Facebook: “Delete ur account”


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    0:00 lttstore.com, ever heard of it?
    0:20 Facebook pays users to delete accounts
    1:32 Mario's 35th anniversary stuff
    2:49 Space stuff
    4:04 Honey
    4:44 QUICK BITS
    4:47 It's expensive to remove Huawei
    5:13 T-Mobile Project 10 Million
    5:43 Logitech Playmaster
    6:03 TF2 anti-cheater cheating bots
    6:26 Battery-free Game Boy
    Facebook paying users to log OFF ahead of election
    research initiative about. news/2020/08/research-impact-of-facebook-and-instagram-on-us-election/
    Germany has an issue with required FB logins on Oculus
    Control real RC cars with your Nintendo Switch
    mashable.com/video/mario-kart-live-home-circuit-nintendo-trailer/ hugets.info/show/x2KgeNa5uXp1rHY/vide.html
    Super Mario 3D All-Stars only available for limited time
    And Super Mario Bros 35 battle royale… after Nintendo shut down the fan version
    fan version hugets.info/show/xpGehJfbl4tl0IY/vide.html
    SpaceX hop
    Also launched more Starlinks
    gizmodo.com/spacexs-satellite-isp-now-boasts-download-speeds-of-mor-1844955052Rocket Lab snuck a mini-rocket satellite into latest launch
    And China launched SOMETHING
    1.8 billion: cost to remove Huawei and ZTE from U.S. networks
    T-Mobile details plan to gift internet to 10 million homes
    Logitech Playmaster will help you get gud at CS:GO
    TF2 community makes cheating bots that hunt down real cheaters
    Battery-free Game Boy

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    1. Chris Tucker

      Hunters emails... Instagram : shut it down its hacked content. Facebook: We need to background check it.

    2. Xalzinor

      "I want to see a sweaty colton" Don't we all?

    3. The 49th Spartan

      If I got 100 Mbs wifi I would cry tears of Joy.

    4. RantChant 316

      I deleted my account 8 months ago and its the best decision I ever made... and I do drugs

    5. Kukalooka


    6. Colgate Drip

      Facebook isn't the one with the most brainless users anymore it was over taken by Tik Tok

    7. Alerxz twist kid

      Working at Linus tech must be fun

    8. avihsnis

      "I've learned so much about my mom" - dead

    9. Greenstorm

      Thing about tf2 bots is that they were made to not target other bots, so if they make them so they can target good bots, they may turn on eachother. So basically they are simultaneously imploding and exploding

    10. Basti EiseNKrafT

      Facebook: Delete your account if you're not a democrat

    11. xn0

      I like the ehhh...."roman" salute at 3:33.

    12. ベジータ

      I use more than 100 gb a fuckin day.

    13. Mikael

      Thank you youtube dot com for the notification, 6 days after the video got released :)))))

    14. Shades McGee

      Colton: let's work out on the weekend Me: but I work out on weekdays

    15. Melkboi

      Why do I keep getting the technews recommeneded to me again, five days later

    16. Thaviking George

      I love it when i get random recommendations from youtube and there is an unskipable 15seconds advert i have to watch. Thanks youtube!

      1. Thaviking George

        ベジータ you gonna buy it for me?😂 Think of a business stand point of the comment i posted! And not a personal one... youtube is still gonna do it, but only for the channels that aren’t premium accounts. It’s annoying! Even if I actually love what the Linus group does!

      2. ベジータ

        Then get the HUgets premium instead of complaining.

    17. Muhammad hiari

      colton feels much more like a human than the first time he appeared on LMG

    18. Ben R

      Schnell! Greetings from northern Germany!

    19. ChiefsChiLLaXN

      Just use the VAC-cinattor it counters all cheaters in TF2

    20. Mike Vreeland

      It’s funny that just before the video, there’s an ad for Facebook. Then at the end, an ad for Verizon. Coincidence? I don’t think so.....

    21. Silver Stars1983

      OMG Colton cracks me up every single time. Shame he's not on more often.

    22. Pierre Demet

      big deal uh my memes are so good fb deactivates my account 1 month every now and then

    23. Shiniychi

      This comment section is now property of the Federal Republic of Germany!

