Apple products just got BETTER


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    Apple Universal Purchasing rolls out along with some other OS updates
    Trackpad support
    iCloud Drive
    Undetected malware still goin nuts on Play store
    DoNotPay helps you delay payments because of coronavirus
    Child of Light (Uplay)
    Goat of Duty (Steam)
    Stanley Parable (Epic Games Store)
    Picard (CBS)
    Educational stuff!
    Learn how to develop Unity games
    Verizon giving free internet to students in LA
    ISPS waiving data overage fees - if you contact them and ask
    Computex 2020 delayed to September
    Firefox begins paid ad-free program… makes sense
    Royole Flexpai 2 @ 18:39 , 23:19 , 51:18 , 51:40 , 52:12
    Ford and GM start making ventilators
    Some HP SSDs could brick themselves after four years of use

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    1. future vloger vlogs

      Got better and got expensiver

    2. Astrophysics Zuetron Genblue


    3. Andrei Enache

      Why the fuck Captain America is presenting this video?

    4. Vanessa Nigley

      Wow. Just got some apple products through alvinspy100 on 1G. So amazing

    5. Claudiu Grigore

      comunisum # free staff... and you have no right ... than to pay rent in the pajamas you wear ... it's not funny at all !!! free stuf it is free is stolen from the dead !!! pay rent in the pajamas ... tha only future ... yeaaa nop . booom . now you understand what the fence broke ... fore a real future !!! not feke creap . !!!

    6. Unluckyness

      Was that a Scott Manley intro? 😂

    7. Anemathis

      Unity and its tutorials are always free.... Unless theres a hidden tutorial page im not aware of.

    8. Toronto

      Act semi serious then add a quirky joke where you act like you’re dumb but funny-dumb at the end of the sentence. Repeat until done video. Is that your instructions? Looll ya done over did it this time

    9. THEMrFill

      You mean iOS has caught up to about 5 years behind Android? 😛

    10. 100.000 Subs to prove a Point!

      Ladies and Gentleman, you may have noticed my Name. Im trying to prove a Point to a friend of mine. He's a youtuber with a few Subs who doesent believe me that viewers may sub to you simply because you ask them nicely. I would really appriciate it if you could give me a Sub (i have literally nothing uploaded on my Profile). Regardless, i wish you a beautiful Day and stay healthy!

    11. Gordon Pawinski

      Is it just me or does he look like Luka Doncic with a beard

    12. Bruno

      Beard is HAWT

    13. Saul Goodman

      Clicking on ads is not malware. That's how people make money.

    14. Heshitha Paranavithana

      Linus check this out from Max Tech, This needs to be addressed, this throttling is just ridiculous. If this is some software thing which can be fixed like they did on the whole Adobe premier thing apple needs to respond.

    15. Naduron0

      did apple finaly admit that they will finaly stop scamming people on the iphone?!

    16. Nick K

      Picard is NOT free, it requires a CBS all access subscription!

    17. blech71

      400k or 40k ?

    18. Asher Charlemagne

      I just bought child of light a week before 😑😑🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    19. 김지후

      득충이 보고 들어온 사람?

    20. Charles Yeo

      Apple finally has mouse. Yay welcome to 1980s

    21. Bestiony Foudili

      The way you put it seems like Apple making useless announcement because they've already had made every important update there is while Google is still struggling with basic protection

    22. Generic Ghost


    23. Lance Zimmer

      The Unity tutors are years old and useless. LMAO

    24. Electricnick

      I wonder how Google would feel to know that in order to fix my little brother's tablet after he unknowingly installed one of those malware apps, I had to completely remove all Google Play apps in order to make the device even useable again. Google services were completely destroyed by the app and a reset actually only made things worse.

