We have achieved Zen 3...


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    0:00 No joke lol
    0:13 Ryzen 5000 series
    1:20 xCloud on iOS, Microsoft backs Epic
    2:26 iPhone 12 leaks
    3:27 Blinkist
    4:21 QUICK BITS
    4:24 Oracle v Google
    5:01 Switch hackers arrested
    5:22 PS5 got more pre-orders
    5:48 Apple pays hackers
    6:05 Waymo launches for real
    6:26 ROBOT SQUID
    Ryzen 5000 series
    LTT video hugets.info/show/lqWKjcvTvmeqlXI/vide.html&feature=emb_title
    Peek at Radeon RX 6000 performance
    No new AMD chipsets
    xCloud probably coming to iOS in a browser
    like Luna9to5mac.com/2020/09/24/amazons-new-luna-cloud-gaming-service-will-be-available-for-ios-users-as-web-apps/
    Subtweets Apple in a blog
    iPhone 12 pricing, release date leak
    ARM Mac in November? www.kitguru.net/lifestyle/mobile/apple/matthew-wilson/the-first-arm-powered-mac-tipped-to-launch-next-month/
    Oracle beats Google in Supreme Court showdown
    Switch hackers arrested
    72% of US next-gen pre-orders were for PS5
    Apple pays white hat hackers 288K for finding flaws
    Waymo is going fully driverless in Phoenix

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    1. MatthiasAI

      "Now time for a linus" Haha, that got me good.

    2. Lorenzo de la Barra

      pls make a tiktok account pls

    3. Sasoripwns

      Apple has also removed all vape apps from store. RIP pax vapes

    4. Kaitlin Baker

      Ummm, x86 apps...

    5. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      On what grounds were the xecutor team arrested? Do they not have the right to sell homebuilt chips?

    6. Nightthought


    7. DerviKing


    8. Bob The builder

      so a 5900x is 250 dollars more then a i7-10700k for 10% on average performance gain? no thanks.

    9. NotVeryEasilyImpressedMan n

      "Let's keep the joke minimum" Says the guy who pose an Ahegao for the thumbnail

    10. Thomas

      75% of the sales go to ps5, xbox series x sells out in about 2 minutes

    11. Dan Dreese

      I'm a minimalist in terms of how much I want to see or hear Riley on the channel.

    12. TrantaLocked

      I don't know why but at 3:30 I thought this was a surprise Linus cameo as if he was from a different channel, like unboxing therapy guy being on the show or something. It freaked me out for a second.

    13. RaiRai214

      That Your Mom joke caught me completely off guard

    14. Mert Tekguc

      Aaaaand its sold out... shits gone so fast that the cpu ain't even released yet

    15. Hamish Ritchie

      a riley vid! todays gonna be ok

    16. Frank

      6:05 oh what a surprise that Elon Musk was not impressed about Waymo. I love how he is now promising that in few weeks there will be update and your Tesla will drive itself. The feature he told in january 2017 will be there in 6 months. And for some reason people still listen that guy and his empty promises. Level 5 autonomous vehicles won't be here in this decade.

    17. Kevin Hs

      Riley watched Amelia Watson's stream and got used to the mom jokes

    18. Unknown User

      just dont do a tiktok account pls

    19. Explicitblunt toohighgaming

      That's the best mom joke I have heard in years hahaha 🤣

    20. Garrett Jensen

      Great. Driverless taxi ride from the state that let autonomous driving kill the first person. What could go wrong.

    21. Mike Burna

      Bad joke, but Hitlers beard is a minimum-beard-style. Now, its your turn, Mr. White-Dark-Grey-Light-Grey.

    22. No God except Allah

      Have you ever heard the Qur’an the word of God ???hugets.info/show/r2hjbLHatato0H4/vide.html😘😘😄😍💖💖

    23. Jesse Greathouse

      If Oracle wins in Oracle v. Google, then it could be the beginning of the end for the Java Programming language. With so many more options out there, I don't think choosing Java for new projects, will be a thing with the Oracle sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

      1. referral madness

        @Jesse Greathouse Java is still used in lots of legacy banking software but at this point Google are trying to kill off java regardless of if they win or lose.

    24. Mert Kesim

      I came for the title, stayed for the Riley

    25. Saul Goodman

      When will you shave that gay porn Super Trooper mustache?