    24. Jane Denton Gaming

      I deleted my acct years ago. It said acct would be deleted if I didn't reactivate it in less than a mth. Years later I get a notification if I wanted to change my password. The accts are clearly not getting deleted even if you want them deleted. Which makes me wonder if those deleted accts people who thought were deleted long ago aren't sold to bot services to appear as legit accts.

    25. BL00D H4ND

      I thought Colton needed to be fired but now I realize I need more Colton in my life

    26. SamfisherSam

      You know, this video made me think of something... Colton in this outfit really makes him look like Glen the DMV guy from Blacklist... Especially with the head band in the latest season.

    27. Average Helper

      5:13 “Wait, it’s all made in China?” “Always has been”

    28. TryingHisBest

      100gb per year won't even allow you to download the latest Modern Warfare update.

    29. Herms Burney

      All scam!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠 Only #zane_hacks on iG I bet no regrets she is a pro 💯 guarantee

    30. Herms Burney

      OMG!!! #zane_hacks on iG just got me my disabled account back within minutes she's awesome 💯 legit source

    31. Herms Burney

      All scam!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠 Only #zane_hacks on iG I bet no regrets she is a pro 💯 guarantee

    32. PowerDuDe_DK

      Colton did a HOT TAKE on that one. WHOO COLTON! (considering his awkwardness) =P

    33. MDKVideo

      I love me some Colton

    34. u.c.m. Rich

      fake news book

    35. Nick Lim

      lol sorry "honey"

    36. Falxie_

      Apparently the Starlink download speeds are really underwhelming right now

    37. Das_Unterstrich

      3:33 deutsch

    38. Alzon Shrestha

      100 mbps per user is still not bad cause not on this earth every f**king person can own a 10gig server

    39. JJ

      but if they are being paid are they sure they get an honest opinion

    40. Hyder 61112

      So these Facebook motherfreakers just deleted my account without paying me, poor platform

    41. Friday Californiaa

      People : « How to completely delete your FB » Me : easy, talk about politics...

    42. Vukašin Maslovarić

      Made in china + assembled in USA = Made in USA

    43. wonfeather

      Nobody goes to space, all a deception. Do some real reporting instead of reading other people's fake news.

    44. Ron

      They could've paid me I already deleted my accounts

    45. nemesisgenius

      I finally deleted my Facebook account over a month ago. One of the best things I ever did.

    46. йцуке ячсмит

      I deleted my account, but I will make another one, special edition for oculus

    47. xaq xonq

      If Facebook is funding this study there is absolutely no way this study will mean shit

    48. Charlie

      i deleted my facebook account 2 months ago. yesterday, i tried to create a new account to try to sell things in the facebook marketplace and they've disabled/banned me/won't allow me to create a new account, saying i went against their community guidelines. all i ever posted were photos of vintage motorcycles i liked (with no female models). i've put it up for review but they just say no. whatever, it reminded me why i deleted it to begin with.

    49. CuckooCoins FidgetSpinner

      TF2: judgement day

    50. CuckooCoins FidgetSpinner

      Theyre only selling it up until march because thats when the worlds economy will fully fucking tank

    51. CuckooCoins FidgetSpinner

      You want to pay me to delete my account, zuck? Ok. Blow your brains out. Then ill delete all social media🤣🤣🤣

    52. Ujwl Agarwl

      Writing for techlinked is top-notch!

    53. SAM Loves San

      Did anyone else get to see he pulsewave commercial before the video?

    54. Sam

      I deleted my Facebook 8 years ago and I got nothing :(

      1. Sam

        Besides happiness

    55. Michael Ahmann

      Schnell 😆

    56. Rob Oo

      bring back Alex

    57. Dani Rabinowitz

      I love how this channel is slowly massaging its audience into an army of anti-capitalist tech enthusiasts

    58. nekomura-kun :3

      I could have sworn that colton was long fired by now

    59. rayun mahbub

      Coulson is just the best

    60. Michael Hallak

      how many ads can you cram into one youtube video

    61. xxxenricop

      Kinda overdoing the comments from outside now... It's super cool 2 times per video but silly every 2 sentences...

