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    Apple and Google team up
    MIT working on contact tracing system
    Google rebrands Hangouts to Google Chat/Meet
    Premium features are free
    New feature
    Teams allows custom backgrounds
    US Senate banned from using Zoom
    Animal Crossing pulled from Chinese retailers after in-game protests
    France trying to get Google to pay news publishers
    Intel big boi GPU?
    800 GbE Ethernet standard announced
    Buttprints will save us
    Engineered enzyme breaks plastic down to raw materials

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    1. veizour


    2. Fibrosor The Second

      quick bits

    3. mjc0961

      So Apple and Google are working together to further violate our privacy. Fan-fucking-tastic. 🤦‍♂️

    4. AmyX

      Er...if a company makes Google pay, Google will simply ignore the site. Done. Goodbye company.

    5. AmyX

      Why aren’t they working with caltech?

    6. Beau Grant

      Singapore Government released on MARCH 9th (RIGHT?!!) both iphone and android apps called "TraceTogether". I gave it a try.. but it only works for Singapore +65 prefixed phone numbers. How HARD COULD IT POSSIBLY BE TO DELIVER THIS APP FOR EVERY COUNTRY IN A FEW DAYS?! So.. you know how google and apple will deliver an opt in contact tracing app by Mid May?! Talk about disinformation and fubar. This one has been up and running for over a month!!

      1. Beau Grant

        These articles discussing Google Apple Bluetooth Opt In Contact Tracing are dangerously misleading. Korea has been using EMEI based mobile device and credit card based contact tracing since the 3rd week of February. When you see articles about Google-Apple "developing an app".. it's horse poo. It's an opt-in framework reliant on bluetooth. Most devices only have 1 Bluetooth port, so if you're driving hands free, playing music on a bluetooth speaker or using your headset, guess what? It wont be able to accurately trace you. The same task could be done by gps tracking instead of bluetooth, then mapping people over time, which is essentially what South Korea and Singapore has been doing. 1- App will be ineffective unless mandatory/coerced installation and Opt In is enforced. 2- Google-Apple Covid19 tracing app will not even be delivered until Mid May. (Singapore delivered their own app back on Mar 9. 3- Any competent app developer could roll out a similar app in a matter of a few weeks... which would also be Opt In.. and GPS based. Think that's bullshit? How about the Hong King Protest app that launched via a few kids creating and iphone app, an app that Apple banned from the iphone store at the request of the Chinese CPP. Why is this so important? We can't re-open the economy?we accurately trace and test asymptomatic carriers. If we reopen without Tracing and Testing, we'll be faced with wave after wave of openings and regional, perhaps national, shutdowns, for at least 18-24 months, by which time they *might* deliver a vaccine. So why aren't we already using government capabilities to limit and slow the spread of Co vid 1 -9?? Good question. I suppose the #5Eyes governments would rather ruin their economies and put our lives at risks to keep these tools secret, so they can keep on "saving our lives" from "terrorism". Yep.. that's about the logic.

    7. Devon Putra

      Please brush your hair Riley. You are known for your flawless hair.

    8. FIREJ4CKS


    9. Vaishnav Venugopal

      We in India already has an app called arogya setu which is a contact tracing was released very quickly after the pandemic.(I don't know about security tho..)

    10. tsartomato

      google meat

    11. Garrett K

      To put 800 gb/sec into perspective... It's really really really fucking fast.

