RX 6900 XT... Nice


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    0:00 The real winner
    0:04 Google hardware
    1:54 AMD leaks
    3:20 Apple / Epic / Google updates
    4:25 Drop ENTR keyboard
    4:52 QUICK BITS
    4:55 Lenovo X1 Fold etc
    5:31 Virtual Commute?
    5:59 Amazon One
    6:17 EEG predicts seizures
    6:35 Jetpack paramedics
    Google Launch Night In
    Leaks www.cnet.com/news/google-chromecast-hits-home-depot-shelves-ahead-of-official-launch-report-says/
    Pixel 4a 5G hugets.info/show/sn-IbtOl4H6LmXo/vide.html
    Pixel 5 hugets.info/show/zKVraN2a0a5quXI/vide.html
    Chromecast with Google TV hugets.info/show/xF1mn7S32Z1ku5Q/vide.html
    Confusing www.theverge.com/2020/9/30/21492549/google-tv-app-play-movies-name-change-chromecast
    No Stadia til 2021 9to5google.com/2020/09/30/google-chromecast-stadia-support-timeline/
    Nest Audio hugets.info/show/kX1_Zr3duourp3I/vide.html
    Ryzen 9 5900X, Ryzen 7 5800X
    Radeon RX 6900 XT, 6800 XT, 6700XT
    Apple v Epic is only beginning arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/09/apple-vs-epic-hearing-previews-a-long-hard-fought-trial-to-come/
    Android 12
    Google to enforce in-app purchases linustechtips.com/main/topic/1252331-google-plans-to-start-taking-its-30-cut-from-all-in-app-purchases/
    Lenovo X1 Fold hugets.info/show/kYaXhdfOnqSZw3Y/vide.html
    ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 has built-in wireless earbuds
    ThinkPad X1 Nano hexus.net/tech/news/laptop/145837-lenovo-thinkpad-x1-nano-lightest-thinkpad-ever-launched/
    Microsoft developing a “virtual commute”
    Amazon will scan your palm for payments, passes
    wearable EEG can predict seizures an hour before
    First responders could get jet-suits first

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    1. AggeTGF

      Hopefully instead of the 1% getting the next gen GPUs, this time maybe 5% will.

    2. Dom Gonzalez

      Quickbits never changes 💀

    3. Eric Taylor

      I think the reason Ryzen went with 5000 series for desktop is because they have 4000 series in laptops and they wanted to alleviate the confusion.

      1. redHAMMER

        the same reason NVIDIA skipped 800 and Intel skipped 5000.

    4. Jay Time

      the amount of money that google has pissed away trying to come up with the "NEXT BIG THING" must be more than GDP of small country

    5. FozIrenics

      no doubt the military will get those jetpacks first... despite what they might NOT tell you

    6. FozIrenics

      notice how almost all of linus' stuffers talk in the exact same way as linus?

    7. Othoap Proto

      I've been buy tech longer than these kids* have been alive. I've painfuly learned NEVER buy first gen tech. The debocal in Nividas last product release is a great example. Not to mention the premium price you pay for Bleeding edge gear. I do beleave Nivida will work it out in a year give or take. * the word "Kids" is not a slam, only a qualifier to represent my age and experance with tech.

    8. EO Yazici


    9. Sebastian Sipos

      "it's like reverse osmosis" wut? 😂

    10. ashton

      Ah I see google is still in the habit of confusing people with naming and killing products cause they don't remember what is what.

    11. David Houston - Goudge

      So will Nvidia start leaking about a 3080ti after big navi or nah?

    12. Welco

      Floyd was Epstein’s father

    13. TheAspieFox


    14. scoobtoober29

      I just cant stand james. Sorry gotta keep with the main channel.

    15. fiddytroisvis

      "all things fold, all things fold" Sneaky Sufjan reference?

    16. Will Jolliff

      Google be like "We care for our budget customers so much, that our flagship phones look the same. Because we're flagship user shaming."

    17. ShibaSurfing

      I think it’s fantastic Google will allow alternate app stores. Hopefully they’ll be forced to differentiate themselves on quality.

    18. Pavel Richter


    19. Callum Wong

      who else is so stupid u just clicked cos of the 69

    20. Mike List

      Did this make anyone else’s google home google epic games?

    21. Kexin

      Pointless AMD news. It'll all be sold out and no one won't be able to buy it for 6 months.

    22. Danyl Fitch

      James and Riley are the best they can always make me laugh.

    23. Damien

      don't worry eventully we will get the 4000 apu series to fill that gap when ever they officaly release

    24. Lava Gava

      Just bought rx5600xt because I forgot they were coming out with the new ones

    25. Ben

      They should both be on screen...fun banter makes their videos not boring.

    26. John S

      google tv... becuase that already flopped so lets name it after a dead thing lol google has no fuckin clue anymore, jesus hold the wheel.

    27. Deepak Verma

      Totale waste 70% of the video is just ads and ads and rest 30 is just the real video

    28. Simen Christensen

      am i the only one that saw the big B in the spec sheet? 3x performance over the 3090 memory on the 6700xt? i hope thats a typo.

    29. Joseph Hooley

      Everyone tell British people to stay in Canada until they UnBrexit.

    30. rsanjur

      2:49 that would trigger Linus some PTSD from Madison's ROG build video

    31. rsanjur

      1:54 Riley in the background going full WRAAAAAACK

    32. I guess its Umut


    33. GOJI MLG

      8k 100fps should exist

      1. redHAMMER

        it does. and it's on XBOX Series X.

