Motorola made a Samsung phone from 2016


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    Apple to fix iPhone/iPad exploit
    Old source code for TF2 and CS:GO leaks
    Valorant has a bug bounty program for that kernel-level driver
    Li’l 3rd gen Ryzen
    Google Meet noise cancelling
    RTX Voice, but you might not need an RTX GPU
    Geforce Now loses more publishers
    Payment delayed
    Fortnite finally available on the Google play Store
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    1. J024

      Lew just did a video on that phone.

    2. Azuma Reggie

      And here they go again Google and Epic

    3. notthere83

      Meet's noise cancellation sure didn't work when the neighbors of some co-workers were drilling like crazy...

    4. mr. cheeze iphone 12 leak OMGGG

    5. Siri

      I would just use the source code to make a knock off version of the games xD

    6. Max Pagliuca

      james + riley + megaphone is a great combo and honestly i expect more of this

    7. The Legendary Ancestor


    8. Dry Saliva

      Valorant characters will have story and they will get cool, it's closed beta.

    9. Dry Saliva

      CSGO source code leaked? That's pretty bad, or is it

    10. Daniel Jensen

      I was gonna defend Motorola until I heard the price. They make great budget phones. I've owned several phones from their G series. They aren't perfect, but I've gotten each one for only $200 new, and they usually last a couple years, so I really couldn't care less if they aren't the hottest thing. The only thing I'd even want is a better camera, but they're slowly catching up on those.

    11. michael jeacock

      Pluralsight free for april. looks at calendar date. ok?

    12. djolliemac

      The Motorola has a headphone jack you jack ass

    13. Diego Delgado

      Why are you bullying Motorola so much, what did they do to hurt you?

    14. Maalolan

      So biased, don't even care to look at the device completely what it has to offer and blindly says the device ain't that good .... Moto also HAS A HEADPHONE JACK Unwanted hate on Moto, you guys ... And razr was also a good phone , y'all sucking dick of apple and samsung.

    15. Student of life.

      What phone do you use? I bet it was sent to you for free. All of you HUgets experts always seem to leave that fact. I bet you would have a different story if you actually paid for the phone. Shady shit!

    16. Samarjit Sarma

      Use it bro ..dont make fun before using

    17. KDS1000

      Moto has a headphone jack, 5000mah battery, 90hz display and close to stock android. Not sure the LG Velvet is a better phone.

    18. KDS1000

      Hey guys this is Austin!

    19. S. Cho

      1:15 ☠☠☠

    20. delanofdr

      Dumb clickbait video, edge plus specs are clearly a 2020 top flagship

    21. Caméron Jàmes

      Apple just made a fucking apple phone from 2016! Don't do Moto like that.

    22. rolon96 2810

      Good thing I use Gmail and yahoo mail app on my iPhone instead of the apple mail app.

    23. Sisú Entrenadoh

      Motorola fucked It up with the Verizon exclusive

    24. tomoiaga sergiu

      Fuck off

    25. T.H. joey stiiizy

      Samsung that one company that had phones exploding yes Motorola actually has great battery life if you ever actually tried it for yourself 😂 Samsung is garbage and man don't act like you haven't spent the last year 1,000 on phones and phone crap and btw Motorola is mentioned for the first 2 mins then you just ramble on about some bull shit fucken nerd

    26. T.H. joey stiiizy

      Was cool but not anymore lol 🔥

    27. T.H. joey stiiizy

      Your the Motorola of humans

    28. Wall-e

      Gmail lol 😂

    29. SomePlaceForVideos

      A phone with no way to hold it without activating the screen seems annoying.

    30. Austin TV

      That shows that Apple doesn't care about your security.

    31. Ren Nagata

      if you close your eyes and listen carefully, the second try at that intro sounds like what Austin Evans will sound like after he hits puberty.

    32. combatjumpmaster89

      once more, with fweeling...

