What is AMD DOING??


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    1. tøm_undu3

      Hello Gordon!

    2. Tab

      Breaking babies out of a jail is surely a good thing? :)

    3. KatanaShawty

      Antony gives off a very good vibe and I love it

    4. Kevin Bissonnette

      Man you are great ! That was such a fun and interressing video. bravo buddy !

    5. ioki montejo

      I dunno if you agree but Anthony is really awesome!

    6. erskull

      Anthony is good !!!!!😂😅😅

    7. Romulous75

      I can't smell CPUs online so I have to go to a store to make the best choice.

    8. Boyobo

      I'm simping for Anthony.

    9. Boyobo

      It's really nice to see Anthony being more open/comfortable on camera, I always love seeing a new upload with his face on it.

    10. David Goetz

      you are awesome, keep it up (y) lol

    11. FeralGore

      I'm still running a i5-4690k :( I was going to upgrade to ryzen until I heard of all the new products. Now to extend the waiting game again haha

    12. Splat Gat

      Nobody is gonna talk about the hlvrai reference?

    13. Mohammed .S

      your voice is gold

    14. Fred's Appliance


    15. Grumbel Bumbel

      Linus commenting in the background... Me:"Shut up!", GOD IS TALKING, I want to listen.

    16. Suyoung Cha

      I just lost it at "how could you jail break a baby"

    17. Rarely Comment . . .

      GPU new release on September.... . . Hmmmmm

    18. Dr. Thermostat

      My God we need more Anthony

    19. JoshJLMG Productions

      3:41 I paused at the wrong time...

    20. DusKeyOwl

      Anthony just makes me smile.

    21. joebonsaipoland

      Bro I recommend you look into KETOGENIC diet.

    22. LiuLinKed

      Anthony, a born actor ❤

    23. Myllis

      Anthony is just the best!!

    24. Patrick Franken

      If Devin Townsend ever needs another voice actor for his Ziltoid stuff... Anthony is the one to call!

    25. Prateek Panwar [F]

      Name Movie: Great Scott! 1.21 giga watts That's heavy doc.

    26. BIG BOSS

      I'm a simple man, I see Anthony I click.

    27. Lauren Maureen Vickers

      3:38 wait, what phone is that?!

    28. Starwarman1

      Fucking love having Anthony on camera. He seriously has the potential to start taking some load off of Linus

    29. Andrei Z.

      AMD in the title: eh....enticing ANTHONY in the thumbnail: FUUUUUQIN CLICK IT NOW!

    30. Andrei Z.

      Anthony. Nuff said.

    31. Gman4MF

      Anthony shines ! Carry on dude !

    32. Kai


    33. leonil Ifrah

      if someone opens a podcast please use this guy as the host his voice is so damn sexy

    34. Brando

      I see Anthony, I click

    35. Caleb Hill

      I much prefer when you just call the quick bits by their correct name.

    36. CandyCornKing de Gamer

      Its Best Buy Gabe Newell!!

    37. Nox

      I like the news content this channel provides but I hate the fake acting. It's like porn acting, pointless and unnecessary

    38. thelasthallow

      im on a 6600K, gaming is getting hard with it, i think im getting the 3600XT

    39. RainbowCliff

      I bought vessi's because of this

    40. Chris B

      Anthony's joke deliveries are so organic, it even feels like improv sometimes

    41. Nathan Ross

      Can anyone explain why everyone that watches LTT has a fetish for Anthony? I don't understand. The thumbnail of this video made me vomit

    42. Joshua Bogoniewski

      I beg of you, maple syrup cooled pc.

    43. TTR

      Anthony has really blossomed into a fantastic host.

    44. Imperium Commenting Network

      Thread-ripping, as usual

    45. Quietwulf

      Great video guys. Kudos to Anthonys excellent coverage yet again :) I too am wondering wtf AMD is up to... I'm trying to hold out for Zen 3

    46. I like yu CUT G



      thank you

    48. xynor001

      We want mapple syrup cooling ! (Try it Linus ! if you tried concreet why not Mapple)

    49. Surrenic

      I love how comfortabel Anthony is in front of the camera nowadays.

    50. Play ChiselTip

      Anybody else get turned on with that new cpu smell bit? No?

    51. Navneet Rao

      Anthony, I love you! You're awesome!

    52. Ziffer777

      Who updates their graphing calculator firmware?

    53. veizour

      "He's losing it!" lol :D

    54. Kaleo Lampimaki

      This was awesome.