    12. Anup Saha

      Indian government already released such an app called Aarogya Setu


      GOOGLE & APPLE and at same time Raytheon and United Technologies completed the merger of equals Raytheon Merges with United TechnologiesRaytheon Missiles & Space is a major part of the new Raytheon Technologies Corp., formed by the stock merger of Raytheon Co. and United Raytheon and United Technologies completed the merger of equals to form Raytheon Technologies, one of the largest aerospace and defense companies in the world. The all-stock merger on April 3 resulted in a technology company headquartered in Waltham, Mass., with net pro forma 2019 sales of about $74 billion and a total of 195,000 worldwide employees, of which 60,000 are engineers and scientists. As part of the transaction, Raytheon Co. shares stopped trading prior to the opening of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on April 3. When the market opened that day, every share of Raytheon Co. common stock was converted into the right to receive 2.3348 shares of United Technologies common stock. With the merger, the name of United Technologies is now Raytheon Technologies Corp. and the share for the newly formed company are traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “RTX.”One of the four main markets for Raytheon Technologies is covered by Raytheon Missiles & Defense. Raytheon Technologies is focused on many commercial, industrial and military markets, with Collins Aerospace Systems supplying avionics solutions, Pratt & Whitney a supplier of aircraft engines and power systems, Raytheon Intelligence & Space developing advanced sensors, and Raytheon Missiles & Defense providing end-to-end systems solutions to detect, track, and engage threats. “Raytheon Technologies brings together two companies with combined strengths and capabilities that make us uniquely equipped to support our customers and partners during this unprecedented time,” said Greg Hayes, CEO of Raytheon Technologies Corp. “We will also play our part in the war on the COVID-19 pandemic, including doing everything we can to keep our employees around the globe safe and well.” Additional members of the new company’s executive team include Tom Kennedy, executive chairman, and Toby O’Brien, CFO.

    14. whiteandnerdytuba

      Google and apple have been in bed together for over a decade

    15. MrCokewithice

      I hope animal crossing doesnt remove features of the game to bend to these pussies its already past its mass sale period

    16. Max King

      Huge shout out to whoever read the comments and added captions for the people in the background!

    17. WK85

      I also upload this video but my style is different #Wk85

    18. Tyler Matthew Harris

      More videos about Mi Plooplet

    19. D.

      Germany is working on it already for some weeks. Now they are making sure Personal security is not harmed.

    20. Gourab Mazumdar

      Indian Government already made an app called "Arogya Setu" that can tell whether you were in contact with infected person or not

    21. Robert Neve

      tracking now coming to your phone, without a choice (forced through google play) and people are thanking them for it. Funny what a bit of fear will do to people

    22. Artisan

      Silicon Valley friends, of course they will work together as all socialists do in Silicon Valley. Two huge corporations sustained by government laws and regulations that people love for modern trends and things. For the "social status" product like apple......or nvidia. Like in communist countries like China.

    23. Janis Ristamecs

      Now it’s time for evil elites to live in safety after this massacre they had orchestrated.

    24. Messy

      that plastic thing is really old news :P

    25. Marius Schöttler

      1:00 Robert-Koch-Institut in Germany was way faster with that :D

    26. Twikzer

      please do not translate the tittles, nor the description

    27. filthynice 88

      Yea I'm absolutely gonna refer to it as "M-I-PHLOOPLE-T"

    28. DexGaming


    29. Shane P.

      3:26 what does that guy even do at LMG? other than model?

    30. Charlike Mike Reagent


    31. Skooma Gnark

      too bad, PLOOPLE isnt going to work on me, because i deactiave bluetooth wehn not needed! and i dont need it! xD same goes for GPS and WLAN most of the time.... xD oh shiiii*! now i know why apple wanted to get rid of the headphone jack, so everyone and their moms has to use wireless headphones so they have to have bluetooth enabled to track everything! ohhhhhhh! :D but everyone is way too lazy and doesnt care! so who cares? noone! xD

    32. Aditya Singh

      The Indian Government has already launched an app that does works similarly called "Arogya Setu"

    33. OsamaBinObama

      Yeah sure.... Covid as a nice excuse to promote Movement-mapping of the population like a bunch of gps-chipped Pets

    34. Caleb Turner

      Hehe Google Meat

    35. Shrkkng55

      China: **removes Animal Crossing** Doomguy: **loads shotgun** China: **puts Animal Crossing back**

    36. ricky v

      The tracking system by Google and Apple is a wonderful tool. Hopefully it is used for the good of us all. (: Also I would hope that we don't get issues as producers. But people will always find ways to get as much as they can from their intellectual property. :( There's another way for us to rid the world of plastic. Yeah they'll keep coming up with ways and of course hopefully one or two will begin being used. :/

    37. Karlos Martos

      Great, we can finally live like in china, surveilance state is great !

    38. IcemanJD08

      So they are trying to invade people’s privacy even more, is what this info tells me, also what else will they do with that information?

