Is there HOPE for Intel?


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      Not so fast INTEL AMD has got the better of you, Ryzen 7 4700U 8-core Outperforms Intel on gameplay.

    2. vSaseki

      Half of his talking sounds scripted

    3. darthspeaks

      If they create a product people want or need they need not worry. If they create a product that is too expensive or unneeded then they should be concerned.

    4. John Ferreira

      It would be nicer if you were sober when you make these videos. Annoying.

    5. kumbandit

      i5's received a growth stimulator called Ryzen ;)

    6. Daniel Tanu Wijaya

      The Core i5 one is probably a rebranded i7-8700K The Core i7 one is probably a rebranded i9-9900K

    7. Nikolai

      2:45 Has he just farted ?

    8. seh0nky

      wouldn't giving the gtx1650 gddr6 ram make it almost the same as the 1650 super?

    9. Alan Zhong

      The new comet lake processors will not be hitting anything? This includes store shelves? Well played Intel!

    10. Hulkieus

      Short answer: no.

    11. hat madter

      Team blue finally does the right thing... Thank you team red!

    12. Gia Selma

      THIS IS like a TV SERIES SITCOM when its this scruffy but trustworthy looking yet kind of a funny and pleasing guy is hosting... LOL

    13. TOM Michiels

      Min 6:04 something dripped from the sealing.. Are you guys leaking? Is Linus crying again. 😂 Because he had to shave, he was starting to look like a man but his wife didn't like it. 😁😁

    14. bryangaming

      ~James, DDR5 WHIT A SPEED OF 4800MHZ ~AMD Ryzen, whants to know you location.

    15. Chrusaster

      Man i love you, but that sweater is ugly af haha.

    16. FishyGames96

      Anybody see that spit fly into the camera @6:00ish yummy!

    17. Dreamy

      Is there hope for intel? Hopefully Team blue has been getting really weird lately lol

    18. tsartomato

      jokes on you i don't wear underwear

    19. Nathan The Collector


    20. Rin

      i hope not. not yet at least.

    21. excessive shitposting

      “Not literally hitting anything.” Not until Linus gets his hands on them...then they hit the ground.

    22. Brandon Hoffman

      DDR 5 @ 4800mhz! Lookout intel, AMD is going to be bombing you like seagulls bombing the school lunch line. Could we see our first system to to hit 5ghz all cores and sticks? Could 5ghz SSD's be next on the list. Find out tonight at 7! In earlier news Intel drops the ball and cant find it

    23. Brandon Hoffman

      Intel should get all whimsical since they are in the rears with AMD. And go with Crater Lake for their next code name!

    24. Adam Kiraly

      did you forget to colour correct this one or is this one of the test videos for parsec?

    25. Matthew Littler

      Will the iPhone SE have a headphone jack?

    26. err0r0b0

      Getting a new GTX at this date is insane.

    27. Lajos Baranyi

      No hope fir Intel. I am not buying intel until their offering is named in a way that at least I can pretend that it makes sense.

    28. mjs1231


    29. ColeTheBoss

      wtf is that liquid at 6:06

    30. Alex

      Your wife did a great job!

    31. Mo Hussain

      ill wait for rocket lake

    32. Paul Jacobs

      6:06 and that is why you people should all be wearing your own 3D-printed face-shields. #spitouttake

    33. Banyus


    34. Anthony José

      A shame will be the lack of 3D Touch on the new SE :(

    35. Dylan Baxter

      Not sure if the camera wasn’t focused correctly, or if the edit was a little off. But something looks a little fuzzy and something funky about the white balance going on....

    36. Handop

      Im still rockin an i7 3770k. Finally gonna upgrade after 6 years

    37. Gabriel Eduardo González

      I once ran windows 3.0 on a 1mb RAM memory old IBM machine

    38. Trickster Rickster

      *looks at tabs in shame*

    39. Armond Kuehn

      For god sake stop putting the wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable....its not cute. It's a PROCESSor

    40. Wagner

      I was going to get a Ryzen but looks like I'll be going intel again.

    41. Lamron333

      You said try P.I.A. in the link below & there is no link,... good job guys,... 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    42. Abteilung Agitation

      Banning videos about conspiracy theories isn't exactly the smartest idea if you want to stop people from believing them

    43. Barret X

      Cometlake will be hitting the floor when Linus gets his hands on them.

    44. ThatOne FatDude

      Corona core i9

    45. StaelTek

      It's not a first for a desktop i5 to get hyper threading. Core i5 650? Remember?

    46. ronixx

      I watch all videos a 1.5 speed so that I can watch more while at work..

    47. Xalzinor

      6:06 this is how you spread COVID 19

    48. Everyone Is Fighting Some Kind Of Battle

      Intel has hit the same wall with Core that they did back in 2005 with NetBurst. All they can do is throw more and more cores with higher and higher clock speeds. I'm expecting all the lights in peoples' homes to dim when they power on a machine with a Comet Lake CPU.

    49. Alvin Bontuyan

      Is this a linus tech tips branch out?

    50. US

      It’s weird to think of James as a Homeowner(?)/Married/Dad

    51. TheJimKingReport☑

      Still can't fuck with AMD... Sorry Team Blue you've lost

    52. Lucio Aquino

      i dont like this guy, he doesnt even had a pc until linus give him one, and im sure he is not using it

    53. KaBe

      Wow, nice fountain dude.. 6:05

    54. Daken333

      What about the core i8?

    55. Homie eevee

      AMD will still win.

    56. Ulquiorra Schiffer

      Me to The New Microsoft Edge: Do you have built on vpn?

    57. Hold the Door

      you talk like you have smoked weed

    58. Imran Khan

      Intel's 10th generation processor will be biggest flop

    59. Vinz Laros

      but arent they still expensive?

