Scalpers + Bots ruined the launch...


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    0:00 Mr Tech News Man
    0:11 RTX 3080 preorder nonsense
    1:29 PS5 preorder nonsense
    2:55 TikTok, WeChat banned
    3:55 Vessi Weekend Shoe
    4:21 QUICK BITS
    4:28 Ryzen 5000 series?
    4:56 iOS 14 launches
    5:15 Google Nest, Chromecast leaks
    5:34 Sleeping Tesla driver arrested
    Nvidia RTX 3080 launch fiasco
    Paper Edition
    Nvidia manually reviewing orders
    Fighting back
    More GPUs on the way
    PS5 preorders delayed geoffkeighley/status/1307029165279862784
    fake exclusives
    Horizon Forbidden West, Miles Morales on PS4
    FFXVI, Demon’s Souls AREN’T coming to PC,f_auto,fl_progressive,pg_1,q_80,w_1600/fgdm1bro3pwx8iuxff1g.png
    Won’t support PS1/2/3
    99% compatible with PS4 games
    Xbox: won’t happen to us geoffkeighley/status/1307016375584448512
    TikTok / WeChat banned
    They ask FB for help v_ness/status/1306956276761415681
    Now US looking at Epic / Riot ties to Tencent
    AMD might skip right to Ryzen 5000 series on desktop
    iOS 14 is out
    Nest Audio and Chromecast leak
    Test your rig with Crysis Remastered

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    1. Twilight Calamity

      Stuff like this I would force 6 different variations

    2. TheNinjaLegend

      I still gave an ipod with flappy bird... I wonder if I can sell it for 100gs... Hmmm

    3. varanidguy

      Scalpers don't deserve human rights.

    4. Feral Cypher

      This is every launch since 2000.

    5. ktd522

      Artificial scarcity ruined the launch, not scalpers/bots. There were barely even any cards available at launch!

    6. knl knl

      I dont get it, yall needs how come yall can make your own script writer. Yall should be great at this

    7. Julio Aguilera

      I like Mr Tech news man, make him talk more.

    8. A Moye

      If only you were funny...

    9. pythonl0rd

      Seriously, how much of a virgin do you have to be to do this stuff

    10. Brian Pooler

      They need to cut this crap out!

    11. KaylaKaze

      PSNow: Still a better deal than GamePass

    12. Stefano Grillo

      You guys are not engineers 😂

    13. V3X SERIOUS X

      Stupid fukin launch💥💥

    14. Liquid Snowy

      Only way to stop these fkn bots is to only make pre orders in person

    15. 0ddMonk3y

      I feel that a lot of “sellers” are just showing off what what people want. No way they think they can sell a $700 device for 3X the price.

    16. Daniel Herrmann

      Don't buy any from scalpers!!!

    17. Jordan Velazquez

      I really wanted to see my ps2 games in 4k. just thought of them not having backwards compatibility makes me cry.

    18. farhad aa

      hmm "ps4 is a great console" a typo I see

    19. farhad aa

      these scalpers must be miners

    20. casanova419

      I'm getting together The American Indians and go back to scalping to go after the scalpers.

    21. anonymous Crabz

      Limited item: exists Scalpers: *It's expensive real estate*

    22. Charles W.

      NOT ONLY the first time I try to preorder a graphics card, but THE FIRST TIME IM ABLE TO PREORDER A SYSTEM, ITS SOLD OUT. LOVELY.

    23. BR

      With how many people hate the EPIC store I still count Godfall as a mostly ps5 exclusive

    24. Danish Main

      i am confused with ps5 backwards compatibility will we able to use ps4 discs as well?

    25. Jedi Soul

      I can wait a few month to get mine, it’s no big deal.

    26. HushterXXIII

      Playstation should mention the 1% game that you can't play on ps5.. 😁

    27. Mybike

      I must be getting old this whole video is cringe 100 that mustache the dude yelling out the whole video is mega cringe

    28. christopher dunn

      Ebay should be notified of any big thing coming out and prevent anyone to be able to sell it that high its not hard even today or yesterday no matter what the fucking hacks and bots you have.

