PS5 Price Announced!!


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    0:00 2 much tek newz
    0:16 RTX 3080 reviews
    1:28 Apple event
    3:04 Facebook Connect
    4:45 MSI Clutch GM50 Gaming Mouse
    5:12 QUICK BITS
    5:18 Playstation 5 price, release date
    6:25 Apple attacks Unreal Engine
    6:58 TikTok updates
    7:32 EA Desktop App
    7:58 Microsoft underwater servers
    RTX 3080 reviews
    RX 6900 XT leaked photos
    Apple Event
    Apple Watch Series 6
    Apple Watch SE
    Singapore PAYING citizens to exercise
    8th gen iPad
    iPad Air w A14 SoC
    Apple One
    Facebook Connect
    Oculus Quest 2
    Ars Technica thinks it sucks
    Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell OculusGaming/status/1306290772824776706
    Beat Saber multiplayer with BTS chibis? BeatSaber/status/1306291390222151682
    Project Aria AR glasses watch/?v=344785283524349&extid=dcAuDrogoHNGYFE9
    PS5 Event
    PRICE: $499, Digital Edition $399 - Nov. 12th + 19th PlayStation/status/1306333644437352449
    They’re NOT reducing stock ok
    Apple accuses Epic of “starting fire and pouring gasoline on it”
    Triller nabs TikTok’s biggest star
    EA kills Origin, renames to “EA Desktop” app
    We could be sinking all our data centers to bottom of the sea

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    1. Jessika Piche

      yeah but what about the games that will be done on ps5 as if they developed it for ps4 like all others games at launch for PlayStation since PS2?...

    2. Rebel Makers

      How much did MSI pay to license the Razer Deathadder shape?

    3. Caffeine Man

      Be careful with employers' insurance companies offering to "pay you to exercise". My employer reduced our health benefits, then "paid" us the lost benefits to exercise. But it gets worse; if you turn off the location services the app works for a few days but then a message comes up saying it must be enabled. When I brought this up to HR I received the canned "the employer does not track your location."

    4. ImDatSlaya

      This guy is the worst. Do not put him back

    5. SNN

      Lol that nose ring is cringe on him

    6. TheCod3r

      Facebook releasing a new VR? This should be in the hacker news section! Like he'll would I ever buy anything made by SpyBook

    7. MoDRun

      as if i want oculus quest with facebook related to it lolno idk why its even news anymore

    8. Sam Foxley

      Xbox gang?

    9. Ellie Morales

      Yall late late

    10. HWEN

      LTT Team, your notifications are 5 days late. Let your HUgets contact know

    11. Hans Nyström Pastor

      Why dont you ever talk about the bad things off play station, this thing dosent even reach xbox power even when it overclock itself, and when it does, it only can handle for a few seconds

    12. Azim Alif

      279 for an apple watch? You can get 2 full android watches for that.

    13. Vlados Johnson


    14. Ian Murray

      ew, an office brainlet

    15. Robotic Nerd

      Ars Technica seems rather pessimistic and generally negative. Most reviewers love it (Quest 2) overall so...

    16. Fresh Avocado

      You must be Michael's son

    17. Airon Maxslade


    18. Ilyass IRAOUI A 53 secs video worth watching

    19. Marius V Rensburg

      Irritating and 2nd class host.

    20. Darcy Knibb

      The dude sounds like Jack Black

    21. Ricardo PM

      FF16 its not on pc at least not for years so lies

    22. Yvon Cui

      This episode of TL is sponsored by: Dunder Mifflin!

    23. Dudeomfgstfux

      David taking and Andy's script is gold

    24. Sketch Therapy

      not sure if big head or small arms

    25. RenTec

      This guy just reminds me of Barret :( Bring back Barret Murdock

    26. MrRom92DAW

      I thought the thumbnail was like... a weird photoshop of quarantine Linus and Riley

    27. Rusydi Rahim

      eh i see Singapore

    28. Joey Ghost

      I think it's weird you only Mentioned the 1 mostly negative review of the quest 2 and not the mountain of positive ones.

    29. Andrew Aiken

      Best Tech News Script ever ....

    30. Target _667

      The soy face in the thumbnail

    31. halistine jenkins

      is that jake grown up with piercings?

    32. Pushpak

      Nvidia doesn't know more than two games you cannot blame nvidia .

    33. Ethereal Blue Night Sky

      Taking some aerial shots of aerial 51

    34. Caleb Kirschbaum

      I love this. Constant new news

    35. French Fries

      People complain about everything. The PS5 digital is so cheap so they complain about having to pay a hundred more for a blu ray drive. If it was just 50 dollars cheaper then there would probably be complaints about it being too expensive.

    36. Thanny

      05:58 Outdone? They did the absolute bare minimum required to not completely fail with this generation, competing only with themselves. And then they did it using way too much power, making the launch actually right on the border between OK and a failure. Then they had no availability, making the launch clearly a failure.

    37. Kenshin Himura

      Thank God Tik Tok is getting banned.

    38. Killbana

      Who is this alt reality linus doppelganger?

    39. Light Hathos

      The script dragged on way too much this episode.

    40. Bender Bending Rodriguez

      The last good final fantasy was 10 and 10-2 if you can stomach it for being a story continuation. The best final fantasy is 9. Don't care what anyone says.

    41. Тодор Цветков

      This is getting more childish with every episode.

    42. deprived

      keep this guy hosting he has a lot of energy that keeps you engaged to the vid

    43. J.D. Hague

      The last good FF game? I'll have to excuse your apparent head injury. You seem to have forgotten about FF15, enough said. I don't need to defend that game.