    26. Failomas

      so instead of keeping lover price and sell more cause more competitive and sell tons more that the blue team AMD decide: AH HA screw you we beat you must rise the price, beat us Intel! we can call this an "OUTSTANDIG MOVE" Kappa

    27. KonzTech

      This guy should join LTT

    28. Myriago

      Guess it's time to start cheering for Intel, they're the only hope of fighting the AMD upcoming monopoly

    29. Mohammad Golam Azim

      I wonder what those hackers found to make apple pay instead

    30. ffooxx12 AJ

      the way he pronounced Team Xecuter was funny lmao

    31. ENDER360Hz

      Riley is the love of my life

    32. SM Jian Hasan Irfan

      When's PC2 coming?

    33. Mehedi Hasan

      keeping a Mustash that big is not minimalist ... by the wonder what happend to your won youtube channel, i subscribed .. TW

    34. Hadi Osman

      Was that derbakke at the end ?

    35. Allan Sejr Christensen

      Hmmm 🤔 I wonder if they are breeding Linus's at LTT

    36. Roland's Recycling

      iPhone 12? F me I’m still using a 6

    37. De Big Ben

      Riley would make a fine step dad:)

    38. Anonym

      I'm not an intel Fanboy. I enjoy the ryzen series but idk if I believe these will out perform intel for gaming

    39. Giffy

      I love tech news. It's ALMOST easy to forget about the controlled demolition of the world economy with bio-security measures.

    40. StaticFanfare

      Lil Cal is not a face I expected to see here of all places.

    41. Ozzy

      I had to subscribe just for the humor.

    42. WalayatFamily

      Forget Zen 3 I want Zen 4 6950x !

    43. Will IAM


    44. OptimisticPessimist

      Consume on 📷 a 🦃 on peanut butter and jelly sandwich. No pretending.

    45. Jacob

      lol tim apple

    46. Mafaka

      Im Just telling... amd was the loser for a long time... intel was expenisve and so on.. if intel gets better again, i will never ever buy amd cuz they are like "im better then you and i will rize the price too" AMD was the king with low price / high Performance... now they want to fuck up their image? TF?! I swear by 7nm technology .. if intel gets better i will never ever touch amd again and hope they lose everything cuz being stupid :D I mean its ryzen and not "rizen the pricen"

    47. John Miller

      4:57 We all know Riley is definitely going to do the dances.

    48. Michael Thompson

      Whoever wrote those intro lines needs a raise! Take my money!

    49. Bob Coco

      2020: *sucks* Intel: Riley: hugets.info/show/xoJ1hMzY1mZ6w5Q/vide.html

    50. JD

      Coffin Lake: Intel Inside®

    51. daluckys fury

      tbh kinda disapointed in the price for an 8 core

    52. wesley toulouse

      I’d say zen 3 is over 9000 but I’m a little blue and they are godly

    53. Samiul Ehsan

      A lame pun: You wanna know what tim cooks Apple pies

    54. JoOngleGamer

      Lisa Su must be Rileys mother then...

      1. referral madness

        @JoOngleGamer she would make a good sugar mummy though 👀👀

    55. Nik the one

      hahahahahahaa oh those intros are getting better and better

    56. X9_Yeetus Mohetus

      Me: *laughs in Zen -3*

    57. Con. Con

      No one: Belle Delphine in thumbnail.

    58. Generic account


    59. DrHarryT

      Does Zen Chipsets/Motherboards have Win 8.1 drivers available?

    60. MagicStu

      Other youtube channels: Volume all the way up. TechLInked: Fecking hell, ryle! Turns volume down- a bit lol.

    61. Thomas Gill

      The Apple Silicon Mac will support x64 with Rosetta, and it seems to work great. This isn’t WindowsRT.

    62. Nathan Davies

      It swims like a squid, and the video you used said. Jellyfish can't really swim, they just drift along for the most part.

    63. YRB ELITE

      Hahah wasn’t expecting your mom haha first time watching any of your vids!

    64. Negeya

      69 9 9 9 nuh nuh nein All I can think of is *nein nein nein, NEIN!*

    65. Kapampangan Lost in America

      Did you hear that intel? “Right on schedule” 🤣

    66. Donald Regan

      The ol' "just trimmed my moustache" straight edge.

