Laptops are getting SUPER.


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    RTX Super laptops coming?
    The GeForce Now game library thing might be a bit more controversial than we thought
    Google cancels I/O
    Conducting interviews over hangouts
    Nvidia moving GTC online-only
    SXSW may be next
    Even movies are being postponed
    You can jailbreak an iPhone with an Android phone
    Ampere ARM server processor
    bendable concrete now? Come on!!
    Now we have to check the tables we put our phones on. Great.

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      How many people quickly tap the back button I wonder 😂


      It seems that Google Chrome is blocking HUgets Adverts.

    3. Omar Bin AbdulAziz

      Just got mu razer with 2080 super Its cool i use it to het my lunch too Jk All and all I love it

    4. Focus_20SF

      Subbed for the intro

    5. Jarlo Jarlito

      Big question for you guys: If the Philippines were to order 30 million e-learning laptops for students, what can we get for say $75? Pls consider economies of scale for 30 millions units.

    6. IRMacGuyver

      @2:42 It used to be tradition for Bond films to come out in November.

    7. Kane Dean

      Any news on the 2080 super laptops? I've been looking and I can't find one yet

    8. King Arthur

      “When everyone is super, no one is” -nvidia 2020

    9. 8thlvlMage

      Hopefully one day the raw chaotic energy in this video will be able to power entire nations. Maybe the world.

    10. RainingArtillery

      the virus that shall not be named

    11. Chris Daniel

      Wow 5-10 percent faster with 50-100 % more expensive RIP PC GAMING .

    12. Chris Daniel

      Not really impressed. The RTX killed mobile dual GPUs because developers and Gpu company's are greedy, lazy and want you to buy the newest GPUs. Sli is crap because they abandoned it other else if they wanted to make great scaling they could but because of being lazy and greed we don't get it. Only few companies deliver best GPU scaling like Grand Theft Auto V The Witcher Dying Light etc. Because in these games if you want to truly Max them out without fps drops you need dual GPUs. Clevo we need your innovation in implementing NVLINK for laptops because a single mobile rtx 2080 ain't gonna cut it. Even the rtx 2080ti has problems playing some games 4k 60 maxed out settings.

    13. Davii Mai

      5:20 The only way to pronounce the Z Flip

    14. Stephen Barton

      I wasn't actually waltzing..

    15. Biggidous The Third

      Fuck hinterland

    16. Lucas Apple

      Weird flex on the devs part.... not sure where they'd expect to get paid from on that service if you can only play games you've already paid for.

    17. Vinay Kushwaha

      Linus is doing pulseway add !

    18. Innocent_Bystander

      Technically, we're still in the post watergate era...

    19. MR.C&A Video911Game

      Laptops are getting SUPER

    20. Ali Samin

      how come some linus videos are shot in 4k and some only 1080? how does linus decide what quality to use on each channel?

    21. Andrzej Waśko

      it's not nice when you shout like that man, try to keep some of the emotion with you and not express it all over my ears... I just want to get the news. Thanks for making this one

    22. Him

      Yes!!! You showed the website :D It's the best website. I love that website because it makes scientific reviews

    23. paul woodward

      Boring utuber time for some new people Linus

    24. william hank

      thats so crazy and they are just hurting them selves , why would you have to by a game 2 times lol

    25. cliffbluff

      Tecatevirus Dos Equisvirus Modelovirus Solvirus Pacificovirus Coronavirus

    26. cliffbluff

      Government's love Google. They can get google to sensor free speech for them. Long live liberty and freedom of speech!

    27. Daniel Gagiu

      Love your show but you must start filming in 18:9 format

    28. Horchata Kevin

      0:24 am I the only one who saw the 1650 Ti?

    29. Almighty Zombie

      I'm warming up to this guy

    30. Aljaž Božičko

      His lelt side of his face is for some reason greener ... it is turning into a lizard! That crazy person on the internet was right after all!

    31. Bobby Mitchell

      Funny face on thumbnail = awesome ✓

    32. Dede Yusuf

      is it co- *realized* ooohhh...

    33. 通商寬衣的薩格爾王

      Wuhan pneumonia Demonetized

    34. Stanley Jones

      These developers want to be paid by Nvidia for 0 work on their side.

    35. Daniel Turner


    36. jaycee carilho

      I think the jokes they make aren’t that funny

    37. MDKVideo

      Damn, James is looking kinda ghoulish

    38. Brett Prior

      I like that the 1050 2GB still made the chart, lol. . .

    39. Falkotheboss

      That hoodie string is KILLING me.

    40. Stedman75

      any game dev or studio that pulls out of geforce now will not get any money from me ever again tbh, these anti consumer fucking dicks need to be shut down.

    41. Eric Orange

      I always knew I was James’s favorite!

    42. ahmed elqadi


    43. o:

      Bendable concrete: only 2nanometer thick but protected by an inch of plastic.

    44. Starwave

      fewer sensss

    45. Mujtahid Yamin

      Stop making lame vids and go brush your teeth

    46. Enlagrei

      The cloud gaming thing. Ur just gaming on another pc... streaming it back. So i think its fine that they add games without asking. Its just like a normal pc, were u install a game.

