Sony and Epic sitting in a tree…


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    (Apple iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 Beta)
    (Sony buys stakes in Epic Games)
    (Sweeney-PS5 comments:),a%20%E2%80%9Cremarkably%20balanced%20device.%E2%80%9D
    (New Samsung Galaxy buds leaked)
    Quick Bits:
    (Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 box design)
    (Realme 120W Ultra Dart Fast Charger)
    (New Google Nest smart speaker)

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    1. TechLinked

      Today's TECH NEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWS is brought to you by Tradestation. Get $50 with Tradestation at when you fund $500 on a new account! Have a great weekend everyone, we'll see you on the next one.

      1. yan-Deriction

        if you just want the $50, its paid out in 5 monthly installments of $10 and you have to keep the $500 in the the whole time. the "ts select" plan has a $2000 minimum deposit so you have to choose the "ts go" plan. There's also an inactivity fee of $50 after 1 year so you have to close the account after you get your money. overall seems like a lot of work and a lot of things to keep track of for $50, but it could be worth it in some situations

      2. Daniel Cockayne

        Loving this new English writer and LTT staff not understanding the references 😂

      3. WELDE

        Trade Station ? Why you try sell us this scam ?

      4. Kibble White

        Yes to the dogs bollox ! lol

      5. ashlock

        @Aidan Hughes and skip the gambling ad?

    2. Gokul Narayan

      Ok, out of all the Techlinked intros, this was probably the most epic one !

    3. appletimemac

      Love the intro!

    4. Neeron Bhatta

      "Microtransactions, probably" i died

    5. nameless

      those earbuds are not bean shaped... they are kidney shaped bc you have to sell a kidney to buy one of them

    6. John Bamber

      0:34, and Apple has caught up with Samsung a little more as well. Kind of strange that that wasn't mentioned like the Android quip.

    7. MrLow7rack

      Gimme that shirt!!! Any links for it?

      1. MrLow7rack

        Found it!!!!!!

    8. Dan Phillips

      Keep the British phrasing coming!

    9. Dan Phillips

      If Apple carries on increasing usability, I may be ready to transition in about 5 years time.

    10. whiteandnerdytuba

      Worst dude to talk about apple

      1. whiteandnerdytuba

        Rob if you're going to make a joke, why not make a funny one? It's the same thing they said when iOS 14 was announced. Surely they can do better, Apple is an easy target

      2. Rob

        someone's butthurt

    11. Jonathan Padfield

      Loving the British writer! (I'm British, by the way) lols

    12. MrN00bly

      I hope Sony doesn't end up owning unreal engine

    13. Jaime

      🤔 almost Tuesday 🤨

    14. CloakedCedric

      Omg, online brokerages are advertising on LTT. Time to short the market...

    15. Guillaume Joop

      Sony just wants to advertise Spiderman through fortnite, probably.

    16. Dark Knife Eats

      Definitely the Dogs Bollocks

    17. Joshua Carr

      Samsung Galaxy Beans.

    18. Gabriel Benson

      New copper color... you mean rose gold?

    19. FaithfulMC

      I've heard these weird words and sentences before, it was Gavin!

    20. Maciej Szpakowski

      Just plugin your phone to 250kW tesla supercharger and you can charge it in 1 second

    21. To The GAMES


    22. Jake Siener

      The Apple parts thing is a joke. Not real. Fake news.

    23. CristianoS522

      Was that intro Dark related?

    24. Tim Vant

      They're mocking each other i love. Writers rise up!

    25. DarkHopes

      Apple gave access to original parts but as a repair shop owner you can't stock those parts. You need to send the original parts in to get a reseneble price or you gonna pay an extraordinary fee. Its a hoax by Apple

    26. FreakyDude

      That apple service comes with many catches.... So I don't know if it actually makes any difference. Plus the sony news is just more news of sony betraying japan over and over again now they are going to the big boys... China... So yea... What an ironic timing of when japan is shutting out foreign influence for their arts and culture right now and most companies in that sector are shutting out china & US in japan but china managed to get into 2 companies somehow in the arts and culture sector.... Kinda tired of sony news... But thx for the info... Tlou really made me sick and tired of sony and naughty dog... I would not be surprised if japan tries to attack sony in the future... It would be fun to watch... after all it would be funny to see their hq ousted by their local people in their industry... After all japanese people are a prideful bunch...

