Will the PS5 be BETTER than PC? - TalkLinked #7


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    Unreal Engine 5 Demo
    Next-gen specs so far
    PS5 SSD
    3D audio

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    1. Yohannes Yokomichi

      correction for 13:20 Unreal uses C++ as for their scripting, Unity uses C# for theirs Correction Credit to kristian Dimitrov

      1. Cory Riesen

        glad it doesn't really matter that much anyways lol

      2. Nils Svanstedt

        Diego Kausel python is trash

      3. Clickyz

        @Tuk Yes

      4. Clickyz

        @alisher rakhimov Memory Control And The Std Lib And A lot Of Stuff I Can List Off There Simmular But Not Alike

      5. crazyahhkmed

        @Yohannes Yokomichi C++ is not a low level language. It a high level language. Low level would be assembly ( per instruction coding). C++ is basically C with object orientated programming.

    2. Briana Hunter

      I’m going to use my crusher ancs for my ps5 when i get it on launch date

    3. young special

      Im just happy that ps5 games will come close to photorealism...i cant wait for games to have this much detail. hugets.info/show/mpZ2Z5WyvZ6qlqQ/vide.html

    4. RyanExx

      Hmmm... what if a great pc ran PlayStation OS?

    5. RobManThief

      I mean it will be better than my pc, it's not like there are thousands of different pc's around the world

    6. Renegade Cz


    7. Jamarion Smith

      But can you upgrade you ps5 tho 😂😂😂

    8. Mr Glass

      No but the Xbox series X will be.... 😁

    9. Mike Schimminger

      And Nvidia just crushed this 🤣🤣

    10. Gaming Devil

      Obviously Ps5 is better 🤣

    11. ChArLiE-B

      It will be cause there are way to many cheaters on pc now. Console is the way forward!

    12. triniti korneli

      So sad id software are not in the race for engines anymore. They were the best fifteen years ago. They had the best start.

    13. redtesta

      hahahahahahahhha bait...haha you seriously comparing because the the bandwidth to a overall a pc ? lol console is a mini pc.. lol

    14. Le-Grande

      I'm sure I can afford a $8000 ps5

    15. CO - Spartan

      Consoles in the future have better price to performance than PCs in the past. Wow... what a surprise. Wait a couple of years when you can build a console killer for $500, and all the pc gamers who switched realize they have to spend $60 a year to play games. Console has its place, my 6 year old nephew doesnt need a $1000 gaming PC to play Just Dance and Mario cart. But PC will overall be better.

      1. Rohan Rathour

        Not even 2- 3 years i think.

    16. Dr. Fresh_2k

      UNREAL ENGINE IS A HONEYPOT YOU IDIOTS! They're doing the same thing they did with HUgets. Get you on the platform the Censor you for hate speech and not going along with any political agenda they want.

    17. Trash

      Conclusion, no

      1. Rohan Rathour

        What conclusion

    18. Tim Fenton

      Looking at the chart at 16:50 it looks like the xbox is going to destroy the PS5

    19. M Drizzle

      When the consoles can edit 8K red raw then we can talk.. There is no debate.

    20. Kyle MacDonald

      Will a pc with a ryzen 3 3300x & 1660 super be worth buying then? Or will these consoles blow it out of the water?

      1. Rohan Rathour

        Console for next gen games.

      2. Doctor Squidman

        Consoles better

    21. Chris V

      The day you can use MS paint on a PS5 is the day I’ll buy one

    22. deejayxcrypt

      “Is a million liters of water better than an infinite source of water that begins with one liter?”

    23. Gerard Kean

      FEAR 2 had good interactive lighting

    24. Lewis Carrol

      Why do you lie about Geoff saying this was going to be a game reveal? Why do you lie about what "Lumen" and "Nanite" is? I thought this was supposed to be a reputable channel, not this fucking shitshow.

      1. Lewis Carrol

        @Rohan Rathour Most of them will look even better. Look at UE4 demo and how quickly actual games using it started looking much better.

      2. Rohan Rathour

        @Lewis Carrol but seriously it would had been better i mean like when those games are gonna come out i mean 2 years from now how many games will really look like this demo.

