They bought the wrong console...


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    0:00 Hoodlinked
    0:03 Xbox Series X + Series S preorder shenanigans
    1:20 Microsoft Ignite
    2:22 Pixel 5 + Pixel 4A leaks
    3:16 Brilliant
    3:53 QUICK BITS
    3:56 Tesla Battery Day
    4:23 Ex-Blizzard devs found Dreamhaven
    4:48 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
    5:10 Google Maps gets Covid data
    5:24 Sony Xperia Play 2
    Xbox Series X preorders
    Lotta people bought Xbox One Xs…
    Holding stock for launch day
    Remote Play
    xCloud WILL launch on iOS, dammit
    Exclusively licenses OpenAI GPT-3 - first new Zenimax title is a text generator
    Holographic storage
    Microsoft Premonition - predicting the next pandemic
    MAMBO #5
    Pixel 5 + 4A 5G specs leak
    Pixel 5 design,118410.html,118001.html
    Tesla Battery Day - 25K electric car in 3 years
    Ex-Blizzard CEO, devs create Dreamhaven game company
    Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition
    Maps shows you how bad Covid is
    The Playstation phone that could have been

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    1. C Preacher

      any idiot who buys the wrong console without doing a little research doesn't get any sympathy from me. when you make a purchase that costs a few hundred dollars or more you should always do a little research on what you are getting and also research for the best buying option/price.

    2. Ferdous Zubair Khan

      They're also gonna actively track those people

    3. TripOverThis420

      OMFG HoodLinked I'm DEAD.

    4. Kyler

      When I was 7 I got to choose to get an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One. Of course I chose the 360 because it’s a bigger number which means it’s newer and the other one was called “one” like ps1

      1. Ummer Farooq

        The rotations are smaller than one.

    5. ThatCrazyPink

      Shut up stop ut

    6. victor hugo sanchez cordova

      How do you put on a zipped hoodie without knowing the hood is tied??

    7. that guy

      i remember when phone leaks meant this point unless your lg with the wing (what are they thinking) they all look and feel the same.

    8. Daniel Let's Play


    9. Sonia Sultana


    10. Adam K

      Starcraft and PSP references in the same video? am I 15 again? I wish -_-

    11. Taha YT614

      I love how colton looks so lost

    12. SwedFighter 420

      The new way of storing data sounds like something from Star wars

    13. TheDude Lebowski

      Don't really care about Mike's new company. Ultimately, he's responsible for what happened to Blizz.

    14. Tech4All

      Big surprise Microsoft. Average consumers are stupid! And so are you for having such a stupid naming scheme!!!

    15. crusher 531

      Who else was watching this during class today?

    16. BR

      Their naming is so needlessly confusing.

    17. animahon3000

      huh! I would totaly buy sony xperia play 2! I hate new phones they are to round and has to small bezels. but damn I would love xperia play 2 if it releases. I mean I haven't moved on from my xperia xz premium since I don't want to give up my brick!

    18. AR G

      I was so confused the other day when I saw various people talking about the groundbreaking widgets on iOS. As an Android user since the Galaxy S I just figured Apple had had them for years as well. Truly groundbreaking indeed.

    19. Henry Garrett

      I worry about hard-working parents spending $500 on what they think is a new console for their kid for Christmas and getting 3 year-old tech.

    20. Luke S1020

      black level is scuffed in this video...

    21. funnyfunnycompilationsvids

      Love your vids. Also have a youtube channel

    22. Seskal

      This is a polite request. Please don't show the verge reporting tech news. They're still in time out. They know what they did. I miss saying that and it being funny.

    23. Airmanareiks AE

      How did they mix that up? They look completely different & one is names Series X not One X lmao.


      hoodlinked sound better then iechlinked can I use it as my channel's name (future project)

    25. itsmyaccount

      what's in your bucket, the new google pixel 5 ?? :D

    26. Cloud Drifter

      Xbox One X or X Series, Rtx 3000 Series will beat everyone.

    27. ulhurusurf club


    28. CubeMster

      Because Microsoft are dicks, and don’t understand naming conventions.