    55. Matt Roy

      I for one accept Anthony as my neckbeard lord

    56. Kurt Holz

      I used to hate this guys videos but I'm so glad he still doing it, you seem like "professional" somehow

    57. Daniel Garmo

      Comedic timing on 10, Anthony killed it


      Linus Torvalds isn't the "other" Linus. He's the Original Linus.

    59. Sai Nai

      Anthony is real he deserve a separate channel

    60. nikulaye

      You getting Intel

    61. scorpion07070

      You have a CALCULATOR. How much more can you cheat? Maybe I'm getting old...

    62. BeedslOlkUntus

      Linus sounds annoying. This guy. Wow. I can sleep listening to him

    63. outragedrunner

      H E L L O G O R D O N

    64. The Binklem Network

      When they pulled the shoe out and it was dry I was like "oh okay thats cool, it works" but then they pulled out cpus and I was like "YO SAY YOU SWEAR WHAT"

    65. Gary Cotugno

      Should pitch Newrockbootsusa. they are awesome.

    66. Wrathlon

      I'm a simple man - I see Anthony, I hit like. 3:41 HAHAHA FUCK IM DEAD

    67. charles ockholmes

      5:15 It was hard to look at Sonic. It was.

    68. Aither

      new GPUs coming when we have to do homework again, but before the big console releases, so we won´t have money for them anymore.

    69. Desterii DelQuonomonna

      they always have way better chips than they sell publicly, this is to release them incrementally to maximize profits, however, AMD may have just blown their load and now Intel will have no choice but to blow theirs and give us the best they got

    70. Nenad Vucic

      I love you guys so much. Couse I sold my computer, I'm forced using work pc to like your video. Can't even watch all videos to the end. If ever earned some money that I can use for pc I gona watch every single video that I missed. Love you guys. Have a good day.

    71. Secret Agent Steve

      This episode is a perfect example of why you don't tell people they are funny when clearly they are not. Sorry this guy ain't it cheif

    72. K-plus tunjevina

      Im ready to upgrade from my 1080ti. Can't wait.

    73. C G

      yay Anthony

    74. Heimerblaster

      This dude is the bomb.

    75. SALVY

      Love Anthony and Sonic news was very great to hear.

    76. Trent Anderson

      hahaha the "Hello Gordon"

    77. Doom Guy

      Apu line will be a fail in the gpu side but a plus on the CPU side.

    78. hngldr

      I was NOT ready for the Half Life but the AI is Self-Aware reference - I died laughing

    79. Aiden

      Did he just use calculator as phone after quick bits?

    80. Ian

      Anthony grow a Linus beard.

    81. Valerio The Best

      I need more Anthony in my life!

    82. gadgetboyj

      By far one of my favorite TechLinked episodes ever, a lot of fun to watch. AWESOME JOB ANTHONY! Really hope we see more!

    83. Mehmet Kozal

      Love this dude's delivery.

    84. Ȟᴇċĸȧĸŷʜ Âɡᴇĸʙȧᴛᴇʜ

      Apple are such a garbage, since neXT Jobs put emphasis how much more "open" the Opensource license is (as opposed to GPL/Free Software), but it all always ends into proprietary locked down product.

    85. Goretantath

      Why is sega forcing more sonic hope into me.. let me mourn infinitly in peace!

    86. rizwan ahmad

      I like everyone

    87. justincc87

      Bro....Anthony is the GOAT! That accent at the beginning was awesome man. Please tell me you were a dungeon master at some point!

    88. Stebahn Travers

      More Anthony please

    89. Solve Everything

      More Shakespeare and high end CPU talk DO IT.

    90. Dave G

      anto is a legend

    91. Dudeomfgstfux

      4:00 did they really use source that sited them as a source? Why are they flexing like that

    92. Yvon Cui

      Jensen totally stole from LTT. Anthony is absolutely right. -- On second thought, well at least his sink is real and functional (should be right?)


      Who else doesn't like Anthony?

    94. Nick Enchev

      I see Anthony, I click like.

    95. xorkatoss

      wait to buy a Ryzen? bruuhhh my old i5-2310 with ddr3 ram decided to die 1 month in quarantine...I had no other option than to do a budget upgrade and buy a Ryzen 5 1600AF with a cheap A320 mobo and 2x8GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM lol . and it runs great btw

    96. dabatswag 59

      Honestly I like the over whelming charisma of the other host rather than him. He’s nice but I find the things he says flying past my ears since his voice is so soft

    97. Some Account

      He looks like he lost a lot of weight

    98. MIKE HAWK 2020

      He looks like my big toe

    99. Friend O

      Whats that new cpu smell when you overclocked it way too much 💥🔥💥🔥. 🙉🙈🙊

    100. Ugly Motherfoker

      Linux sounds gay this guy is cool