Apple actually DID IT...


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    0:00 Jim Jamesy
    0:15 Apple WWDC
    0:31 Ampere performance
    2:19 No More Mixer
    3:18 PC37X Gaming Headset
    3:51 Flash is gon' get gone
    4:19 Chrome to use less memory
    4:58 Cyberpunk 2077 delayed (old news)
    5:27 Google photos printing discontinued
    5:47 SW Squadrons no microtransactions
    IT’S OVER 3000!

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    1. Sayyed xD

      0:01 slim shady?

    2. VishChew

      i never spend more than 1.99 for my t-shirts

    3. SathyanKrishnan

      RIP Hackintosh, Mixer

    4. Sharif 9941

      Is Apple ditching Thunderbolt technology? It Apple already transferred it’s Thunderbolt trademarks to Intel. The MAC mini given to developer have USB c instead of thunderbolt 3. Is it reduce the cost of developer version of MAC mini or we won’t be seeing thunderbolt 3 in future Apple products?

      1. Kaleb Brosig

        They are apparently using usb 4 which is basically thunderbolt 3

    5. boost::it

      10 out of 10 for that thumbnail

    6. chmoduk

      Whatever they use as processing hardware it is still going to be Apple code running, and that is never going to be the same since Jobs passed.

    7. Craig Leffel

      Why is this video so soft? Close ups are really soft. Are you guys having problems in Color Correction? Looks really poorly converted. I'm honestly just concerned...

      1. mikin lirou

        why the video quality is so bad on this one even in HD???

    8. Joanna

      So, Riley writes most of these episodes. What makes me laugh is how much he loves his own jokes

    9. Just The Facts

      A point of View from a Professional Industry. Engineering Construction and Process Control. Not Games Common iOS and Mac Architecture With Apple designing its own chips for iOS devices and Macs, there will be a common architecture across all Mac product lines, which will make it easier for developers to write and optimize software that runs on all Apple products. macOS Big Sur is equipped with tools to help both developers and Apple customers transition from Intel chips to Apple Silicon. All Apple apps, including Apple's pro apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, are already running natively on Apple Silicon.. Do you know how difficult it is to make Software and Hardware from different Vendors Work. We have to lock them in a room and tell them they don’t leave until the make it work. Our Projects ar $10 Billion Dollar’s a Pop, 20% of that Budget is on Process Control Systems which don’t play nice because different Vendors love to screw it up. So Our Engineering and Process design Departments are really happy that Apple is Software and Hardware are within the Same House. IT department are really happy for common deployment on iPads and iMacs.

    10. Kenneth Rosenstroem

      No, Adobe flash is not going anywhere apparently.....they update every 4 days now.....?

      1. Kaleb Brosig

        they are going to discontinue it by this year

    11. Just The Facts

      It was only a matter of time.

    12. Random-access Memory

      Techquickie? 😆

    13. Fherhad Me

      Do u think this is a move from apple to make the ipad to be a laptop. Cause now they gonna make their own processor and maybe it going to be inside a ipad to so they can beat Microsoft surface pro line up.....

    14. Adam

      Only Apple fans could get excited about bad laptop design that is going to help Apple launch a new architecture while screwing current customers.

    15. Greenstorm

      Rip poptropica

    16. Max Holm

      Microsoft shut down Mixer?! Shroud is fucked.

    17. Cesco

      It's not that hard to replace an i3 with something 1.5 to 2 times as strong. 😂

    18. who8myfish


    19. Nathan Samuel

      0:00 to 0:06

    20. Friendofspiders

      I don't give a shoot about your shirts.

    21. SadlyBest

      What prize did I win? LTT epic gaming PC? What if I wanted the tech news

    22. AdoreLand

      man im going to miss i mean mixer ive been watching some of the same streamers for 4 years now its been a fun ride

    23. ageofbogyo

      why the video quality is so bad on this one even in HD???

    24. Iván Ospina

      I have to admit that Real Slim Shady intro was good.

    25. Sasha Da Masta

      At this point they might as well release cp77 in christmas so they have a little bit more time and they get those sweet shekels from the Christmas buyers.

    26. Everything Videos

      How is all this related to Apple?

    27. ThatPixelGuy

      As usual Apple releases a bunch of features for the iPhone that have been on Android for years

    28. Romulino

      A does this means tinfoil hat linus was right and they were actually nerfing their thermal solutions so when they finally get there, the ARM cpus will look really good in comparison?

