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    AMD graphics IP theft
    Apple restricts cloud gaming services
    Google makes/donates 3m masks to CDC
    Alphabet’s Verily opens drive-thru coronavirus testing in California
    Plex makes live TV free for 3 months
    Some on-demand stuff is free
    Healthcare workers get free bike-share passes
    Play around with Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X for 90 days
    Huawei P40 + P40 Pro
    Dates/weddings in Animal Crossing
    Teams and Slack could call each other??
    We’re not at a million robotaxis, but Teslas can stop at red lights now
    Man with “cure” arrested

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    1. Emory Kemp

      This was just a good, funny video, well done👌😁

    2. Flame Soulis

      4:00 Bro, been doing that in VRChat for awhile now. But I guess console users need something. Make sure Nintendo gives non-player one some more stuff to do!

    3. Michael Tau

      Wait wut? Morning TechLinked?! Edit: hmmm nope HUgets is falling apart. Got a notification that this was uploaded 20 seconds ago... but it’s been here for days!

    4. EdgyShooter

      Everyone should be careful of surfaces that are touched by many people due to the Corona outbreak. *Lyft: How about free use of our sharing bikes that anyone can touch?* 😅

    5. gameplay

      Apple arcade LOL I feel sorry for anyone that's stuck with that crap

    6. Justinas FPV

      Comment on your comments about those comments for me to comment And thanks for the great show guys

    7. Yeethaw489

      Apple needs to accept Geforce Now

    8. David Bowie

      The suicidal monkey is on the loose again be vigilante my brothers

    9. Cock of the Rock

      Yeah, *Darryl* . Stay inside, don't be like Darryl.

    10. Puretipz

      When he said "Daryl" I felt that

    11. In0chi

      Apple Arcade sucks.

    12. Darryl Philbin

      this was funny AF

      1. Darryl Philbin

        part about slack and teams integrating had me lol'ing

    13. Darrell Box


    14. michael jeacock

      i hope you are practicing social distancing and riley is staying 6 feet away from his pet lip caterpillar.

    15. Thanos Joker

      *7357* ...

    16. Chris R

      Loved the Contagion reference lol

    17. glenben92

      Loving the extra silliness in the delivery 👌 very enjoyable 😁

    18. Avery Younger

      Do ppl really appreciate being screamed at?

    19. David Stocker

      It's called the CCP Virus... not covid19

    20. gurjinder nagra

      Is it just me or this guy actually sounds like a duck 🦆.

    21. Tyrone Nelson

      Microsoft have only brought this air freshener looking console out just to try and keep up with the pc gamer specs.

    22. Dovakin EScrolls

      The codes! Haha. Sounds like a 90s spy movie

    23. Travis

      is anybody surprised that apple couldnt care less about the virus, theyre not exactly the type of company to .. "do things" for ...anybody at all for that matter unless they lose in court or if it starts really effecting their bottom line, i hate apple so much im so glad i dont have to use any of their insultingly overpriced stuff

    24. Yuri

      I can't detect when they're showing ads anymore as it's now so well blended into the video :| RIP fast-forwards 10s

    25. Badabing Bodaboom

      Google: 800 million Apple: more trial.

    26. Michael59197

      They took our code:

    27. Payne Hoss

      Everyone's freaking out about self isolation while us gamers are in paradise

    28. mayhawks


    29. Paul Gray

      Apparently the first line of the code is: IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. :-D

    30. The Garden of Eatin

      Other than slow the rate at which security holes are patched, what does keeping hardware drivers closed source actually accomplish? It's not like I can go out and download a GPU, I'd still have to buy the hardware, which is where they make ze money. Is it anything other than shitheadedness by force of habit?

    31. Sugar

      Lil Cal...

    32. BadboyDCX

      Apple loves money

    33. Jerad Benge

      Rule #2: The Double Tap

    34. otobot1

      Why are you guys still meeting up at work and filming these? You can't possibly argue that you're an essential service. Saving lives is more important than tech news.

    35. Slumpdog

      What if the theft was actually done by Intel! Mind blown!

    36. Matthew Torbert

      Where’s Rylie? I need that stache during quarantine

    37. Nick K

      It should be open source anyway. That way if a security exploit is discovered everyone knows about it right away...

    38. Si Fascista

      I'll steal your code.

    39. kevin Wesos


    40. CyberThug1080i

      Great article, you should give it a read:

    41. Eastern Horizon

      I still don't understand why phones are designed with five cameras

    42. luyis molina

      Cut the core lol

    43. kosimiki

      Cool, now I can't even play witcher on my shitbook pro.

    44. Evan Bouchard

      That joke about the people in Surrey had me rolling XD

    45. Evan Bouchard

      Yeah Darrell.. enough is enough!

    46. Ian Visser

      This is good... Means they might actually be able to software unlock the new Xbox and PS, making them the best value gaming PCs on the market. Or so pirates can play games for free, which is probs about time, cuz it should also open up porting options for older titles if the series X and ps5 have backwards compatibility with older titles.

    47. Dimondminer11

      AT&T gave out 10GB free data

    48. TMD osu

      Since when does Linus films an ad for Monitor systems, and this was the first time I saw.