    29. The hair of destruction

      Wished this kinda stuff was illegal.

    30. Silver Jay

      Im.not even a gamer and managed to buy 3 PS5 to scalp later 😍

    31. thfddd dvd hc dvdrvrvvr xrexcrevtvycvrevtcvrebyc

      The xbox series x sold out faster than the ps5 and the 3080 it literally crashed best buy

    32. Vertigo101

      Xbox is now on tik tok and tik tok is banned 😆.

    33. Creepy Chris

      why do people care about console exclusivity? it's literally a bad thing

    34. Startrance

      It will only get worse with time.

    35. Jeremy Smith

      You snooze you lose still valid while you cruise.

    36. Chemy Torres

      And tiktok is still running

    37. siccen s

      What a bunch of bullshit. It should have already been handled by every single big store to have some kind botscalper prevention upon purchase. Fucking lame.

    38. Timo Rouw

      'yeah, ryzen 4th gen is gonna run on your old mobo.... Atleast it would if we didn't SKIP IT AND WENT STRAIGHT TO GEN 5 OOOOOOOOOOOH'

    39. Marco Pitoni

      you are not my dad Tim...🤣

    40. Member Berry

      I'm glad. People are just now starting to realize they'll spend more on the xbox s than they will the x due to the proprietary storage upgrade that is very necessary. Ya'll almost got scammed by microsoft

    41. wyatt haney

      I'm so confused, I thought tik tok was banned?

    42. Ben Baker

      If we are saying playstation has basically no exclusives because spiderman and horizon are also on ps4 then xbox literally has not one single exclusive as all games are available on pc or xbox one x/s and will be until 2022 unless xbox retracts that statement

    43. isunshin999

      The soy is strong with this one.

    44. Kevin Jamien

      That "MURICA" at 1:27 killed me XD

    45. It's Milan

      That guy: I used the bot to destroy the bot

    46. IliyanDetty Ilievi


    47. Aadil Ismail

      apple does suck

    48. Màìlboi

      As bad as the PS5 pre orders went, they went better than the 3080 cause some people actually got them

    49. Tyler Mizner

      I thought he said wii chat.

    50. Life Transcendence

      RECAP: TOILET PAPER, 3080, SNEAKERS, KIDS TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS, NEW GEN TECH RELEASES... endless support for resellers is why it continues. Stop being a selfish person (those with endless money) and boycott resellers.

    51. Life Transcendence


    52. ernest7

      Interesting to learn about the PS5 on your channel and this informative video. Cheers

    53. Maluzius Network

      I bet it's all chinese bots 🤣

    54. Daometh

      can we put a law in place to stop scalpers any third party of reselling until 6 month after the launch. It's really getting annoying having to deal with these guys.

    55. cho4d

      saw a whole bunch of 3080s "going" for £60k today. bless these men/women/bots

    56. William Eldridge

      I don't care how well-built those shoes are, I ain't paying those ridiculous prices.

    57. Shankar Nadkarni

      can you guys make a tech quickie video on what are bots and scalpers...

    58. Goddess Magallan

      it's okay, i will eventually get it :C

    59. Fre Sch

      Sorry but ps5 will NOT play 99% of ps4 games, they only stated that 99% of the games THEY tested worked. They could have tried 100 games and one didnt work. Doesnt mean the other I dont know 500 or what will work

    60. PlayzQ

      Scalpers ruined Xbox Series X preorders And the bots

    61. Starkill3r 306

      It’s 2020, how is this still happening?

    62. jason lynch

      ban that mustache!!!!!!

    63. The Shadow Man

      If those simpletons expect me to pay a penny over the retail price for a console then they have more money than brains

    64. Prof Kiro

      he kind off sounds like linus

    65. PigsInSpace 99

      But like they didn't crash though, they were doing 90 while asleep and the worst thing that happened is auto pilot decided to pull over for the police

    66. El Tercero

      Yur A Cannuck, how dare you day Murika. UNLESS YOU ARE FROM THE U. S. OF A. YOU CANNOT SAY *MURIKA* !!!

