Update Windows. NOW.


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    Windows puts out emergency fix for Windows 10 flaw
    iOS 14 leak
    Apple’s WWDC will be online-only
    Microsoft Build is online-only
    Meanwhile, Apple re-opens its stores in China
    ISPs lifting data caps
    So… why do they exist at all then
    LTT Folding team vs. virus
    Comcast accidentally publishes 200,000 unlisted phone numbers
    Washington approves facial recognition bill
    Discord ups viewer limit
    Teachers should use that instead of Twitch
    Windows Insiders can copy + paste between Samsung phones + W10
    Ring pauses data collection

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    1. Rowlett54

      “And now a message from our Riley” poor Riley. lol

    2. Erich Dennis

      Windows 10 is the FLAW!!

    3. MaskedMageYT

      Windows forces updates on it's users then come out that they installed malware on the PC. Here's a tip buy Mac.

    4. Clap Trap

      The abacus. Still the most secure computer.

    5. Artinell

      Update to the latest version and get the completely broken explorer back? No thanks, one reinstall is enough.

    6. Jan Willem de Geest

      I got to get an online dentist!

    7. Jan Willem de Geest

      A vulnerability in SMB? How could that ever be? that must be the first one ever...

    8. Gocka9

      just checked winver to be sure and im on 1909, oh shiit

      1. Gocka9

        gonna update later tho

    9. SeikoFPS

      like what do you want to do to my computer steal my porn ? seriously no the updated windows versions always run unstable and shitty. i am still at 1809

    10. Christopher King

      Why aren't people allowed to say "Carona Virus"?

    11. pino de vogel

      Im not updating my pc period. It will remove all my reg tweaks all my ui modifications and all restore all kinds of tweaks i made . Hard pass.

    12. Dtr146

      id rather just donate directly. elec too expensive to fold here

    13. Adam267

      you told me to update windows and now my pc is f**ked. im getting bluescreens everyday with diffent error messages and bootlooping sometimes as well. thanks

    14. Vishwas Ravindran

      Still stuck in 1903 build can't able to update due to windows update error

    15. Luis G.

      Each time I start my pc with windows it downloads the same set of updates, then reboots while I'm working and fails while updating. Then, it downloads the updates again and repeat the cycle.

    16. Michael Berg

      Tech Linked: When fear of losing revenue is higher than fear of Corona virus.

    17. Hanzla Amjad

      the information on 2:02 was really good ❤️

    18. Kaash Deep

      Check out latest windows 10 update Check new features with download link Full steps upcomingbox.com/windows-10s-upcoming-april-2020-update-release-date-and-features/

    19. Jim F

      Wait I don’t get why they can’t talk about corona... the fuck. Yeah just pretend something isn’t happening

    20. Stephen Balloch

      Why can't you say Coronavirus????????!!!?!?!?!?

    21. Epic Ab

      am i the only one who got pulse way advertisement with linus as host?......... or am i the only victim here...

    22. Japanese culture

      i use windows only for Games

    23. Japanese culture

      it's a good thing im a Linux user.lol

    24. Puknut

      Imagine not being able to so coronavirus on youtube. What a joke!!!

    25. Hikari Tsumi

      Should I go out and buy RX 5700XT to help with the research?

    26. Kaalsemulzii

      0:48 When you update Windows and it gets more vulnerable...

    27. R.a. Wheeler

      Windows 10 is so filled with holes everywhere. Every time they patch something, they are re-patching. I thank god I don't run Windows 10 as a primary os. Go linux! Seriously.

    28. TVwazhere

      From the Folding Team: thanks for the shoutout! If the description link isnt working, try this one! :) linustechtips.com/main/topic/1164541-ltt-folding-teams-emergency-response-to-covid-19

    29. Miguel

      Just chilling with my linux computer here

    30. Aurélien ETIENNE

      "why do data caps exists? " to make you pay more for the same shitty service. My ISP don't have data cap and I only had one back in school when I paied 2€/month of phone bill (it was caped at 50Mo I believe, but I turn off mobile date [3G and 4G]).

    31. lucas rem

      Why noobs need security, the Porn collection?????

    32. Logano McGee

      2:01 I see you squeezed in an ad for free premium subscriptions. Don't act like you don't see that in the corner there. DON'T ACT LIKE THAT WASN'T INTENTIONAL.

    33. coolfight222

      Might wanna get rid of that pornhub ad at 3:47

    34. Jhay Lobusta

      i heard linus hahaha

    35. bliss

      It sucks

    36. itzfre3z456

      2:02 look on the right (insert lenny face)

    37. ramzy mohsn

      how to update from windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit without usb or cd? plz halp

    38. Stijn Hommes

      I prefer to wait until i am sure the update isn't bugged.

    39. Eric Newbauer

      Allow me to make a decision about the situational issues that have been discussed with my colleagues and their clients in this case for my own experience with a new manager who has worked in this field for years

    40. Sir Gamesalot

      That aaaaaaaa at the beginning sounded like it came from the Annoying Orange himself.

    41. Kurt Forsch

      Should talk about the banning of end to end encryption bill in the US government that is trying to pass right now. Talk about that on the next techlinked

    42. thomas j David

      Screw windows & all its supporters, devs & users. MS has done nothing 2 replace software, its devs & users wanted 2 steal from me, (14 PC's worth, over 12 yrs) & I no longer have a average pc, so piss off ms punks.

