Ryzen 3... SO hot right now


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    Ryzen 3 3100 overclocked to 5.92GHz
    Gamers Nexus hugets.info/show/opSaqM2Uq6yHvJw/vide.html
    Microsoft and Intel visualize malware to defeat it
    Thunderspy Thunderbolt 3 vulnerability
    www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/ghmu4t/thunderbolt_security_vulnerability/fq9tudn/ - zoom in on comment
    73.2 million user records leaked
    Microsoft fixing Surface Laptop 3 display fractures caused by “hard foreign particles”
    EA’s cross-gen upgrade offer comes with a catch
    WeChat spies on non-China-based accounts - BIG SURPRISE
    Tile + Intel integration could mean no more lost laptops

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    1. Roki

      Judging by James' hair and clothes, this was recorded on the day they did the Linus deepfake. Just goes to show how in advance they shoot this stuff.

    2. John DoDo Doe

      So now there'll be actually, official spyware in Intel chipsets?

    3. Lukaroast

      Get ready baby, cause GREASY JAMES is here

    4. Polite Cat

      microsoft is taking a play right out of apple's playbook..when you have a defect in your product, just claim "in a very small percentage of cases...."

    5. Adolseph Hitlin

      Is it racist to say that he looks Mexican?

    6. Dwayne Hunt

      So Bad!!!!! I don't know what else to say. Maybe mature, grow up and develop some professionalism. Who cares about your haircut?

    7. colo capacco

      chineese thing was not new at all, besides study

    8. Layer


    9. Tanmay Panadi

      the hard particle was their touch pens loosing their tips

    10. Big Oof

      your thumbnails looks so retarded to the point where i dont even care whether the video is good or not, im just gonna the click the 'not interested' buttom

    11. Interesting

      disliked. the thumbnail is giving me ptsd

    12. Martin R

      The segments on STAMINA and Thunderspy were just downright hilarious. Hacker nannies and gross malware. Jokes aside, I hope something good comes of them. Also; 5:25 Nobody is surprised by these mechanics EA. Like Riley says, we can always depend on you to be stingy. 🙄

    13. Royal Queennox

      This is so funny hahahaha, My fav. Tech Channel at the moment. Keep it up guys.

    14. simon fish

      They took our compatibility !!

    15. Erol Ozer

      James is looking Zlatan ish but there can only be one Zlatan .

    16. Superbike Brunet

      That's matrix in real life.

    17. derrick show productions

      His hair looks like james francos only oiled back

    18. Serafin Juarez


    19. Greg

      I'm not even mad about the lack of backward compatibility. As long as they can keep doing whatever they're doing. I don't think anyone really expected Ryzen to go where it's already gone. If you were one that did, I would've said you were absolutely nuts.

    20. Aaron Fernando

      btec linus

    21. TechTime

      James really made up for his hair by being extra hilarious.

    22. TheUndeadSqwerl

      AMD "we will support the motherboard chipset to 2020" 2020 AMD "allright we gana start using new moba chipset People "amd is dropping there promise they became intel! SCREEEERRRRRRRRRVHFSTHKGCGSCHJ!!!!!!

      1. TheUndeadSqwerl

        @Benjamin Oechsli i saw that and thout it was neet witch is cool

      2. Benjamin Oechsli

        Fear not, people who feel slighted because you bought the wrong motherboard! AMD has heard your crying, and will be making Zen 3 compatible with B450 and X470 boards. And no, I'm not trolling. Go check it out.

    23. Cypher Droid

      Most of the video it's about bad jokes and sponsors. And he talked about the video topic for like 15 seconds.

    24. Will Yapipeitdown

      James is the yoga instructor your wife tells you not to worry about.

    25. Zubin B

      At this point James should start an OnlyFans just to show off all of his new hairdos 👀

    26. dimii27

      0:00 Nohomo, but you do actually look handsome like this

    27. Toni Ivanov


    28. Guitarskooter

      Everyone: Talk about James hair No one: Talk about Anthony hair Me: ???

    29. CringeOfCzech

      Jake looks likes an airpod

    30. Kasper S. Olesen

      More than 2% false positive? Thats low for an anti-virus? I guess it is, if its out of all viruses the anti-virus does detect overall.