    27. Aaron V

      i want that shirt

      1. Kelsey Holden

        Hi ! I made that shirt :) I 'd love to make one for you too!

    28. Tamás Kisely

      Really? Trading ad? I thought you were different :)

    29. Mylo Fryett

      iOS has made it to android state home screen state

    30. Danny Big D

      this gets old.. ever video has some stupid face on it.. man think of something new

    31. ShadowTheLight

      I'm loving this new writer!

    32. Nex

      The writer is doing us Brits proud lmao

    33. Random Person

      I no longer like Sony

    34. bogdansss

      Shadiest sponsor yet.

    35. Rich Gudda

      Epic Intro !!!

    36. Ken Nguyen

      Safari is fine

    37. Steven Heady

      someone please answer this how do i buy the Heat-sink for ASUS ROG STRIX 2060 super. only the heat sink and dual fans

    38. Chemy Torres

      Well done

    39. TJ L

      That realme phone charges with more power than my PC

    40. Cam plays


    41. DctrGizmo

      The PS5 game case is really underwhelming.

    42. Abubakar Munir

      RØB predicted this

    43. Kurtis Krall

      The PS5 cases should have been black instead of blue

    44. Glass_ halfempty

      Nice the earbuds remind me of a cup and jockstrap. Attractive!

    45. Indra Samudera

      Hey James, Dogs bollocks = Good Bollocks = Bad

    46. Sorosoroそろそろ

      That new Samsung Buds looks like a pair of kidneys to me... at my first taught then James quickly mention they look like beans...

    47. Yumiko

      omg samsung bean earbuds would look so cool if they made a dragonball senzu bean version lol

    48. merlin6r

      Watch the 51st State. Dogs bollocks means good. Bollocks means bad... Samuel L Jackson

    49. Thomas Hill

      Are you allowed to say bollocks on youtube?

    50. ZenMuffin

      We can't see her, but she made sure we knew she was there.

    51. Hugo Lamarche

      Love that intro :D

    52. dr shovelhands

      Where can I get that tshirt 👌

      1. Kelsey Holden

        I made that shirt for James and I'd love to make you one too! Find my website on my instagram bio @kelseybettylou

    53. Meme Baba

      Apple is saying that the apps which are allowed to be default apps will be verified or it will be limited he said we don't want a game to be like I am your browser love the videos

    54. gibbeh

      Will ios 14 be released on the iPhone se (1st gen)?

    55. alex massey

      Still no dual screen though apple. Sort it out you mugs

    56. Roland Straub

      love the british input :))

    57. Siva

      Finally, Someone Color Corrected 😂

    58. arranmc182

      "dog's bollocks" is UK slang for "the best"

    59. arranmc182

      sony cant be bothered to do cross play themselves and im sure they will leverage epic to get cross play on PS5 & PC

    60. kingchunk77

      Yes! These UK sayings are great 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    61. Fauxhobo

      The dogs bollocks! Woop, love the new writer.

    62. Abílio Costa

      Samsung: “Galaxy buds live” Internet: “Galaxy Beans”

    63. Terrafire123

      Okay, it was funny the first time, but we need to cool it with these British-isms. I can't understand you anymore, James.

    64. John Owen

      Dogs Bollocks= really cool

    65. gameflux

      Cool !

    66. Pastunes Music

      Even ETRADE's old trading interface which used to be abysmal looks way better than this "TradeStation". Holy yuck. Literally looks like a scam.

