No one's buying PHONES!?


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    Közzététel: 4 hónapja


    1. Andrew Lewis

      *Watches on brand new S20+ 5G*

    2. panhuys

      Apple lies

    3. Collin Fells

      1:43 you said ps4 not ps5

    4. Oliver Kromann

      i am still running my samsung S6 128GB battery is kinda loosing it's strenght but i can still get through a day ny disabling mobile data/wi-fi

    5. Jervis Yvon

      Oh God!! How many channels does LTT have? 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Glip Klopsyiop

        Atleast 6

    6. H ε z я o и

      best show!!! period!

    7. Steven Moeller

      The smart phone crash issue due to incompatible color spaces in wallpapers is nothing new.

    8. Bebble

      I think it's because that I switched to computers and everyone else did. No matter how much interest I put something into, it's going to get more attention shortly.

    9. User 5748

      4:18 Anthony Fantano meme reference.

    10. Luciddy

      Unless its 16 gigs of DDR6 200$ is overpriced

    11. Abhinav Kulshreshtha

      Why no timestamps this episode??

    12. jim glass

      you should check out cus they have msi rtx 2080ti for £1500 so if there price is right then the nxxt new cards will be £2000+

    13. Dilly Willy

      I think, people are holding onto their smartphones longer because smartphones have crossed the price point of being a splurge buy. They are now so expensive that they are now an investment.

    14. Patrick Allen Carter

      maybe if they didn't think 1400 usd was a good price point.

    15. enorym

      “Social distance stampede.”

    16. turbo2ltr

      Does anyone proofread these scripts? Or listen to it before they post it "Rumors say the PS4 will have powerful hardware under the hood"...

    17. John M. Ungerleider

      Are you high at work? Lmaoo

    18. Timo Rouw

      No i don't need to waste half my salary buying a new phone each year. I'm not fucking stupid

    19. Emanuel Balaban

      The contrast is wrong.. A little bit too much of white, past the point where is frustrating

    20. Sobanya

      Apple didn't suffer as much, because coronavirus crisis strikes poor working people and they are the target audience of android, not apple.

    21. Jacob Bathead

      Welp that dude was wrong about the PS5

    22. Robert Downey Jr Screaming

      Riley pog

    23. KarsonNow

      200 $ for 8GB of RAM?... normal price would be max. 50 $... Sure.. It is expensive becouse of Apple... Btw. German old world for cheating or "pull leg" is... Ver-Ä spell it like Ver-Apple-n

    24. AJ

      The Thicc, Daaamn, Thiccc boy makes me laugh every single damn time.

    25. trey5169

      All sources point to the PS "FOUR" having some powerful hardware under the hood.... 1:43

    26. Addaxesti 2


    27. Addaxesti 2

      Big flossy flossy

    28. Bandit5317

      Global economic downturn? Nah Riley. NASDAQ is at an all time high. Things have never been better.

    29. PinkAndOrangeAndGold

      James please :D

    30. Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV

      they cant make the playstation look like a computer or people will realise its just a computer

    31. danwat1234

      "Color space incompatibility between the image and the operating system" ... It's called METADATA, specifically the ICC Profile section.

    32. Zero Logic


    33. TheWobblyEmily

      what kind of freaking ram costs more than 200$ more for an 8gb increase! ;-; you can get 32gb of ddr4 sodim ram on amazon for 120$

    34. D. H.

      Grow that Schnauzer. Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

    35. White Hat Rabbit

      phone sales dropping.... laptop sales rising....

    36. SevenDeMagnus

      Hi. I haven't bought a new iPhone (because there's not much cellphone innovation) since the iPhons 6S Plus which I still love using with the best case, by far: Ztylus brand. God bless, Revelation 21:4

    37. Devin Davis

      Social distance stampede

    38. Chris Loew

      One plus 7T 256gb price went up from $450 to $560 over the last two months, soooooo there is that...