      3. Lewis Carrol

        @Rohan Rathour It was available. Right BEFORE and IN the presentation. Geoff never said it was a game reveal. Lumen and Nanite are explained right IN the demo. That's what the demo is all about.

      4. Rohan Rathour

        Much information was not available at that time

    25. John.S

      You only need to "social distancing" IF you are developing or notice symptoms of sickness, otherwise you're just playing a game of "can't touch me", as distancing yourself do no difference, the only way to get rid of COV-Sars19 (covid) is to find a cure/preventative medication for it. Hammer time. The PS5 is actually in fact just a computer, with a modern multicore processor and an AMD GPU. It doesn't even have the next-gen (often refered as "big Navi"/20-something) GPU, the PS5 have a good graphics component, but not as great as the upcoming 2020 year's graphics, and to muddy the red-color you might be thinking of here, nVIDIA and Intel are also close to releasing their "next-gen" graphics stuff, thus for the GPU-part "vs PS5", the red-green-blue bar for "best", will rise a bit above either the PS5 or Xbox 720 when they release.

    26. Darko Zoric

      When the guy behind the camera knows more than the guys in front of the camera

    27. Daniel Pacheco

      better that a pc of the same price? yes, better that a pc that cost 3 5 10 times more no lol... next question please

    28. Nadir Gawad Mohammed Ali Al-Bai (Student)

      I mean.. ts not gonna be better than pc. its really just a prebuilt pc that is a reasonable price. Isn't the pc gonna get better hardware by the day? (Before watching the video)


      The thumbnail:will the ps5 be better than pc? Me:*laughs in silence*

      1. SARGUN _SINGH

        It runs on all of the games that I own

      2. SARGUN _SINGH

        Battlefield fortnite gta csgo

      3. Barack Obama

        SARGUN _SINGH in what games??

      4. SARGUN _SINGH

        Bro I get 300 fps with ryzen 5 3600 and 2070 super and 4k144

      5. Barack Obama

        SARGUN _SINGH I have a 5700XT with a Ryzen 5 3600X and I can’t even touch 4K60fps in most games, I don’t know how you can get 4k144 with that

    30. Lance Zimmer

      Unity uses C#, Unreal uses C++. People whine because C++ is more difficult for some to learn than C#.

    31. hyou zan ren

      ....? AMD and Nvidia need to put aside their differences and face this consoles threat!

      1. Rohan Rathour

        Amd is in consoles

    32. Umut Kanyilmaz

      Pc-2 will be quantum computers

    33. Umut Kanyilmaz

      I am a hardcore pc gamer who knows a lot about pc’s, I’ve built 4 in total and JUST TO LAUGH I typed this tittle in😂 and to all people who actually thinks that any console can compete with pc YOU STUPID 🤣

      1. Rohan Rathour

        But then they will argue that pc is fucking expensive literally 3 4 times Moreno

    34. Andrey Peev

      Nvidia and AMD helping Pc: *allow us to introduce ourselfs*

    35. Sem

      yo .. im sorry but riley hurt my brain this video ..

    36. Joe R

      For those of you who actually care about why the SSD thing matters I would read up on it. Here's a start. www.tweaktown.com/news/71340/understanding-the-ps5s-ssd-deep-dive-into-next-gen-storage-tech/index.html For those of you wondering which console means you have a bigger dick, continue on as you were.

    37. c1gg4

      FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUCK you RIley. WTF why would you start a vid shouting like that wtf is wrong you ppl?

    38. Comp Wiz2007

      NOPE, it' won't be more powerful.. "Players Won’t Feel Too Much Difference on Next-Gen Because of Hardware Specs of PS5", Says Chernobylite Dev. Try again, an upper mid tier Gaming PC from end of 2018 still has the PS5 beat, done and done.. That special little SSD of the PS5 doesn't translate to any actual increase in performance ingame. Oh yeah it will load a map 0.05 of a second faster than a mid tier PC M.2 SSD drive. The sheer ignorance of everyone that came out into a rash over the new PS5 SSD is pretty funny. Sorry but my PC already performs better than a yet to be released PS5.. NEVER think that a console is going to perform as good as a gaming PC. In fact you can already see that consoles are becoming small form factor PCs. No console NEVER came close to killing PC gaming and now consoles are becoming PCs. Game, set and match.. But anyone that had a brain knew this a long, long, long time ago..

