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    Half-Life: Alyx Hardware guide
    Review thread
    Streaming/spectating guide
    Google Covid hub
    Check yer symptoms
    Siri can help too
    Free games n stuff
    kids shows on Amazon
    Apple audiobooks, ebooks
    Rocket Lake-S leaks
    DLSS 2.0
    Zero-day exploit being… exploited
    Google I/O is just effing cancelled
    F@H more powerful than supercomputers
    Sim racing is the new racing

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    1. LDranzer1

      So this was the last Technews episode with beardless Linus


      Will it be rewritten in FORTRAN for the CastAR system.

    3. BENRY

      Doom is overrated

    4. c1gg4

      Stop shouting numbscull

    5. Nathan James

      you know what would be an awesome reason to stay home, if i didnt have to sell my gaming PC :(

    6. pigtailsboy

      Attitude for someone who still hasn't upgraded is "Buy AMD, support continued R&D, bury the competition until they've earned it".

    7. Craig Dewey

      No Linus I do not want to set a goal for myself

    8. TiagoTiago

      Guys, you should be putting some effort to set things up to work from home; you're putting the lives of people that don't got the choice of staying at home at risk, not to mention the risk of overloading the healthcare system if you yourselves get hit hard by Covid (more and more we're hearing about healthy young people getting really bad symptoms)

    9. sollidottingen

      WTF is this? Even more clickbait then usual and it's 80% sponsor content? You dissappoint me Linus...

    10. Barış Şenkal

      That's some good green screen :D

    11. Saul Goodman

      So you won't own the Apple books after you download it.

    12. Abdoul Karim T

      Fool me twice shame on your mother

    13. John Thompson

      Colour cast seems a bit off on this recording

    14. howtobebasic 2

      half life 3?

    15. ShampooTime

      is there a strange filter on this video or is my monitor playing up,....

    16. Mr. Pewpy But-Whole

      funny how HUgets doesn't demonetize this video for mentioning the Chinese Corona Virus, yet other youtubers do. what a shill channel...

    17. Dthorn912

      Freaking love this channel of theirs. I was laughing the whole time especially when Linus was like, we have more folders than PCMR

    18. Anesu C

      Whats the song in the first clip?

    19. Mike Williams

      I'm home,not money to spend on games,and non of these games you guys stated are free.. not free at all.. not even close,except goat of duty.. hopefully dl epic n see

      1. Mike Williams

        Maybe some guidance slayer4127@aim.com

    20. Daniel Brooker

      Just played it on my Oculus Quest! It's AWESOME! Screw all the crying babies complain about it being a VR only game.

    21. Alfos The Epic

      Imagine watching an ad before the video featuring linus and then seeing linus in the actual video too.

    22. Thomas Zimmermann

      they did release it. and it is awesome!!

    23. Davide Madera

      "Three times better than a Second Life subsciption at half the price, huh?!" 🗨😉⛼♨️🌌

    24. FDN

      I hate it when I hear or read that Steam reviews are "Overwhelmingly Positive". Give the bloody percentage it's not that hard you just have to hover over the text.

    25. Phillip Parr


    26. milke asubi

      We dont want anymore USB name change u evil fu*k. Usb 3.0 gen 2 * 2 is bad enough

    27. SoulLess

      When Gaben released Half Life 3

      1. SoulLess


    28. Doggos And friends

      More than 75% of this video was about other shit than half lyfe

    29. New Mateo

      Why arent you guys wfh and social distancing. As a fellow canadian you should be ashamed.

    30. DDPWE

      Shame on your, Mother! oh!

    31. FireFly

      i thought he would say '' never been a beter time to be alive'' well okay, i going back to my room te cry in the corner.

    32. Mohamed Mahmoud

      Also lots of Udemy courses are being given for Free

    33. Rahul Paul

      Too many "C" words!!

    34. Beard 43

      VR only... RIP

    35. Abid Ashhar

      Hitch just keep on coming Linus

    36. Falbert ALBUS

      there is not techtips,take off your cloth

    37. Loganbogan9

      Because pay cuts. Now can't afford VR headset.

    38. Daddy Neil

      Pornhub Premium is free.

    39. Youtube Minute

      “Siri is now useful” Siri what song is playing Siri call this person since I’m to much of a lazy ass Siri play green day

    40. AndreAgonia

      Why did Linus mention that Alyx works even on the Oculus "not thanks to Oculus themselves"? I'm not following VR that much so I don't know if that was a joke or something else

    41. Novgorod


    42. The Water Warrior

      What vr setup should I get idk???

    43. Killerash13

      why so many channels?

    44. snozbaries

      Half Life is disappointing with the teleportation. Is there a joystick movement mode? I hate teleportation games.

    45. foreverwhisper

      Linus forgot to mention pornhub is giving away free premium membership, strangely.

    46. Jcorella

      Got scared when he called out “John”

    47. Jamsterman25

      But can rocket lake run rocket league??

    48. Jayme Amero

      love the outro

    49. AGENT Leo

      How about ps4?

    50. TheUnknown Gamer

      Then I get a ad with linus in it

    51. Clap Trap

      *Me:* Siri, Do I have Covid 19? *Siri:* "Now playing Co-Ed Girls #19" *Me:*

    52. contrails

      F@home, good job Linus! Keep your attitude great and the feeds coming. Everyone has a part to play. I just ordered that laptop you recommended (the really cheap one) for my kids to learn at home. Probably would not have thought about it without your review!