    29. Joe Black

      ARM in macbook pros would be a disaster akin to their 'butterfly' keyboard as pro-apps certainly wouldn't perform well on ARM.

      1. Dee Snuts

        Well the IPad Pro suprised me...

    30. William Knittel

      I left apple when they went to Intel due to that making it a expensive PC. Might go back if they go back to their own chip.

    31. Night Wintertooth

      Apple trying to bankrupt Intel over bad heatsink design and boards designed for ARM badly fitted with Intel forcing them into throttle conditions confirmed. War of the giants. -- Laymen explanation Intel has a class action on its hands for non-standard proprietary installation of their chips resulting in loss of asset over intentional, improper implementation BY exhibit of part schematic over Intel's standard installation procedures to maintain heat takeaway from its provided part under contract. This is a violation of contract AND THAT'S a couple billion dollars. Imagine THOSE retaining fees. 🤩 -- Lawyer explanation

    32. extraE MONTAMONTES

      2:15 greek junkey in a rave, 1991

    33. Aaron Henry

      Riley + James 4ever. Maybe 9ever. Such a winning formula.

    34. Dani Tura

      @PC37X promo - so you get one driver from the 598 and one from the HD600? /s. (no , they do not use the same driver : one has an impedance of 50Ohms while the other 300)

    35. Pancho507

      Apple first went from the mos 6502 to the motorola 68000, then to PowerPC, then to intel x86 with optional NVIDIA graphics, then the graphics were replaced with AMD, and now intel x86 is going to be replaced with arm. Maybe apple will later replace arm with RISC-v and build their own chip factory. Although i doubt the factory thing because it would be expensive and risky

    36. Paul SB is making the new Mac books/ Mac cheese grater I assume aswell over priced and even more garbage then they used to be? sucks anyways 🙃. Watch. Apple will make them break via software then make you buy a new one.

    37. Mark Linked

      This is lit 🔥

    38. Rune Møllegaard

      What's with the moron in the background.

    39. Quettesh

      Apple silicon sounds like boob implant that will dissolve when you eat wrong type of yogurt.

    40. Spencer Burt

      I want a soundpack of Riley's background comments. Limitless possibilities

    41. Gabriel Tobing

      5:07 I was hoping to get it the day after my birthday on its release day. Now I can't. Now I'm sad.

    42. Southern Connecticut Railfan

      Ea: Has alot of micro transactions Dovetail Games: *allow us to introduce ourselves*

    43. Xtreme DankJoy

      Flanders be like

    44. Chris

      MacOS isn't running x86. It's x64. Being a Windows guy, I had serious doubts that they would still be running native 32 bit registers. No, dude. It's 64 bit registers. 32 would be very, very inefficient in either Win or Mac

    45. Genoprad 6

      i can't watch this video without staring at his eyebrows

    46. bobby boucher

      Amd is killing it for apple

    47. Rana Harris

      the thing that there's a guy commenting From back of the camera is so hilarious

    48. Him

      I will never subscribe or like any of techlinked videos because of extreme clickbait: title and thumbnail.

    49. Jan-Stefan Janetzky

      said noone ever? lol. i bought 16 gigs of ram just for chrome

    50. Hovi to the rescue!

      I'm starting to watch LTT just for James and Riley goofing around and that is starting to worry me. James you good looking son a probably even better looking parent, keep it coming.

    51. jhonny smith


    52. Austin Hruskach

      Video thumbnail looked like ThioJoe... Had me worried

    53. Ayush Pant

      Haha I love the intro❤️🔥

    54. Oliver Fasola

      Why is anyone happy about this, you won’t be able to run windows on your Mac anymore. It’s killing features in the name of speed. Most old apps won’t work either, this is sad

    55. Matt Hill

      James's JESUS really resonated with me as an East coaster! hahaha

    56. Andrew Bhudeva

      Thats gonna fuck Hackintosh

    57. codylicious 69

      Glad this video ft. Nick kroll🥴

    58. Fabrice Lorenceau

      Wow you filmed this with the original iPhone... where do we click to donate money so you can upgrade?

    59. Carazy123



      I'm sad Mixer was killed. I will not go on Facebook.

    61. levin sconyers

      Everyone who uses school computers: If flash goes away, does that mean...... NO MORE COOLMATHGAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    62. Jay Dragoon

      4:09 no more adventure quest then. *cries in a corner*

    63. Wayne Stewart

      James "Ah, welcome to Android." Me 😂😂😂😂🤣😎 Linux rules!

