Pixel 4a is HERE and it's AWESOME.


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    0:00 Oh hi y'all
    0:11 Google Pixels
    1:08 The TikTokalypse
    2:08 Dualshock-gate
    3:16 Private Internet Access
    3:43 QUICK BITS
    3:48 Return of the Crew Dragon
    4:08 Intel Xe being cancelled?
    4:39 Geforce Now sync w Steam
    5:06 Google Pay's a bank kind of
    5:36 Twitter hacker history

    Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, 5
    Ban part of larger one on Chinese software in general www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/pompeo-says-trump-to-take-broad-action-on-chinese-software-including-tik-tok-1.5048973
    Trump gives TikTok 45 days to sell or ban arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/08/microsoft-in-talks-to-acquire-tiktok-after-trump-ultimatum/
    ByteDance agrees to sell www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-tiktok-bytedance-exclusive-idUSKBN24X3SK
    Microsoft aims to close deal by Sept. 15th www.cnbc.com/2020/08/03/microsoft-confirms-talks-to-buy-tiktok-in-us.html
    PS4 controllers will work on PS5… for PS4 titles only
    And Spiderman in Avengers exclusive to Playstation
    Meanwhile Xbox One controllers will work fine on Series X
    But also PS5 Pro could use SLI?? Or something??
    SpaceX successful landing
    “Taiwanese sources” tell AdoredTV that Intel will cancel discrete Xe graphics by 2023
    Can sync Steam library to Geforce Now
    Google Pay mobile checking accounts
    Twitter hack “mastermind” previously stole a fortune in Bitcoin (and got caught for it)

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    1. Ata Korkut

      Actually yeah pix4a looks perfect for my kids, and yeah I can see how the ps4 controllers work only on ps4 games since new games probably use some of those awesome ps5 controller features but the x box controller has always been better I wish I could buy a PS5 with a xbox controller

    2. Ezekiel2517

      Riley is the best

    3. Ahmad Mostafa

      A* for that intro.

    4. Tim Massing

      Thumbs up for one of my favorite Quick Bits intros.

    5. Double Bizzy

      So Minecraft is the gateway drug to cryptocurrency megawealth?!? Top 1% here I come!

    6. HSE

      This is my favourite tech news intro and I'm saving it forever.

    7. Tanmay Fadnis

      You can actually take ultrawide photos with the pixel 4a using photosphere, it requires quite a bit of patience and I recommend doing this in landscape mode, not portrait. Taking ultrawide indoor shots might be an issue for the Pixel 4a, definitely not outside.

    8. vooo00000000000000000000000000000000ooov

      next time please have riley speak like he did in the intro for the entire show

    9. Brandon Freeman

      2:06 Oh no another addition to the teenage parents statistic. :-((

    10. Andi Min

      Yeah🥳❗fantastic....awesome 👌 ...blabliblublablubblala..NOONE'll buy this plastic trash bomb, same as the AMAZING Pixel 2, 3, 3a and Pixel 4 🤣. 4a and 5 will be huge failures, like the whole Pixel lineup 💯😂🤣🥳

    11. Reigh

      Is pixel still a crappy ui/ux and google platform I don't like the looks feel familiarity or integration with my current computer and communication applications. I don't count non communication apps because it's a phone I'll put up with it as al an MP3 player and a browser and a hot spot for home wifi which I'm still not sure ATT would support on android or Ios the way I want and have I explored enough of the information and security flaws in all consumer electronics and especially free apps for communication such as discord, or social media such as Facebook no matter which platform I'm on so basically more free stuff means more opportunistic places for leaks yes. Do I find the price to be a bit much for somthing to be quote better just to run that bloat yes. Is it even fun to use the deice and interact with and have much better adaptability for me as I age and have less sight or abstract knowledge to use a simple communications device no. Ok then you couldn't sell that to me then if my life depended on it or didn't depend on it honestly scrap metal is recyclable is there any I can recycle?