    39. qmanzo

      They talk so much but don't come to the point for half of the video, waste of time.

      1. Mr. Clean

        @Rohan Rathour How can he know that without watching the vid?

      2. Rohan Rathour

        @qmanzo your mid way and cant take this causes it's going ovee your head nahhh

      3. qmanzo

        @Rohan Rathour i didnt, i stopped after the realisation dumbfuck.

      4. Rohan Rathour

        Then why your watching this video asshole

    40. Bru Pro

      Im using corsair 1080 gtx i think and i dont want to switch to consoles only console i play is switch cause of BOTW and mario oddyesy rip english

    41. Henry Woo

      In term of graphic PC always 4-8 years far beyond then PS since centuries ago. Accept the fact.

    42. Yaser Abdul

      Best PC exclusive : pinball

    43. Tolga K

      30fps on the Unreal Engine 5 demo 😂😂😂 Even my 350€ budget beast can run this demo with a much higher framerate ;)

      1. Barack Obama

        Are you sure about that? 😂😂

    44. Patrick McKiernan

      That bruh moment when you are locked to 120fps

    45. DoodleBob DaWae

      Nobody: Playstation: Press triangle to inspect triangles

    46. Kevin McKinley-Czup

      Square was working on their own in house engine that boasted graphical fidelity, and the naming scheme being so similar makes me wonder if after square scrapped that engine, if many of the passionate workers weren't hired onto epic, who produced the engine square now uses, or were at least transitioned into to supplement the strength as either form of payment or control in the market. Square Enix is one of our big 5 right still, and everyone's using unreal, because the deal is great. I wouldn't be surprised to see an influence come from them. Let's be real though, Nvidia hairworks is what did a lot of the legroom there though.

    47. noob helper

      you cant play snake in ps5.....

      1. Barack Obama

        Wrong: 1° step - open your PS5 2° step - kidnap a snake 3° step - drill the snake and put the motherboard inside 4° step - profit?

    48. Reelixon

      I hope you remember that the games for ps5 will be made on pc

    49. Sage Bias

      As a c++ developer who has never written in C#. Screw C#.

    50. siddotogg


    51. x1 Muzz

      Im thinking of buying a pc ryzen 5 3600x and an rtx 2060 for around 1000 dollars including a high end monitor but the next gen consoles are gonna be way cheaper so what do i pick

      1. Rohan Rathour

        @dmn what proof

      2. F-22raptor

        Wait for new cpus and gpus they're coming out soon

      3. dmn

        I mean it depends on your needs. If you just want to game and don't care about customizability, room for upgrading, emulations of other consoles games, or doing anything else work related, then go for a console. The PS5's specs are rumored to be closer to a 3700x and a 5700xt like performance, so it'd probably be faster than your PC while also coming with exclusives like Spiderman PS5 (not to be confused with Spiderman Miles Morales, which is most likely just a standalone expansion also coming to the PS5, similar to Infamous First Light and Infamous Second Son), Horizon II Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. It's really your choice at the end of the day though. PS- if you still want to build a PC, wait for the 3600xt coming next month. It'll offer faster clocks and better performance, most likely taking the current price of the 3600. Even if you don't get the newer CPU, the 3600 will most likely have a price drop.

    52. Aaron Nelson

      This is actually great news for game devs. Normal map baking can be a NIGHTMARE

    53. Moises Cortez

      Woo unreal engine 5 demo running on high end pc

    54. Sergio Diaz

      What? Game demo? You saw a technical demo which ran at 30fps 1080p. Are you people serious? Oh, I get it. Epic and Sony slapped your asses when you laughed at their “magical” SSD so you decided to simp hard for their dicks.