    29. ELMolliez

      Blizzard 2.0 let's go boys !!!!!!

    30. Reifin D. Fanchon

      What a series of unfortunate mistake.

    31. Filbert Avw

      The only thing I could get was that the food is not The only thing She said Sidu

    32. Chemy Torres

      Microsoft reinvented CD

    33. Kelvin Gotti

      Click Bait af

    34. Mehrab Bin Tarek


    35. Popeye

      Any microsoft console is the wrong console

    36. CharlesYT

      no comment 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    37. danwarb1

      MS should outsource naming their consoles to SEGA.

    38. Linc

      "En Taro Tassadar" also "YOU MUST BUILD ADDITIONAL PYLONS." Two phrases I'll never get out of my brain, It'd be awesome to see a fresh new high quality RTS, the genre's been dead for a while

    39. Niels Gebhardt

      How can you be this stupid? Maybe the names are a little confusing, but if you do a second of research and actually look at what you get for your money, you'll notice that specs are different and the design is nothing alike, the fact that sales went up 747% on Amazon (for Xbox one X), just shows how brainless people's buying decisions are...

    40. Erik Andreas

      Well tbh console gamers won't be able to tell the performance difference between the new and old xboxes....after all their eyes cant see more than 30fps

    41. Negeya

      Gang Star James

    42. Benjamin C.

      it didnt sell 737 percent more one x's. the one x moved 737 pefcent up amazon's hot item ranking. and alot of those sales was probably bots that werent programmed well enough to figure out the difference

    43. Stigs stupid cousin

      imagine: "mom i want an xbox series x for my birthday" mom: sure kid.. *)bought xbox one x..

    44. feel toofree

      Microsoft going crazy

    45. Jim Smith

      Why do we get double notifications

    46. Jahred Mario

      Video release: September 23 Notification: September 26 *facepalm*

    47. TrickyPanda 65

      Fake news

      1. Rob


    48. Dariy Pozinenko

      Is James on Adderall in this one

    49. King King


    50. Paul Schlote

      That's a dumb place for a drawstring on that hoodieeeeeee...

    51. lostie-case

      But Timmy.. I thought you wanted that new Xbox... Timmy: (palmface)

    52. mgkpraesi

      Peasants...always good for a laugh.

    53. Hurkes

      Its embarrassing how far this dudes buttcheeks are spread for Sony's gaystation

      1. Rob

        It's just news dude

    54. Kevin Paskevicius

      Please talk about the RTX 3080 MLCC Group Crashing


      How does that even happen????? Series X and One X how do you confuse that?


        @Rob Thank you Imagine Xbox Tower Of Power!

      2. Rob

        @FROSTKILLER That's actually clever


        @Rob They should have named it TOP (Tower Of Power)

      4. Rob

        Stupid naming

    56. Marc Allard

      Zika virus

    57. Elliander Eldridge

      So why exactly is Microsoft so horrible at naming things? Haven't you ever heard of naming conventions? Isn't there a single employee in Microsoft who, in a boardroom, has raised his or her hand to say this is a stupid name. Let's not confuse our customers? Or is this intentional? Didn't Microsoft learn from Nintendo's big mistake when it named the Wii U? Customers couldn't tell the difference between a new console and a console add-on when you have weird names like that. Oh we too would have been totally fine though. At least Sony has their heads on straight. The PlayStation 1 through 5. It's easy to tell which comes first. While while a Sony Playstation 1 is the first Sony PlayStation, Xbox one is not the first Xbox.

    58. Sheriff MayorTV

      Great boys! Now I have mambo #5 stuck in my head. Great.

    59. Keke Keke

      And meanwhile some people out there bashing sony for their naming lmao

    60. james timmons

      now i wonder if people that bought an xbox one x but received the series x instead? that wouldnt be so bad lol

    61. Trippy Bruh

      Please rename the series X Microsoft

    62. matt winward

      The worst part is I’ve been following the tech news and interested in the PlayStation Xbox battle and I couldn’t explain to you the different models of Xbox or their names. As for Sony? PS1/2/3/4/5, 5 is the newest. See how easy that is Microsoft?

