Chrome Improves BIG TIME!


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    1. Dennis St.

      Human advertising column! ^^

    2. Mathias Bruun Larsen

      'you don't have that many chrome tabs open on you phone, do you?' Me looking at my number of open tabs which shows :D (meaning 100+) 😅

    3. Nicholas Josey

      i usually have more than 50 tabs open in android chrome

    4. Tsumitsuki

      I guess the switch sales increased due to the new animal crossing.

    5. Sylanna Maxwell

      Gotta love it when "Ok Google" reacts to your video and searches "is by".

    6. OnesAndZeroes

      I would buy the “retro fat controller”

    7. Pepsi :O

      Yeah yeah I guess I’ll cry with my Chromebook that’s no longer getting updated 😔

    8. MdahTube

      will you do a review on opera gaming browser?>

    9. Alexandre B

      I'm definitely a human... I have so much tabs open that I can only see the icon, and half of them are HUgets. The problem is I can't update chrome without closing them all... Guess I won't update until months lol, but I have a Desktop PC and 24Go of RAM, I can wait 😂

    10. Stan dread

      When he call halo infinite a “reboot”

    11. Gary Whitehouse

      its tyre not tire, thats something that happens when you run out of energy.... ;p

    12. Bob Dylan

      I worked with post mates. They are really good to businesses. Its such a shame. I deliver elsewhere too, setting up delivery yourself for small businesses is incredibly cheap. Most places dont play salaries. You're a contractor and it costs them nothing for you to work there. We get delivery charge and tips. Make about 200 a night cash. Basically tax free cause I can write off gas expenses and car maintenance, even my phone bill.

    13. Anas Alibrahim

      September 25th ( i did the math :) )

    14. absol_89

      I have the 8bitDo sn30 pro, it is great :)

    15. SR

      Given james' birthday he was probably conceived on Christmas eve... You're welcome

    16. Michael Neal

      I barely have more than 10 tabs. Right now I am at 7.

    17. Nicefisher

      On Firefox the tabs become infinite after 100

    18. cubeismoving

      I don't need Chrome to save battery life I need Chrome to stop eating my memory

    19. Kenneth Rosenstroem

      No chapters on the timeline this time?

    20. oOCakeBoss

      Yo what's your venmo?

    21. Dobrx

      I'm not human according to James because I only have 3 tabs open at a time or else I die

    22. Nicolas Chapados Girard

      James... James. ... James. .. who wrote this?

    23. Sukrit Aggarwal

      Just use the new Edge

    24. Davii Mai

      Wonder what that means for 250+ tabs

    25. Ninjastahr

      Microsoft sells the Duke controller, actually

    26. Louis Horvath

      He called me mister ... HOW DID HE KNOW THAT??!? IT'S A MIRACLE!

    27. issaciams

      Having more than 20 Chrome tabs open on my phone really slows it down so I try to keep it below that. Still hard to do.

    28. Onieyus Yojimbo

      Still avoiding that RAM problem I see...

    29. drsupremo88

      The fact that people keep so many tabs open, shows how disorganised folks are

    30. Dillinger R.

      For every tab I have open it counts as 8 tabs open

    31. Cristófano Varacolaci

      Chrome is a virus

    32. atimholt

      I use Firefox in Windows, but it is a Surface Pro, and I never left-click, only middle-click for new tabs. I've started using an addon called “Auto Tab Discard” while watching HUgets so that the current tab is the only one doing anything at all.

    33. Greyhawkism

      Only dealing with minimal Google crap. If an alt to Google shows up, I'm gone.

    34. ediz atas

      LinusRetired.mp3 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 2:17 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

    35. Gabe Curtis

      My birthday is fluffing July 23! :O

    36. P A T C H E S T

      Happy birthday James, In Advance!

    37. Thomas Borisov

      that uber comment was cold

    38. Elias P

      That is not Javascript

    39. Sumit Redu

      ''You don't have a lot of tabs open on your phone, do you?" Me: Just tried closing over 800 tabs at once, chrome crashed every time and made the phone stutter, had to do it one by one and last 150 some closed at once.

    40. Classical Libral

      over 100 tabs open on my phone and 700+ on my pc

    41. DatOneBro

      it releases on my birthday that controller

    42. Bo Diddly

      Hey! I'm one of those Linux Weirdoes! Wasn't there a time, not too long ago, when the aircraft manufacturers were racing for bigger jets? Is Boeing quitting because they lost to the Airbus A380?

    43. Hukamdeep Singh

      "you don't touch your face" little finger in my nose stops

    44. Dorko Zsombor

      If i buy your merch for your birthday, for myself, is that a gift?

    45. mrabudi1

      but.....the 787 is even bigger than the 747

    46. Storm J

      James definitely gets his eyebrows done...looking good, dude!

    47. Christian Schuhknecht

      Finaly a Xbox Controller with PS Layout

    48. Xellaz

      36 tabs? Pfft... I have over 300+ tabs just on Waterfox alone (Thanks to TabMixPlus addon!) 👍

    49. That Developer Guy

      Will the chrome battery life improvements be implemented into chromium?