    39. Lee Watson

      I hope they live together

    40. Dude Outdoors

      Fuck dis

    41. MAGA MAN

      They're working together, like the Democrats and Chynah.

    42. Steven Bunten

      This is a huge invasion of privacy. I wouldn't allow this service on my phone in anyway

      1. Karlos Martos

        Me neither, im buying an old nokia its better anyways if it ever falls down

    43. Anthony Lee


    44. Joshua David Ling - Storyteller

      Okay, I definitely need to learn more about France's dumb policy now...

    45. Ben Silveruve

      Stop commenting political things you don't even know. That just make you look stupid. Shame on you.

    46. B100DYH311

      Mark of the beast.

    47. charles ockholmes

      3:58 Les Français en force ! STONKS!

    48. Valkana Wepina

      I like this a lot. The guys are entertaining. And cute...

    49. Nikhil Chauhan

      India did it past ago it's called aaragyasetu search it on play

    50. Goon

      Slowly and Slowly in a game of inches they are taking our rights away


      Please add a news title or something after the clickbaity (cause it kind of is and isn't clickbait) cause it would make me want to click on the title (Cause you are news and if you give away news in the title I don't really want to click on it). AKA. As I try and watch all the episodes on Linus tech tips(haven't really missed that many) cause you committed to adding what you are introducing in the title. Didn't watch the $800 computer build cause the computer part price in Australia skyrocketed (close to double the $USD dollar). Im just saying it is really fatiguing clicking on the clickbaity titles and thumbnails cause I watch it and I pretty much know what has all ready said from both the title and thumbnail. Mainly cause that is the only thing that I would click on the video for but you have already given me the information I need. Please stop ruining the news with the already given away the news. Just please give more information in the title so I know what you are covering, as you are covering more then just one topic and with the title it feel like you are covering only one topic (which you are not but if you make it only title that's what I want to watch not everything else in the episode) but if you add more in the title it would make the 5-10 minute video more valuable to watch. Mainly cause I watch WAN show now it is going to be friendly banter and some news covered to how I like(Like talk linked), and watch the Linus tech tips episode where you cover one topic but very very well.

    52. Peter Lam

      free hong kong!

    53. Wesley Mercer


    54. Xitij Thool

      Plastic degrading enzyme Was mentioned in the Scorpion television series. Finally dream come true to help mankind.

    55. Poop


    56. Vandan Pochiraju

      We already have aarogya setu app here in India

    57. Cyphruss


    58. Emmanuel Westra


    59. the all-new classic metal Steve!

      With all due respect, how the hell did they get a sample of covid-19???

    60. Jasurian Moodley

      I can't deal Google and the half eaten fruit working together. 😂🤣🤯💔

    61. Chris Scars

      Imagine USA getting involved in a war because people crying over hong kong...the irony

    62. Ammaar Khatlani

      it just took one major global pandemic to make them work together !

    63. Chase Westwood

      Too bad COVID19 isnt real. If it was they would release names of people who have it but they dont because its just a way for the government to ruin everything.

    64. Steven Joseph

      Google and Apple don't hate each other ,the hate is within the consumers

    65. Dan Smith

      Yep the world is coming to an end it’s official

    66. Artificial Intelligence

      What's Google been smoking all these years?

    67. Saleha Noori

      Eww I hate this tracing stuff

      1. Karlos Martos

        They can see where you go 24/7 its not good. We become slaves to the government, this needs to be stopped

    68. Amr Mohammed

      Bahrain has a mobile app that does what Apple and Google are working on for 3 weeks now, called be aware.

    69. leon syz

      It is not because all the one and the same, it's risk averse, many rules in china are not clear and are rule by man, so companies will make the strongest reaction to something. It has happened many times and people like administrators of forums or websites has the "dangerous line" in mind It is not right, but maybe its the way for a poor large country with population are most illiterates keeping unit and get developing quickly, we are in the timeline of our history, which are some kind backward; people in the had-developed coutries can laugh anyway, that's just a normal person's normal reaction

    70. Martynas Judzentavicius

      Did anyone notice quake 2 in the background?