    39. sersys1

      Can't wait to hear the consol peasants running around telling everyone what a great feature is backwards compatibility is and how consoles invented it.

    40. DJDekgit

      0:01-0:10 What is this, a ad for gta v casino update? lol

    41. James Whale

      Oh Riley, you do make me giggle.

    42. Lewis GM Laws

      1:40 "but all sources point to the *PS4* having some powerful hardware under the hood" you mean PS5 surely

    43. Zac Hope

      Never fire this man. Riley is a GEM.

    44. FDN

      please stop the child who is screaming in the background, he's annoying

    45. migara gamage

      why buy when you can loot , usa today !

    46. boxingkangeroo

      Title of the video made me remember I haven't bought a new phone in almost 3 years, and have no plans on ditching this phone u less it bricks somehow

    47. OP17 Gaming

      It's true! And worse, I'm in south africa (I do'nt know if I would be able to afford the new iphone SE next year on contract)

    48. Myrngkoyou

      I just bought a phone bro stfu

    49. MATTman101wow

      No wonder you're never first in combat, you rolled a d12 for initiative instead of a d20

    50. Wakamoly-Alfred Plays-Go

      "why wont people buy our 700$ mac wheels?!" well becuase of you know, food and water and rent and the past 5 iphones that people bought

    51. Ali Samin

      99% of the people world wide do only one thing with their phone and that is scroll on instagram and send snapchats. 99% of the people that take pics with their phone do not want high quality pics cause they (girls) want blurry ones where you cant see the acne or imperfections on their face, otherwise they have to edit the pics. phone companies are releasing phone after phone without actually improving it in the slightest. nobody needs faster CPUs on smartphones to scroll on instagram. at one one people are just bound to realize that they dont have to buy a new $1000 phone every 1 or 2 years.

    52. thebag2787

      No one's buying PHONES!?...... Ya I wonder why.......just got to look at the shit storm thats happening in America at the moment, the country is on fire and 40 million out of work and covid19 running rampant, plus all of the looting, lots of phones got from looting no doubt

    53. Crazy Cat Guy

      So, did people get their sense back and stopped buying new phones every year?

    54. Nico

      Cheap phone brands got the biggest hit because the poor lost everything and meanwhile the rich just can't afford another Porsche this year.

    55. volt43k

      I finally figured out who Riley talks like: Ron Burgundy.

    56. Raymond RAYY

      Is there a LTT podcast?

    57. Justin The Matrix

      That’s hilarious I was actually shaving my pubes while watching this

    58. Dampfi

      Or maybe people just don't need to buy phones ever year. They are too samey and even low end models do the same stuff as the high end models.

    59. Tariq Yasiin

      They spent all their money on Animal Crossing.

    60. Matt Bruzdziak

      1:42 - PS4 with more power

    61. CozyKyler Vallee

      Black Friday plus Corona Not a good idea

    62. Kepler

      No, we need those i9 boxes.


      Why buy phones, when Wâkândâns can just loot everything. SMH

    64. Detective Aaron Nermal Falconsears

      i think you would look good with a military cut

    65. Francis Phillipeck

      Color is...washed out?

    66. GOD

      *Phone companies be like* $1500 phone, 2% performance increase. 0.5 new features.

    67. MrMeoow91

      Pandemic or not, phone sales would fall eventually. I am still rocking Iphone 7S with 85% battery life.

    68. HungrieHipp0

      Can we stop regurgitating the lie that COVID is any mortal risk anymore?

    69. Kyle Slater

      Nice! I’d like to see the console larger to make cooling easy

    70. reploid001

      In recent times in USA: People: why buy, when you can loot 😋

    71. carter cummings

      1:41 wow i hope we can learn how powerful the ps 4 will be soon.

    72. Obi Wan Kenobi

      I just bought a phone the other day

    73. yeahboii

      oh you're so glamorous ;p

    74. Plutofox

      "But all sources point to the ps4 having powerful hardware" - somebody miss the correction??