    50. Jorge Palma

      I dont know how the switch has been sold everyone when its dang near impossible to find one anywhere. how can something that is not there be sold out!!!! Ponder ponder ponder.

    51. Goldenhordemilo

      Chrome uses as much cpu time for mining as you want so unlike other chrome you get BTC

    52. Blaine Shelton

      The game controller already existed but they are making one specifically for Xbox cloud gaming

    53. KlaudiusL

      Blue Wheel of Death

    54. KlaudiusL

      "not this year" ... ouch!

    55. Thicket

      I only allow at most three at a time. Why? Cause I’m not an animal

    56. TrollMonkey

      I use Braver Browser on PC and it absolutely smoke Chrome even though it uses the same engine.

    57. zvxcvxcz

      0:35 ... seriously? Lols, they drive 99% of JavaScript usage themselves with the inane scripts they run on HUgets. No joke, over 90% of the time that I get a message about a script slowing down my browser, it's HUgets. That's incredibly ironic. 1) What's wrong with you, why would you use Chrome if you're going to have lots of tabs? 2) 36 tabs? That's nothing. 3) No, I don't have a lot of Chrome tabs open on my phone... because Chrome hot garbage. I do have hundreds of Firefox tabs open on my phone with no problems and literally thousands of Firefox tabs open on my desktop. You're deluded if you think you're the one with lots of tabs.

    58. Tyler

      Begins to smother face with hands

    59. Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV

      currently have 54 tabs open and wont close any of them

    60. tzajc2

      We have the same birthday. Nice!

    61. JC Marin

      Edit feature if everyone wears a mask... LOL!

    62. Sovereign Brand

      Sorry excuse for a Libra, JUSTICE, SPEAK ABOUT IT. \-_-/

    63. Uchida Oginome

      This guy's accent sounds a bit like the young Asian cat that does these sometimes. Are they from the same part of Canada?

    64. FreshLobster

      You gotta make "Linus VPN" that sends your IP adress to Linus' house in Canada

    65. Tim Nelson

      This shows more ads than tech news.

    66. alina

      I can see the titles "DOWNLOAD MORE BATTERY RIGHT NOW"

    67. Li Yong Chen

      Too long. Just use Brave and problem solved.

    68. Lord Immortallix


    69. immortalsatyr

      HA! 36 tabs is nothing.

    70. Minecrafter 3929

      Bruh i play my switch in handheld mode even at home. I think the appeal is a handheld mode!

    71. R B

      Man this guy is hilarious

    72. Thinker101

      The Lambo is S3XY.

    73. ZinoAmare

      ... I thought this was about the RAM! I am dissapointed!

    74. Max Camillion

      This as more and more people are dumping Google because of it's practices. Google has no future

    75. Rahul Barua

      Lol the ad for this video was Pulseway ad with linus in it.😂🤣

    76. Hicham Gouchida

      cool give me the old RTX2060 please ♥

    77. Greenstorm

      Ive had over 200 tabs open on chrome for android. Had to count, due to the :) symbol

    78. Gregory Rodriguez

      "you don't really have alot of tabs open of your phone" me with 70 tabs: uh

    79. WipeguyGaming

      Actually I usually have between 20 and 50 tabs open on my android phone... Guess I am in a minority here :D

    80. Kevin Colvin

      I normally shut down tabs,as well as apps. I don't like my stuff running like crap.

    81. Romil Barts

      I have a smiley on my tabs button on my phone. 🤣


      shit i am an alien i dont have alot of taps open shit shit shit my cover was burned years ago

    83. Tim E.

      Chrome demon meme

    84. Tim E.


    85. Russell Mary

      Improve battery life and mine personal data 28% more!

    86. Brian Fenech

      What about RAM ? 😂

    87. 3pharaohstowers

      New china covid 19 AIRBORNE reported claim.

    88. Lemnaj Cavite

      Segue: maybe it's just my crush on the man but he strikingly looks like Ryan Guzman or Ryan Guzman's long lost brother.

    89. nikolygtx

      Well maybe it was for 1 day, i missed its for sure, since its still hog for both my cpu and ram

    90. Elloli

      2:00 nice, they are making a controller which is the combination of the horrible playstation controller thumbsticks and a wii classic controller (unergonomic garbage all in one)

    91. WKA

      Google has found a more efficient way of stealing data

    92. Harrie Oosterwaal

      Ok. So. Not exactly an improvement to chrome then?

      1. Rob

        How is it not?

    93. Thornorium

      Chrome will not have been made better until it consumes less RAM; change my mind.

      1. Rob

        Performance over RAM usage. It's the tradeoff that many applications take.

    94. Aditya Bhatt

      I liked the separations like thing in the video progress that was there for a few videos, being it back please

    95. Z O

      Now you can have 2 tabs open. 3 is still cutting edge and will leak memory.

    96. DoogelCraft

      your birthday? ha, mine is on Summer game -fest!

    97. LOVER AND HATER 2020

      Channel Super Fun

    98. W Richárd

      I'm using the new Edge for more than 2 month, and nothong can make me change back to Chrome.

    99. W Richárd

      0:34 it's actually C++

    100. qiexia

      So "maybe a process shouldn't do anything when it isn't doing anything" now counts as an innovation.