    33. TeamHahah

      The fact that he didn't even know it had a headphone jack, even though it is very clear in all images and even on their webstite shwos how little research TechLinked does. That is actually appaling... Also an extremely clickbait title that makes no sense

    34. Pile Of George

      The Moto z was a good phone... I miss good Motorola phones

    35. bla bla vodka

      1:18 OH MY FUCKING GOD! Im working for an ISP and a costumer came up with EXACTLY this problem and admited hisself as an apple fanboi and blablabla'ed 5mins how safe apple is (I just replied "yes, everyone knows how safe apple is since the 'the fappening' and he never heard of it which put me in trouble not to laugh). I told him the leak must be on hardware side and and to load manufacture setting w/o a backup for testing purposes. He refused since basicly all he wanted from the contact with me was that to confirm what he was thinking was the problem (provider sucks and apple is so cool, really, that is what he wanted to hear). Because why else would call the tech support? For actual tech help? Nahhh fam.. Not in 2020

    36. Broken Syntax

      Yes, Let's give Riot... 100% owned by Tencent, a known reporting and corroborating agency of the CCP's spy effort KERNEL level access to our systems -_-

    37. Vincent Gonzalez

      When we gonna get those 2014 designs?

    38. Gabriel Didenco

      What is this video bout'¿

    39. Saul Sandoval

      Mocking the phone without actually having valuable input only alienates your viewers

    40. zupdiety

      Everything getting advance with spec and display this year And then there's apple with their new iphone SE

    41. A r n o l d

      Thank you for english CC........ finally. Great for deaf people. ( i’m not talking about HUgets’s auto cc. )

    42. Eng. Ahmed Alamer

      Did he get in less then 6 feet (2m) from the other guy? I don't think they are doing S.D. right. I hope they fix that in the future.

    43. Sabrina Rajan

      Hi! I'm only interested in Note phones for the S-Pen, and I don't really care about camera quality. In my country, the Note 9 and the Note 10 Lite are almost the same price. I realize that Samsung Dex support isn't available on the Note 10 Lite. Is this the reason why I should choose the Note 9 over the Note 10 Lite? At almost the same price point, which phone is more worth it? Which phone would you recommend to me and why? Thank you.

      1. ElectricMania

        Moto G Stylus...

    44. phillip amanya

      #freeapril with just a week left in april ??

    45. Kiper Rainarch

      Lol pushes Valorant in joke when Valorant comes installed with malware disguised as RIOTs in house anti-cheat

    46. Jean Samyr

      Man the Translated titles is a mess.

    47. Mohamed Kadhem Mansour

      Pluralsight is actually good xdd wow a good ad

    48. Richard

      Austin Evans Intro "Hey Guys..."

    49. Sunny Singhi

      Edge plus is actually pretty good regarding the 2016 design well Samsung made a 2016 Samsung phone with a middle hole

    50. rex ang

      Who uses iPhone mail app??

    51. M.A.Onl!ne Internet Service

      Hahahah what about others like oppo vivo OnePlus 8pro etc

    52. M.A.Onl!ne Internet Service

      Hahahah what about others like oppo vivo OnePlus 8pro etc

    53. Armin Sanjana

      After about 1 min of listening to your nonsense I had to stop the video, its half baked reviews like these which don't even tell all the solid and good aspects of the phone and you start your criticism by calling this a phone from 2016!! that's what you're saying? wow.. so what's the flagship of 2020 then iPhone SE..?? This ph with its spec's has to be priced around the $1k mark, so that it can price match a Samsung or's not the G series from Motorola, get real and make useful videos,, btw FYI you're comic timing isn't as funny as you think it is..

    54. Aniku

      And people saying apple more secure than Android

    55. Tiny Bruiser

      Apple fans: iOS is most secure This video: 1:19 ok..Ok.

    56. Kyle Smith

      Atleast the Motorola doesn't have Samsungs crappy bloated android overlay! That is the main reason I won't go back to Samsung. So far this year One Plus 8 Pro has my attention, though I have been looking at the Edge Plus also.

    57. Zack

      Apple Mail..Pffft

    58. Andres Velazquez

      Who the hell uses the Apple Mail app literally since day one I avoided to use that app at all cost. Really is the most inconvenient app on the iOS next to Apple Maps.

    59. Droid Motorola 388

      their old phones are better smh

    60. Zack

      LOOL That video title is savage

    61. shuffle cp

      please, just do not translate the titles to Spanish. They are all wrong :)

    62. ShadowVipers

      PluralSight "free for the month of April!" Me: *checks date* uhhh that ends in like 8 days....

