Ok, THIS one is bad.


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    LVI attack
    sick trailer
    mitigation means performance hit
    And guess what there’s also a pretty severe Windows vulnerability
    E3 cancelled
    Ubisoft and Xbox plan digital event to replace E3
    GDC moved to virtual conference
    GTC moved online
    HTC hosting VEC in VR
    Huawei P40 launch online
    Coachella postponed to October
    New York Auto Show postponed to August
    Cadillac Live virtual showroom expands JUST in time for the pandemic
    Drive-thru COVID-19 testing
    US insurance companies will waive fees
    EU proposes right to repair laws
    Pixel 4a starts at $399
    leaked hands-on
    Starlink will have latency good enough for comp. gaming
    Stadia’s 4K isn’t actually 4K
    Playstation just released a game on PC

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    1. John Vict

      I wonder ifthefeds were up on this all along.

    2. חנניה מט

      Why they aren't sure if they can say the word 'corona'? It has no patent..

    3. Jim Emmonstein

      Glad i switched to ChromeOS . No one expects anyone to use that

    4. Constitutionalist Libertarian

      So basically everyone at LTT thinks they are all smarter than the rest of the world and want those shekels so bad that Linus is still holding LTX at this point.

    5. WZR

      Mmm yes, Olympics hosted in VR

    6. Hypnotikk

      playstation releasing gmaes on pc is such a great way to snatch away series x / pc gamers money for sony, its unreal

    7. toast

      Came here just to say this is a shit ass title and i'm not gonna watch your videos anymore because you try to be funny/clickbaity which is nice but now there's fucking 0 hint at what it's even about. I'm not gonna gamble away multiple minutes of my life every time ur editors cant think of a good youtube title fuck sakes

    8. Sam Johnson

      the Schiit audio dac in the sponsor section "Nice"

    9. E. L Jackson

      Windows is a virus. And to think that some news sites are reporting that Linux is the most insecure desktop operating system because "it had the most security flaws discovered and patched in its lifetimes": *hugets.info/show/rHGLh9He2Genmpg/vide.html*

    10. ramzy mohsn

      how to update from windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit without usb or cd? plz halp

    11. Speedj2

      I finally broke down and bought a playstation, largely for that specific game... and now its finally coming out on PC. (facepalm)

    12. LizardVideoDude

      Right to Repair passed. Apple lawsuit incoming, 3... 2... 1...

    13. ÙwÚ boii

      4:40 Spaceman be like : "Ohh baby!! A triple!!!"

    14. NinjaGamer

      I feel really bad for people who have a data cap. Why??!!

    15. David Alsh

      SONY! Do Bloooooooodborrrnnee!

    16. lifesentence

      Nothing is ever free.

    17. ENDER360Hz

      Truthfully Riley's comedy is the perfect comedy. I think I will dub thee: NCIX KEYS

    18. Kevin Radtke

      Your haircut is MUCH better now

    19. Kagest Tv

      Honestly America with it's health care system should panic and A LOT. If things keeps going this way you are fucked.

    20. origionalwinja

      what a bunch of idiots. its LESS THAN THE COMMON COLD!! no one cancelled anything for the flu and it killed 37000 americans last year FFS!!

      1. h t

        you are a fucking dumass

    21. J.T Walker

      Sony losing that one to PC tells me there are more to come and to me that means Microsoft just might have the upper hand in the next gaming console war.

    22. Eric Wood

      No to StarLink! Don't pollute the sky for viewing and astronomy with needless satellites! Don't allow Musk to forever spoil the night sky!

    23. Daniel Cobia

      Hopefully they spent the last 2 years vetting bugs in the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn......

    24. William Wusik Kalfelz

      Ohhh yeah, thanks for the videos. Always a pleasure to watch.

    25. Jason Williams

      Canadian as in still British lol

    26. PixelPhobiac

      Amd and Linux

    27. Hell

      No Riley. You finally got a nice haircut.

    28. CreatingAlong

      So why can't you guys say the word "corona virus"?

    29. Malcolm Francisco

      Time to sell my intel stock I just bought today.

    30. CaptainSalmon

      Where is the Fat Riley? and where is the Skinny Luke?

    31. spoilerkiller

      "Pretty communist"? You're saying this like it's a bad thing!

      1. Rob

        It's a joke

    32. VidaGoGo

      I got quick bits... but no quack bats. Better luck next time.

    33. Theo Fittes

      First humans get covoid-19 CPUs get another vulnerability It’s the apocalypse

    34. Barış Şenkal

      Was this shot on a green screen ?

    35. Kuji Faith

      Punch-hole is the worst! Give me a mild/moderate forehead/chin and pass the savings on to me. >:(

    36. Jetfire

      Me: farts Riley: Did you just fart Me: :O

    37. Kendall Barnett

      Riley idk what you mean thats your best haircut yet look great

    38. Pelvis

      can bloodborne come to pc next plz and ty

    39. Bender Bending Rodriguez

      Gonna be real awkward at LTX with intel employees walking around eh?

    40. Ar7ic Kenai

      Riley what happened to your glorious hair?

    41. Phillip Morrison

      Gave the old lady the LVI last night... lol

    42. Julian Abreu

      Worst tittle, just came here to leave this comment and dislike

    43. Meridian

      Poorstponed: when an activity is being held off due to lack of funding

    44. Kioi

      has the title of this vid been changing?

    45. Diamondcreeper098

      Riley Don't underestimate my headshots in Horizon zero dawn

    46. Guy Who Know Things

      love ur vid!

    47. Andrew Sutton

      ...Riley, your poor hair

    48. futuremusician728

      I hate the VR marketing. Like, Valve is over there with their VR that costs 1k. Then you have oculus around 400 and vive around 800/900. And sometimes there are VR games that don't require VR and function as a normal game on pc. But Oculus is gonna stick their noses in the air and only stream in VR? Unless I'm misunderstanding, but if so, that would be terrible for trying to attract new customers..