      1. Reigh

        My 13 watt pc ultrabook back when 8 came out for instance is fine for my daily needs and can rest on my bed no platform even and not over heat or thermal throttle for everything I do daily. Why should a phone be eating up more and more watts for less then these basic functions on a smaller screen with increasing resolution when solid multidimensional UI/UX exist on windows 10? No reason but to sell more e-waste our landfills have to choke down to IDK game, project more pixels what have you.

      2. Reigh

        I mean at least I'm saying why keeping upping the hardware to push the pixel density smaller items on screen and to touch for these third party apps that simply gather my data in more and more places with less and less then the best designed security features more points of intrusion. The icons are clutter as well and distracting and the text is getting smaller when I'm getting older. Accessibility for me as my eyes age and finger dexterity changes is to have a color highlighter clue n a familiar quick scroll with a larger icon or just some text even some text feeds for icons that are larger and feel more intuitive and enjoyable no matter how much people mock live tiles because of trumped up windows 8 hate after missing a first party start bar it's just an early popularity contest loss tht is overshadowing the power of them and driving upper geek community conversations down to the masses whom never get a chance to really expirience a difference. Accessibility needs and enjoyability of the basics should supersede the need for boat ware applications beyond a camera, music, browser phone text and calendar that for me integrates directly into those on my laptop with the OS I'm familiar with and I don't want to have to relearn muscle and mind memory.

    12. alex abney

      Please do NOT use whatever track i was hearing at 2:28 again the guitars strumming pattern and dissonant chords made it very very hard to hear what was being said and gave me a similar feeling to nails on chalk! I thought my device or the HUgets app was malfunctioning. Never noticed anything like that before but love you guys and your work always!

      1. alex abney

        After holding my iPad Pro 13” to me ear i realized its like an EDM track not a guitar and its the shallow bass sounds along with the rhythms that makes it feel like the audio is skipping.

    13. Shreyas M

      hugets.info/show/sWV1iZqoy42IsIo/vide.html guys check this guy 5 years ago

    14. Zach Smith

      God I love him lmao

    15. Condorwatch

      All I can say is the lipstick is getting out of hand

    16. Captive

      nice hair antenna

    17. Pdragy

      I prefer when the camera is in the middle, less easy to get a finger in the shot. Worse photo bomb ever.

    18. Ilikeporkpie

      Windows phone was great and I won't hear a bad word said about it.

    19. Thomas Seals

      Current 3a user... what new pixel with better everything?... Yup here's my money. Also for anyone interested google is offering $120 for the pixel 3a trade in.

    20. Μαλακας Κουραδακιας

      reasons i don't buy this phone not metal back 3100 mAh snapdragon 730g and for the price the spec are very poor

    21. fanofCOH

      That smug scoff at the end. We all know your rolling in that coinage dont lie to us lmao

    22. Big Birby

      I need that PlayStation crossfire

    23. Simon Berthold

      i didnt even notice the ad lol

    24. Wayne Cruz

      Giving the Chinese firm a back door

    25. Shared Knowledge

      You are so right about personal data collection. Google has arguably become worse than many of the Chinese options and instead of banning TikTok we should be holding Google’s infinitely greedy hands to the fire of genuine privacy scrutiny. If you don’t want your every move, sound, keystroke, image, location, etc, captured, stored, sold, used against you, and potentially ending up in the public domain Snowden or Equifax style, then just say NO to Google’s business model where over 90% of their revenue from all their divisions combined comes from collecting your data to fatten their executive’s and share holder’s wallets.

    26. failure

      Self-control is a good thing

    27. Nikolas Knanishu

      OMG they should not ban tick-tock I thought this was a free country if there’s a risk tell the people and if they wanna risk it they can

    28. Nikolas Knanishu


    29. Levi Baker

      Could of liked this video 4 times over, Riley is the best!

    30. Artur

      Shall we wait for the Pixel 5 or the pixel 4A with 5G, or better yet, not to mention the Pixel 6? I'm still waiting to renew pixel 4A with 5G that will be released in October, In short, the Pixel 4A cannot be purchased until October 1, 2020 In spain 389€ is expensive¡¡¡¡¡( pixel4A)

    31. DaveDEF82

      Riley's cadence and rhythm is completely like Linus in this one. Honestly this would be a possibility for their next deep fake video. Just let Riley dub it...

