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    0:00 Prablems
    0:06 Ampere Countdown
    0:50 Xbox Series S confirmed?
    1:46 AMD hybrid CPUs
    2:32 Blinkist
    3:25 QUICK BITS
    3:34 Twitter wants TikTok?
    3:57 Toshiba sells laptop division
    4:19 Twitter quote tweet test
    4:43 Game spending still high
    5:07 Amazon might buy big box stores

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    1. zuhair shahid

      When RDNA2 is making about to start Nvidia 3000 series is not exist ... so if RDNA2 is not destroyed 3000 series dont critisize AMD when RDNA 2 is making that time 2080ti is in the market so RDNA2 is killer 2080ti AMD WIN...

    2. Dreamy

      3:57 I love Toshiba’s budget laptops

    3. xorkatoss


    4. Hisham Zaza

      I love how Dennis's face is casually printed on James's shirt..

    5. Crash Gaming

      I saw this video 6 day ago yet HUgets decided to send me an notification about it a few seconds ago.....

    6. Falxie_

      James rapping is something else

    7. DorGreen1

      Dat Denise shirt tho

    8. Kennys Boat

      Anyone not excited about the 3000 series and more excited about the gtx series getting cheaper?

    9. DJdori_10

      Where can I buy my own Dennis shirt on

    10. Kernelpickle

      You didn’t even say Kant properly! lol

    11. RazorEdge420 Where Your Tech Matters

      To Everyone In The LTT Community... Plz Let's Get Some Likes For A LTT Gaming Mouse Pad On The LTTStore... Plz... I Want To Make It Clean... I Will Keep Posting This In All The LTT Videos Till Me See One On The Store...Plz... Colton Step Up Your Game! JP Love You're Guy's Content!

    12. tamooz br

      0:16 is 'Get Amped Up' a pun?

    13. Moffett's Meals

      Hey. Can I get one of them shirts....?

    14. Negeya

      Sayonara Toshiba, was nice knowing you.

    15. Sean Riordan


    16. Erwick D'Souza

      +1 for James' T-Shirt

    17. 5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

      Still waiting for the Sex Box to release

    18. Aes Cyprium

      So much cringe.

    19. RedboltVGC

      So all this time I've been cleaning graphics cards with alcohol it's been illegal????

    20. Victorillo 377


    21. Ψ

      So AMD is getting Vtec?

    22. Ahmed Abbas

      I wonder how big of a jump the graphic card will be.

    23. Kill_shot


    24. Chris G

      When you pay off all your debts, have money for a PC finally.

    25. Monkey D. Luffy

      3090 1599

    26. Barun Chanda

      "99 Problems' was a damn good summer song If you got more than like three then something's wrong."

    27. Solitude


      1. LIL Poishii •


    28. WandererOfWorlds0

      Xbone SeX.

    29. Enzo Carrara

      Lol such a click bait

    30. Wali Hamid

      xbox is garbage (xbox fan by the way)

    31. Charles Yeo

      I wonder if the 5th Gen console gonna spike minimum hardware requirements. To the point where even ampere is not gonna be enough. I mean even today with rtx on 2000series, it barely would run high frame rates on high display settings.

    32. Joseph

      when you said “series s” my hey siri activated :/....

    33. yousefah

      The thumbnail on my iPad is freaky! It’s doing this Moire like effect and it caught my eye. Thumbnail attention hack?

    34. BahamutBBob

      OK, we need that shirt on Freaked out Dennis FTW!

    35. palopatrol

      Finally! I’ll be able to afford a 1060.

    36. chico River

      I ear a rumour that every 3080 RTX comes with a leather jacket special edition for a limited time.😱

    37. Florian Stoica

      21 years, 21 days ...2.100 dollars :))

    38. Keenan Anderson

      how much for the dennis shirt?

    39. Perlauch

      200, wrong community, 21 YEARS

    40. Joshua Landers

      Amazon is a little late for the old Sears in the Vancouver Mall, that's becoming an activity center lol

    41. Parag Sarker

      I don't give a flying fuq about Xbox. I came here for ampere ffs

    42. Nate02

      This video activated siri... that’s some tech news right there (play it on iPhone speaker around 1:00-1:15)

    43. CalgarGTX

      RIP Toshiba

    44. Jar Jar Binks

      I feel dumb... i just bought an RTX 2070

    45. The Nameless

      Dude that thumbnail is trippy lmao...

    46. thewabbit10882

      Apparently not

    47. Majid Ahmad

      I lived my life from 00:00 to 00:08 - this made my day.

    48. iinRez

      *Don't be fooled. Twitter is taking steps to trace people's interactions so it's easier to round up the wrong thinkers and put them through reeducation camps after the regime change.*

    49. Aurobindo Ghosh

      what about psp?