      1. Barack Obama


    55. Dejfit Stepiag

      PLAYSTATION 5 will have also 36 CUS x 64 cores= 2304 cores they same like shading units . rtx 2080ti have 4352 of them so i just comparing only gpu here. memory speed 12ghz for ps5 and actual rtx 2080ti 14ghz. and last Graphic Card released is already year old. And I even dont mentioning about NVIDIA RTX TITAN with it 24GB of memeory can do..So please dont tell me that consoles will ever pass performance of PCS. but for low budget + perfect performance and quality console will always win.

      1. Barack Obama

        dmn i guess I missed that

      2. dmn

        @Barack Obama He's addressing the console peasants that see the PS5's supposed specs and think it's the future of gaming, making PCs obsolete. Such people don't know anything about computers or technology and make bold ass claims, making themselves look stupid af. He wasn't being an elitist like you're making him out to be either, which you would know if you read his last sentence stating that the consoles' price-to-performance ratio goes unmatched.

      3. dmn

        @EwChO 4k120? Gaming? WITH raytracing? On console? What a load of BS. That won't be achievable at those prices unless the graphics are HEAVILY turned down. It's just not possible on a GPU that's ~5700xt level.

      4. EwChO

        obviously console isn't going to beat the best PC has to offer because of costs, but raytracing 4k at 120fps for under $550 makes even 2000 dollar pcs look lesser

    56. Dejfit Stepiag

      consoles will have poors version of ray tracing. when real ray tracing works and makes light behave like it does in real world..consoles will have another thing to do it and will be more performant

    57. Dejfit Stepiag

      memory bandwidth fopr rtx 2080ti 616GB/s memeory badwtih ps5 448GB/S and imagine what nvidia or amd prepare for next gen...

    58. Mr. Truth

      If you are really ugly, I'm sure your sound quality will be terrible, because then it just won't care.

    59. Michael dejong

      Ps is better that pc .... cheaper and more fun... why buy $2000 plus to play same games as ps? Doesn’t make sense to me...

      1. Mr. Clean

        @pbluma no one can change his mind too

      2. pbluma

        He can barely spell, is a peasant, and has zero knowledge on this. Nobody in his right mind would think a box that plays games is better than a PC lmao. His opinions is invalid

      3. Mr. Clean

        More fun on pc you can do more than ps

      4. pbluma

        pfff casual

      5. dmn

        Hmm, let's see.. emulation, better graphics, customizability, way lower prices for games just to name a few. PC > Console anyday.

    60. kurniadhe Prawito

      Aftel all this hype “PS5 better than PC bla bla bla....”, and then Nvidia launch new GPU...boom... people start to forget PS5

      1. Mr. Clean

        @EwChO Ouh but I want to see the ps5 cost 3000€ lmao 4k 120 fps how dumb can humans actually be?

      2. Rohan Rathour

        @EwChO you need a big slap asshole who told you ps5 would do 4k 120 fps.

      3. Doctor Squidman

        @EwChO AMD and Nvidia are both releaseing new graphics cards by September-November lol

      4. Doctor Squidman

        @EwChO PS5 is not running 4k and 120hz lmfao most TVs cant even do that unless you have a $2000 high end TV

      5. Dervize

        Well yea no shit they will have to release a new GPU that’s what the companies already do. Do you really think NVIDIA and AMD are scared of consoles? After 6 months the hardware in the PS5 will be outdated and guess what? NVIDIA and AMD have already topped what’s in the consoles. Also that Ray tracing bs do you not know how toned down that will be? It will not be as good as pc.

    61. Aryan Khodadadi

      My geometry teacher: so... What is this shape? Me: triangle sir, billions of triangles

    62. 〉〉GameHacKeR〈〈

      Nvidia's "RTX"\"RT Cores" works with the API's ray traceing plugins DX12's DXR library and Vulkan's which I think was in the 1.1or1.2 update. Could even work with in engine solutions like Crytek did with Cryengines Neon Nior which you can download and run on older cards like a Vega56 which they used themselves for the reveal demo on youtube. Runs on pretty much anything that can compute.

    63. iinRez

      This was episode fumbly but I dig the concept.