    32. Don't eat the yellow #gamecat

      It's not that MS needs another failed service aimed at teens, it's more about the NSA links with MS that acquiring the software opens them up to.

    33. Jill Jill

      You forgot minecraft

    34. C G

      I have a pixel 3 xl. It has so many bugs I will not be continuing with a 5

    35. The Polish Bear

      Idiots in boats? More like Patriots in boats!

    36. Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio

      It is, if you can deal with that hideous rear design. Also i still prefer small bezels for the front camera and speakers or a motorized front camera like in my Mi 9T Pro. Notches and Punch Holes are just awful epecially if you like to play games on your phone (or if you occasionally enjoy content that uses all of the screen in landscape mode). Everytime i had to use a phone with a Notch it just pissed me off after a while with how it cuts into the screen, same for those dumb punch holes. Those also cause rounded screen corners instead of normal corners which also looks stupid at times. I just hate it..

    37. Doug Davis

      Hi do you know if this phone works on LTE system?

    38. Will L

      Okay thank you Ned Flanders

    39. Andres Salazar

      HAHAHAHA I lov this segment

    40. iKarma-J

      Everything Microsoft does goes in the shitter. Mixer, xbox one, zune, etc.

    41. Graham Ross

      Is that new Pixel thing still stupid huge or have they realised normal people would like the option of something five inches-ish that fits in one hand and most pockets?

    42. Devon Cowherd

      3a XLwas horrible for me. Still love ya google

    43. Tome4kkkk

      $549 in Poland

    44. J L

      Trump is major buffon. Didn't all thr US media software tech companies doing same if not worst? Counter productive bully tactic may end up retaliate by China ban US companies from China, we end up losing much more. Imagine the contrast of 600+ mil and multiplying each yr buying power vs 300+ mil fixed? Trump is setting up a down US fall economy as he had most of his companies busted except the on he can get away by faking it.


      He was a miner or a minor... Hahaha


      Great someone else finally said it! Xbox controllers ARE the best! I use one with my gaming pc!

    47. Aria Nugroho

      Riley : "Now it time for qui......" Me : fast forward video 😂😂😂😂

    48. Raymond Andaya

      Wow he really tried to be funny

    49. Nathan Warnick

      Liked for comment "Idiots in boats"

    50. Alex Shibu

      Railey sounds like the kid from Big City Greens on Disney

    51. Alien CIA

      Minecraft is evil confirmed

    52. Churchgrimm

      I really hope that Xe ends up being enough of a success to stick around. The GPU market has everything to gain from a third player.

    53. on3orafter

      How does it compare to the Pixel 3

    54. Memes n Shet

      The funniest intro so far lmao That accent sounded so real xD This deserves a shitpost

    55. A R

      Wow a TechLinked without James yelling in the background. This is a good change.

    56. HushVox

      "sees intro" me: It's okay buddy you aren't alone im here with you. :(

    57. GTArajgaming

      the sad part about the ps4 controllers not working with PS5 games is the articles about it...a bunch of the articles are saying the PS4 controller won't work on the PS5 at all ugh I bet IGN was behind it...they're ignorant as always

    58. NikOwnzYu

      Console exclusive games is fine but in game items is just retarded. Sony does this crap all the time. I'd be mad even if it was xbox.

    59. Mtaalas

      These intros are just gold :D

    60. Monirules Blog

      Pixel4a s battery...

    61. sunny steve

      absolute garbage phone

    62. Nirmal Jacob

      Riley has learned the Linus Media Group Secret Technique of reaching for his pocket remote to work cameras

    63. Daniyal Ahmed

      pixel 4a with sd765g at even $400 is the best android value and even better than se 2nd gen but ios people need ios so that's why they'll go with that. oneplus nord has 90hz other than that pixel wins(with 765g).

    64. James M

      Pixel 4a who? If Google was an actual real smartphone company they been bankrupt years ago as they are the poorest selling smartphones on the market. OnePlus is a no name brand and they have sold more smartphones then Google ever has. As a matter of fact Google smartphones been sold at a loss since day one including the Pixel line.

