The Fastest Internet EVER!?


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    Fastest Internet speed ever 44.2Tbps
    Intel’s Tiger Lake with Xe graphics could rival AMD’s APUs with Vega
    G2A does an internal audit, finds stolen keys
    Nvidia AI recreated Pac-man after watching 50,000 hours of gameplay
    Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical
    Bye Bye Denuvo
    Original Xbox source code leaks
    Go outside and watch TV!

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    1. Capivara of War

      Linus does a lotta jokes with the aussies for one that lives in Canada.

    2. Sweet Priyanka Chopra

      A very transformative idea bro

    3. xXWillXx

      They are actual places!: 0:28

    4. Niki

      bruh i‘m sittin here with 1MB/s

    5. سيف الدين مهند A

      In my country we have 200 kp as maximum speed

    6. Ahmed Sherif

      And then theres me watching this video freeze every single frame

    7. B2

      178Tbps now :)

    8. Talal bergoug

      Why this guy looks like logan paul

    9. Mateas_Pro 123

      I am in Australia and I get straight 0 ping when I’m playing games

    10. Cherry Stone

      44 Teraflops? yet my HUgets will still buffer on 240p lol

    11. Jeffrey Bush

      I mean it's not like Australia invented wifi 🙄

    12. Harold

      Offending our beautiful universities. HOW DARE YOU

    13. Brandon Zhou

      Me, In Australia. Wat

    14. J W

      Cool background. is it a green screen?

    15. Tristan Spearman

      Ok but how fast will it download war zone at 30secs

    16. Mr Chutiya

      Let's hope Australia's internet doesn't go down or else it will be LAN down under

    17. scallis gaming

      is it just me or has LTT become nothing more than a large advert?

    18. Pepsi :O

      So my 16mbs ping is now considered bad against this?

    19. Rapid -

      Can you review the HTC 5G Hub??

    20. Synicツ

      Imagine Streaming with this with Worlds Best Setup

    21. Chris Daze

      I wonder what year it will be wen 44terabits per second is the norm? 2350?

    22. Juan Tamad

      We're kinda going to australia, does autralia have descent internet?

    23. AusieAxe MurderBoyz

      No Australia cannot have anywhere near that speed. Research on Australians putting up with the NBN (National Broadband Network)

    24. 7asssonny

      I can download the world in a second

    25. Grass

      When people are already talking about 44tbps speed but my speed literally struggles to go above 50kbs

    26. MichaelWasTaken ByMe

      My wifi is only 1000 gb per second :c

    27. Ryan Wimmer

      Linus: Soil-ton Word on Screen: Soli-ton

    28. Astro

      Cries in 788kbps

    29. Jason Stormborn

      Monash is Moe-nash ✓ and not Ma-nash × . Thanks Linus 😊

    30. Toxic Chemicals

      *well I got internet explorer*

    31. Jacob Rothschild

      Yo tengo un Internet de 5mbts xD

    32. Karina Vargas

      Faster than the flash 😂

    33. Thrallock

      Me only getting 25kbs a second thinking why is English WiFi is so bad

    34. Parkin Furkmaz

      Woah Linus sounding a little too skeptical in the first bit. Monash and RMIT are renowned STEM universities in Australia, but also should be somewhat known by professionals worldwide

    35. Dark Universe

      1 terabyte=8 terabits So 44.2 terabits equals to 5.525 terabytes which is 5525 Gb per second or you can download 5000 1Gb movies per second, damn this is unbelievable

    36. Johnny Space

      Man everytime I watch and hear his voice, he always reminds me of some of the good ol' days TV commercials from my childhood; no BS, just straight to the point for realz. 👍🏾

    37. EnyK

      pulseway ads, featuring linus

    38. Emmett Daster

      HOW DO I HAVE 248 download speed!?

    39. Joe Cartwright

      Beat Saber is NOT better than Pac-Man... They are not even slightly comparable...

    40. Kris

      In my city I use centurylinks 140mbps for 60 a month plan (which is overkill really) and I never have slowdowns like cox. Plus since its on the phone lines and almost no one uses home phones anymore it stays fast.

    41. Ardin Anester

      Okay Australia. Can you use that to speed up your internet?

    42. Michael Marais


    43. Sareena Rajeev

      And I'm watching this in 144p

    44. Sareena Rajeev

      And I'm watching this in 144p

    45. King Crab

      Did I just watch a video full of ads?

    46. Issei Hyodo

      Im here watching this on 144p cuz my internet is too slow and Im on mobile data with no broadband available in my vicinity.

    47. prototype9000

      Would be completely useless if the sites are throttling there traffic or dont have the bandwidth

    48. Chris Hawk

      I agree with Riley that "Star Wars Obiwan", for the original Xbox, was a pretty great game!

    49. Joe Xspada

      if its not fake,well done Australian created history!

    50. Robert McDonald

      say quick bits or get off the channel bro

    51. JAQK

      We Aussies don’t have great internet speed here.