    49. Richard Mason

      "Onto the qUiCk BIIIIITS!!!" made me lose my mind😂😭

    50. John Bilkey

      Mr. Cook...Mr. Cook, tear down this wall!

    51. Em Fernandez

      that seven digit number pun took me a few seconds...what a hoot!

    52. TheSpiderGuy

      Yeet Hehehehehehehe

    53. Bender Bending Rodriguez

      AMD fans, expect many exploits.

    54. Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur

      in some countries, phone numbers are 8 digits (with a 2 digit prefix for mobile phones).

    55. Max K

      “ and a 7 digit number!” That’s what I call *reinventing the wheel*

    56. Tiederian

      3:11 James sounds unnvervingly like @MattyMatheson there.

    57. Gray Nightz

      Who wrote the script for this one? Dennis? Or was is Yvonne in her sleep or on some pills? Or David, or was he funny? Not sure, no offence.

    58. Bill Pii

      why does anyone need five camera's on a phone?

    59. Cole VanOphem

      *Congress passes >$4 trillion bailout for huge corporations* Google: i JusT dOnaTEd 800 MilLiOn!

    60. gameflux

      Cool !

    61. Mario

      Bigger issue is this information being "hacked" in the first place.

    62. Ömer Tokyay

      Apple you are just a dumbass 70 y.o. boomer. nothing else.

    63. Mephistopheles

      James: Once you're dead, you're dead Shirou Emiya: Finally a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary

      1. mhammad alloush

        Lemme guess its because people die when they are killed

    64. RStyles playz

      Fun fact : CornHub is giving away free premium as well without any credit card. :)

    65. Jack Napier

      Modding is coming very soon boys. Very soon.

    66. StaySic4Ever

      I'd expect it's not too big of a deal being how those files were not encrypted.

    67. William Denney

      gotta appreciate the surrey joke haha!

    68. sIyceth


    69. Tobias Kremer

      Even iFixIt does not allow you to get the Apple BS out of your MacBook...

    70. Da Guy

      NO QUICK BITS!!?!?!?!?!? dissapointed...

    71. TrendlessYT

      Nintendo really released Animal Crossing at the perfect time. We really need stuff to do inside Quarintine

    72. Apurvi Tanna

      She's not a bad guy but a bad lady.

    73. Wail Faridi

      You know Austin did this😂

    74. Gunnar

      I noticed that he calls it "Sir - e". Is this how Canadians say it? I am just curious....not putting down the goofy Canuck accents.

      1. AlphaCentaurian Person

        No, I think he just did it to not make Siri activate on viewers phones.

    75. vKeeblerElfv

      That shirt logo reminds me of pornhub

    76. Audacious Scoundrel

      most annoying person ever

    77. Dark Knife Eats

      He should have his own channel

    78. yeahboii


    79. Gab

      Good, make that shit public

    80. BloodyIron

      The connecting technology that connects more than slack and teams is

    81. Eli Malinsky

      Apple not allowing game streaming services on the AppStore, except Apple Arcade? Ah yes, the sweet smell of monopoly capitalism.

    82. David Fritz

      'Final Cut Pro Ex and Logic Pro Ex' Ten....that's the Roman numeral for's version 10...

    83. Thomas Kindinger

      This episode was pretty cringing. Liked it but wow this was thrown together.

    84. Benjamin Havens

      "Let my dog poop in your garden!" I think that's exactly what Apple is afraid of.

    85. Amir Bunyatzada

      That Trudeau reference killed me 😂

    86. SSaini

      Source Code,, NOPE Verilog

    87. yrguitar1

      Classic Derel

    88. MR.C&A Video911Game


    89. vcokltfre

      Apple: "Oh shit, everyone is doing nice stuff for people because of the coronavirus, what do we do?" Apple employee: "Give them more free trial on a product that 99% of people don't use, because then we look generous without losing any money!"

    90. David Schaftenaar

      5:17 Dang, James just took this episode out behind the shed and popped a damn cap in it. Probably holding the gun sideways. Dark times indeed.

    91. Matheus Wandscheer

      pornhub premium is free

    92. Maximus Games

      This episode was good but awkward!

    93. gior nikitop

      wow. seems to me that most corps are doing what they should be doing in the first place without the need of a pandemic. guess free advertising is always a must.

    94. The Boom

      If they have a marriage certificate you are legally married. The ceremony is just for social traditions.

    95. Sean Conrad

      Elon Musk over promises on a lot of stuff, but he usually does great work overall. Just take what he says with a grain of salt

    96. EvilBaron

      FINALLY not so good News about AMD. Sad For the new Consoles, but Finally.

    97. Calico Morgan

      If these gigantic companies didn't dodge taxes, the US government would be able to exceed those numbers on PPE and medical equipment. So I say nice try tech giants, you're trying to look like Mr. Nice Guy, when you could have just been paying your fair share like the rest of us plebeians.

    98. Moritz Mückenmüller

      The Linus pulsway ad before an LTT video is truly mind-blowing

    99. Hunter Rodrigez

      "some teslas will now stop at red lights in auto pilot mode" THEY CANT DO THAT ALREADY???

      1. flameshana9

        It's a premium feature. You gotta pay extra for luxuries you know.

    100. Zhendi Zhang

      2:00 I feel that photo of that service worker holding the card can be used to memes lol. change the content on the card to different ones lol.