    60. Ben Porter

      This is fucking intel we're talking about did you morons honestly think they were just going to lay down and let amd run away with the market you'd have to be one of the biggest dipshits on the planet to think that

    61. Michael Christensen

      I guess his wife has a 16.5” wiener

    62. Necronomicon

      I lost my remaining faith in humanity when they mentioned Edge has a higher market share than Firefox.

    63. Miracle Chapman

      Replace linus already.

    64. Harry Loader

      me watching this after just buying an i5-9500

    65. Voltzero2

      6:06 stop spitting at me lmao

    66. Josef de Joanelli

      6:05 giant spit ball

    67. Jarrod Olivier

      6:05 and that's why social distancing is so important

    68. Ali

      Great presentation 👍

    69. The Rantman

      Holy crap Toby Mcquire is doing freaking tech vids now!?!? Thanks Covid, im sending this video to TmZ

    70. Vedant Ganesh

      5:13 *laughs in firefox*

    71. KNAX_NO4H

      Why isn’t Intel switching to 7 nm?

    72. Fluvv

      Hey I'm very new to building a pc. I'm building a gaming one. I so far have a Corsair case. And I have a 1050 ti so far. I don't know what motherboard to buy or cpu

    73. paul woodward

      another boring utuber trying to funny...

    74. Brian Ballard

      Is there HOPE for Intel? NO! ;-)

    75. Eddie Dingle

      You're an idiot if you spend any of your money on anything but food water and shelter. Global depression that'll be worse than the 1930s is starting.

    76. ?


    77. Rathatamanun Charypo

      I got triggered every time someone say anything like "Mac users should've looked at PC instead". Mac in someone's home or in a personal possession is a PC. If it's a computer that someone uses personally, it's a PC. Although, I was using my company's laptop to write this, it's only me who uses it, it's a PC. PS. I was using Chrome on Ubuntu to watch HUgets.

    78. Gilgamesh

      Is there any hope for HUgets thumbnails? Another shitty, sunken eyed dope with his mouth open. Grab a ticket, join the queue of fucking trash.

    79. Dark Emperor

      intel: new intel core i gen 10th people: where are intel xeon now :/

    80. Farid Rudiansyah

      Whatever browser you choose. You need edge to download them all... At first

    81. Viper02

      It's ok, Intel has been behind for years. Keep paying 5x for a slower chip Intel fanboys

    82. ransom182

      My Pentium 4 had hyper threading…

    83. Meme God

      I hope we dont run out of gddr5 too soon cuz my broke ass still needs to buy a low profile 1650

    84. jazzmickge1

      Are you joking, I asked you to do a proper informal video, to stop 5G attacks and all you have is a tid bit joke about it. It might seem funny to you now, but in our world its not. When it it comes back to America and it will, Canada will be next. This whole situation will be blown out of proportion and you will suffer too. So thanks again for your help in stopping this crazy theory, because theoy's on the internet are clearly not as damaging as a real virus.

    85. Mackenzie McIntyre

      Hell no

    86. Joel Ouellette

      you guys should do a video busting the 5G conspiracy

    87. Michael O'Brien

      If 10th gen has a die as thick as 9th gen, temps will not improve.

    88. D Hawthorne

      Do NOT shut your computer's down! Click the download @ and join the LMG team: 223518 Help medical research get the world out of quarantine sooner! (...and then help bio-medical research in general. They're curing cancer!) (...and all the "old age" diseases.) (...and that one really bad "middle age" disease.) (...and probably chronic loose grip syndrome; also known as LSD.) (That's Linus Sebastian's Disease, you junkies).

    89. pigtailsboy

      Edge is a minor convenience for recording. Can't separate out audio streams per tab in FF and no I will not be utilizing Chrome unless a site is refusing browser support for my default.

    90. Comrade 95

      Good think that the safari issues is only for iphone and mac, not ipad 😏

    91. Detmer

      A company as big as Intel better have some hope. They are currently smacked in every corner by a much, much smaller company...

    92. Dennis Premoli

      6:05 is it raining inside?

    93. Alan D

      4:15 No worries the conspiracy theorist will have a home at Facebook.

    94. Dennis Premoli

      Actually running Microsoft Edge. It works just as well if not better than Chrome and is extremely similar in many ways. Took like 2 minutes to configure to look just like my Chrome. Also, there are a few common extensions on the Microsoft store but you can allow installation from other stores then you can just go to the usual Google extensions store and reinstall all your favourite extensions. I have always been a long time Google fan on most services but I feel like Chrome has become too bloated and a monopoly tool by Google. We'll see if Microsoft keeps its promise and ports those extra cool features it had in old Edge. Though Firefox might strictly be better right now (although I have little to no personal experience with it) it's basically a dead horse. Old Edge, with its flaws, showed a vision of a browser which was quite refreshing and innovative and Microsoft is already planning to port many of those features into stock New Edge. (ie. tab retention, vertical tabs, pdf and page marking etc.") Obvs you can do all of that with extensions and stuff but it gets messy quick. Hopefully this will push some innovation in the browser market.

    95. Interstice Nomad

      Amd all the way

    96. KWells

      8th gen core I5 for laptops has hyperthreading

    97. Mahidi

      I already felt ripped off when buying a 1650 after having researched into G.P.U's further and now considering I bought very recently and now they have GGDR6 I just feel plain ripped off by NVIDIA.

    98. tamarin

      Ok. What the hell happened with firefox? Im still a user and finding it out here that firefox isnt even number 2 is amazingly confusing.

    99. Slickman Elite

      They don't need hope, they've had the best gaming processors and still do.

    100. TorQueMoD

      Why don't you guys Mic the person in the background who's always shouting out comments? That way we could actually hear them instead of it looking like you're talking to yourself.