    52. Aaron W

      So that’s why Australia’s home internet is so slow, they’re directing it all to one place :P

      1. PlumRaiderz

        umm I don't think it works like that because they're all different providers plus some wifi uses satellites i don't think they can redrict all of that to one place, and if your far from your wifi the connection starts to get unstable so idk if it works like that i may be wrong but im not to sure.

    53. Zeronul

      44.2 tablespoons Mhmm... so around 2.76 Cups of internet?

    54. Christopher Knapp

      Loving the beard brotha! ✊

    55. Vιтa ZY

      when you're searching something to download, but it's already downloaded.

    56. What's Kraken?

      i love the commentary

    57. JP Rhino

      Hardware Unboxed wins this challenge

    58. TheKeenXx

      Woah wth, I just got and with linus in it. It's an ad for pulseway. Like if you also saw it

    59. Firefox

      Finally I can download everything from Pornhub in one day

    60. Nathaniel Torbett

      I like scruffy Linus, nice...

    61. Ridge Randell Bagos

      Here in the philippines if you are not using converge or smart wifi you will not get speed internet.Converge can run up to 200mbps and in our city smart can run up to 100mbps.In my house we use smart pldt that run up to 20mbps the highest is 28mbps in other place here in our city i test some of it its over 30mbps to 95mbps

    62. thenutKat

      Keeping Up With The Tech News

    63. Abdul Wahab Ghulam Muhanmad

      So, *tech*nically, this channel is a sponsor show...

    64. BlackSpectre512

      Watches? Not smart watches?

    65. Jose Arreguin

      I think its stupid that i pay for youtube premium to not see or be bombarded by ads, but im watching a video,and what do you know. They make their own ads. (I know how sponsors work, im being sarcastic)

    66. shorts

      How can you butcher swinburne and monash bruh

    67. Devee

      The random camera guy comments

    68. Joshua Espinosa

      Anyone else notice the glowup Linus is having?

    69. skunk

      give me it

    70. T.K. Fox

      Nothing but advertisments in this video. where is the real meat of the videos namesake?

    71. IceColdKilax

      And it still can't buffer 4K 60fps HDR HUgets.

    72. bugsz1

      Doesn't matter if you can't have it.

    73. LiquidSquid

      when it says "soliton" and not "soilton"

    74. {ヴァシル先輩}

      Me here with 145kb maximum speed....

    75. Luigi Vergara

      Australia: *accidentally deleted the game* Also Australia: ow shit just give a sec *literally sec*

      1. Are

        Your SDD (or worse, HDD) is gonna bottleneck it so it wont be that fast.

    76. Sea Wolf

      I really like that they have the title of the video at the beginning of the video.

    77. 1.618 Murphy

      Imagine backing up your server data to a new one within minutes!

    78. JS 2K

      Soil-ton? Should be So-li-ton

    79. Alex Laz

      Putting a date on your jokes when you lose the game.

    80. GlueFactoryBJJ

      I was going to give you a thumbs up for this episode... until you mentioned the Kardashians... UGH!

    81. Light speed Monk

      Go Australia 👍

    82. Kitchy

      I did a year of bachelor of IT at RMTI and am now completing my degree at Swinburne great uni's and they are real places lol. Also internet is aus is actually so crap. I still have ADSL at my house.

    83. Spike 4379

      haha does this mean i can finally load myspace?

    84. Stephen Davis

      Never trust ceiling gang

    85. Benny Santiago

      It's more than a just that sweet Juggernaut Case. The Tactical Edition has a custom ROM for supporting different devices connected to the S20. I believe there has been TE variants as far back as the S7.

    86. DioCraft

      when you watch linus, and get a linus ad

    87. brooksie88

      G’day Mate those Australian researchers saying they got 44.2Tbps is bloody bullsh*t mate as I live in Australia and the fasted speed we can get is only 100Mbps. Love ya video’s I’m subbed to all your channel’s keep up the good work you bloody legend and cya later from the land down under mate

    88. Dalrae

      Are you going to soak up some dalRAEs?

    89. ThePhoenix999

      Now can anti tamper be removed from Doom.

    90. Ando

      OI OI OI

    91. partymetroid

      Linus got pretty buff this pandemic.

    92. Dang Le

      It’s simple. I see Linus. I sub.

    93. A&D-GAMING

      So Austrialians are ceiling gang is that what you sre suggesting, Linus?

    94. James Quail

      Can't even say Monash right pfft

    95. weclock

      Why are you so angry with Australians? Your prejudice keeps people from coming out

    96. [MADL#D]

      I just had an add that had Linus in it.... What the freak

    97. ShamblerDK

      I literally do not have a single problem, which money can't immediately solve.

    98. Rocket Moose

      Galaxy S20 Tactical edition... can withstand mortar shells but the glass on the back will still randomly break for no reason whatsoever

    99. Dilip Sutradhar

      get a jewish cap on that look, you will look great :)

      1. Rewind Official


    100. ShamblerDK

      Thank you, Linus, for getting Intel to make GPUs! :-)