    50. Chemy Torres

      Thise two jams were great...

    51. Not Defined

      2:13... i think you meant the opposite?

    52. Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer

      Xbox series sissy. Why Why Why? lower specs little cheaper than xboxsx. Come on Sony make no downgrade for their 2nd choice, even that looks upgrade and more fashionable and cheaper at the same time.

    53. SabreWooulf

      I replied to the guy before me so he’d have 69 replies

    54. PhiveWalls

      Dennis' shirt is not available at LTT Store?

    55. Leif Gantert

      wtf is that shirt

    56. Kelpsie Sponge

      14 years and Bethesda still can't live down Horse Armor. Good.

    57. Slippin Young

      21 years 21 days 2100 USD :')

    58. Scypheroth

      as a NVIDIA user all my life ill pass....i have seen the light and its Randeon!

    59. Snogwritts

      If Twitter is going to buy TikTok, they will just kill it like they did with Vine. History repeats itself. 😟

    60. chirag kaushik

      I got the monitor system ad starring Linus on this video.

    61. dripping sin

      Got 99 quick bits and you ain’t got one . What he should have said

    62. Roan Brand

      Doesn't the 3900x and 3950x already do this? Some of the cores are already lower performance than the rest :)

    63. Mondoblasto0

      Imminent new Nividia GPU, in the meantime, Win10 ver. 2004 causing black screen of death with Nividia card drivers...

    64. That Aakarsh

      Will I ever get a GPU?

    65. bdosborn

      Needs more adds!

    66. munky82

      How old are you? I am so old I can remember when TNT2 was cool, 3Dfx Voodoo was cooler and Geforce was this weird new brand from the TNT2 guys. Also Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament (the first one) was the bomb. But I was the poor kid with my SiS Graphics card, so only Warcraft 2, Red Alert 1&2 and Half Life in software mode for me.

    67. adidan

      How do Canadians, especially, mangle a French name into amp-ear? :)

    68. metacob


    69. Trucking Journeys

      I got 99 quick bits, and you can hear some

    70. VRStuff

      My bank account just started sweating.

    71. Adam Osborne

      Just gonna say, you might have 100 problems. Flow, specifically. Git gud scrub.

    72. Alex R164

      I want to see a computer that has the low core count high clock speed cpu working as main for quick things like games but like a thread riper on a second socket so we don’t need two computers for lots of PCIe lanes and fast gaming probably not possible but don’t tell me the idea isn’t nice

    73. Umair the king

      T they gonna be on laptops too?

    74. Andrei Ivanov


    75. ibrahim Alharbi

      Omg click bait i wanted the new cards / 3080/3090 lol not here yet vid

    76. Foomanshoe

      Scrooge McDuckin'

    77. Redgie Potenciando

      lowkey want a shirt like that

    78. Zachary A. Hampton

      Ouch, I care about no Toshiba laptops. :(

    79. Curtis Larsen

      That shirt tho... why?? 😂😂

    80. Malcolm McKenzie

      Amazon is that zombie fungus that kills ants then uses their bodies but in corporate form.

    81. Bryce McSherry

      If Twitter bought TIktok the timer would have to immediately start to see when it gets Vine'd

    82. Cristian Lorenzo

      0:45 this dude really just hit us with a Jeffrey Epstein joke

    83. Alex R E

      However vag?

    84. J Power

      Did he just epstein?

    85. A R

      Jesus I hate that guy.

    86. Alberto De Jesus

      Isn’t the high performance / low performance cores something Apple does with their a series chips?

    87. DegenerateProduction

      Toshiba leaving laptops? I still have a 25th anniversary laptop of theirs with AMD specs. Anyone want to buy?

    88. Edin Hodzic

      Cant unsee the soyface from the thumbnail.

    89. Joseph Benjamin Uy

      ay can i get that shirt from you

    90. ZZstaff

      I hate rat music.

    91. Daurak

      1:05 STOP!!!! You’re triggering Siri on my phone.

    92. Jaime

      Me worries about co-19.. Nvidia worries about getting my money 😏

    93. PatchCornAdams723

      Thumbnail: *le soy face*

    94. someone2

      Ampere: 21 hundred dollars

    95. UFO ForMdAd

      why nerds always do those awkward jokes. stop it

    96. Félix Sánchez

      5:30 Bad labor wages and conditions.

    97. BlazinSouth

      This one was funny

    98. Bing Bong


    99. chickenmonger123

      That shirt is extraordinary.

    100. Robbedem

      I care about the Toshiba laptops... The three last laptops I bought were Toshiba, because they were the best choice everytime. (First one is bought over 10 years ago, two are still in use)