SEGA's First Console in Decades


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    Sega Game Gear Micro is 1 console in 4 parts
    Rumors pointed to console
    Pico beena:
    Google’s next Android TV dongle + remote leaks
    Contact tracing apps start rolling out in Europe
    Switzerland EPFL_en/status/1264900013160873984
    HBO Max usage doesn’t count towards ATT mobile data caps
    Alright, Beeb
    Google pulls “Remove China” app from Play Store
    Ubisoft calls a subscription by any other name
    Get a COVID-tracking smart ring - ring says I’m fine cough

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    1. Andrew Lewis

      Oi, Linus, that ain't how we talk bruv!

    2. Pete

      In this day and age , we need to create handheld that plays Daytona USA, sega rally , virtua cop ,

    3. Toe Cutter

      If i were a billionaire i would bring the Atari back out BUT all graphics will be probably the best the most highly detailed pixel games that the gaming world had ever seen. The graphics would be like the game called "Last Night" but even more detailed then that.

    4. noa mont

      dame da ne


      I'm not a student but I'm definitely interested in getting "head"

    6. tutacat

      Britain never getting contact tracing 1!


      you lock good and nice 🌺👍

    8. M7meedo

      Why did Linus look washed out?

    9. xXBobbyXx86

      Omg Linus's balls dropped🙈

    10. Glen McGillivray

      I got an ad featuring Linus here. That's a first.

    11. Moritz Defourny

      To all the people who fear tracing apps, here's a good video by 3blue1brown on the topic

    12. Dudu Lins

      SEGA's first console in decades was the Mega Drive / Genesis Mini last year!

    13. Cromulent Commodore

      1:23 it's Linus forearm colored

    14. Cjingstehra Ducaticohtara

      SEGA read this: FIUICIK YIOIUI

    15. sam_bread

      Damn Linus! Lookin like a snak!

      1. sam_bread

        no homo

    16. ArnaudS

      3:02 France's StopCovid app is actually controversial because it's not decentralized, unlike Apple-Google's API (if I'm not mistaken).

    17. Foxden

      wow, linus went from canada to portland real quick with the haircut and beard over quarantine

    18. kgonepostl

      Stupid.................way too small.

    19. Marcelo Frau

      Did you guys forgot about Genesis Mini? It wasn't made also by Sega?

    20. scatlink sean

      I would've said the Sega Genesis Mini was Sega's first console in Decades as it's a console with 42 games. Reason being; the Sega Game Gear Micro are 4 Sega Consoles with 4 games on each console.

    21. Dan Phillips

      That accent is terrible xD, also not remotely northern.

    22. o7q

      how many fucking channels does linus need to have

    23. moveit987

      Right.. That is a piece of mega trash!!!

    24. Bing Bong

      Im the 1000ths comment

    25. pigtailsboy


    26. Chemy Torres

      I didn't know the thing about the ring

    27. MindinViolet

      Sabrina would be awesome, if that is real.

    28. Liberal Sonic

      LOVE the Luke Skywalker quote at 0:04 🤣🤓

    29. Red

      We stiil love you Linus, even your little hands.

    30. J Frye

      oh yes hehe told ya ;) but good thing I read the whole thing.

    31. Rachel Falder

      linus: and it will respond in a friendly northern english accent riley: do the accent linus: *incredibly southern english accent* good job

    32. Andrew Paint

      I've tried that "remove china app" app. It can't recognize most of the china apps on my cellphone.

    33. pvt mclaren

      bbc has its own english dialect that you must speak in otherwise you cant be a news presentor

    34. bladerj

      Who remember the original title of this vídeo? "Is this a console for ants"

    35. nightmisterio

      Spy tracing?

    36. Lance

      Linus looks like William Dafoe in this video.

    37. Bekayvd

      The beard is still amazing

    38. HeyDark

      It's not just about virus, it's about control

    39. Govind Goyal

      i think the anti china thing in india is majorly because of tik tok vs youtube and also covid 19 (it started in china).

    40. kakaido

      I'm on Verizon and while they are dicks for being a major part of the downfall of NN I am happy to say my unlimited data is actually unlimited. I chew through 200+ GB on my iPhone and nearly 1tb on my Surface Pro X each month.

    41. Vinicius Borges Pagliarini

      Linus became a Chad

    42. Spielername

      Yeah, you told us the tech news would be back... And they are back... with a bigger beard...🤣😂🤣

    43. PC-Broke

      I literally lost it when he said that the remove china app was made by indians 😂😂😂

    44. Alessandro Cussino

      Then comes the Game Boy Micro (2005). That also really work.

    45. PC-Broke

      Well that sega thingy is perfect for smuggling in your ass to prison to not get bored

    46. antwango

      lol PC users and XBXers being trolled by themselves hahaha couldnt get much worse surely.... unless xbx is making sega game gears lol

    47. John Jeffo

      "[Male voice] Google loves you!"