    31. Sport School

      Honestly, what do people expect with backwards compatibility? technology goes forward and sadly you need to get more advanced tech to run some of the new stuff... you expect them to not produce the best processors possible so that you can run them on older mobos? and honestly a new B550 mobo will be around 100-150$... just buy one when you can and then buy a new processor... people are acting like the current stuff can't play the new games... you can play games like Warzone and battlefield V at 1440p with a Ryzen 5 3600 and an RX 5600xt at a constant way over 60FPS and you can easily hit 144FPS with the right settings on Warzone... so yeah... people need to get their heads out of their butts and accept that new technology needs better hardware to run on... If AMD built only processors that were compatible with B450 mobos maybe the max quality of their processors wouldn't be as good? you know... just maybe? Maybe you need to ask AMD's techs that developed these new processors to explain why they can't run on old mobos? Maybe the fact that they're gonna be making processors for the new consoles too is a factor? There are a lot of maybe questions here and people need to understand... having the latest tech COSTS MONEY... so, either pay up or keep the rig you have and be happy with it... all the bullshit of "oh my god... fucking capitalist pigs want to squeeze us out of our money" while all you want is to get more and more new awesome products is so pretentious... a B450 mobo is super cheap but it won't last forever... at some point you'll have to buy a new one if you want to have the absolute best running gaming PC... but honestly... if 144FPS on 1080p and over 60FPS on 1440p is not enough for you and you say you don't have money to spend... you're annoying... either be filthy rich and buy every latest product that comes out or be happy with a very very good gaming rig that can run anything at very very good rates that comes at less than 1000$...

    32. Mr. Unknown


    33. STL C

      James looks like he just joined a biker gang.

    34. nomadik7

      I'm here for the comments *grabs popcorn*

    35. Inverted V12 Powerhouse

      Backward compatibility promised till 2020. It's 2020 boys. Times up

    36. werethless12

      Disliked and reported. Don't make faces like that in thumbnails.

    37. cuma212

      what promise of backward compatibility? AMD in early 2017: we are going to support backwards compatibility until 2020 AMD 2020: as we said 3 years ago we are ending backwards compatibility pc gamers : shocked pikachu face

    38. Jeremy H.

      Just stop with the dumb faces, slick.

    39. misium

      That was ... fun

    40. MindinViolet

      Shooty Game 3 Minimum Specs: 6GHZ Recommended Specs: 8GHZ

    41. chilly raptor

      So the thing about the thunderbolt vulnerability, is somebody who wants to do this, just needs pay off a maid in a hotel or whatever, to just plug something into the device that runs an automated program while they are cleaning, unplug, rinse repeat in every room they see a thunderbolt port in.

    42. BangDroid

      Your dad has a nice watermelon there bud

    43. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

      How are AMD supposed to provide PCIE 5 and DDR5 support on chipsets that don't support these 2 techs?

    44. Man of Culture

      So the thunderbolt vulnerability requires a maid and lots of time??? Just don’t google sakuya izayoi.

    45. whiteandnerdytuba

      The beard he can’t grow is far more distracting

    46. Tra Bee

      That hair. I'm calling the mounted police.

    47. JoshuaNY93BX

      Megaman battle network yes lets get ais now and defeat viruses

    48. HEMMA Rwaか

      James looks like a Mexican drug lord

    49. HEMMA Rwaか

      Why are they using devil man cry baby music

    50. Dave Guppie

      Actually their promise was that compatibility would last up to 2020. It’s 2020 now. So they actually held up their promise.

    51. ps3aciv

      GTA V is free now on the Epic Games Store to get and keep forever. Offer ends on 21.5.

    52. Mike Creed

      Oh look, an Electronics Boutique employee.

    53. BlackSn0wz

      Are people still moaning about the end of support motherboards?

    54. Thinking Ape

      What happened to his hair? Is it in the “awkward phase?” Like a young John Travolta in Pulp Fiction 🤣

    55. SesshyS

      Not surprised about Wechat yet millions of ppl still use it! Just like everybody is still using Zoom...😝

    56. dapple88 ,

      what the fork

    57. LV

      Did you fuck up your haircut?

    58. Omel Medina

      Why is there like 40 different channels with linus and his group?

    59. Nate Shoemaker

      Did you lose a bet or something?

    60. mike hightower

      bruh, Don't slick your hair back anymore, bud. Super greasy lookin' and like you're going to whip open that jacket and offer to sell me watches. . .