    47. miguel martinez

      He reminds me of mirage

    48. Quang Minh

      it's like renting a server. We shouldnn't be charged when we play OUR GAMES on OUR WORKSTATION.

    49. Marc Wilson

      Lol james you've got a few shades of green

    50. Luminous0w0

      Hangouts? I have kik

    51. Slegiar Dryke

      or you just turn off the voice control features because they don't like your deep voice and never hears things right the first time, so why bother with the hassle? seriously, voice control still has so many issues.....

    52. Michael Mustillo

      Eyedrops won't fix your puffy stoner eyelids, man

    53. Joshua Lawrence

      *Hangouts Meet

    54. Steve Cooksley

      You are a real-life Homestar Runner. It's uncanny.

    55. Saif HASSAN

      The only thing wroth with this video is OVERACTING. Yo linus replace this idiot with someone more mature...

    56. Sofi Nabeel

      Coronavirus being the Voldemort in 2020.

    57. Rema D

      Nayinthe moone try to translate it and understand

    58. Johnny Wallace


    59. Kevwe Patani

      *Makes video about how to make your VPN cause traditional VPNs are compromised* *Does a sponsored segment for one of the said compromised VPNs*

    60. SCUBAelement

      You RoKK!!

    61. GHubensG

      I love the happy vibe in the technews videos

    62. Adesh Lad

      Also, what about GTX 1650 super and 1650 ti ??

    63. Michael Underwood

      I love this into

    64. Difference Engine (DE)

      Careful James, I was about to hit unsubscribe in the beginning.. ;-)

    65. Zappyguy111

      Voice activated hack? That can be hidden under tables?! I kinda want to make one that goes "okay Google, call mum", you know, to really screw with screwed up people and their family dynamics.

    66. Keith Wong

      Saying hi in business now in dab

    67. Alex Shen

      concrete phones anybody?

    68. TheMatissV

      What! You can't say coronavirus?

    69. tactileslut

      Download Hangouts? It's a web app:

    70. yeossimika


    71. Robert Leitch

      Things about laptops that are "super" Super slow Super gutless Super annoying.

    72. Lehran

      So they're delaying no time to die to give people time to die. Neat!

    73. Premier Prep

      Why the heck can't you say Caronavirus?!

    74. gameflux

      What the crap ! Why does nVidia need to licence games ! They just provide the infrastructure ! The player buys the games ! You should be able to just log in to your game client and play !

    75. Snaj

      Nope laptops are still laptops. 15W i7 progressors with computing power of an desktop pentium, still heats up to 100 degrees and because that its motherboard dies after your warranty ends. This is what laptops are. And you have to format it after using a month because Windows starts to get fucked up. And everytime you format it it get better at first But it gets worse in a long term.

    76. communist cheesy

      Am i the only person who got a ad with linus in it

    77. Frosty.

      why is there not more outrage about games you have *already* paid for getting removed because its running on certain hardware? its completely ridiculous. 100% greed.

    78. Yoshik

      yeah !!

    79. Kaustavmani Choudhury

      If game developers think thay can make more money by pulling games from G-Force Now, and then putting them up for sale on something like Stadia, they're hugely mistaken. Stadia has been a terrible experience from launch, while G-Force Now was miles ahead. No one would be willing to buy another copy of they already own at full price just so they could play it over the cloud.

    80. Rusty Heckler

      Bendable concrete has been around for a while now. Read about in a popular mechanics back in the 1990s.

    81. Anton Luyt

      Still not pro, though.

    82. GMC Marvel

      Devs complaining about people streaming games they already bought and recalling them is freaking stupid, and nVidia should explain that to them.

    83. GMC Marvel


    84. Monstufpud

      what the fuck is that thumbnail lmao

    85. Mr. Loveday

      Aren't we already in the "post Watergate ere?"

    86. bLiNdSquiRrel

      shouldnt it be conecrete? prOsess to make cOnecrete?

    87. Rickey White

      Is there a green screen stage right? there's a weird green cast on m'dude

    88. Francisco


    89. Scorch

      Why do they keep mispronouncing Ampère?

    90. ethan

      Why doesn't Nvidia stop teaming up with manufacturers to try to scam people into giving more money for "higher end" laptop gpus that don't even give the performance that you're paying for and just focus on actually making said higher end gpus better first, like literally a good 1660TI laptop with the right settings could match a 2070 Max-Q without burning a hole through your laptop, but regular Joe's will see "RTX 2070" think it must be better letters and buy that spending hundreds more for virtually no performance.

    91. Trent Doyle

      Matrix? Hell Borg Collective!

    92. StonedAurelius

      apple was first with bendible stuff

    93. J M

      its not rona virus, its the beer flu.

    94. gameplay

      Its pathetic people actually have to be told to wash their hands just stop and let natural selection do its thing

    95. noxabellus

      The green glow is strong

    96. Alan D


    97. Saul Goodman

      Concrete cannot bend once it cures.

    98. Shiv. // Sumwer

      "My favourite viewer that's who" Nah Im just here for tech news lmao

    99. Netkiller3714

      Your intro made me subscribe.

    100. slappyrats

      Why is he green? Are they now using a green screen instead of a real set? Or is he just hulk now.