    64. Magnificent Blac

      Here after Linus apologized to Tim Sweeney. 🍿

    65. RJ jr.


    66. name_is_AMAR

      i saw some saying that "the PS3 was also ahead off any PC at its time , and the same can happen for PS5 " yes you all are right .....BUT it did cost way more than average PC of that period of time too. you want that same for now .$800-$1000 for a PS5 or XBox Series X console . because the average gaming PC cost more than that at this period. And the PS3 was based on Cell Broadcom processor which was of a complete different architecture,and it was fast but took years to optimize and take the full advantage of it by Devs. things have changed. consoles use the same Architecture . as PC. and logically thinking AMD wont just release a $799 GPU in a $499 console and let their PC components sales go down. i mean they earn ton more selling PC hardware rather than they make through Sony PS or XBox combined. that's my guess. the CU in the PS5 is said to be 36CU which is same as in AMD RX 5700 which is almost close to rtx 2060 which is a $345 card. still doesn't make sense as the console are rumoured to price about $499 and the PS5 is said to give 10.29 tFlops. its more than rtx 2080 Super. All of that just can't come under even $699. its also gonna have a 825GB of fast SSD which are also expensive compared to HDDs for now the " price to specs on paper " ratio of the next gen consoles are off the charts and unrealistic to me and for those talking about the upcoming RTX 3000 series .looking at history ,the RTX 3060 will be close to the 2070-2070 super, should be giving about 7.5 - 8.5 tFlops ,still lower than the PS5 10.2tFlops .we would be needing a RTX 3070 to mach the PS5 spec ...& forget about the XBox X with 12.1 tFlops

      1. Aiden Iridescence

        While I think that the PS5 and Series X are more to likely happen at $ 500-600, I wouldn't be surprised if both companies pull move a move with weaker versions like the rumored Series S which could be easily priced anywhere around 400-600. As you already stated, it's also not surprising to have the mentioned specs for a sub $ 700 machine because it also depends on how much microsoft and sony are prepared to subsidize for the hardware like how there were people saying that printer companies barely make anything or even lose some on common printer hardware but the bulk of the profit comes from catridges or refills; games for consoles in this case. I also doubt that consoles will have full fledged desktop CPUs and more likely to use mobile variants to cut costs. As far as AMD earning more for just selling expensive GPUs on PC, that might not be the case considering other factors. Consoles might have acceptable enough profit as a high volume, low margin product when AMD collaborates with ms and sony. More people welcoming AMD's architectures might also have other long term benefits but I'm not sure. Cerny, The Cherno, NXGamer and others also mentioned that TFLOP alone don't tell the whole story and directly comparing TFLOPs between AMD and Nvidia has been a no-no for a while now according to others. Other components such as ROPS, bandwidth have to be taken into account.

    67. Polite Cat

      the demo looks like a copy of tomb raider.

    68. Jason Moore

      How many like, times are you guys gonna like, say the word like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAKE IT LIKE, STOP FFS

    69. Kshitij Shukla

      These two are making absurd rants and raising questions most of which are already answered in the PS5 press video. Now I know the difference between TechLinked and LTT

    70. Kamel Yakoubi

      Wich is faster , ps5 ssd or high end pc ssd ?

      1. F-22raptor

        Nvme pcie 4 is probably faster or the same speed not slower especially with a more powerful cpu

      2. Aiden Iridescence

        Highest end PC has the best nvme, that almost all of the average consumers won't use due to price. 5-7 GBPS will likely be common in the next few years though. PS5 will at least have 5. I think Linus showed a 15 GBPS nvme but in the same video implied that PCs don't yet have dedicated chip decoders that translates to about 8 GBPS nvme and will likely reach tens of millions. PC still will have the fastest.

      3. Ethan

        From what I know, there's no info on how fast the PS5 ssd is, but I am gonna guess that the comparison would vary on the SSD in the pc and PS5.

    71. GOJI MLG

      You mean better than AMD BIG NAVI and NVIDIA RTX 3080 TI?

    72. Vemprite

      Pcs also hold consoles back because devs have to make games for PCs so meaning low end to high end so pc is good if you wanna spend 1500 plus dollars but not better than console for the price

      1. Aiden Iridescence

        Most likely. Most PC gamers will likely have much worse hardware than next gen consoles but at least PC is scalable.