    43. M Reda

      I don't get it, why are you hiding "coronavirus"?

    44. Дариц Обыкновенный

      Can you please stop to begin every video with a screamer? Asking for a friend who is avid headphone user

    45. Fourkov

      haha loud equal funny bro

    46. Josue Reyes

      * I forgot my speakers were at 100%* *press play* * now my ears are bleeding*

    47. IamCoalfoot

      *runs Windows Update* *Is running version 1903* *can update to 1909* Well, great.

    48. Matty Matt

      4:56 Linux already has this it's called "KDE Connect" but nice to see Windows will have a similar feature. KDE Connect also allows users to send files to and from their phones or computers along with seeing the phone's notifications pop up on the PC. Including the option to reply to message notifications from the PC. So I hope Windows introduces this as well.

    49. TSparkle99

      Ok, but what's with all the censoring of corona virus?

    50. Evan Meldrum

      Do I have to watch the video first?

    51. Ömer Tokyay

      you guys put too much ad for only a single 5 minutes video

    52. Ozypy

      there closed my tabs and programs, and updated, u happy

    53. Jose Rangel

      why cant they mention the virus outbreak? Just asking because I am curious.. anyone know?

    54. Triyan roy

      Can anyone tell me why they are censoring the virus?

    55. Daniel

      Really HUgets is censoring the "coronavirus" Word? Jikes

    56. PainX187

      data caps for like a phone or what dont think you can even buy capped home internet here

    57. Hatzili

      2:00 lmao imagine censoring the word Coronavirus but not censoring a certain adult video sites name

    58. MR.C&A Video911Game

      middle of a mortal kombat dialogue banter video the intro auto plays ....

    59. Vincent Fischer

      Will videos demonetized when users write in the comment CORONA VIRUS ?

    60. Aquilatester Due

      Coronavirus got you demonetized? Try using Wuhan Pneumonia instead

    61. Kannan Mohan

      Go to 02:01 , look at the right most popular section. You're welcome 😂

    62. Santiago Guzman

      Does this affect windows 8.1 as well?

    63. Saeba Ryo

      i updated windows 10 in February. am i vulnerable to coronavirus?

    64. MrLetter

      Why can't they say coronavirus?

    65. Usama Shakil

      I love TechLinked but please stop james from screaming annoyingly. People wear headphones !!!

    66. The boss Killer

      In 2:04 you forgot to cover an article

    67. Shadman Khan

      That's so nice *Por**H*b*

    68. Tooniis

      _laughs in linux_

    69. Josh

      why the fuck does youtube demonitize corona?

    70. abssuper 20

      I don't get it. Seeing as corona virus is an actual and a current threat why aren't they allowed to say it specifically?

    71. amgad abdo14x


    72. ToFailToWin

      who else saw pornhub

    73. Kicapan Manis

      So....Microsoft introduced a new bug in 1903 and needs a new update to fix.. And they wonder why they don't wanna update.

    74. DannyDanko

      Im starting to wish i wouldve stayed with 7 and took my chances.

    75. ThirdPer3on

      Awesome... Folding = Helping.....

    76. Michael Taylor

      Copy and pasting between a Samsung phone and a Windows PC?! Apple has had the capability to copy and paste between devices for a year now. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    77. nickcdrw

      What do you mean u can't say CORONA VIRUS aka COVID-19?

    78. Vatablous Devil

      5:24 C---------S got skipped on the right

    79. Skull Hide


    80. saladar the noble

      when you get an add with linus...and your not surprised

    81. FITTbog

      Dude you are so unlikable its insane. Can you stfu with that scream in the beginning.

    82. cyd

      Updated to Linux. Best update ever.

    83. JAFO-PTY

      I updated, but now my PC is slow as heel... CPU pegged to 100% every 5 minutes

    84. MAGA MAN

      Your best bet is just to roll back to windows 7.

    85. desu ne

      did I miss something? why can't they say coronavirus?

    86. Killer Romantic

      Pornhub is handing out free subscriptions?

    87. Thrust n Howl

      just call it the "Cronut Hi-Res".

    88. Woody West

      Anyone else notice the pornhub article at 2:03?

    89. t v

      I like how you mention Discord and then the need to copy-and-paste from your smartphone to your PC that's one of the things I use Discord for.

    90. Josh Koster

      Update Windows or else it will get Coronavirus.

    91. Hadez43

      Me over here, still using windows 7

    92. PirelliSuperHard

      2:37 missed one

    93. 3D Wildcat

      2:05 You have to censor out the word coronavirus, but not PornHub.

    94. Dishu

      why can't you talk about the COVID19 ??

    95. bjtoadkoops

      2:01 Look at the right. :P

    96. EGGY

      2:05 corona is censored but nor PornHub😂

    97. Jose Martinez

      i love there banter

    98. ilovefunnyamv2nd

      yeah... smb, otherwise known as the most important feature in my home network setup.... looks like its time to update

    99. Rickay77

      Thumb down for the loud screaming at beginning, i didnt know that my smartphone is max volume. My ear is hurting now

    100. PBP Design Studio

      i just needed some simple explanation not some copycat.