    48. quarkie

      Riley! You've Linused!

    49. troll

      4:27 lol :) that's a South Park accent fro Canadians

    50. Ruairi Lynch

      2 years ago I bought a Huawei phone in china and it has lots of pre installed Chinese spyware, that remove china apps would have a meltdown if I install it , looking to change my phone as I'm getting paranoid that big brother is watching me

    51. Adam Krause

      Bring on the micro Lynx. Goople logo: #Goople

    52. Dave William

      As long as google stop using my ex girlfriend's name, then I'll buy the damn speaker

    53. Dylan Crawford

      In regards to the net neutrality statement, Correct me if I'm wrong but T-Mobile was doing the whole "Use Netflix without it counting as data" before the laws were revoked so that was inaccurate.

    54. Vini Maia

      Why did they change the cute lesbian from before for this guy?

    55. That Wolf

      Linus is garbage, this device is garbage.

    56. Oli Elsdon

      That british accent was awful...

    57. Фантики

      Our team start to develop sega megadrive/32x/sms/cd combo w phys cd-rom. Can it be interest for you?

    58. Reebz0r

      I sold my Gameboy Micro, and just bought a second hand DSi XL because my DS Lite was giving me eyestrain. So hard pass on the Game Game Suppository Edition.

    59. Hunter Vapes

      Hilarious tech news

    60. Dominic Shiells

      Who’s winning the T-shirt competition . Linus with or without the beard

    61. hswany

      00:58 floor gang

    62. Christian

      I have to say his energy put me in a good mood :). But won't he get demonetized for saying the ''C'' word?

    63. G

      Linus turned into a caveman

    64. svenkaboot

      I don't say blablabla

    65. vatsal kejriwal

      Google is supporting Chinese apps. Have they forgotten who there CEO is?

    66. RomanoProductions

      Thanks for keeping the manly beard 💘

    67. RomanoProductions

      If Yvonne had such a manly beard, she would be named DaD. Check the YTTstore

    68. smartypig38

      Keep that beard growing, we need a viking

    69. RustyDynamo

      Linus rocking the dad beard

    70. emilskaralis

      I think game gear micro is cool My channel : emilskaralis*

    71. Matthew Perkins

      Linus your English accent is terrible! 😂. Let me give you some lessons "me old chum" 😂

    72. Jason Aquino

      Sega Series X? Did you mean technically Dreamcast 5? 🤔🤔😂😂😂

    73. OfficiallyMJB

      Linus that 'northern English accent' hurt me

    74. Michael Hoffmann


    75. Linearburn

      lol linus looks like a tech hermit

    76. Zahid Tabassum

      Linus looks a MILLION times better with the beard and a regular ass hair style, as opposed to being baby face with an electric current running though the mane.

    77. Jaydon

      Linus is becoming a true Canadian.

    78. bdrmongoose78

      WTF was Sega thinking? Oh yeah, they weren't.

    79. ThomasWRLDS

      I just want a GBA but with today’s screen...

    80. Tomas Carabajal

      Im feeling this Gabe Newell look on linus hehe

    81. Anirudh Aswal

      Nice beard

    82. letsgetsteve

      Nah bro, it happened. The beard is weird now...

    83. Str8poisin tv

      linus finally looks like he made it out of puberty with a beard....dont but it all men should wear a beard...I guess Austin evens need to grow some facial hair now.

    84. Skeptic Fucker


    85. Lynn Ashley

      The beard is HOT, but you do need a hair cut.

    86. Raja Sharidan

      so the titled video only for a few seconds??????

    87. Just in time


    88. Etien Jasonson

      Next level click bait. A step too far.

    89. czibbell74

      I actually still have my original Sega Game Gear, and it still works. I had to replace all the capacitors several years ago, but afterwards it was good as new.

    90. Lan Maru

      Remove china app was also downloaded in other asian countries. Its still somewhere in the net google cant get rid of it.

    91. Belgian Star

      No way in hell that I’m installing a tracing by the Belgian government. To give you an example of why: they kept the reports of the Brussels terrorist attack on a shitty old hard drive, which got stolen by some guy walking into the police station

    92. Eddie B.

      How do you know it really works you don't even have it stop false advertising

    93. Jehudi Phillips

      Guy in the ack makes this so funny😂

    94. Seth Cowell

      beard looks good buddy! adds 20 years and makes you look like you know how to build nice furniture from cherry w00d =)

    95. SeaN Black

      3:05 whether you're a student looking to get a head.

    96. h91

      0/10. Worst Northern English accent ever XD

    97. fourdee4d


    98. Ali Samin

      anthony is soon going to be the most watched tech linked video if it keeps going up

    99. Twikzer

      deja de traducir los titulos

    100. Tyler Dobbs

      There is actually a FIFTH smoke version which is translucent black!