    73. Unknowntyper

      PIA no torrent

    74. Attila Farkas

      I don't know if anyone remeber the hype of the PS4 as it was claimed to be more powerful for gaming than a PC back than. nuff said...

    75. marvelous LIE

      I'm not buying a Censorstation 5.

    76. Pilot_X_X_

      should I get the ps5 for 500 dollars or build a pc with 600 dollars( 16 gb ram+Nvidia RTX2060+AMD ryzen 5 1600)???

      1. Rohan Rathour

        @Barack Obama and for exclusives

      2. Barack Obama

        If you are going to use it for gaming only, get the PS5

    77. Not Here

      No. It won’t.

    78. thecognacsipper

      hey why dont these get upladed as audio only like the WAN show an Carpool Critics? i think that would fit very well. YEAH Im one of the 20 ppl that listens to that stuff on SoundCloud

    79. Max From Aus

      Hey guys if you want some free reddit karma just pick a comment and copy paste it into r/pcmasterrace and r/gamingcirclejerk. Hope this helps :))))

    80. Davyboy Chopperhandles

      On second thought... Hell no. 16K on the way from nvidi... I'll keep it short, Console guts are supplied by AMD, so as long as Intel exists they're completely boned. Heeeeeell Noooooo! lmao.

    81. Naxster

      You are making same mistake as Linus... It's not about bandwidth of the SSD. It's not about the SSD itself. EVERY SINGLE SSD made for PC is bottlenecked by cpu. It can have 1 billion GB per sec but it is still limited by cpu cycles. PS5's is not, gpu has direct access. That is what he was talking about. Saltines of PC enthusiasts is just.. .weird.

    82. Naxster

      There is a lot of really poor background here - i don't think anyone other than character artists does LOD's by hand. Unreal engine has wonderful automatic lod generation and even if not this, there is a lot of software that can easly create LOD's Nanite's power is not in just the fact you don;t have to create LOD, it's that you can feed it object of 5 milion triangle (usually there should be 3 milion total in visible frame) and it will work easly. You can have scene of few BILION triangle and it will work on a console. that's the power. It utilises lod simplification on per pixel level. And because it can be fed even the whole scene of milion poly objects, things like baked normal maps might cease to exist. Also, having that much triangles, we could switch from textures alltogether as we can use vertex paint instead. That one version of one game engine might change workflow of creating 3D assets - normalmaps are just textures with information on direction of normal vector of that surface in that place. Basically if you have flat surface of the desk that is standing horizontally on the floor, it's normal vector would point stright up. So normal vestor is kind of "where that surface/plane/triangle is looking". So by giving the engine information about that triangle normal vector and adding to that vector from the normal map (each color is different direction) we can create illusion of surface detail that is not geometrically there. But I would call it illusion of depth, that would be parallax occlusion. With nanite... that geometry can be there. -rocks areint inherently low poly... If anything man-made stuff can be. Rocks are rough and coarse (and they get everywhere) and are hardly ever fully flat. And those are the kind they used in the demo, they had a LOT of geometry. It's true they are easier to make photorealistic tho, that's probably why they chose that type of scenery. -megascans have a lot of things, but that was more of a joke. The do have plants. - yeah character is pretty important topic. People are discussing how will nanite work with skeletal meshes, especially that they use speical topology for animation. Artists won't work on milion poly mesh per face. They were always retopologised into soemthing more digestable for humans. So the fact character looks different in this demo shows that are possible problems or exemptions from nanite. -lumen uses raytracing for big scale, and distance fields for medium and screenspace ao for small ones. It'sa hybrid engine and that is why it's much faster than blatantly raytracing everything. If you slow it down extremally you can see how GI updates for few frames after light was moved. - Unreal uses c++. Much bigger change as i said is in how light and models are made. Especially models, nanite might flip current workflow on it's head. It looks a HECKtone better than Uncharted 4. I love U4, from graphics point especially, but be real guys.