    65. Jammol Trumpet

      So PIA's database didn't get released just now huh?🤔😅

    66. Fredrik Strøm-Larsen

      He sounded like old guy from family guy in the intro 😍🥵 Edit: His name is John Herbert, or better known as "Herbert the Pervert", and the voice actor is Mike Henry Source: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_(Family_Guy)

    67. archlinuxrussian

      Yes, let's give Google more direct access to my banking information -_- no thanks.

    68. Owen McPro

      just had an ad of pulseway and Linus was in it, what a way to get the attention of people

    69. khrom


    70. Saul Goodman

      1 camera, but still that ugly ass square?

    71. David Brown

      My favorite intro yet

    72. Elusive

      449$ in canada, still cheaper than the iphone se 2, no one talks about that though

    73. anthony dascomb

      I was playing Minecraft while watching this 😯

    74. Avery Kucan

      I purchased a Google pixel 3 a used on swappa about a week ago except that when I finally tried to use my SIM card and it it didn't work and it turns out that it was locked despite it being advertised as unlocked. I returned it and got my $310 back and I'm going to be paying the 50 or $60 difference to get the Google pixel 4a

    75. GaiusHarutus

      If you ever have the urge to steal bitcoin... Dont use your drivers license to verify your wallet lol

    76. Sajjad H. Nayem

      He is a cool person. I don't miss linus anymore

    77. Lycan

      "don't do that it's... it's bad" I'm convinced!

    78. S B

      Yeah, because American Big-tech never spies on us.

    79. DarkPortal

      tbh amd should sponsor Intel do they don't become a monipoly

    80. Yogurt

      Zoom is American.

    81. Jay Ramirez

      i like being an idiot on a boat

    82. chrisw0990

      Sick intro

    83. Hooterr

      Who also thought Riley was wearing a PornHub t-shirt?

    84. Shadow Yoda

      LTT Apple haters Go Google 🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor.....

    85. Holy Diver

      I showed my wife this video and she said "I like him!

    86. Tom Boss

      Why is Leonardo di Caprio still around? Riley's a far better actor. Here we see the genius of Linus, to surround himself with brilliant people. Not only some people who are far more knowledgeable in tech, but better looking and better acting people as well. Hopefully for Linus, not in the same person.

    87. Mycon

      Can't they just make a version without front facing camera for us that never use the thing? .. oh right, NSA needs to see my face.. nevermind

    88. SuperKawaiiChannel

      3:49 Fake station...

    89. Stoney Lonely

      Riley and James have the best personality lmao i love it

    90. Aírmanareiks

      This is a phone I like simple no gimmicks that I'll use once then keep them off. Also the price is around the old Nexus price range which I like :).

    91. Yanxi Zhou

      红米k30pro yes!!!!!!!

    92. Joe Jupiter

      2:27 For me it pretty much looks like that the PS4 and PS5 controller are the same too. At least they have the same buttons and analog sticks. And that's the only thing that counts when it comes to compatibility. It doesn't matter if has a different shape.

    93. ericneo2

      How many G's is your antennae? XD love it

    94. Rohit Gupta

      Sorry bro. Microsoft has GitHub and thats where it should be. No other company would have managed it.

    95. MasonMC

      i can’t be the only one who didn’t know they had this many channels. i now know 4

    96. Bruh

      Why does it look like an iPhone? I don't like that...

    97. Felix Diaz

      My Pixel 4 XL just died after getting a few drops of water, and Google says it's not covered under warranty because of "water damage". On a f*cking 1000 USD supposedly IP68 phone. Do. Not. Buy. A Google phone.

    98. Jackson Pike

      Sony does not own the character rights. Just the movies and their specific game series. They are actively paying square Enix to withhold marvels biggest character from 2/3 of the player base for the same price.

    99. Strawberry Princess

      Xbox One controller isn't perfect. Buttons, switches, sticks, D-pad. *chef's kiss* Layout? perfect. But the 360 controller just feels nicer to hold.

    100. Anton M

      5:51 So he's a.... "Minor Miner"? 😅