    25. pokuri harsha

      Open your eyes and ears Apple product can be never become a great because they are always f****** cheat their customers and they copy some features from cheap tablets which were around from past 10 years and people think that is a invention specially Apple fanboys I think you are also one of them

    26. Jonathan Moyetones

      That was deffo a pornhub reference

    27. Oskar Kacprzyk


    28. J_Morris143

      Watch the backlog? But I watched them all since the inception.

    29. MR.C&A Video911Game

      Apple products..................

    30. Agent LokVokun

      5:18 -- This is the SECOND time this has happened in the last year. With HP the previous bug trashed the firmware on the drive at 32,768 Hours. (3 years, 270 days and 8 hours)

    31. Brendan Coen

      Great energy this episode xD love u guys

    32. Mister Turk Turkle

      Lol fake

    33. Zekrar

      I love how everyone is like.... wOW ApPlE mOUsE AnD tRaCkPAd SUpPoRt. While Android has had this support for years.

    34. HaleDynamics

      wowww, they released features 7 years too late. APPLE IS SO GREAT.

    35. Chraman

      Apple: Maybe the best PC is not a PC. Apple, later: It is good because you can make it a PC

    36. David Miller

      More free media: Both 100% Orange Juice & 200% Mixed Juice are free on steam until March 30th. I both love 100% orange juice but it simultaneously makes me wanna kill my friends.

    37. Pratik Sagle

      Jerryrig joins the chat!!

    38. Sabsoun

      you are slow whit the HPE Stuff we now that now for a wille now and whit wille i mean over a month

    39. Mi Schermer

      Until Apple becomes more user-friendly in its service policies I will not be purchasing any Apple products due to their monopolizing policies.

    40. bossssssist

      What do Canadians know about free speech

    41. droopysloopy

      40000 hours not 400000 hours?

    42. Afro Stig

      Did I just hear "Tesla drivers"?!!

    43. Halpy

      Idk why apple thinks that the camera design looks good because it doesn’t

    44. Marrick Kensworth


    45. Qi Huna


      1. Frank

        @Qi Huna Please tell more. Why do they suckass!!!!!!!?

    46. Notblind808

      I want to be able to unlock encrypted drives, that’s all I care about. External hard drive support k cool, but who uses non locked external drives.

    47. Jessie Aguilar

      Apple died with Steve jobs

      1. Frank

        What do you mean? They are now bigger than ever.

    48. Brad G

      Hey! Great Verizon is giving students unlimited data during this time of crisis...brought to you by the company that shut off firefighters' data plans while they were fighting some of the largest wildfires in California last summer. KThanxBye :)

    49. ShiP wReCk

      Wow, this is amazing... Apple invented link sharing.

    50. Mohammad_W Rahman

      I've never noticed a ring on Riley's finger wow

    51. archelonprime

      Oops! Somebody didn't double check to find out that LAUSD stands for Los Angeles Unified *School* District.

    52. Louis Daza


    53. Orlando Arzadon II

      "IOS adds keyboard and mouse support" I'm calling it: the puck is coming back! 😜🤣

    54. SECDUP

      Free entertainment for free! Sounds a bit expensive to me.

    55. Hardcore Whitetrash

      The only way Apples products could get any better is by bringing its production from China back To the great USA 🇺🇸

    56. Blague

      Please checkout new Sony phones.

    57. Ching Chong

      Riley forgot to mention PornHub Premium is for free too...

    58. Chemy Torres

      A lot of free stuff... And companies closing and firing people over here

    59. JetsetUK

      So Apple have finally taken back their backdoor and control over your device? Ah no... they didn't... have a downvote for propagating Apple's totalitarian mindwashing...

    60. Joseph Kowis

      On the one hand, I really do like how Mozilla is trying to support journalism with the new beta. I don't know how they're going to convince anybody to actually start PAYING for a browser like it's 1997.

    61. unseethed

      Put some argan oil on your beard, It'll grow out evenly. Make sure you find instructions online. You're welcome.

    62. Nobody Uknow

      They want you to see Star Trek: Picard... A show made entirely of member berries and nostalg-urbation... and painfully inferior to that which inspired it.