    67. Jrrhhd Banks

      Can someone find out a way to delay tf outta these bots

    68. Derek Tweedie

      Yay I was a super bidder.... lol bought 7 cards for $80,000 each!! lol .. Total scumbags..

    69. J C

      And people *_still_* defend preorders...

    70. Jason

      Hmm, I wonder how we can defeat those dam scalpers and their bots.... I know, just don’t buy it at inflated prices. There is not that many good games out yet on PS5. An launch titles will not look much better than PS4 PRO games. It takes devs a few years to utilize the full potential. GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3090. Seriously, there always a better video card every year. Heck I just got my Radeon RX 5700XT last year, and it’s already “slow”. Some where my Voodoo 2 from 1997 is like: You never learn, do you?

    71. John Olooney

      covid tracking software is in ios 14 - no thanks

    72. John Olooney

      the 3090 has been proved to be totally underwhelming - let these scalpers buy them all - i hope they get stuck with them. Id rather go without totally then ever feed these ebay parasites and i celebrate every ebay user trolling these greedy selfish assholes

    73. Elixirr

      People that Scalp eat gravel, it's a proven fact 😏

    74. Arnav Behari

      Yep keep telling yourself that! Scalpers lol.

    75. Nugget's clips

      Guys just stop buying from eBay then they will not get the moneys

    76. KingofPho75

      We sneaker heads have been dealing with this shit for years now. Finally the general public has shared our pain with bots. Cmon people I’ve seen ps5 controllers selling for $120!

    77. LoriannRose Garcia

      You know what's funny is that i feel like the people who are disliking this video are the ones who are reselling the PS5 😂😂😂😂. Well they did ruin it for others who wanted a PS5.

    78. CVerse

      Tiktok ban was actually halted on Saturday. Some judge blocked it right before the ban citing free speech concerns

    79. phil mckrotch

      So how do bots work with buying stuff?

    80. Knighted Drifter

      Sony sent a pre pre order offer to active PSplus subscribers. Why does nobody know this?

    81. Ski [GD]

      tiktok: gets banned in usa vpn sellers: *mutahar laugh* btw i hate tiktok

    82. solisium

      Newegg ran out of 3070’s but still has custom 3080’s

    83. Zerobass

      This guy was born for this

    84. Dogbone TV

      jesus christ soon as you opened your mouth i cringed. wtf is wrong with your voice

    85. Arthur R

      No one is buying shit for 2x the price... trust me

    86. Tv Gaming_YT


    87. Jacob Nussbaum

      honestly I really watch Techlinked for the personalities

    88. thelaughingrouge

      Duh, where you been man? It's been like this for a while now.

    89. Dejuan Hickman

      Tbh I want to kill all bots and scalpers. They are worse than a peasant to me

    90. T H

      It said PS5 will play 99% of PS4 games SONY TESTED!!

    91. Ampmer Derzart

      What did James said at 5:39? God, I'm dead curious but my hearing is bad...

    92. TheXboxSux

      It's eye opening that no one has thought to correlate the pre-order allocation problems with the fact that industrial portion of China is about to go under water. Where do you think these consoles are made? Calling it right now there will not be next gen. This pre-order scandal is simply to collect money until they try to figure out what to do, but nothing will stop what's coming for these deepstate megacorps. Say bye bye.

    93. bubu mic

      I can buy one next year no problem ... too bad that in my country it is 1200 Euros ... AND IT IS SOLD BY THE RESELLERS !!

    94. Erman Bakhtiar Othman

      Wait until all chinese in US will be banned too after this..

    95. Ghost EndGame

      Aus retailers ruined the 3080 launch too with their dumb ass prices. RTX 3080 = 699USD MSRP = 970AUD .......I paid almost 1300AUD -.- some cards are like $1600aud -.- PS5= $499 MSRP = 700AUD.......... PREORDER NOW 750AUD lmfao well done PC stores push more people to consoles fucking idiots.

    96. big ben

      who cares.i will not buy a compute focused card for gaming

    97. Gustavo Rocha

      I thought gamers were supposed to have good reflexes lol

    98. Snarky . Live

      Riley just got Tesla sleepers shipped to the Musk Mines of Mars.

    99. Three

      I made an animation on this scalpers situation