    62. Nicholas Conundrum

      I feel like McDonald’s releases a cheaper version of that infinite gameboy

    63. Mateo Crespo

      PLEASE more colton6

    64. Your Subconscious

      Dear Facebook, please delete my account since you make it so difficult to actually "delete"

    65. Beanobut

      They really should have done the experiment with twitter instead of Facebook and Instagram

    66. Luke Rasmussen

      This video made me like Colton so much more :)

    67. rautamiekka

      USA is way more advanced and wealthier than Finland by every measure, except USA's Internet is a massive joke. It's like USA's still living in the early 2000s.

    68. Proclaimor

      The desert island query: I would take a large fully stocked and functional yacht with a well oiled crew of experienced sailors that also happen to have some sexy singles in the mix.

    69. Daily Routines

      The BG-Speaker boosts the show 😂😂😂

    70. ̐

      T-Mobile is advertising "free" access to the internet for some, at the same time screen is filled with immigrants. No freebies for whites presumably :)

    71. Jim

      I hate those intro jokes

    72. Reiq -Quake-

      damn. i deleted my account 1 month ago RIP

    73. Dan B

      Never understood what quick bits even means. It's even more baffling when "quick bits" is word played, i.e. "quib bits"...

    74. CalgarGTX

      Facebook is going to pay people for not voicing their trash opinions ? ...if I never made a facebook account in the first place can I get paid too ?

    75. nightmisterio

      Don't we call that election meddling?

    76. Manospondylus Gigas

      Facebook is interfering in the 2020 election. They are literally enemies of the American people.

    77. HiIamInfi

      Have you guys ever thought about bringing TechLinked to Podcast Platforms? I wouldnt mind honestly

    78. Ramy Rabie

      I'm actually watching this with my fb account deactivated for more than a month now.

    79. Skelten s

      13:10 That is Rocket Lab, not SpaceX!

    80. Ganesh Karhale

      100 GB per year is roughly 277 MB per day

    81. Jefferson Estêvam

      0:20 Yeah *"science"*

    82. Saul Goodman

      So Facebook is getting involved in the election. Isn't that what you call, collusion? Which the left was blaming Trump and Russia for the last 4 years.

    83. TheWeeOne

      The schnell was fricking perfekt

    84. Cornee

      FB deteled TechLeads profile after criticizing BLM on HUgets, he lost access to websites were he used FB sign-in feature, now imagine you get banned for wrong think and your VR turns into an expensive brick.

    85. USiddiqui

      I have saved $0 with honey and used it dozens of times. 🥺

    86. Palestinian Patriot

      The guy talking in the background is cringey and annoying

    87. marv gard II

      i want a maga hat with flexible solar panels and a rechargeable battery under the cap and little flash lights and a mini uv light bulb for uv hardening glue and usb jack to charge my cellphone with.

    88. George Henry Moore

      Fine Facebook into oblivion. 1.Break all big tech corps into pieces, make them pay taxes, hold their CEO's accountable for being part of the military industrial complex and NSA/ CIA intelligence gathering and influencing operations, sue the absolute hell out of Alphabet Inc. Twatter, etc. 2. Force all billionaires to choose between parting with their obscene riches and become mere millionaires, or walk up the steps to L'abbaye de monte-à-regret. 3. Hold them accountable for every bit of their involvement with kids in relation to Israel's Epstein operations. EDIT: ALLEGEDLY! (Eh? YeAh, rrrrright)

    89. Blender Wiki

      Good by democracy

    90. Claudiu Stian

      More of this gently-baked human, please!

    91. GamingIsSuperior

      5:07 did he just say "yamero"?

    92. Wolfsokaya

      The facebook thingy is already failed,since the easily influenced ppl are probably on Twatter too,the old media is still around too. :]

    93. Julio

      T-Mobile aka German Telekom doing what it does best, providing false promises

    94. Luke Morgan

      fb would have to pay me 8,850,000 to deactivate accounts lol

    95. Felipemelazzi

      3:00 100 mbps is around 3x faster than my download speed and 13x faster than my upload speed

    96. Paul V

      This seems fishy to me to say the least! Hey I just figured out you remind me of Alf! The super old TV show back in the day hahahaha!!!

    97. arizakaa

      I'm pretty sure the covidiots have already proven that facebook can melt brains

    98. DoctorX17

      Everyone should delete their Facebook accounts forever

    99. AlexLernt

      Very impressed with the schnell

    100. Neon Kapawn

      I would've never image that tf2 would be here lol