    67. Jaydev Chhagan

      I want that shirt

    68. Tyler Walter

      iOS might be a little “behind” the curve but I promise you the optimization even on the oldest devices as of late has been on another level my aging 7 Plus is still so snappy it slows down a little but nowhere what it was when I had my Note 4 which became so slow and unusable after 2yrs 😕 Just wish android could have the update capability Apple has but that truly won’t happen anytime soon 🙃

    69. Jake Rinker

      Tim Sweeny totally wasn't paid to hype the PS5 SSD....oh wait..huh......

    70. Bill Tranmer

      Quickbits with cockney slang! (But don't tell the host what he's saying)

    71. silverywingsagain

      I don't understand. Why is iOS getting features that android has had for a decade?

    72. Dave Dillon

      New writer. Fantabulous. The dogs b#ll#x. The bees knees. Love it

    73. Darrel Leaf

      dogs bollocks are dog balls you know

    74. Gon _Rasoilo

      Why did they callit micro transaction for exemple, in CS GO a guy payed 30,000$ for an ak-47 case harden!!!!!!! what a frick

    75. Neptainium Titan

      0:43 *cough cough notes cough cough*

    76. Quantum Quantonium

      Congratulations, Apple, on combining technology used in Android since like 10 years ago, along with technology that the PalmPad used like 20 years ago! Reinventing the wheel as usual! Sony+Epic is for PlayStation development. It was already highly suggested on the announcement of UE5 alongside the PS5. Not only does that charging charge a device in 3 minutes, it can also cook your entire dinner probably and Google just needs to relax.

    77. IXIS SV

      The mutz nutz! 🤣😂🤣😂 Us English have a great vocabulary 🤭👍😉 Can't wait till she slips in 'cool beans' or 'lush' (if she knows welsh slang) 😂👍

    78. Swiftlaker

      there is vein in brein, i am doctor

    79. Knole

      Hearing these randomly-inserted UK phrases and seeing the poor Canadians have no clue what they mean is making my day. Don't stop, new writer, fellow Brits salute you.

    80. James Roggy

      Hey the British writer is the best thing you could have to know whats its aboot.about...........NVM

    81. Jack

      Loving the new british scripts

    82. zen

      where did you get that shirt laserjames?

    83. Jacinto P M Da Costa

      "You took all my data!"

    84. Andrew Stanley

      When I read the title I was so confused because why would you want a workstation cpu in the PS5

    85. Gillette 0345

      Teasing us with the new writer again... Is she cute? Will she take over the "hand model" job from max?

    86. Mr. F

      Was this ad even a Quackbit? I dont understand what is this :o

    87. WELDE

      Trade Station ? Why you try sell us this scam ?

    88. h91

      Fyi. Bollocks are balls/nuts/gonads Bollocks = Bad Dogs Bollocks = Good :)

    89. Ricky

      Who would be dumb enough to charge their phone with 120W of power? RIP battery.

    90. Chris C

      Love the new Birt writing, finally jokes I can understand

    91. Amir Dahan

      sony and epic stittin in a tree k i s s i n g *perhaps*

    92. jogurcik13

      1300 mah in 3 minutes... for about 50 times, then you'll have to replace the battery

    93. Flynn 10

      Some might call them beans but some call them kidneys

    94. Yunis Rajab

      Please continue the British jokes that we don't understand

    95. Yunis Rajab

      Playstation exclusives on Epic eventually calling it now

    96. Hristo Radev

      As someone living in the UK I really appreciate the british writing! It IS the dog's bollocks, indeed!

    97. Kravyn

      The claim that apple gives access to parts is false they only give access to things like screens but expect people to send in the main board if that is in need of fixing which is prohibitively expensive to actual repair of components and adding a delay on actual repair instead of allowing board repair which would be cheaper. And in the event the main board does need repair they just do a swap and erase the contents of the board sent to them. Apple do not fix they replace. They do not allow authorized repair techs to actually repair.

    98. High Tier Loot

      Microsoft and Steam : No exclusive and let's do crossplay Sony: *REEEEEEEEE*

    99. Althaf Ahamed

      മലയാളികൾ ആരെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടോ ഇവിടെ

    100. Roars

      Yay new writer at it again! Keep it up new writer!