    34. Benedicto Diptasuta

      I see you're a man of culture...

    35. NL BASH

      i hope they price it 469$

    36. Mano Drizzle

      please give the person in the background a microphone, it's hard to hear them lol

    37. Jeremy J. Nelson

      Loving this Talk Soup format. 👍🏻

    38. Setu Pandey

      699 for not even the flagship cpu the fuck

    39. King Kosher

      I mean if AMD can make a Driver that wont give me a BSoD then I'll stop buying NVDIA products

    40. Top Craft

      Ryzen Threadripper 6969X ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    41. Nick de bruyckere

      one plus nord is nicer i think

    42. JM TM

      Love these! They feel the same way as if I am watching 'Daily dose of Internet'!

    43. TCMartin

      remember when everyone mocked apple and they are all like them now?

    44. Sitly feniase


    45. Just Hris

      A mind of a 12 yo for the 6900xt 👌

    46. Specter バイブ

      My dreams of Ryzen 3 4200G and RX 6900XT is ruined

    47. Yusef Lopez

      Google: nest streaming 🤔😏✍🏾

    48. Adin Chandra

      Wow, Euforia of Radeon RX 6000 Is Heating Up

    49. Julio Teodoro

      Why not 6900 xD?

    50. Road to 10k without video

      I got linux ad on a linuxs video nice

    51. ilikevideos

      "the phone people care about". Speak for yourself. 4a 5G is a great option.


      Man?! How?!

    53. Gabriel Dal Santo


    54. Michi

      Radeon GTX THICC III 4080TI

    55. Robert Marshall

      I was just about to comment big oof but you beat me to it

    56. chromium

      when is the 69420 xt getting released?

    57. Dante Allen

      guess whos gonna be a uk medical proffesional!!!

    58. Nicolas Walton

      I love this

    59. Swapnil Chanda

      I agree...this year pixel hardware is a downgrade 😢....I expected it to be SD865 & with a 120hz display panel .....I would have chosen it over any android smartphone. #pixelFE?

    60. Rambo Feeds

      I like this guy more then linus

    61. tyraal1

      They got Lawrence in the background

    62. tyraal1

      inside gaming inspired productions

    63. Ogikay

      what is the full name of the host?

    64. Xavier Armato

      “The rx 6900xt has the same performance as the RTX 3090 BUT cost 2$. The bad thing about this is the drivers, you will experience a stutter every millisecond”

    65. Bandy Robandy

      How much for the talking guy? He cute as hell dawg.

    66. Fire Thief

      Those jet packs 😳

    67. Techspin

      Thumbs up for Demolition Man reference! What's your boggle? :D

    68. Travers Eubank

      That EEG wristband is going to be so useful for better studying anti seizure drugs in individuals with unique responses. That's really wholesome tech news.

    69. It's me ya boi

      I'm watching these for James, the tech content is just a bonus

    70. Rhys Thomas

      This isn’t about the video, I got a really nice ASMR video ad before the video, thanks to whoever made that, it was really nice and calming

    71. Cody

      I only watch these videos just for the parts where Riley interjects, the news is just bonus

    72. farmerwoody123

      RX 6969XT Please AMD?

    73. Aierek

      It's official It's called the RXTX SixtyNice

    74. Alfie Gamer

      I read the title incorrect, i thought it said RTX 6900 XT

    75. Benjamin Tjaa

      Nah, the RTX 3090 is better

    76. Hacked


    77. Chris K

      Why don’t you guys diy a teleprompter foot pedal??? Lol.

    78. Charles Harris

      No. Just.. no.

    79. AngryIceCube


    80. Ex Mechanica

      I wish the video length is 4:20 to make the video more better

    81. z_brutalis

      Look up dimgreys hex code..... nice

    82. Noodle Monster

      Are people at google stupid or something? I mean at first they give us a great midrange phone, now they are giving us an overpriced midrange...

    83. Gregory Carnegie

      Gonna upgrade from my 5960X to a 5950X

    84. Pandan

      Can we talk about how the 6700 XT seems to have worse specs than the predecessor? Wtf

    85. maher daibes

      If you buy the pixel iver the s20 fe you are an idiot

    86. BadassGene Videos

      of course they should give it to medical people first. so when they crash they can fix themselves. pro move.

    87. Allan Sejr Christensen

      Why would I buy a Google phone 📱?

    88. Maddy Carbuncle

      +5000 for the Demolition Man reference! 😍

    89. LiK

      Naive lil wuss lol

    90. Holt 0216

      Fortnite trying to take down the worlds biggest Company..... 😅

    91. Cyle Fougere

      This is the guy that hangs out but nobody likes .

    92. Ray Johnson

      if you talk just IPC of 20% based on 3900x @4.6ghz so stating a value of 100 then equals 120 points just at 4.6ghz(5900x) but push by 400mhz = an extra 8% more so 8% of 20 is 1.6 so now at 5ghz is a 121.6 points so call it maximum improvement by 22%

    93. codycast

      5:30 Lenovo. So some Chinese sleaze brand product. Pass.

    94. BlackAus07

      I love everyone from Linus tech tips expect this guy something about him is dirty. He has a very punchable face

    95. Mazecraze 06

      This is the first time I have ever been exited to watch a video

    96. محمد السالم


    97. DD

      Riley. SHUT UP ALREADY!

    98. Mike Jansen

      its a bit sad to see a channel this big join in on the baseless hate comments like "they will cancel stadia anyways" at least give it a fair review, lol and no, that video on LTT a few months back was definitely not a fair review of cloud services

    99. Daniyal

      it should be Noice