    75. Charles Grove

      Carpool critics callout to Macaulay Culkin was hilarious.

    76. Thomas Leak

      ok guys. ok. i hear u.

    77. sonictimm

      Riley: "You know what happens when you assume.." Me: Assumes I know what he's referring to.

    78. PUP

      Rasberry Pi OS => RePe OS

    79. Every Kenyan

      I think you mean PS5 at 1:42

    80. Xfiresniper360x gaming

      No one: how you know im buying phones

    81. Horakk Pichardo

      well, I lost my job thanks to the covid-19 so yeah,, I won't be getting a new phone soon ...

    82. Rustam Khamdamov

      1:26 Next time try mocking some Chinese or Swahili accent. Will see how it goes.

    83. Alpha Utahn

      Honestly who cares how fat the ps5 is?

    84. Will-W

      I'm waiting for the note20 release in august. It will be my first upgrade since the note4 i'm typing this on. It's served me well, but 16Gb of onboard storage just isn't enough anymore. :(

    85. PerplexedPhoton

      When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.

    86. Andrew Floats

      Most console game trailers are done on PC.

    87. ɬཞҜC ҒΔΠ

      Save the planet buy refurbished problem solved.

      1. _Equinox

        cant wait for my 2500k

    88. Andrew Floats

      So a nose trimmer wow so new and revolutionary

    89. Naveen

      PS5 will cause death by snu snu!

    90. NoFaceKira.

      No one has a job.

    91. Dr. Zoidberg

      Invent AR glasses & people will buy the phones they're paired with en masse. Simple as that. There's no reason to buy a new phone right now because there's no substantive difference between brand new phones & phones that are a few years old.

    92. Indiana Stones

      zen2 will be old school by release. the consoles are slowing down progress.

    93. Jerm Stone

      Not only are phone sales down but everyone I know that is buying a phone are getting older ones that are MUCH cheaper. My girlfriend bought an S9 just a couple months ago because the price was awesome compared to these new phones.

    94. Helaman Gile

      I would but my banks closed

    95. pinoy skeptic

      Nobody cares if no one is buying phones, why is this news?

      1. Dr. Zoidberg

        I care. It's a good indicator of market pressures & the way of the future. This has been a growing problem for the last few years -- the trouble is that phones are a mature technology: there's not much difference between new phones & old phones anymore, so people aren't buying. Industry leaders have been trying to solve this problem with more expensive premium phones & folding phones, but this isn't working as well as they want & is clearly just a band aid on the problem. The market is pushing these companies towards 2 things as quickly as possible: making more money on software (especially app sales) & inventing proper augmented reality glasses. There was just a recent leak that Apple has accelerated their gen 1 AR glasses release date from 2023 to either 2021 or 2022.

    96. woohoo2491

      1) free phones from rioters 2) maybe once you stop pushing the same old quad core technology on the lower-to-mid range market ill have a reason to upgrade from the current quad core I have that I bought 3 years ago (and still works like new)

    97. Nom

      It feels like this is the 100th time I am typing this, but here goes: Your studio lights are TOO BRIGHT and/or someone is not paying attention in POST PRODUCTION. Everyone of your Tech-Quickie episodes has a slight pink hue to the presenter and what I assume is a dark grey shirt on Riley looks washed out, like it's 5 years old. Also the background has a very similar tone to the presenters skin and makes for less than optimal contrast. Granted, I am a novice at this stuff, but if this is intentional, would you consider making a video about the thought process behind this lighting setup or maybe a little write up in the comments?

    98. Gabriel A

      Maybe Apple is more immune to the decrease in sales because its buyers are richer and therefore less impacted by the economic crisis?

    99. Altair Bueno

      F for the intel box

    100. Julio

      It's official! The mayor console manufactures will compete with Hp and Dell in the future. They are all prebuild PCs now, Nintendo is the last console standing.