    53. Swastik Singh

      * Ryzen 4000 series 2:03

    54. Jonny Techno

      i am learning.. not as fast as A.i.

    55. Tom Brown

      LTT is essential to minimizing stress, anxiety and depression for many people around the world during COVID-19. HUgets would not be the same without LTT.

    56. joel castro


    57. CyanideZoker

      Is this coming on psvr

    58. Zac

      Time for the Quonk Bonks!

    59. Dalton My World


    60. Craig Urban

      You called me out, bro!

    61. Jeremy H.

      Covid didn't get Riley?

    62. Euan Zhang

      "non essential" cue linus recording tech news on his webcam in his bedroom

    63. Trabber Shir

      You are a week early. it isn't April 1 yet.

    64. Sonic Mobian

      "Vampire 1: Hey you heard about the Tech News, It was most delicious the rich Tech News has given me strength!" / "Vampire 2: Yeah, It was the best feast I had yet! Can't wait for more Tech News!"

    65. Cryten0

      Dude driving has a fatality rate much lower then being infected with Covid-19. You shouldnt say stuff like that.

    66. Craig Anderson

      Yeah I am interested in neural networks that can recognise handwriting, how did you know?

    67. Dominic Douse

      Could you please not put music in the background it makes otherwise great content really hard to listen to other than that great episode really like the series

    68. Ben Mitchell

      I've been trying to buy a Nintendo switch for weeks but they've been out of stock everywhere

    69. RJ

      Alyx is back, not Gordon, so it's not really half life. Sorry, but it's not half life without Gordon.

    70. J T

      We want LTT Folding Team T-shirts!!

    71. Sascha Lutz

      Folding at home runs for you since hours, but no WS assignment available, so nothing to fold. 😱

    72. ricky v

      Those new Intel chips are looking promising. It looks as if they’re focused on efficiency instead of RAW CPU performance though. :-/

    73. Aleš Ferlan

      Just here to tell the government (that is hopefully reading the comments) that TechLinked is very important especially in times of self isolation.

    74. Dust Striker

      ik this aint ltt but i saw a video about the latest pentium and the performance really surprised me what about a roundup on budget setups to play @ 1366x768? ..since you guys already made a mouse and keyboard round

    75. John Botman

      they are doing it again freaks me out

    76. BlueGamer 308

      I play Burnout 3 takedown Baby I love car explosions

    77. Something Nothing

      Yeah creg, do it!

    78. Hydroid _prime

      image guy like right intel goes and brings 2NM chips for the top to the end

    79. Azarilh

      Too late, Tomb Raider is not free anymore. :(

    80. MR.C&A Video911Game

      i gotta play one and two "There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee - that says, fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again."

    81. Siegfried’s Head

      I love VR, but there mostly seems to be a focus on action stuff like first person shooters. I think what’s holding it back is the fact that so many developers of these non-mainstream genres haven’t given VR the chance it deserves. If you think a genre doesn’t belong in VR, that’s on you for not being imaginative enough to realize how that genre should make the transition to the new medium well. It’ll get there, but boy are there ever opportunities to be the first game to crack that right now.

    82. Daniel Judge

      I’ll „shame on your mother“! 😂😂😂

    83. bu6jon

      thanks for lot calling me out

    84. Grandsenior Julio

      Personally I enjoy virtual explosions as a whole

    85. Envidy Gaming

      I'm sorry but dislike for trying to stop racing

    86. rubikfan1

      Some person should go to all closed schools/universities and set all not used pcs to homefolding.

    87. g00gle minus

      We still want Half Life 3 god dammit!

    88. Alienhead

      Stay at home! Go broke! loose your home! Live on the streets! Ultimate social distancing.

    89. Chemy Torres

      Aren't you demonetized for saying the name of the human malware?

    90. Pete2097

      HALF-LIFE Alyx, PS5 VR Launch title? How about that idea?

    91. Gary Dose

      I didn't play half life, but I'm happy people like the new one. Not an easy task as the hype for a new half life was very high. It's awesome that valve tries new things and pushes gaming forward with the HL series. As a VR fan this is huge for that medium.

    92. Raymond Shades

      I like car explosions.

    93. Paul Bone

      bruh i`m still on a gtx 480 and an intel core i5 4570

    94. andymion

      With all due respect. You shouldn't be waiting for a government order. They've already asked everything non-essential to shut down. So please, do your part. Do what other channels are doing and do it from home.

    95. CorreNegadaMTG

      I think you forgot the most excential... Pornhub is giving Premium access for free in some places at Europe.

    96. baxter600

      I'm about 4 hours into Half Life: Alyx and I feel like I've barely started. Definitely worth every penny.

    97. feha92

      the music was intrusively loud etc. imo. fyi. btw.

    98. Budget Tech

      LMG is a essential business

    99. rabospawn

      Half Life: Alyx is seriously good. I was starting to regret my Index purchase but holy hell is did this game completely reverse that feeling.

      1. KajMak64Bit

        Bro index is like best VR thing with the finger tracking xd

    100. Afek Barda

      Tomb raider isnt free for me why???