    44. Hwyeb Nick.c

      Rily sounds like he's talking to you while sat on the toilet. erm huh xx

    45. Greg Curtis

      Title: PS5 Price Announced!! Content: Everything but the price of a PS5.

    46. CarthagoMike

      That moment when one of the quickbit news items becomes the title.

    47. Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer

      PS5 5:14

    48. Daiv G

      I imagine Riley sitting off screen surfing the web, back to the stage, passively listening and just yelling really loudly at his own screen.

    49. Mikal Caober

      Moar David. David is great :)

    50. Frank Joz

      Aaaand it's gone...

    51. David O'Connor

      Yeah, this guy is not good at presenting.

    52. BlackAus07

      Is this linuses fruity brother?

    53. Pokemonfox4

      Is this walmart Rhett?

    54. NIKOvbn

      You lost me at "required fb login" - HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    55. Jose Lopez

      Can you guys talk about how the US GOV. pulled an Apple with Tiktok on pulling it from the AppStore.

    56. eric mattingly

      its timmy joe on steroids

    57. Joe Beech

      To be clear they stated 1.9x the performance per watt - and they can only get this number by artificially limiting the power to the cards. Basically despite all the ray tracing and global illumination they are still shady AF.

    58. cee jo


    59. TyrealArchea

      Merhackers working for Mernonymous

    60. Frog Dog

      what, is that Booger hanging on his nose.... wear a mask

    61. zawilious

      why no one talks about gpu performance in applications other than games , for example rendering in path tracing render engines like Blender cycles or V-ray , where the raw performance of gpu can be validated and scaled more linearly , in which the rtx 3080 actually performed as 2x the rtx 2080. after all if you double the TFLOPS performance in cuda, rt and tensor cores, so definitely they can say that overall the 3080 is double the 2080

    62. Marcin Wasłowicz

      1:39 Denis, why is the audio track repeated? :(

    63. yotuanyboi

      Love my rift. But having clearer sharper screen is ummmm no I mustn't

    64. Snoergee

      Finally, after what felt like an eternity!

    65. flatplanefool

      So EA Desktob App, the games are in!

    66. Diogo Ressurreição

      "Wow! You can actually crack your nipples". At least thats what I heard. And no one can take that away from me.

    67. Jim Mulholland

      Don’t laugh at the blood o2 sensor. We’ll all need that in 50 years when all the forests are gone

    68. Narcissistic Narcissus

      Perfect duo for TechLinked.

    69. Steadfast Whiplash

      My experience with Apple was very much meh. Mostly for the quality of their apps.

    70. ManzRzl

      Why are you gay ?

    71. The uggster

      Damn this guy cringe af

    72. Junk From Work

      Challenge everything 🤣

    73. War Head

      Tbh he has to host more he just sounds like he's always excited

    74. lach888

      Microsoft that’s your solution to everything, move under the sea. It’s not gonna happen.

    75. George Stark

      6:25 wow, the scale of greed on display is Unreal :-o

    76. LV Collier

      More Tech News from this guy please

    77. Kris

      Don't order online you might be competing with bots now

    78. Blake Kucera

      hacker mean hackmaids!!!

    79. Belgian Star

      Nothing on Sony’s bullshit pricing scheme? Making people in Europe pay way more than in the US

      1. Revyi Cross

        Every console is price different in different countries. Xbox series X is price $700 in india.... However, that said. You not actually paying much more. You know why? Because your price is final but not Americans price. Because tax isn't shown in that $500 price tag. My ps5 actually cost me $530 and I'm in a low tax zone. If I was in some of the higher ones I could have been looking at $580 easy.

    80. Jared D

      Good job burying the lead

    81. Hector Reyes

      Communist China is Taking Money from North Americans.. Icrap

    82. Idan Chen


    83. tipoomaster

      They even ate some of the direct conversion price for us here in Canada. Well that's nice.

    84. ey_bud

      This dude is extremely annoying

    85. muddybloody

      What did I just watch?

    86. 0xlowlevel

      honestly way too cringy delivery. and bit too much gay mannerisms.

    87. Tobias

      The ps5 is priced at 663 usd in Norway. Hot dang...

    88. Your all on steroids

      That dude is so gay cuh... damn. Please never again

    89. Editor XV

      I love thiz tech news

    90. Kyle Burnett

      Who is this host??

    91. LMacNeill

      Ok, so am I missing something? But the middle tier of the Apple One program makes no sense. For the $14.95 price, you get Music, TV, Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud. For $19.95 you get the exact same stuff, except you get 200GB of iCloud storage. So you're literally doing nothing but increasing your iCloud storage from 50GB to 200GB -- which normally costs only $2 extra. Why would I pay $5 extra to get something that costs me only $2 extra, ordinarily? Is there some other service that maybe they left off of that list?

    92. Tams80

      Apple "WoooOOOOOOOooonnnnnnn". -repeated ad nauseam.

    93. Justin Gasparino

      I'm gonna need to see if they fixed the damn lense flares to the new quest cause the only one had very bad flares compared to the rift s

    94. William Stetar

      Wtf does he mean "Sony was reducing stock" Stock of what, physical games, consoles? God damn dude pls write better

    95. HOkayson

      Seriously though, where's all these awesome products been at during lockdown?!

    96. sedwarg

      The shouting from behind the camera and OTT acting has officially reached its peak. The bubble needs to burst like it's 1999.

    97. Juan

      No comments on the nose ring?

    98. Satya Bodapati

      Background screaming is a lot. Please reduce that..

    99. Michael McArthur

      Why isn't the new guy wearing an LTT shirt?!?

    100. Bushra Zaman

      I was the 1k dislike