    61. kenny456100

      'Imagine the virus then we can defeat it.' Me: there is a crown. Oh no, many crowns

    62. Edward liao


    63. wittmannger

      if you want to look slick then you should shave

    64. Emberframe FFN

      lol who cares facebook also monitors your messages lol and then the Americans can see it so whats different.

    65. Dave Decker

      What's with the fruit?

    66. So Ki

      Tencent is a shit company

    67. Haitham Ali

      Chinese company love to spy on their customers these days , like XIAOMI

    68. lashram32

      I guess the Fonz is hosting Techlinked now?

    69. NecroFlex

      "...will make us forget that AMD is screwing up their promise of backwards compatibility..." I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm, i hope, because what do you want them to do? Support their 4th and even 5th gen ryzens on like 300 series boards? Yes i can't wait to get a Ryzen 16 3950X 48 core 96 Thread CPU on my A320 board, i'll even be able to bake some meat on the VRMs, thanks AMD!

    70. Noitron

      Italian mafia doing Tech News?

    71. Miguel Klekailo

      What the fuck is ryzen 3? Ryzen 3xxx series? Zen 3? Seriously, from a tech channel?

    72. vav413

      That thumbnail sucks

    73. STG

      2:30 jokes on them you think i can afford a motherboard with thunderbolt

    74. Amritesh Ganiger

      James hair has more oil than whole Saudi Arabia.

    75. 20Lush

      Thanks Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V!

    76. Mutant Baby

      "Outperform the Ryzen 3 3300X by overclocking the 3100 using the Wraith Stealth cooler." Outperforming or outclocking? 3100 has higher inter CCX latency than 3300X. Outclocking doesn't necessarily mean out performing.

    77. Rickjames The Gunsmith

      Why the hell is everyone so bent about amd compatibility? Intel has been forcing us to buy a new mobo/chipset with every 2 new generation of cpus. Amd at least supported 3 gens on a single mobo/chipset. Plus with warranties like microcenter offers you can simply upgrade within 2 years for the cost of a new warranty if you're getting a part that costs the same. If you get a more expensive part pay the difference and pay for the new warranty and boom good for another 2 years or earlier.

    78. jaime diaz

      why is your hair like that?

    79. M Y

      What even is that hair 👀

    80. Jim Jones

      Canadian click bait I'm use to from unbox theropy not you clowns

    81. kiyanie

      Costco Jeans? Those are great!

    82. MR.C&A Video911Game


    83. Jim Jones

      I wonder if Intel stock coolers can work ?

    84. Brett Braswell

      I mean.... I don't mind Linus developing and growing over the years, at all. I love it. He worked for where he is. What I dont understand is these hosts from failing groups that were overlooked and not watched over Linus Tech Tips now being the face of Linus Tech Tips. Its like letting the channel become what it wasnt which is why, myself at least, watched this channel. So now we got talking heads turning tech news into boring blabber of try-hards who couldn't win your audience then and cannot win your audience now. You need to shape these boys into what made Linus Tech Tips better than their counter parts or we will just stop watching this channel like everyone did their dying channels. Give me Linus, give me Luke, the cute asain is totally fam, but this guy and that other one....negative. This format is boring.

    85. Enderbro

      my boi james lookin like season 1 michael scott

    86. FIREFIRE CPB:- Advance Beyblading

      Wtf is that thing on James' head?!

    87. XtremeConditions

      But why is this particular model so good at overclocking when the others just cant? I thought it was some limitation of the architecture? How far can these go with a simple aftermarket air cooler like a Hyper 212 EVO, or even an AIO liquid cooler? Because if 6ghz was achieved, 5 (or close to it) should be possible with air, shouldn't it?

    88. daily8150

      Never heard of tencent well then I bet you would have not heard of PUBG as they own it now.

    89. BetaTester01

      1sub = 1 donation for my birthday

    90. FinneousPJ1


    91. Jaime

      🤔 But today is Wednesday

    92. insrgntv

      Stop commenting about hair idiots

    93. catawalks

      James lost a bet.

    94. Wild Potato Gaming

      I liked the old hair

    95. Bekayvd

      I remember trying this exact same haircut once. Not a good day

    96. WhiteNight90

      horrible hair xD

    97. Connor Roberts

      if i see a thumbnail with his face like that in again, im unsubscribing

    98. pratik kumar

      Amd: we will drop support in 2020 Ppl in 2020: how could they do this.

    99. Vangelis Tika

      3:27 I saw it differently....