    49. Christopher Beahn

      E3 is outdated as it is, we don't need an industry-only convention to announce games anymore.

    50. Arturo Tabera

      Some time in the near future Intel CPUs will run backwards. Get it?

    51. david supermantv

      Iam so happy that my drive dies yesterday. No one can get my data now!!

    52. MrManiac3

      I really want Gran Turismo 4 on Windows, natively I also want a self unplugging Ethernet jack that can be unplugged via toggle button or network right click context menu

    53. José Luís Lopes

      4:35 yeah... Except 20ms is actually pretty high user-to-ISP latency. A modern fiber connection has less than 5ms to own ISP connections. It should be very good for rural areas where no ISP wants to make the investment to install fiber tho

    54. Mark Stickley

      Not communist, just common sense and better for everyone including the most vulnerable people in society. But why help those people if it might look a teeny bit communist to the uninformed? Screw those guys, am I right?

    55. Frank

      Who still has a data cap?

    56. XzTS

      AT&T U-verse V-DSL has a ping of 32~48ms in OKC Cox Communications' cable broadband has a ping of 9ms in OKC

    57. SujiMayne

      Labeled a pandemic with less than 0.002% of people infected and it's less deadly than flu. UN is a joke.

    58. Nivikon

      What the... just as i farted Riley asked if i farted. I’m at a loss of words, that was an incredible moment.

    59. Carl

      Riley, I love you man but you're killing me with that pronunciation of Hua Wei, just pronounce the H!

    60. Louis Swanepoel

      "Sounds pretty communist to me" Damn son

    61. Cian Alcrez

      This look is the best Riley has ever looked. I am way more in love 😍

    62. Ian Visser

      His intentions are clear now. Electric cars, space ships, robots, space laser internet, he just wants to chill on the moon and game...

    63. Rainfire

      Your hair is still beautiful Riley

    64. Kieran Pavy

      I love it how we need to state a headphone jack is a feature and not just a given now days

    65. Jared Garbo

      Phoronix did a patch of this on Linux, it turned a 9900K into a i486(1989).

    66. YMCMBLC **

      Riley grew on me , didn’t care for him at first , now , well ?

    67. Zel matrix

      It's a good time for IT, work from home and a virtual presence instead of the normal conventions or place to place interactions. The millennials have won, they love that lack of *real human interaction. What about LTX? The * denotes that you are actually in the same geo location and not virtual.

    68. Panayiotis Pacoutas III

      Thanks LTT! I much prefer my full 4k tv to be filled in unlike wide aspect.

    69. Anthoney Tracey

      What is a quickbit?

    70. John Jeffo

      Actually, his hair is a lot better than it was!

    71. samm s

      should we panic? am I panic? what hwat???

    72. Cartgaming

      Gamers: I haven't seen outside for years. Sick person: Please just let me outside, I don't want to be like gamer! Parent: Gamer, Come outside! Gamer: Awwww. Sick Person: Awwwww.

    73. Jupiter Sailing - Music

      vaccinate your pc's everyone

    74. Igor

      4:55 "who gives a 4k" lol

    75. TheChapster_

      5:13 HEH ^ Cracked me up for some reason

    76. OptimisticPessimist

      A picked this headphone set to avoid hearing disturbing sounds. LS.

    77. Mystical Zeus

      I care about your hair Riley. We all care.

    78. Mystical Zeus


    79. Kris Morey

      I like your hair fam 👌

    80. permissionBRICK

      I'm just here for my daily fix of Tech News

    81. Noba

      you... you have data caps on your home-internet? srsly?

    82. Dued12341

      I've been waiting SO long to play horizon zero dawn!!!! I'm so excited!!!!

    83. Logan Snelbaker

      world: on fire sony: hey remember that game about robot dinosaurs?

    84. Ben Jones

      load injection and zombie load... lol

    85. MUMOD BIOS

      What about LTX2020? O_o

    86. Thomas Hartzell

      Dude kinda sounds like linus. It was fucking me up for like 3 minutes. Lol

    87. Munich FX

      WTF we are all going to die!

      1. Rob


    88. Don Wells

      did he slam the fart?

    89. Custom Computing

      Hahaha Riley kills me he should make a movie he’s that funny lol hahaha welcome to 2020 lol

    90. ahumanpersonman92

      That actually looks better.Try a Bald mid fade next

    91. A-A Ron

      Like i don't know how the Americans aren't rioting already? Like i pay taxes and am a good citizen in that sense, i would Expect my country to look after me in a time like this. testing (including recieving a different diagnosis unrelated to covid) and treatment Must be free.

      1. A-A Ron

        Huh? No I don't get why that would happen. My comment is possibly null already as i don't know if the US government are going to cover treatment costs. Things are changing so fast.

      2. Rob

        People won't riot for communism.

    92. Revive Back

      i don't care about vulnerability, i want P E R F O R M A N C E

    93. Nathan Budd

      I think your hair looks truly exquisite!

    94. larrisAWSOME

      >hunker down and play some games for a while some of us need to work 60 hours to survive.

    95. luca kro

      As someone who is currently in the EU. She is a bloated bitch and I am glad we broke up with her.

    96. kirby march barcena

      This is the first time that a single virus was able to postpone dozens of international and local conventions. Heck, even graduation rites in some countries are postponed.

    97. zeb1049

      Pandemic? Pandemic! In total only 30 people have died in the U.S. while over 190 will die from a heart attack today.

    98. lepostral

      Than god i never had to worry about anything with my turion.

    99. Lauri L

      Who's this track and field athlete doing TL?

    100. MR.C&A Video911Game

      bad hair ,, ?