only to complain about the consequences. As for monopoly, that's a hard one. It's Apple's ecosystem, there is no reason for them to have other app stores but then again, it's not consumer friendly to have it that way.

    39. Fire Thief


    40. TheJmbf10

      Trickbot? why not call it TrikTrok?

    41. DirectT3Ch

      Just spray some WD40 on the potentiometer for the controller sticks and voila, stick drift is gone.

    42. vvhitevvizard


      1. Rob


    43. Richard Martin

      FYI - Best Buy was also victimized by bots when the Intel 10900k chip came out, the ones purchased were re-listed on E-Bay for twice the price... So, this solves nothing. Nice try Nvidia, but you failed.

    44. Shakaama


    45. Shakaama

      why do canadians say CANADIAN thanksgiving? instead of just thanksgiving?

    46. DEvilParsnip

      I had to repeat the section about star citizen to really understand as I couldnt believe it the first time !!!!!!

    47. wamiam

      I actually enjoyed playing star citizen... it just needs to work. I'm giving it (another) year in the oven just to see if it... works... but overall it's not that terrible of a game so far if you like simulation type of games. It just... doesn't work...

    48. TheOneLostkin

      To be faaaaaair...

    49. Brian Kwong

      Linus made good hiring decisions

    50. Josh Brame

      "it can get to ya!" - Thank you for this.

    51. The Error

      Please talk about how sony ruined the party function on the PlayStation

    52. Joshua Hesford

      Totally off topic, but where can I buy that background in this pic to hang on the wall of my office?

    53. KJames Jr

      Sounds to me like Nvidia is dumping liability on retailers vs handling the problems themselves.

    54. blueprint

      you should have the hitler mustache

    55. Tre Pratt


    56. Steve Dvernichuk

      That moustache just does NOT suit you shave it off or grow a beard lol

    57. Danny Houston

      sucks to be British and wanting a founders edition right now

    58. Terranova

      I like this guy better

    59. Mshojat

      Add tracking on that lightsaber and play Beatsaber with it.

    60. Manu Ziux

      Why the hell is everything in Spanish, but the video is in English?? i hate it...

      1. Rob

        @Manu Ziux Read my first comment, you can disable the option. Spamming about it in the comments won't do anything...

      2. Manu Ziux

        @Rob It's a thing of HUgets, they translate everything, to the viewer language, it's an option that to channel owner activate to reach more ppl, generating more views, i hate the option in particular. Not the channel nor the video.

      3. Rob

        @Manu Ziux There are no Spanish words anywhere, this is English only content. Check your browser

      4. Manu Ziux

        @Rob i dont need subs i understand English almost perfect, but if i see everything on Spanish i expect to watch a video on Spanish not on English.. Its not a problem of understanding

      5. Rob

        You have translations on, turn them off

    61. Aggregate Crab

      They didn't give up. They saved money going with worse silicon that needs 350w to run. That means heat, and that means expensive coolers which means less money for them. So they decide to charge aib's and let them deal with the expensive coolers.

    62. ejonesss

      first we cant vote online let alone by phone so what good is the botnet going to do? unless the botnet can effect the voting machines at the physical voting booths yes the diebold machines. of course i thinking voting online would be good as they can smoke out the vulnerabilities in the systems because the russians will try to hack the election and the security monitors can monitor and discover the code used and patch the systems. if such was done for code red they would have seen that the requests or the vulnerability tests would be urls exceeding 255 chars or how big the buffer is and the junk after the url would be a terminal program to give the hackers shell access to the iis servers then they could patch the server to close the buffer overflow bug. epic if you can read this instead of trying to ban accounts on apple store just ban the accounts on your servers or even block mac and iphone/ipad access.

    63. Blake Phillips

      Nvidia did exactly what I told them to do.

    64. David Rains

      star citizen isnt gonna release its always gonna be in production they dont plan on stopping its production ever

    65. Heinz Harald


      1. Rob

        @Heinz Harald ok kid

      2. Heinz Harald

        @Rob BECAUSE reason

      3. Rob


    66. Matt King

      The election should be ram the way it’s always been ran in polls

    67. mikefromspace

      Epic refusing is admirable because Apple's greed is tediously annoying not to mention psychotic corporate bullying. I thought Microsoft was bad till Iphones came out. Lighsaber! Wow. Anyone want a real lighsaber lemme know

    68. SebastiaanXX

      As a European I approve of this European accent. It was German, French and Scandinavian all at once, good job.

    69. LaserDisc


    70. Savage Viking

      World: "You couldn't possibly screw up this launch any worse" Nvidia: "Well....CTD...there is that. On a positive note we just wanted to be tops in that category too."

    71. Matthew Stott

      They mean Trickbot was kicked off Azure... Bwahahaha

    72. Pembroke Jones

      Yes, stagecoaches are much better for travel!

    73. Wynand Louw

      Dude that South African accent was baller

    74. Timothy Gibney

      Here comes the supers with the regular 20xx prices

    75. Scribble Scrable

      Screw Microsoft

      1. Rob

        For... doing a good job?

    76. utley

      MSI caught price gouging their RTX30** cards and not even apologizing about it when they got caught...never buying MSI ever again.

    77. A person on the internet


    78. Coldfusionstorm Gaming

      Sooooooo. Really cool lightsaber. (completely ignores the fact that the blade is 3000c hot it would fucking set your CAR on fire just by touching it.

    79. Robert Rizzo

      I wonder if MSI will also try selling those motherboards on ebay at inflated prices? 🤔

    80. Kael

      I don’t want an overpriced aib card! Dammit nvidia.

    81. TheLBall

      This is the first time I’ve heard Xbox do a Nintendo Switch.

    82. Aurobindo Ghosh

      do you have shares in nvidia?

    83. Atomical

      Bro the mustache doesn't work on you.

    84. Dr Pain

      Are u a doctors disrespect guy or what look 👀

    85. Jay1728


    86. Bogdan Antone

      Actually Nvidia announced their OEMs there are plenty 3080 cards for the Q4 in next batch (Nov 1). Leaked numbers for next batch: 300.000 x3080 30.000 x3090 "fuck ton" x3070 They will make it look the stocks are scarce so clients rush for the cards.

    87. Salah Ahmed

      I dont like those cringe puns and jokes

    88. Marty's random art

      So no chance for me to buy the 3080 FE in EU??? For fucks sake...

    89. Malice

      ich dachte das wäre alexibexi wtf XD

    90. ChrisdoesGames

      Low key I love star citizen tho. I’m not a huge spender on it at all. Just a fun game to screw around with friends and get cinematic screen shots.

    91. GodsBadAssBlade

      Probably should've cut out the msi ad tbh

    92. Brute Oni

      If epic loses they lose the 30%, unless i am missing something it's not stupid.

    93. Colton J.

      "But if thing actually go to shit, im hitting their studio and stealing that thing" that had me laughing. Tell you what ill help

    94. _ ASleepyDragon _

      As if they will listen to the British people who call Oreo's "Chocolate Buiscit Sandwiches with Cream Filling". That's just Oreo but with added steps

    95. VINZ1

      Looking like freddie mercury in the thumbnail🤣

    96. Catman

      Epic games is being a foolish child right now. Screaming for his cookie

    97. Kieran B

      get rid of the mustache.

    98. TheCommanderOnDeck

      Oh thank goodness I can buy a motherboard that requires an update before I can update it to the next generation

    99. Ser Garlan Tyrell

      Aww, I wanted a founders edition card as the cooler looks so awesome!

    100. Red Line

      Fucking Rileyyyyy I wanna watch these videos but without youuuu