      1. ShadowVipers

        @DeathFrankCore it's 3 days now

      2. DeathFrankCore

        You can do it. Learn everything in 6 days

    63. o0julek0o

      Virus in the world, virus in my games... Is anywhere safe anymore?

    64. patrick jackson

      Who actually uses the stock email app lol. There’s no comparison between the Motorola and the galaxy s7. Who cares about a waterfall display, the s7 was such garbage.

    65. B Hew

      My moto x4 has done me great the last few years. Never met anoyone with one either. Its waterproof and has a headphone jack a wide angled lens and cost under half of a samsung or a iphone. Still runs any games, charges in an hour lasts all day etc but people keep throwing their money away. Stop paying £1000 for a phone and the big companies will stop overcharging

    66. Fahad Suleman

      Since Lenovo took over, Motorola is in a very pathetic state

    67. Rob Wightman

      But but apple is so secure

    68. Fire Shaddow

      Thought the thumbnail is Ian Hecox

    69. Martijn Noordermeer

      What were you even doing with the megaphone anyway?

    70. LoverNotHate

      Some these ppl still think it's 2012 and you have to pay $100+ for good BT headphones 😂

    71. Shriyansh Singh

      2:07 Yo that's was SO FUNNY

    72. Zoltan Hoppar

      Hey, Guys! It"s Austin :D :D LOL

    73. tsartomato

      fortnight on store only means that epic has already saturated non store market and is expanding its audience

    74. SynthesisThirty

      Did any of you get a linus ad?

    75. It is I who Nuts to That

      I aint complaining. S7 Edge was and still is a beautiful phone.

    76. Viorel Nicolae Strimturean

      Apple mail...

    77. D- Sean

      Motorola, sony, LG, & HTC really needs to give it up. No one cares . Com

    78. ShadoHHR

      worth the watch for the sarcastic delivery - " Applemail - fthhhpp!" - hahaha

    79. Grey Hodge


    80. Wayne Stewart

      I used to want a megaphone.... then I built a PA system. Its got BAAAAASSS!!!!

    81. Hyper John

      I am a simple man. I see a phone has a headphone jack, I buy.

    82. DEV

      Is that Euro Truck Simulator music I hear???

    83. LE 11

      Motorola has the headphone jack too


      read a manga... starving anonymous or Shokuryou Jinrui

    85. Comeback Kid

      5:25 "citation needed" 99% of the malware apps are sideloads from non google play sources.

    86. ruzzell907

      The title is very accurate. Exactly what I was thinking.

    87. feel toofree

      Fortnite not caring about Android users. I know I could've installed it through their website though but couldn't be bothered, now even if it's on the store, I doubt I'll even install it anymore. Lost interest.

    88. Barry Goldrick

      2016, what a year!

    89. Chemy Torres

      Hey no news about the One Punch Man movie

    90. Nkanyiso Mayaba

      I kinda like the vibe of this channel over the content.

    91. ParrotYee

      So many lazy ignorants in the comment section shitting on Motorola, and then TL adding crude oil to it.

    92. Duckbilled Walrus

      Finally a flagship phone with... A headphone jack! Why has no one thought of this before?

    93. Shawal Ali

      curved edge = accidental presses, disrupted viewing, inability to put a tempered glass protection on. Motorola shud hv stuck a 120 hz flat screen instead, Even the s20's design has lost some of its curved edges its a dying trend and it shud just die

    94. tecktonalex

      4:55 BOOBIESOFT

    95. SemiMono

      Ok, who gave James a megaphone?

    96. Sushim Shah

      Riley: Big phones form Apple &…… Me: Wait what??🤣🤣 To be fair the Moto Edge (& edge+) do have a headphone jack that all flagships have ditched & also come with generous battery capacities. And that display isn't from 2016, it's way more curved

    97. Toure Taylor

      The S7 was the phone from 2016 and the motorola only looks like the S10.

    98. Idcrafter

      tf2 and csgo has native linux clients and thats safer

    99. Veature_iTech

      copy and paste this on start run command. Gives Free Prem utube. @ECHO OFF MSG * ITS TIME TO GET SOME REST. SHUTDOWN -C “ERROR! YOU HAVE TO TAKE REST! BYEEEEEE” -S

    100. Veature_iTech

      Ctrl A, right click, delete.