    63. Curious Wars

      Those who sacrifice their freedom to gain security deserve (and generally get) neither.

    64. Ignas Smirinėnka

      Guys, you are amazing!

    65. Deon Spates

      Riley, stay safe out there bro!!!

    66. dan110024

      Is it just me or is Riley kinda under exposed?? EXPOSE HIM!!!!!!!!

    67. AManOfCulture

      Capitalism* taking advantage of a pandemic to give free shit just because people have too much time on their hands and too little money. Small edit: I do enjoy free stuff :))

    68. GhoulcallerGisa

      man liberals are fucking annoying and it's hilarious how both sides of the political spectrum hate their spinelessness

    69. Nothing Random

      You mean apple is now "ok?"

    70. k0nn0r is trash

      Me: reads title Also Me: Hm that’s debatable

    71. Toy Barreiros

      0:20 WROOONG. iCloud already had link sharing for a long time, but it didn't work for folders, you had to compress it.

    72. mario

      Apples am I right?

    73. Alan D

      Where was the part about better Apple products?

      1. Frank


    74. RPG Mafia

      only saw the title me : "Doubt."

    75. RPG Mafia

      only saw the title me : "Doubt."

    76. BuzzaB77

      Free Nine Inch Nails Double album out too fyi.

    77. Arnan de Gans

      So how is paying $5/month to get rid of ads better than free adblock? Yea, thought so...

    78. costafilh0

      Paying to block ADs? kkkkk Oh Riley, you are so cute!

      1. John Buscher

        costafilh0 Yes, but this way you also support journalists. Now instead of infectious ads, you can have no ads and feel a little better about browsing some of those sites. And before you jump out, the people who’d buy this are the same people who spend too much money on an iPad that you can’t install an adblocker on. They probably can afford $5/mo to support journalism and they get the upside of no ads.

    79. Z L

      june 2ooth to thixtthh 😂😂😂

    80. Inv Great

      Intro was great!

    81. toosas

      2:30 I got that Dave Chapelle reference

    82. Will Wel

      Anti-American New World Order globalist traitors using slaves to manufacture surveillance equipment and Weapons Systems that'll be used against us all. But you guys promote it like they're fun and cool. You are stupid!

    83. Assaulted Peanut

      Man I don't even really care about tech but these guys are so entertaining

    84. x111

      wtf!! apple co trash again !! stop wasting time on that shit !! let me I give an honest Dislike !!

    85. jamesgfilms

      "UNITY!" I got that reference :)

    86. Jac ReviewsStuff

      If you're going to have the other guy's voice (which is very welcome), can you guys mic him too to improve the audio? 👍👍

    87. h6h6Productions

      shouldn't y'all be at home right now?

    88. I Am A Pineapple

      Why was this in my notifications? Im not even subscribed.

    89. The White Waffle

      "Firefox begins paid ad-free program" this should not HAVE to be a thing... It saddens me a bit more with each new subscription-based thing that comes out. Each one vaguer than the last...

    90. Dudeomfgstfux

      0:03 I thought my waffles are done from the toaster:/

    91. javierortiz82

      Cross purchases on iOS have been a thing for almost a decade, I can't understand how this is new.

    92. Ali Bukhari

      Also World War Z

    93. Witty

      When I have a restless night, I put on the TechLinked playlist and slowly drift to sleep

    94. Mauro Murgia

      oh look, apple just caught up to 4 years ago

    95. MK3424

      Sees title... "Let me put on my skepticals"

    96. Francisco Gamboa

      Can we finally copy files via usb as in how UNIVERSAL should work?

    97. Matas Liutikas

      5:22 10x the duration :D

    98. Romeo

      Fuck better, did they get cheaper?

    99. William of Baskerville

      Developers, developers, developers 00:33

    100. Suicide to Recovery

      Screw Google!