    71. Jeffrey Boles

      444k views...that's not the only kind of 444 I like! Taran you know what I'm sayin

    72. Faroxs

      you are canadien, and i am impress that your french isn't better for the pronunciation, since we learn it in school.

    73. Kees Hessels

      ffs, less adverts PLEASE....and please tone down your non existing humor PELEASE !!!!

    74. Radomír Žemlička

      Lol, we've already started using this concept here in Czechia. :D It's an opensource app maintained by our Ministry of Health. The data are stored offline in your device and when you get positively tested you can share those data with the Ministry and all the affected people will be notified.

    75. jordanw2009

      So they’re getting together to spy on ppl and fuck their privacy

    76. The Elemental Mystic

      🤔 Hmmm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We are NOW in stage 4 Satanic Infestation. END THE LOCKDOWN NOW >>>

    77. gameflux

      Cool !

    78. justbob333


    79. zijun l

      In fact this game was never release in China. If you want to buy it you can still buy it from some online switch seller. Or buy a digital version. Most of my friend have had one already. Last I don't agree with their politics.and It's shame to carry personal political ideas into a game, especially one with lots of kids.

    80. theking 75010

      More precisely, the Autorité de la concurrence is in fact a european administration, not specifically French.

    81. Fujin Yumi

      Of course Apple and google work together. They’re both evil big companies.

    82. Colin Mills


    83. DustyCowdog

      We’re fooked.... the spying is getting even more intense.

    84. hasan banoon

      Think of the cost savings of using a water filtration system over buying bottled water. Heck, in my state tap water is cleaner than bottled water without a filter. Also, the cost savings is huge. Let's say bottled water is $0.50 a bottle. That is still $2 a day and $730 a year per person. multiply that by the household size and that is about $4000 a year just for water. Also, bottled water tastes like swamp water, to me. I think it is because of the amount of time it sits on the shelf before it is bought and consumed.

    85. AlexifeuLP

      I loved Google but I hate Google now... Not really I still love Google but the things they make are way to expensive now just like apple. APPLE IS THE WORST AND I THINK EVERYONE OWNING A MAC OR ANYTHING FROM APPLE SHOULD DIE SO THAT APPLE DIES. i'm sorry for all the good people that use apple but it's the only way to destroy apple

    86. Siris Mc

      So if they wanted people to get sick all they have to do is have a “bug” reverse the coodies algorithm and steer people into sick people.

    87. Winniper

      u know what India has already made this thing which is called Arogya Setu

    88. Rupesh Kaiskar

      Lol India already have the app on covid lol

    89. Suzuki Strange


    90. Kavyadeep Dev

      The indian government has already launched an application which does the exact same thing, it is called Aarogya Setu!

    91. OblivionDio

      Deer derrr my face has to be shown in the thumbnail derr derrr

    92. Dustin M

      Wait that one middle article, is that saying that Google will have to pay to _link to_ an article, not host it just link it I'm not pro Google but having to pay to provide links to content sounds like a bad idea and will just lead to more closed ecosystems Also that whole thing about tracking to reveal if you've been in contact with any corona virus just sounds like a cover up for even more invasive personal trackers

    93. Ceifer

      When I saw the tittle I tough in iPixel 5 Pro Max wtf...

    94. N.J. State øf Mind


    95. Abroad in China

      Apple and Google tracking app is too slow, I'm British and work in China and we've had this technology since January... Their is no lockdown or quarantine in most parts of China because tracking and tracing the virus has worked with this system. Hope the world can follow suit and heal faster.

    96. Club Linux

      Using Bluetooth tracking to tell if someone has the virus feels like it will be used for much more than that

    97. Yuvraj Singh

      Wth... India alrealy has this app ready and we are using it too.. Too bad if such big companies can't make such a thing is a small time... What the use of teaming up then?? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    98. sushil mishra

      There is already a app Which do the same things.. officially released by government of India

    99. MrAnky97

      Indian government has already uploaded a app on PlayStore which accomplishes the same thing. Can't believe they are taking so long.

    100. Rokas Hrdina

      Bruh they are talking about 800gigabits while i pay 85 € for 200mbit and get 20 mbit on my pc with powerline