    63. Raymond Reddington

      The naming is really horrible solved

    64. Travis plays

      Um no, not a 700% increase in sales , that 700% is just part of a system Amazon has for showing how popular a item is, maybe 10 more Xbox 1xs were sold this month compared to last month. So this whole video is pointless. Fact check my dudes

      1. Rob

        It's actually sales

    65. Colton

      "...from people like COLTON" *I was not expecting to be attacked like this*

    66. BirdsEyeView

      It's your own fault if you dont research your purchase

    67. Maks D'Orléans

      As a pc gamer i find this extremelly hilarious LMFAO

    68. Marz

      It’s a horrible name. Should’ve named it the Xbox Infinite to go with the new Halo

    69. dela vago

      Microsoft pulled a Nintendo Wii U with the naming

    70. Aurobindo Ghosh

      this is why play with your old nintendo game boy

    71. Neil T

      I now want a Beagle phone!

    72. Franklin Allen

      I feel like this confusion about XBoxes is intentional.

    73. Cricket England

      It don’t matter what Microsoft do the PS5 will outsell it regardless of any presale issues and anyone who buys the Xbox series X will regret in a few months buying the wrong console

    74. Computer Lawyer

      Xbox one S/X: 1440p or 4k... Xbox Series S/X: 1440p or 4k... Computers... 4k or 8k

    75. Derek Tweedie

      Lots of people are stupid.... This video proves it... #morons

    76. Aljet

      I feel bad for the kids accudentally getting a one x

    77. James Mero

      Pouring one out for the new Xbox one X owners out there..

    78. Streamergamer 69

      If you “accidentally” bought a one X instead of a series X you are pretty stupid. I mean did you look at an image first?

    79. Sir Dello

      Xbox continue to make no sense. Call it what we all know it should be (xbox 4) and stop with these dumbass confusing names series x and shit smh

    80. Mount Oza

      Anyone else think Xbox did this on purpose?

    81. The gay Sci-fi Guy

      How do you get the 2 mixed up, one is rectangular the series x is a thick box

    82. Bharatiya Indian

      Fs in the chat for the people who bought a Xbox X instead of a series x.

    83. Fee

      A crystal pube?

    84. Kevin Stein

      Looked like he was hiding a rash or something :D

    85. Warden Cobb

      If it's not a PS5 it's the wrong console.

    86. Akmal Nizam - 7928

      Where Mr TechNews man?

    87. John Bales

      The crystal storage may be nerdy but actually interesting. It's been an idea used in several sci-fi stories I've read. Plus, the potential is that even a small crystal cube could hold huge amounts of data.

    88. Dulidose

      Nintendo switch ganggggg

    89. CrispyNuggets

      How do you even get the wrong console I’m guessing the majority of people never learned how to read words

    90. sal luna

      My life for TechLinked!

    91. Shaq 69

      Got a friend whose one s caught fire so he bought a Xbox one x

    92. Matthew Murdock

      How to make something sound futuristic: use the letter X

      1. Rob

        How to make people buy the wrong put: Name multiple devices with an X

      2. Jayden Liaw

        ye actually

    93. Mike B

      At Battery Day Elon Musk clamors how great this new technology is in that you'll get 5x the energy as the old batteries they use.. which turns out to be really surprising because the new battery is 5.5 times larger than the old battery, why you holding out Elon!?

    94. L8ES _

      Not I tech link

    95. Robert Vantine

      James appears to be into the Dark Side. Very Sith...

    96. Robert Vantine

      Can we get a #firecolton tshirt? He's gotta have a why me expression on his face on the shirt though.

    97. Agustín

      Es en serio? Si fue la broma de un donadie y me sales con esta tontería, supongo que usted también cree que Microsoft está monopolizando el mercado de vídeo juegos, Jesús.

    98. Farith Aidil

    99. Ikram Hussain

      First time James looks so depressed/tired!