    67. paulg35c

      Shave that porn Stache

    68. SLEEPY

      Idk who the Linus guy is but he's annoying.

    69. David Crockett

      Wtf how are the new iPhones app cheap?

    70. pure progress

      Dude what's up with your teeth in the thumbnail 🤣

    71. John Clifford Carino

      Riley's Ahegao face = clickbait.

    72. Slewyn Sunil

      Get Yvonne to come back !!

    73. sayed ali

      Off course they release it a week after I buy a PC

    74. Mattia Riva

      Riley I highkey think you're handsome

    75. Morgan Trevino

      I love how casual this show is keep it up

    76. majstealth

      so i have finally a reason to replace my 8350?^^

    77. Dennis Bansgopaul

      Heyyy you can check out the KDE slimbook for the Linux enthusiasts

    78. Absolute Longplay

      Now they better hurry and release Zen 3 mobile so AMD can also destroy the laptop market.

    79. referral madness

      2:08 Microsoft support what ?🥴🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Apple are worse right now but Microsoft have been dodgey AF in the past lol

    80. SkemeKOS

      So, I'll be able to play Xbox Series X games on my PS5?

    81. Addict156

      A wild linus appears.. Wild linus uses segue.. It’s super effective!

    82. Michael Ramos

      What people don’t realize is the benchmark numbers we saw for the new AMD gpu was used with the new 5000 RYZEN CPUs. With the new CPUs being 20% faster than intel, it can’t be compared to a 3080 with a 10900k. The full picture will be pairing a 5000 cpu with a 3080 or you could just add 20% more fps right now thus making the 3080 a clear winner 👍🏻

    83. Arpad Gabor

      @TechLinked, I have to say you nailed the contrast on this one! Lots of episodes were lacking contrast but this one is finally great!

    84. Jacob R

      Can be used on 400 series motherboards ay. Fuck yea

    85. GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

      I think I remember the jellyfish robot, and you all glossed over the fact that it uses very little energy to swim, like a jellyfish. It could travel a long distant without needing to recharge.

    86. Anlaf Cununc

      It really shocks me that this guy has a wife and a kid?

    87. FireMasterSteve

      Plssssss help meeeeee A mysterious drive called drive m popped up while i was playing apex at first i thought it was a usb but it wasnt i ignored and then my pc was suddenly so slow so i checked it after the game it contained a folder named EMI I think and a read me notepad i opened the notepad and thats when my pc crashed i turned it off and on and it wont boot windows it showed a screen but it was black and there was a flickering white rectangle at the top left plsss help me

    88. TaterFPV

      Best thumbnail ever

    89. Georg F

      You've run out of alterations on Quick Qits. Stop it. Or bring in Julia - I want some Snippy Snippets. Guest episodes?

    90. SoulDragonXI

      4:32 I don't think it's a question of using the language rather the same API/Interface in their code which is powered by their backend. Owning an API is compare-able owning the QWERTY keyboard style, or a Gas Pedal to all cars. If the Interface you use with software (API) can be copyrighted that could threaten global standard APIs, and improvemented recreations/reverse engineering if Google loses. If Google wins we could see an issue companies copying open-sourced projects with copywrite licenses and changing the code enough to circumvent the license. (Maybe non-commercial use, etc.) Best of both worlds I imagine is black box recreation should only be legal, and APIs can not be copyrighted.

    91. Ramon Oliveira

      Sry to be a dick. But he looks like a young Ned Flanders.

    92. Joe

      Title of the year award

    93. Tim E.

      Je ne t'abandonnerai jamais Je ne te laisserai jamais tomber Je ne vais jamais courir et vous abandonner Je ne te ferai jamais pleurer Je ne vais jamais dire au revoir Je ne vais jamais mentir et te blesser

    94. Chromium

      jokes on you, my mums dead ya sicko! 😄

    95. Botio Kuo

      pls don't be around the kids' park with the face on the cover....

    96. TuffyToys

      Just wait until those simple jellyfish develop into the creatures from the movie "Matrix".

    97. Bálint Bakos

      No offense but Riley is the purest dad personality I've ever seen

    98. Vincent Prawira

      bruh the thumbnail looks like ahegao Riley

    99. Rafael Dourado Morbeck

      Best tech title ever!

    100. Nathan Purvis

      After getting the 5950X and the 3090, I’ll never leave the house again.