    83. Josh Polman

      Normal maps are easy to create from Zbrush. Literally takes a few min. You just sculpt in hi res, create a low poly version, then bake one into the other.

    84. Josh Polman

      LOD Creation really isn’t that big of a deal... simply using a few tools in Blender you can create the LODs. It’s actually pretty straightforward. LOD creation is one of the easiest/quickest thing to do in model creation. You can do it straight from Zbrush, each one right after the other. I don’t understand how something which takes 15 min is meant to save time on models that have taken days to create. It’s really not the biggest time waster in game dev.

    85. rexydallas8D

      "PS5 will have 3D audio!" But... 3D audio has existed on PC since the 1990s.

      1. Geoff Lupton

        First why are you comparing an open system compared to closed system . PC there is no limit for power or price. On console you have to. Or itll never sell

    86. K6TExoticz _

      I'll be here when the answer is no a console can never beat a pc

      1. cry w

        @K6TExoticz _ Both. PC to play with friends on Terraria, Endless Legend, and others. I play PS4 for other stuff that is more demanding, like Nioh 2, Doom Eternal, Apex Legends, and some others, despite the jet engine. My PC was alright a few years ago, but it has become outdated by this point, and I can't afford to upgrade or replace it.

      2. K6TExoticz _

        @cry w u play on console or pc?

      3. cry w

        @K6TExoticz _ Custom built gaming PC's were nowhere near as prevelant back then, nor were they as affordable or ahead of the curve. Before the last console generation, most consoles leaped ahead of PC tech before PC then overtook them. I don't blame you for not knowing this though, if you are about as young as I am. If not, then you might have the memory of a goldfish.

      4. K6TExoticz _

        @cry w was gaming pc out when ps2 came out?? What pc are you talking about??

      5. K6TExoticz _


    87. K6TExoticz _

      Now I'm pretty sure if the pc desktop was like consoles then pc would be better but I like pc more I use to play console if the ps5 and windows did like some mix thing then I would idk

    88. Alex Marks

      21:13. No, I will not. Poor design choices should be revised, not accepted.

    89. Freddy Fox 500

      It's plug and play vs a hobby. PC has much more to offer, but at a price, not only in terms of money if you wanna keep playing new AAA titles, but also in terms of time, know-how, and blue screen etc. Console is more convenient for a little/casual gaming with a lot less headaches.

      1. WaffleVault 『Goolge Lens』

        I don't know what people are doing to get constantly get blue screens or crashes but it really gets me. And AAA come with pre-existing graphics options some even do it automatically.

    90. BC-MasterKush-QC

      Just the ps5 ssd controller with zen core is more powerful then a ps4(cpu) .....xd

    91. BC-MasterKush-QC

      d3d9/10/11/12 focused on intel and x32 bits game need to die, Vulkan api for the win!

    92. GorLock

      my skyrim is 312GB after mods. i'm rolling 2tb ssd. but end of this year i'm planing on getting more m.2 4tb and stuffing them into dual m.2 to 2.5 bay for 8tb ssds. my system is all ssd 2tb and one m.2 1tb as boot. all my sata port are used i only have 120 gb left of free space on drive e. i don't know why consoles are complaining my nephew xbox is a 1tb after mod swapping the internal hdd for a ssd. but after he ran low. i want out to get a 2tb ssd to plug in usb. so basicly just plug in a big flash drive 480gb install a game on it, and slap a sticker. done.

    93. ShamblerDK

      I don't even have to watch the video, to be able to answer that for you: No.

      1. Barack Obama

        Depends on your PC, it’s not like everyone has a 2080ti I9 10900k 5.3 GHz

    94. sad ghost

      pc guys: *whomst has summoned the almighty?*

    95. chris styles

      PC Fan boys hating on consoles did you expect anything else

    96. scp-173

      It sucks

    97. Saguito PC Gamer


    98. Doubleman D

      It will definitely be better than xbox

    99. StillSalty


      1. Ethan

        Ah, oof.

      2. Rob

        @Ethan answer to the title

      3. Ethan


    100. MeowMiau343

      Future of gaming, everything is realistic.. One game, one terabyte..