    64. Jay Dragoon

      1:16 welcome to the dark side apple. you only delayed your fate XD

    65. ouuo P

      3:52 RIP RTMP-streaming...

    66. Jessie James

      You can't buy ARM in bestbuy that's why they are using ARM. They didn't like the fact you could buy an Intel CPU and install it yourself and not give them there stupid million dollar's extra just to get a better CPU.

    67. ThunderBlastvideo

      why is adobe aggressively killing flash? I have so many memories from flash games.... :/

    68. Jeremy H R

      Do IT

    69. Gabriel Koerner

      So how do you guys get all these pizzas with the authentic recipes? They obviously weren't flown in. Did you reach out to pizza hut corporate to have them made locally?

    70. Andrew Russell

      I really don't know why people complain about Chrome's RAM usage, I've never had it eat up a lot and i have a minimum of 4 windows open all the times.

    71. Mantikone

      Less computation power for the lambda mass sheeps consumers.

    72. MeowMiau343

      When i see video about apple, i click, then i leave dislike and close..

    73. Aleks Storm

      Transgender twitch council isnt as powerful with a hand of people as thanos huh... Who would've guess that 😂

    74. Sara M

      Why is the player seekbar partitioned into parts

    75. HyperPickle

      4 for 50 dollars just as expensive as linus "budget gaming pc"

    76. Google Sucks

      So apple has fully transitioned from a computer manufacter to a consumer electronics company.

    77. Brendan M

      So I guess apple really isn't for gaming now?

    78. Milner Technologies

      0:06 Can't find the 4 shirts for $50. Added 4 to my cart and it says they're ~$80.

    79. Chad Garber

      Psst... Use Parallels and a Windows VM for those app devs that didn't think to work on ARM in advance

    80. Sevalecan

      Does an arm-based architecture really have a much higher performance potential than x86-based architectures? Surely high-performance computing systems can't have remained the same solely for legacy purposes? I think a proper cross architecture comparison would need one to actually limit the scope of the test to operations needed to perform a specific task, and then compare implementations on both architectures, making sure not to provide code implementation advantages that are not architecture specific to a given architecture. That way you could weed out any of this thermal handicapping or any other intentional throttling (hardware or software). It would have to be developed by an independent firm. Seriously, how would you guys benchmark it? Simply testing an encode process, for instance, would be insufficient because several here have claimed Apple intentionally manipulates their Intel performance (I'm not on either side of the fence, because I don't have a dog in this fight, or know enough about what they're doing).

    81. Anders

      ARM is really good, we just needed a big actor on the desktop market to get into it to make it serious. Thank you Apple!

    82. Kiran Samuel

      Discussion of the impact of Apple Silicon on Intel sales and support in the wan show?

    83. contytub

      The chrome wasn't using ram for nothing... feels faster if you stay on the same huge pages over and over again ... the problem was not limiting or controlling memory more efficiently bu this can be slowly fixed

    84. Cole French

      These videos have strong 2013 inside gaming daily vibes

    85. J.Walter Swartz


    86. Camden DeBruin

      How can this man say anything with a straight face?

    87. Lewisbecoz

      Star wars battlefront 3, space to ground combat. Everything like battlefront 2 (2005) plus new star wars series additions and characters with 100 bot battles. For the love of god. Pick up what lucasarts left PLEASE EA. that game doesn't even need microtransactions. Lmfao Fan games meanwhile. Dead because of lawyers.

    88. DrinkinTea

      Facebook in 2020? No.

    89. Nozza

      I had so many good friends on Mixer. I'm so mad at how Mixer went about shutting down. They burned their bridges and I won't be using xcloud

    90. Hough White

      That's why I use Edge, it's a better browser than Chrome ironically lol

    91. Ryan Patton

      I think they're delaying Cyberpunk so they can actually release it in 2077

    92. Jaime

      🤔 But today is Wednesday

    93. Aidan B

      They said office and adobe products already ran on Apple silicon.

    94. X G

      It's good to see Apple making good use of their slavery market to increase our tech!

    95. Datascience Concepts

      After all the good things, lets talk about the price :)

    96. kh audio

      Repeating, of course

    97. Amgad Mohamed

      IOS 14 = android 7

    98. mrdali67

      Lol .. in their dreams. Gonna take a couple years before ARM can compare to Intel performance wise, even intel's performance raise each generation has dwindled down the last couple years

    99. joojoo612

      God this guy is annoying. Where’s Linus?

    100. joojoo612

      Hurr durr just like android hurr durr. Boring.